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An Unhappy Valentine's Day!
Posted by JustinL on 02/15/2007
On February 12th I called 1-800-FLOWERS to purchase a half dozen roses, a bear and a box of chocolates for my girlfriend in Alaska. I placed the order, paid $100.64 for it and everything seemed to be going fine. Valentine's Day came and the gifts were not delivered. 1-800-FLOWERS called my girlfriend the evening of the 14th to inform her, instead of calling me, that the flourist had gotten her phone number wrong and that was why her flowers had not been delivered. The representative stated that the delivery would arrive shortly. February 15th came. Still no delivery. I called 1-800-FLOWERS, once again, to find out why the hell her flowers had not been delivered. They told me that it was the fault of the flourist and that they would check into it and call me back. I never recieved a phone call. Her flowers were delivered at almost noon on the 15th. Now, every time I call them no one will even speak to me and their automated service is designed to hang up on you if all of their customer service representatives are busy. I am very dissatisfied with the service that was provided to me. 1-800-FLOWERS is not the type of company that I would ever recomend. It wouldn't have been so bad if they would only have talked to me about the mistake. It was, however, their mistake.

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Posted by Fartman on 2007-02-15:

It seems that this 1800 Flowers is run by a bunch of incompetent boobs!

As I said to the guy who made a similar complaint against the same company earlier today, I'd like to lay a blast of lethal flatulence and wilt 1800 Flowers!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-15:
FM, does Howard Stern know that you stole his name?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2007-02-15:
I'm not seeing that it is 800 Flower's fault. They had your girlfriends correct phone number because they called her...the Florist was the one that had the wrong number. The reason they ask for the number of the reciepiant (as it is stated when you order)is for them to be contacted if there is a delivery problem..which they did. 800 Flowers uses your local florists and they need to be award if your are not happy with the service...they will make good on it. I've had many orders, as the sender as well as being the receiver for about 10 years now. I only had one complaint that the flowers were wilted when recieved, and the next day they had a beautiful arrangement sent of the same kind, but they were alive. With all that said, I know it's very disappointing when you expect a delivery to be made to a loved one, and it doesn't get there on time...your best bet is to contact the florist directly (the name of the florist will be on the gift card) and make sure they are aware of your situation...but also make sure 800 Flowers is also aware because if they get enough complaints about a specific florist, they may decide not to use them in the future....hope everything worked out for you and your girlfriend!
Posted by Cococraze24 on 2007-02-16:
And if you paid with a credit card I would dispute the charges or seek a reimbursement of some on my money for the inconvenience.
Posted by Scarpetta on 2007-02-25:
So valentines day comes on the same date every year right?!So why are you ordering late and complaining about the price you paid!If you order in january your gonna save on the roses.1800flowers is a good company hands down why dont you look at all the ftd.com complaints..
Posted by Modern on 2007-04-26:
1 800 Flowers Sucks ASS...
I also ordered flowers for Valentines Day, looked good, seemed like it would be no problem, and to make a long story short, day came and passsed without my Girlfriend getting them. Of course 1 800 flowers was more than happy to give me my money back, and offered the lame ass retarded excuse that the florist who took the order was closed that day!!! WTF??? Yeah right.... SO to recap.... 1-800-Flowers sucks monkey butt!!!
Posted by happyhappy on 2007-10-02:
I have to say I was very skeptical at first to send flowers online as I had a bad experience with some of the Hong Kong online florists. I also don't like some of the local florist as I also had a bad experience and felt the florist didn't do a good job. I finally did a google and yahoo search and found Flowers.com.hk. The website was just okay but they had the flowers I liked. So I finally decided to try them out. When my girlfriend received the flowers she said the flowers were very fresh and nicely designed. So I have to say this really made my day to find out I made my girlfriend's day as well. SO I finally decided to start using Flowers.com.hk and sent a number of bouquets to my girlfriend and now we are married! So she told me I ought to thank this flower site. Hahah.... SHe is kind of right and I think they deserve a lot of credit for doing a good job. I'd still say they need to improve their website design but the design of their flowers were outstanding and that is what counts and counted for me.
