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1-800-Flowers or 1-800-Ruin Valentine's Day?
By -

I ordered flowers for my girlfriend in Upstate NY for the Friday prior to Valentine's Day. The flowers didn't show up. I sent 1-800-Flowers a message via their website to complain. They encouraged me to call them to seek resolution. I did this, even though I am based outside the US and could therefore not take advantage of their free 1-800 number.

The first time, the operator cut me off after about 15 minutes. Her key aim seemed to be to get money out of me, and I didn't think this reasonable under the circumstances. So I guess she decided to hang up on me! The second time a new operator claimed her computer had frozen. The third operator transferred me to another department and I was then kept on hold for ten minutes. At which point I gave up. Awful experience. I emailed again to point out that I had no success with calling their customer service: no response so far received. No flowers. Nothing. Shocking.

Missed delivery date by five days
By -

I specifically chose a fruit basket listed under the "Same Day Delivery" from, and ordered it before 7 A.M. However, not only did the intended recipient not receive the delivery as guaranteed -- and for which I paid nearly $90 -- I did not hear from the company's customer service department until three days after my complaint was launched.

On the fourth day the customer service department, via email, offered to resend the item and give me a 20% discount on my NEXT order. No thanks. Instead, I asked for an upgraded fruit basket with wine be sent, even though the birthday occasion is long past. I certainly don't appreciate receiving a 20% discount on a FUTURE order when it was THIS ONE that was so egregiously ruined.

The customer service department ignored my upgrade request and thus, I am posting this for your awareness. I don't ever intend to use 1-800-FLOWERS again and recommend you take this into consideration before doing so yourself.

Poor Quality Bad Customer Service
By -

I placed an $250 worth of flowers today to several different addresses. The first confirmation email I received was for the flowers sent to my wife to delivered to my home. As soon as I checked for the flowers they weren't there. This is the second time 1-800-flowers screwed up a delivery for me. I've definitely learned my lesson. I've been on hold twice now for over 30 minutes and hung up on twice trying to get to someone for help. I find it very interesting that after I've spent my money I keep finding myself in the back of the line!

Sympathy Undelivered
By -

I followed the instructions on the 1-800-FLOWERS website to order a funeral arrangement for a close friend. The website accepted my order for the arrangement to be delivered the next morning. I received a call in the afternoon of the scheduled delivery date to notify me that the arrangement had not been delivered in time for the funeral. The worst part of this is that the representative tried to blame the situation on me for not calling 1-800-FLOWERS directly. Of course, this information was not provided at the time I placed the order. I'll never do business with this company again.

Ripped Off
By -

STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA -- I placed an order with 1800Flowers on 2/5/09 with a delivery date of 2/12/09, 1 full week in advance. After speaking with the person whom I scheduled to send flowers to for Valentine's Day, I am informed they NEVER arrived. So much for the surprise huh?

I called 1800Flowers customer service line twice. 1st time, the representative asked to call me back and did so within 30 minutes, stating he had spoken to the florist they routed my order to and the flowers were on their delivery truck and would arrive in 60 minutes or less.

3 hours later, still NO FLOWER DELIVERY... I call customer service for the 2nd time, I am placed on hold for 10 minutes, when I do get a representative on the line, I am given nothing but excuses. I am furious by now, ask to speak to a supervisor. I am placed on hold for 30 minutes, no one ever picked up.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who wants to have flowers sent delivery online DO NOT USE 1800FLOWERS. I will be calling my bank to dispute the charges they made to my credit card and have spoke to my attorney who tells me I can file suit for fraud since they charged my credit card account and did not follow through under the terms of their service!!!

Flowers Scheduled for Late Delivery, Never Delivered
By -

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- Fresh flowers were ordered to be delivered Dec 19, for a birthday. I received an email that said they were sent. No email to tell me they were delayed. I had to check 1800FLOWERS website to find out they were going to be delivered Monday instead of Friday, 3 days late, not on the special day and no way the tulips would still be fresh. They were never delivered.

Repeated complaint emails resulted in stock replies, only saying they were scheduled (late) and nothing else. More emails resulted in an offer to discount my next order (never going to happen) and more emails resulted in stock reply that corporate would be notified I was unhappy. Received discount coupon in the mail. They do not use local florists but ship from great distances that result in late or no delivery. Do not order from them.

