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Missed delivery date by five days
By -

I specifically chose a fruit basket listed under the "Same Day Delivery" from 1-800-Flowers.com, and ordered it before 7 A.M. However, not only did the intended recipient not receive the delivery as guaranteed -- and for which I paid nearly $90 -- I did not hear from the company's customer service department until three days after my complaint was launched.

On the fourth day the customer service department, via email, offered to resend the item and give me a 20% discount on my NEXT order. No thanks. Instead, I asked for an upgraded fruit basket with wine be sent, even though the birthday occasion is long past. I certainly don't appreciate receiving a 20% discount on a FUTURE order when it was THIS ONE that was so egregiously ruined.

The customer service department ignored my upgrade request and thus, I am posting this for your awareness. I don't ever intend to use 1-800-FLOWERS again and recommend you take this into consideration before doing so yourself.

Poor Quality Bad Customer Service
By -

I placed an $250 worth of flowers today to several different addresses. The first confirmation email I received was for the flowers sent to my wife to delivered to my home. As soon as I checked for the flowers they weren't there. This is the second time 1-800-flowers screwed up a delivery for me. I've definitely learned my lesson. I've been on hold twice now for over 30 minutes and hung up on twice trying to get to someone for help. I find it very interesting that after I've spent my money I keep finding myself in the back of the line!

Sympathy Undelivered
By -

I followed the instructions on the 1-800-FLOWERS website to order a funeral arrangement for a close friend. The website accepted my order for the arrangement to be delivered the next morning. I received a call in the afternoon of the scheduled delivery date to notify me that the arrangement had not been delivered in time for the funeral. The worst part of this is that the representative tried to blame the situation on me for not calling 1-800-FLOWERS directly. Of course, this information was not provided at the time I placed the order. I'll never do business with this company again.

Ripped Off
By -

STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA -- I placed an order with 1800Flowers on 2/5/09 with a delivery date of 2/12/09, 1 full week in advance. After speaking with the person whom I scheduled to send flowers to for Valentine's Day, I am informed they NEVER arrived. So much for the surprise huh?

I called 1800Flowers customer service line twice. 1st time, the representative asked to call me back and did so within 30 minutes, stating he had spoken to the florist they routed my order to and the flowers were on their delivery truck and would arrive in 60 minutes or less.

3 hours later, still NO FLOWER DELIVERY... I call customer service for the 2nd time, I am placed on hold for 10 minutes, when I do get a representative on the line, I am given nothing but excuses. I am furious by now, ask to speak to a supervisor. I am placed on hold for 30 minutes, no one ever picked up.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who wants to have flowers sent delivery online DO NOT USE 1800FLOWERS. I will be calling my bank to dispute the charges they made to my credit card and have spoke to my attorney who tells me I can file suit for fraud since they charged my credit card account and did not follow through under the terms of their service!!!

This is why your 1-800-Flowers are so awful
By -

NATIONWIDE -- 1-800-Flowers and Bloomnet.com (same company, different names to deliberately throw you off) are the worst of the worst of the worst of floral wire services. You can be assured that when you order from them, somewhere in the town you are sending your floral gift to there is a florist who is about to be taken advantage of - right after they get done picking your pocket.

This is how that wonderful company works. First, they underprice their products to attract you to their website. Next, they sell you the flowers for a cheap price and tack on a very high "service fee" which you, the customer, thinks is a deliver fee. Ha! How wrong you are. Then they add in special fees for same day delivery, timed deliveries, etc.

At this point you're feeling pretty good about your purchase. Let's say you spent $39.99 on an arrangement, plus $13.99 "service fee" and an extra $9.99 for same day delivery. Your credit card is happily charged for the entire amount and you think "hey, I just spent $63 on flowers for my girl. I know they will be so nice"

The florist in Anytown USA receives the order from 1-800-Flowers/Bloomnet.com but they only get the $39.99. The entire arrangement has to be made AND delivered for that price. The "service fee" and any extra fees do not go to the filling florist. Naw, they never even know you paid them.

But wait - there's more! The local florist will fill your order to the full $39.99 value less $7.00 which is allotted for a delivery fee. Now your arrangement, originally undervalued at $39.99 is being filled at $32.99. Sound too good to be true? Well, it gets even better. Somewhere between 20 and 45 days after your flowers are delivered in Anytown, USA, the local florist will be paid approximately 70% of that original $39.99. That's right - he/she will get a big fat check for $27.99 which is to include the flowers, the vase, the accessories, the delivery fee and all of his or her overhead.