Posted by 3centswerth on 2008-02-14:
Don't get me started with this POS company. The WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered 3 different orders on 2/11/2008. I had to cancel one of them because the person I was ordering the flowers for was not going to be in the office where they were going to be delivered. I called their 1800 number and CANCELED the order. Then I received a delivery confirmation for the same order that I just canceled! I entered two online form requests and got NO response. I tried calling customer service and got hung up on automatically all day on the 14th. "Due to unusual call volumes". I looked today at my credit card account online and they charged me for the flowers - AND they got delivered. So there are flowers sitting on a desk dying - when in fact I was told the order was canceled. What a joke. On top of this mess, the 2nd order was delivered on time but the flowers were BUDS, they weren't even bloomed! And, the 3rd order, they were supposed to be pink roses with pink lily's mixed in. Turns out they were Red roses with white babies breath. A DISASTER OF AN EXPERIENCE AND A DISASTER OF A COMPANY. THEY SUCK.
Posted by tigrlily1976 on 2008-02-15:
This company is a total joke. Their customer service representatives are the rudest people I have ever dealt with. My husband ordered flowers for me yesteryday morning (yes, last minute) BUT he was assured they would be delivered that day. They were not delivered and after calling over and over again, finally got put on hold for 45 minutes and was treated like it was his fault for waiting until the last minute. They said they showed them being delivered today. He would not have spent $100 to have them delivered on a day that no one would be home. We are going out of town today until Tues. So they said they would send a message to the florist to redeliver on Tues. Kind of defeats the purpose, so we said No Thank You, please cancel the order. They said IF the florist doesn't deliver, then we can call back Tues. for a refund. When we mentioned just calling the credit card company to dispute the charges, they hung up on us. Their service stinks, they lie about delivery dates and overcharge! 1800Flowers will never receive our business again and we will discourage everyone we know from using them as well.
Posted by m2 on 2008-02-15:
This company has the worst customer service. 1st my v-day order that I placed 3 weeks earlier did not arrive. I tried calling their 800 number all day on the 14th & could not get through, then after trying for a long time on the 15th I got through & after explaining how angry I was (I was very calm), I was hung up on. After awhile I got through again & was told that they had been swamped with calls because of "many" orders that were not delivered. I was told I'd be credited for the order that was not delivered - wow that was very nice of them. I also asked for their corporate number to contact the Customer Relations Director. The number I was given & guaranteed to get through went to a recording to call their 800 #. Finally the flowers arrived today and the order was wrong - they sent the wrong thing and then sent it late. Oh, they did offer me a 20% discount on my next order. I was also told I needed to understand that Valentines Day is very busy...I finally got a number to their corporate office & left a message for the customer relations director who has yet to return my call. A video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8IH0FD_TRc
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1-800-Flowers a Bad Choice
Posted by Thunderbunny on 02/14/2008
I have to let people know a little inside of 1800Flowers. I was hired to work for them (FROM HOME) a couple weeks ago. This basically sums up the letter I sent to the company telling them how I felt. Please note I have seen lots of customers complaining about service failure (Product not showing up) and all 1800F says is "Sorry" and don't care:


Email sent to: bibibrown@1800flowers.com
Dear Babi

as you can see I am sending (copying this to everyone who I have Worked with). Right now I have no words to say to you how you acted on the phone to me yesterday. When I called you it seemed as if you were one of those top executives sitting at your desk not caring about me, my issues or anything like that. I told you I had something planned tomorrow (FRIDAY 2/15) and you would say it would Go against me and my performance. REALLY???? Today after having problems I was informed at 3:00PM that you sent a mass email in all the "GROUPS" saying we are all no longer needed and we were done at 1:00PM today; Is that why I worked till 3:00PM ????

You also said out schedules from this day forward are NOT VALID ANYMORE: (* I FOUND THIS OUT AT 3:00PM FROM A MANGER WITH YOUR COMPANY WHO HAD RESPECT TO TELL ME) Oh does this mean you guys have to pay us because we were scheduled to work tomorrow?? What do you think we should just drop everything for your company? and then get a nice letter saying were terminated? I believe this is totally bullcrap. Many of us were lied too when we were hired, According to you yesterday this wasn't the cast that all of us were told we would be seasonal only as needed: We were promised Two weeks of work at least (WITH THE CHANCES OF BECOMING FULL TIME) but I guess that turned out to be a complete and total Lie. You said that wasn't correct?? Is that the case then why not tell everyone who I have spoken with. BABI, I BELIEVE YOUR A Complete LIAR! I know this is probably going to get me terminated but honestly right now if I am so let it be; I can find a better company to work for without any problems. Everyday I made sure my stats were impressive and made sure I provided world class service. Some of my customers I went beyond with; I helped someone ship to another country where you guys didn't. She sent me a nice email as you can see below:


Subject: Re: Flowers to Kosovo (Serbia)

thank you solo much for being so thoughtful and determined to help me!!! I
really appreciate all of your help, and I know you will be paid forward!!
God bless you
Tiffany """

FYI: I am still chatting with her and willing to help her get flowers by another company with a better understanding how to treat

I have some other feedback from people saying I went beyond what anyone else has done for them. Why did I do this because I CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS? Today I got so many calls with people saying there order wasn't delivered (From yesterday), the flowers arrived dead etc. They all wanted customer service; I personally dialed the number to get someone but it says calls can't be completed: OH THEN YOU TURN AROUND AND GET RID OF US ALL... All your company cares about is sending us MASS Emil's saying to "SELL SELL THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING" and then turn around and treat us like CRAP. I sent in a correction with my hours; if I am not paid correctly I am going to the Department of Hour/Wages for Fraud on your part. I know the hours I worked but Never got a responds back - gees wonder why maybe you're behind all of the mess ups. I am so glad I have work lined up tomorrow; I am so glad I had this lined up when I got My scheduled with 1-800-Flowers because I knew this job couldn't last especially how YOU TREATED US!!!!!! I CANT SAY ANY OTHER PERSON TREATED AS SLAVES LIKE YOU
DID. Your the one that needs an Attitude adjustment, maybe you need to get your head out of your rear and stop smoking Crack!

If you have any questions please let me know.


= Some of the emails i sent this too: ==========



There chat rooms they use (AOL CHAT)

hangarden (Main Chat for help etc)
Hanteam1 (to) hanteam7

( I was told by someone i know they have been using these rooms also )
sssteam1 -(to)- Unknown

Would I work for them again?
Yeah because I liked customers. I didn't like the fact they treated us so poorly and many customers had some issues with 1800Flowers. I was one of them willing to do something about it.


Important Policy Change effective NOW! Survival Guide is Mandatory!!!

Over the past few weeks we have advised everyone to utilize the survival guide located on the intranet when offering products to your customers. We have now incorporated the survival guide as selling policy. The survival guide is not optional, it is MANDATORY for everyone. (Yes, this means you!)

At the start of your shift, you MUST pull up the survival guide. Where can it be found?

Go to the intranet, select SURVIVAL GUIDE from the purple menu on the left.

*Hint – refresh this page thru your shift for the most up-to-date products. These selections may change thru the course of your shift.

** The flow of your call should be as follows:
1. Follow welcome screen entering occasion code and recipient zip code
2. If the occasion is one of the selected occasions (shown below) you MUST offer the first product on survival guide for that occasion .
Be sure to ask, "How does that sound?" after each offer you make. (Never offer the next item without first asking, “How does that sound?”)