Think about it. You paid $63 for those flowers and the company who actually fills your order only gets to keep $28 of it. What happens to the rest of your money? Where does the other $35 go? Why to 1-800-Flowers, of course, to pay for that excellent customer service you never get once they get your credit card.

Want to have a better shot at getting pretty flowers for a fair price? Make sure you always order from a local florist. You'll receive full value for your order and if you have a problem with the flowers they'll do their best to fix it. To a local florist, customers are everything. To the big national wire services, customers are just numbers. Don't believe me? Ask your local florist.

Roses? What Roses? Don't waste your $$$ with 1-800-Flowers
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I made the mistake of giving 1-800-Flowers a second chance, after they failed me one previous time. The previous time, the so called "roses" they sent looked like something that were dug out of the trash after the caretakers got done cleaning up the headstones at a graveyard. On that order I called to complain, they were nice enough and offered to resend them, which I said OK. BIG mistake... no better. After a few more calls, and an attempt at a third delivery I got a big 20% of my order refunded to me.

So a year passed, I was out of town on Valentines and decided, hey let me try this again. BIGGER MISTAKE. I ordered two dozen roses in a vase, with a box of chocolates. Well... the chocolates showed up, along with a stuffed animal (bear) but no roses. So I called right away, was on hold for 20 minutes on the 14th, no one ever picked up. I called again on the 15th, twice, same thing.

I finally get in touch with them this morning. And guess what, they offered me 20% of the order amount as refund. But I didn't get what I ordered??? They say, well you weren't supposed to get a stuffed animal (bear), but we sent that instead, so that replaces the value of the vase and some roses, so we can only authorize a 20% refund. His supervisor wouldn't get on the phone, she told him to relay this to me.

I then called their corporate headquarters in Carle Place, Long Island. Was put on hold, for 15 minutes, then disconnected. Never actually getting to talk to someone. So, I'm on a one man mission to get the word out. If they refuse to give me 100% refund, well I'm going to get my satisfaction and then some by letting as many people as I know about how poor the service and products are at 1800FLOWERS. Do yourself a favor, use your local florist, and support the neighborhood small business. Thanks.

No show on Valentine's Day - only the MOST important Flower day of the year!!!
By -

UNITED STATES -- My husband ordered flowers from 1800flowers on 1/25/08 - plenty of time for them to be delivered on Valentine's Day. Needless to say the flowers did not arrive. He tried calling on 2/14 and they were not taking complaints - only new orders!?!? He called again on Friday, 2/15 and was offered a refund and 20% off the next order: Do you seriously think we'll order from you again? He was told that a manager would call us back - no one ever called.

We called on Monday and were treated very badly by reps (**). They were curt and unapologetic. They wrote inaccurate notes on our order profile and accused us of not cooperating with 800's assumption of what 100% satisfaction actually means. I am sorry, but I do NOT need you to give me 20% of my next purchase!

Since I will never order from the, again, 20% off is fruitless. We are asking that you refund the difference paid for the flowers he had to rush out and buy that day. The difference was $68.05 ($61.95 - 130 = 68.05 refund in addition to the 61.95 for a total of $130.00). The flowers arrived on Friday, 2/15. I was out of the office that day, on vacation, and the flowers sat outside of water and died over the long weekend. To add insult to injury, I came into the office on Tuesday to find a box of dead flowers sitting at my desk! In sum, he had to rush to a flower shop on Valentine's day and pay $130 for 12 roses (1800flowers confirmed 18).

I sat at my office surrounded by 4 women who received flowers and I was the only one who didn't. I was quite devastated since I always get flowers on special occasions. I went home extremely upset that afternoon. In the end we have spent about 2.5 hours on hold with 800's representatives and have gotten nowhere - except the clear notion that 800 does NOT value their customers! In addition to providing unacceptable customer service, 1800Flowers also silences their customers by inactivating the whistleblower systems and not allowing their customers to openly vent their complaints. What a shame!

For such a huge company who's soul existence is to provide joy to it's customers to have such low scruples! I have filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs, Ripoff Report, BBB and will continue to write bad reviews and give negative feedback. Alas I have also contacted my company's corporate activities department and asked them to take 1800flowers off our site as a preferred vendor - regardless of the discount!

1-800-No-Flowers On Valentine's Day
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Last year I ordered a dozen long-stemmed roses for delivery to my wife's office in midtown Manhattan from FTD and they were delivered a day early. When I inquired, they unapologetically stated that it was due to the possibility of inclement weather. So FTD was promptly removed from my Rolodex.