**Read the scripts provided to ensure you are giving the customer a complete understanding of the item.

** Please DO NOT read all the items at one time, as this is confusing for the customer.

** The dimensions on the guide are for your information only and are not part of the script, they should not be read to the customer. You may respond to their questions on size with the dimensions that are noted.

** Be sure to state that the items/components may vary.

You will need to offer items from the survival guide for these categories only:
Valentine’s Day
Thank you
Get Well
Sympathy for the Home

Remember you are the specialist and our customers rely on YOU to offer appropriate products.
If a customer states specifically they are looking for an item, you should follow their lead. F11 is still our friend!! We will have customers that do not want anything on the survival guide or that may already have a product in mind. If an item is not covered by a category please refer to F11.

If it has been observed that an agent is not using the survival guide (determined by test call/service observance call) the agent will be placed on a performance action plan.

If we conduct a test call/service observance call and the agent passes, we will add 5 funbucks to your account!

We encourage all of you to speak with your DCM if you need coaching in this area. If you would like additional suggestions on how to offer these products please check with the HD staff.

Thank you,

1800Flowers.com Management

Melissa Woody
HAN Communications Coordinator


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Posted by chris513 on 2008-02-14:
is this complaint number 4? or are there more?
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-14:
Nope #4 is right, I think.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-14:
It's not over till it's over.
Posted by guess on 2008-02-19:
You were hired as a seasonal employee and your upset that you were let go after the holiday? I too worked as a seasonal employee and I had a good experience working for them. You failed to mention that you were disgruntled before you even started training.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-19:
If you are writing this letter to a former employer you may want to take out words like bull crap, stop calling the person a liar, turn off your caps lock, stop using excessive punctuation, and capitalize the first letter of the beginning of a sentence. This letter will not be taken seriously at all. It makes you come off like a disgruntled employee, well former employee, and any semblance of a valid complaint contained in this letter will be dismissed because they will think that you are just angry and trying to start a smear campaign. Seasonal employees are just that, seasonal. Some are fortunate and get to remain employed after the season, but not many. I realize you are angry, but if you want results, rewrite this letter you are not texting your BFF, you are writing a former employer, one you may want to use as a reference later on down the road.
Posted by Thunderbunny on 2008-02-19:
Posted by LATOY9112 on 2008-03-02:
1-800-Flowers is the worst company in america. I went into there chat room under hanchat (hanchat2) and they look like the supervisors dont care...

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1-800-No-Flowers On Valentine's Day
Posted by Angryguy on 02/14/2008
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Last year I ordered a dozen long-stemmed roses for delivery to my wife's office in midtown Manhattan from FTD and they were delivered a day early. When I inquired, they unapologetically stated that it was due to the possibility of inclement weather. So FTD was promptly removed from my Rolodex.

This year I ordered the same flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS hoping for a better result. Not a chance.

First, the confirmation email indicated erroneously that "flexible delivery" was selected. When I undertook efforts to verify that I wanted the delivery on Valentine's Day and NOT before NOR after, they denied any indication of "flexible delivery."

Problem is no flowers ever arrived. Valentine's Day came and went. No flowers delivered. No call to explain the situation. Efforts to track the order were fruitless. Attempts to speak to an actual person -- denied due to unusually high volumes.

This is really a shame that in the year 2008, with all the technological advancements and capabilities, nobody can seem to deliver Valentine's Day flowers on Valentine's Day.

More to the point, what's my remedy? They will probably offer me a refund but how does that make me or my valentine whole? It is disappointing that there is no real remedy short of a class-action suit or a massive boycott to send a message to these companies that customer service matters.

Next year, I will likely deliver them myself.
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Posted by StraightShooter on 2008-02-14:
Yep, the same outfit screwed me on Mothers Day many years ago. First and last time I dealt with them.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-14:
Complaint two.
Posted by redebord on 2008-02-14:
I am in the same exact boat. Order them early last week. Everyone else at my girlfriends workplace got flowers except her. HAving the same communication problems with them. i think a good class action suit might be effective at getting your money back...
Resolution for next year..support your local businesses. Find a local florist and call him/her up and set it up yourself. At least you have a person to contact when it goes wrong and you won't be feeding the corporate machine. I am off to try and patch what is left of my Valentines day. Cheers...
Posted by JasonB824 on 2008-02-15:
Same thing happened to me. I ordered Feb. 6, said it was going to a business. The woman delivering, calls after 5 to my girlfriend then saying she will bring it to her apt. Flowers never received. I got a delivery confirmation email last night though! Customer service doesn't put me on hold and keeps hanging up. I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and may call my credit card company to see what they can do about the payment since customer service won't pick up.
Posted by JasonB824 on 2008-02-15:
if we could gather enough, i think a class action would be warranted
Posted by Angryguy on 2008-02-20:
Here's the real kicker. Unable to get any response online or by telephoning 1-(800)-FLOWERS, I called their corporate offices. I spoke with a sales representative that seemed genuinely apologetic and offered to personally call my wife to apologize. I indicated that an apology from Jane Doe, sales rep. was unnecessary and frankly would not adequately make up for their blunder.

We then reached an agreement whereby they would deliver the dozen roses I had ordered for Valentine's Day and throw in an additional dozen at no extra charge. This was to be delivered promptly that same day (the day after Valentine's Day).

Sounds reasonable, right? WRONG AGAIN... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS EVER DELIVERED. ZIP. ZERO. NADA. Simply inexcusable and wholly outrageous.

As of this posting, it has been six days since Valentine's Day and still nothing has been delievered and no resolution has been achieved. Their attempt to rectify the situation was yet another misrepresentation.

Have these folks no shame?? How do they get away with this kind of behavior and still stay in business?? I am definitely sticking with a LOCAL FLORIST for my future floral needs.

This is NOT over. NOT by a long shot. Stay tuned for more.
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Ordering On Web Site Sucks
Posted by David12742 on 03/22/2014
I received a passcode for $20 off next order for 1-800 Flowers. I tried to use it four times on the website and the code was invalid. I called about the problem four times and put on hold four times. I spoke to two people who could not help me. After 1 hour, I finally spoke to a person who could place the order by phone. Very poor service will not use 1-800 Flowers in the future.

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Wrong Flowers
Posted by Liank178 on 09/16/2011
I had ordered flowers from the 1-800-FLOWERS website on July 13, 2011 for the funeral of my husband's grandmother.

Though I was limited in time, I was careful to look at all the arrangements to find the right one for her personality and to express my husband's love for her memory and deliberately did not choose anything under the "Sympathy" category. I chose their "Classic Elegance" arrangement because it did not look like a typical funeral basket, but more like someone gathered flowers from their garden AND the predominant color was pink, her favorite. Also, because the only viewing would only be 3 hours, I wanted the white basket it came in to be something my mother-in-law could take home later that day and have to keep.

When we arrived at the funeral home, I was stunned to see the arrangement that was delivered was a typical funeral basket. The flowers were all green--NO pink, or any other color, for that matter. And, they were in a plastic bucket, not the white basket shown in the picture. I understand that sometimes substitutions are necessary in flower types. That would have been fine. I am disappointed that the arrangement was nothing even similar to the "Classic Elegance" picture. Instead of taking the time to choose what my husband would have wanted for his grandmother, I could have simply said pick anything you feel like making and send it, because I feel that is what the florist did.

When I made my disappointment known on their Customer Service site I requested that a representative reach me at the phone number I provided, explaining that I usually have no access to a computer. No one ever called me, but when I finally did get on-line again I found an E-Mail telling me they would give me 5% off my next order. I did not get what I paid for. If they had called like I requested and offered me at least a 50% refund I would have been satisfied and given them another chance. But, five percent.