This year I ordered the same flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS hoping for a better result. Not a chance. First, the confirmation email indicated erroneously that "flexible delivery" was selected. When I undertook efforts to verify that I wanted the delivery on Valentine's Day and NOT before NOR after, they denied any indication of "flexible delivery."

Problem is no flowers ever arrived. Valentine's Day came and went. No flowers delivered. No call to explain the situation. Efforts to track the order were fruitless. Attempts to speak to an actual person -- denied due to unusually high volumes. This is really a shame that in the year 2008, with all the technological advancements and capabilities, nobody can seem to deliver Valentine's Day flowers on Valentine's Day.

More to the point, what's my remedy? They will probably offer me a refund but how does that make me or my valentine whole? It is disappointing that there is no real remedy short of a class-action suit or a massive boycott to send a message to these companies that customer service matters. Next year, I will probably deliver them myself.

1800flowers lies and deceptions
By -

I wish I would have found the many reviews BEFORE I ordered. Placed an order Dec. 20th for delivery on the 26th for my grandfather's 93rd birthday. I expected to pay more for delivery this time of year (I had an option for delivery on 12-24 for 12.99) but wanted them delivered on his birthday so I shelled out over 20.00 for delivery. My order wasn't even for a plant it was a stuffed dog. The dog was 24.99.

They promised delivery on the 26th even said so in my confirmation email. This email also included a tracking number which I used to see that my order would not get there until the 27th and this was a full 4 days before my requested delivery date. So I called UPS and they told me where my order was shipped from and that 1800Flowers sent it via ground for 8.54. Remember they charged me over 21.00 I was able to use the UPS delivery calculator to see that an item shipped ground on the day they sent it would not be delivered until the 27th (My point being that 1800Flowers also had access to this information before the order was sent).

There was a delivery option for 16.10 that would have gotten my order to my grandfather in time and 1800Flowers still would have made money on my delivery charges. My package sat in a distribution center from the 22nd until the 26th.

Their customer service is a waste of time. They offered me 15% off my next order... Ha what next order? Customer service reads you a litany of excuses from a standard list. If the first excuse doesn't apply they go to the next one. I know this from reading other complaints on the net. If you order from them you're on your own. They are in the business of getting items to people for special occasions which happen on exact dates. They took my money and lied to me. I have documented proof of this and have filed a complaint with the BBB. Please do yourself a favor and use a local florist.

Just Deliver The Flowers Please!
By -

MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My mother-in-law had surgery yesterday and my husband and I decided on flowers to cheer her up. We weren't sure about a local florist because my in-laws had just moved to their new house about 3 weeks ago and are still a little unsure of the area themselves.

My father-in-law suggested we go to 1-800Flowers.com and get something from there. So we did and found a really cute arrangement with a teddy bear. Since she had arm surgery and the little bear had its arm in a sling it was a total no brainer that we would want that particular arrangement. We set up delivery for today after 2:00 P.M. when she would be out of the hospital and home and all was going smoothly until this morning.

At around 10:47 A.M. I get a phone call from ** at 1-800Flowers telling me there was a problem with the teddy bear for my order and that they did not have the exact bear that was listed online. I said fine, what bear do you have, they told me all they had was a bereavement bear.

I thought I was going to have a coronary! I basically told **, for the love of everything please tell me you did not send my mother-in-law, who already thinks of me as the evil witch who stole her son a bereavement arrangement! What he said was that he would immediately cancel that delivery until I called back their 1-800-wait forever-to-talk-to-someone number and we worked it out. So I said fine I will call back as soon as we get home.

I call back and spoke to **, who was very sweet and tried his best to help me out. He explained to me what the problem was and instead of having me call back or wait on hold we did a three way conference with the florist. It turns out my dear friend **, the one who called earlier said that I agreed to send a bereavement bear since they had run out of the get well teddy bear. I told ** I said nothing of the sort and that I thought it was seriously inappropriate and unprofessional that he took it upon himself to change my order for me without my consent. What it finally boiled down to is that they ran out of one bear and are now substituting with just a plain brown bear.

What they need to do is make a note on their site that this bear is currently out of stock. ** told me that they haven't had that particular bear available since last May. Why is it still for sale then? Lesson learned, from now on I'll stick to my Vermont Teddy Bears and Yankee Candles. I do commend ** for doing all he did to help me. And for refunding half my money since we didn't get the arrangement we wanted. Promote him, trust me, you don't want to lose him.

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