And, while it is a minor issue, I did not know there was a handling fee or shipping service charge until after the on-order was finalized. In the end, I really didn't save anything because the same "Classic Elegance" arrangement was available through a local florist's website at the same price I ended up paying after adding everything together. In fact, the insulting 5% on my next order wouldn't even cover those charges. There will never be another order from me or anyone else who was at the funeral. And, I have been telling everyone I can not to use them.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-09-17:
Give 1-800-Flowers corporate office (1 Old Country Rd., Ste. 500, Carle Place, NY 11514) a call at (516) 237-6000 and let them know about the problem you had with this shop.
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Another Failed Delivery
Posted by Attyphil on 05/08/2011
I have had my third horrible experience with this company and I honestly think it may be the worst I have ever dealt with. Today was the second time I have ordered flowers and the order was canceled when it was too late for me to place an order with a different company. The order was accepted and there was plenty of time to notify me if it could not be fulfilled. Instead, they waited until it was too late and completely ruined the experience. I ordered flowers the same day with Proflowers for a different recipient because the 1800 Flowers said they could not cover that area and she received them on time. It is inexcusable to accept an order, have a customer rely on your acceptance and then not communicate with the customer until it is too late to rectify the situation. The last time I used this company the flowers were the worst I have ever seen delivered. I will never use this company again and will certainly tell everyone I know how horrible the service has been.
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Posted by momsey on 2011-05-08:
Next time, call either your local florist or a florist in the area you are sending flowers to.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2011-05-08:
I was going to use 1-800-Flowers, but I could not find the # to call anywhere.
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Ruined Mother's Day
Posted by GetWhatchuPayFor on 05/07/2011
CARLE PLACE, NEW YORK -- Figuring there might be problems with deliveries on Mother's Day (5/8/11), I thought I'd try to get ahead of the rush. On May 5, 2011 I placed an order with 1800Flowers.com for two identical items one going to my mother and one to my daughter-in-law. Both of these individuals live in the same county, in the same state. The order confirmation I received at 10:05 AM indicated normal delivery hours were 9 AM to 7 PM - I figured great, that gives them roughly 9 hours - shouldn't be any problem getting them delivered.

I got a delivery confirmation for one of the orders later that night (5/5) but nothing regarding the second order. The next day (5/6) I used the 'Track Orders' option on the 1800Flowers.com website and saw there wasn't delivery information for order number two. I noticed a note on the webpage that indicated sometimes the independent florists do not notify them quickly so there could be a delay in the information shown. Fair Enough.

I called the 1800Flowers.com customer service number at 11 AM and spoke to Kayla in customer service. After being on hold for 10 minutes, Kayla came back online and told me they could not get in touch with the florist to either confirm delivery or let me know the order hadn't been delivered. I explained to Kayla how frustrating this was and now the only thing I could do was contact either my son or daughter-in-law to find out if delivery was made.

I contacted my son and he let me know there had been no delivery as of 1:30 PM on 5/6. I sent an email to customer service via their 'Contact Us' page and explained all the details and posted a 'not-so-nice' comment on their Facebook page. Someone named Tina Flowers with the company sent me a private message on Facebook asking for the details and said she would try to help me. After some back and forth she apologized and said delivery would happen Saturday (5/7) and they would give me a 50% credit for the delivery - not great but...okay. The flowers would get there by Mother's Day at least. She could not tell me A) Why the flowers were not delivered on 5/5 or B) Why the flowers were not going to be delivered that day (5/6).

Later that evening I received an email from a Michael Hinds with 1800Flowers.com customer service who apologized (so that's 3 people telling me how sorry they are but no resolution....) and that the florist had been contacted and delivery WOULD happen on Saturday 5/7.

Guess what?!?! As of 8:45 PM on 5/7 - there's NO FLOWERS! I immediately called customer service and got another Michael who was, not surprisingly, the 4th person to apologize and put me on hold to check on the order.

When he came back online, he informed me again that he was sorry for the inconvenience and proceeded to tell me the delivery would be scheduled for TUESDAY, MAY 10TH! Almost 1 WEEK after the original SAME-DAY delivery order was placed on MAY 5TH!!

By this time I am furious and tell him this is unacceptable and to just cancel the order and refund the charge. He says he understands and can cancel the order and I "should" NOT WILL but "should" see a credit in 5-7 business days. Really? REALLY?? When the order was placed on 5/5, my card was hit on 5/5 for the order and NOW he's saying it "should" be refunded in over a week???

Moral of the story is, I will NEVER use this company again and I will make sure my family, friends and colleagues understand just what type of service 1800Flowers.com provides. I'll be spending my Mother's Day disputing the charge...joy! (sarcasm)

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2011-05-07:
Here's my suggestion. Instead of 800-Flowers...call a local florist in your mom's and daughter-in-laws area and order directly from them. Thats what I do for my mother and grandmother who live in Pinckney, MI.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2011-05-07:
I do the same thing too ejack. I call the local florist and get great service. As a bonus, it actually costs me less money to get a better arrangement than I would get through FTD and I know the florist will take great care to get the arrangment where it is going at the right time!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-07:
I'm with the previous commenter. I have always contacted florists local to the recipient, and arranged over the phone for delivery and payment. These internet and 1800 florist operations inevitably put an additional layer of administration and aggravation between the parties.

As far as the refund, it is pretty standard to take several days up to 2 weeks, because of the way transactions are queued. I would wait at least a week or two to get involved with disputing the charge - there is no rush and it will just be one more thing to do.
Posted by olie on 2011-05-08:
I'm with the other posters. Clearly, you are Internet-savvy. Google your mom's and DIL's cities, and then look for florists.

Florists whose entries list an actual street address, not just a website or 800 number.

Call one of these florists directly--even if you have to pay a few cents per minute for long distance. Tell them what you're looking for, and see what they can provide.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-05-08:
Mother's day isn't ruined, at least you still have your mother. My mom'm mom passed away a couple of years ago, now she lives all alone. I'm a few states away and can't get there to see my mom. I sent her a card but no flowers and I feel bad about it, but with no job it's not easy to come up with extra money.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-05-08:
We get this same complaint every year on special occasions. I know personally of a local florist that doesn't even answer the telephone because they already have more orders than they can handle. My gripe is why even pay the fees to belong to a national organization if you can't deliver the order, yet that is in your agreement to belong.

I order flowers directly but sometimes it isn't as easy as it sounds if a florist has not been recommended to you and you have no clue as to the type of work they provide. Back home I call the florist I want to use and they understand it best be perfect.
Posted by terps530 on 2011-05-10:
Almost the same thing just happened to us for Mothers day from them. They said they will give us a refund for the order (which still wasn't delivered as of Monday the 9th). We asked when they will be delivered then, and the guy said he didn't know, and then we find out that they cancelled the order! Furious. I am getting ready to call them up now about this.
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Mail the CEO with your complaints! I did!
Posted by BolingbrookSteve on 04/16/2011

April 16, 2011

Mr. Jim McCann RE: Order Confirmation W00431005191361
One Old Country Road
Suite 500
Carle Place, NY 11514

Mr. McCann,

Picture this. Your 81 year old mother sits home alone on her birthday in anticipation of the flowers her children send her annually. She waits all day. And waits… and waits… Nothing comes. She feels her children have forgotten her birthday. Her heart is broken.

That is exactly what just happened (again!) this week.

Can’t relate to an elderly mother? How angry would be feel if you personally ordered flowers for your wife on Valentine’s Day and nothing showed up until 2-3 days later? How would she feel? This is what happens when your company cannot deliver what it promises.

I know as a company reaching a billion dollars in revenues, you probably don’t care about this situation, but rather revenues, profitability and shareholder satisfaction. But I do, so please read on.

In order to assure our mother would receive her flowers ON her birthday, I ordered them the morning of 4/14/2011, for a delivery on 4/15/2011, as you will see from my confirmation and the (useless and erroneous) “tracking” page your company sends out.

The tracking page states the order status as “Delivery on Truck”, which was a blatant lie. I called this morning, 4/16/2011 at 9:00am and asked if the representative could contact the florist, as your policy prohibits your customer from actually speaking to them.

I was placed on hold for roughly ten minutes, and when the representative came back on, I was told the flowers would be delivered by noon today, a day AFTER her birthday and the order delivery date. AGAIN, THEY WERE NOT!

I emailed your customer service dept and explained this situation, and basically, the only response was that they could not give out the florist’s info for me to personally contact. They NEVER EVEN ADDRESSED THE ISSUE OF NON-DELIVERY! Is that what your company considers “customer service”? (I’ve included this ridiculous correspondence as well.)

I called, yet again, at noon and spoke with another rep, who told me he is seeing the delivery date as 4/16/2011 – again, erroneous by all counts, as the enclosed documentation states. The earlier representative must have changed the delivery date.

Either way, I asked the second customer “service” representative to call the florist again, to verify that they were at least in route. When the representative came back on, I was now told they could have them delivered by 3:00pm.

Let’s sum this up –
•I ordered the flowers at about 11:00am (CST) on Thursday for a Friday Delivery.
•By Friday afternoon at 3:19pm (CST), the status stated “Delivery on Truck”
•Friday came and went – NO DELIVERY
•Saturday morning 9:00am (CST) I speak with a “customer service” representative who tells me the order, albeit already a day late, will be delivered by noon. My mother would not be home after 12:30, as I explained to the fist representative
•I emailed customer service, and nothing about the order was even addressed – just the protection of the florist’s identity and the canned, scripted email I’ve attached.
•I called at around 11:30am (CST) and was now told they would be there by 3:00pm, which was now, too late.
•Furious at how inept your system, process and communication (or lack of) is, I canceled the order.

Do you see how absolutely ridiculous the process is? Do you have enough heart, compassion and understanding to realize how missed dates of your product deliveries effect loved ones?

I have ordered from your company for many, many years, but this was the last straw. I don’t care at all about the “refund” that was supposed to placate me. I care about the emotions of my elderly mother.

Again, I doubt you even care about this, but if you Google “1800Flowers suck”, you will see countless opinion boards with stories of this happening daily! And each story affected someone’s feelings. Are you even aware of how many “customers” feel this way?

Your business practice is an absolute shame, and I just had to share my experience and opinions with you.

Enjoy your wealth and success, Mr. McCann. But know that while you may get it right once and a while, you are doing it very wrong way too often, and it affects people’s feelings and relationships, which I truly doubt is any concern for you or things would be much, much different.

Disappointed beyond belief,

(Name and Signature)

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Posted by Alain on 2011-04-18:
Thanks for the address. It may come in handy.
Posted by Chris on 2013-01-23:
I understand their is probably a rush delivery( next day delivery) but how could you wait until the day before to order these flowers? I see your problem, but your not in a perfect world and it never will be. Good luck to you, but try to order the flowers a few days earlier to ensure delivery maybe> ?
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Lossing your gifts
Posted by BabySam on 01/03/2011
I tried to order something and the lost my order. And I tired to pay with gift cards. And THEY LOST MY ORDER.
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Smooth Delivery
Posted by Flexanimous Fellow on 05/27/2010
I ordered flowers for a friend who had recently gotten into an automobile accident and was admitted into the hospital's trauma unit. The flowers appeared exactly as depicted, and I received prompt e-mail updates regarding the status of my order (order received/order being prepared/order delivered).

I was even a bit worried since she had been moved to a different location in the hospital not long after placing my order, and the flowers were scheduled for next-day delivery. Fortunately, they made it to her updated location without an issue (the florist had called the hospital to verify the information I submitted with the order, which is when they realized that her room number had been changed).

All in all, pretty good service on this end!
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Posted by goduke on 2010-05-27:
Glad it went well for you. I'll bet you brought a big smile to your friend with your thoughts.
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