Don't Deliver On Sundays But Accepts Payment For It!
By -

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered flowers on website for my mother's birthday with a Sunday delivery date, accepting to pay the $13 fee. The morning of delivery they called to state that they do not deliver on Sundays. I asked for a refund and was told I would get after the agent told me it was my fault for not calling to verify if Sunday delivery was possible. I never received the credit and when I called back I was told that they deleted the order but would not release the hold on my card account. They said it was not their problem my bank is maintaining the hold.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on. I later filed a complaint with the BBB and the response I got back from them was the same - it was not their fault but my banks. These people should not accept payment when they know that they cannot deliver a service.

1-800-Flowers a Bad Choice
By -

I have to let people know a little inside of 1800Flowers. I was hired to work for them (FROM HOME) a couple weeks ago. This basically sums up the letter I sent to the company telling them how I felt. Please note I have seen lots of customers complaining about service failure (Product not showing up) and all 1800F says is "sorry" and don't care: THIS IS A EMAIL I SENT TO ONE OF THE BIG PEOPLE @ 1800 FLOWERS BECAUSE OF HOW THEY TREAT EMPLOYEES:

"As you can see I am sending (copying this to everyone who I have worked with). Right now I have no words to say to you how you acted on the phone to me yesterday. When I called you it seemed as if you were one of those top executives sitting at your desk not caring about me, my issues or anything like that. I told you I had something planned tomorrow (FRIDAY 2/15) and you would say it would go against me and my performance. REALLY???? Today after having problems I was informed at 3:00PM that you sent a mass email in all the 'GROUPS' saying we are all no longer needed and we were done at 1:00PM today; is that why I worked till 3:00PM????

You also said out schedules from this day forward are NOT VALID ANYMORE (I FOUND THIS OUT AT 3:00PM FROM A MANAGER WITH YOUR COMPANY WHO HAD RESPECT TO TELL ME.) Oh does this mean you guys have to pay us because we were scheduled to work tomorrow?? What do you think we should just drop everything for your company and then get a nice letter saying were terminated? I believe this is totally bullcrap.

Many of us were lied too when we were hired, According to you yesterday this wasn't the case that all of us were told we would be seasonal only as needed: We were promised two weeks of work at least (WITH THE CHANCES OF BECOMING FULL TIME) but I guess that turned out to be a complete and total lie. You said that wasn't correct?? Is that the case then why not tell everyone who I have spoken with.

I BELIEVE YOU'RE A Complete LIAR! I know this is probably going to get me terminated but honestly right now if I am so let it be; I can find a better company to work for without any problems. Everyday I made sure my stats were impressive and made sure I provided world class service. Some of my customers I went beyond with; I helped someone ship to another country where you guys didn't.

She sent me a nice email as you can see: 'Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and determined to help me!!! I really appreciate all of your help, and I know you will be paid forward! God bless you.' FYI: I am still chatting with her and willing to help her get flowers by another company with a better understanding how to treat customers.

I have some other feedback from people saying I went beyond what anyone else has done for them. Why did I do this because I CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS. Today I got so many calls with people saying their order wasn't delivered (from yesterday), the flowers arrived dead etc. They all wanted customer service; I personally dialed the number to get someone but it says calls can't be completed: OH THEN YOU TURN AROUND AND GET RID OF US ALL... All your company cares about is sending us MASS emails saying to "SELL THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING" and then turn around and treat us like CRAP.

I sent in a correction with my hours; if I am not paid correctly I am going to the Department of Hour/Wages for Fraud on your part. I know the hours I worked but never got a response back - geez wonder why maybe you're behind all of the mess ups. I am so glad I have work lined up tomorrow; I am so glad I had this lined up when I got y scheduled with 1-800-Flowers because I knew this job couldn't last especially how YOU TREATED US!!!!!! I CANNOT SAY ANY OTHER PERSON TREATED AS SLAVES LIKE YOU DID. You're the one that needs an attitude adjustment, maybe you need to get your head out of your rear and stop smoking crack!

Oh yeah ** (who was in my class) brought it up the attention of many of you that her email address was NOT CORRECTED. You never had the respect to change it. I told you this one wasn't going to be active. I got it changed but still receiving stuff from it - again. Maybe your on a little too much crack and don't care about us? If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks."

Would I work for them again? Yeah because I liked customers. I didn't like the fact they treated us so poorly and many customers had some issues with 1800Flowers. I was one of them willing to do something about it. SO THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH SPENDING LESS MONEY WITH 1800 FLOWERS? HERE IS EMAIL I RECEIVED TELLING US WE HAVE TO SELL THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEMS:

"Important Policy Change effective NOW! Survival Guide is Mandatory!!! Over the past few weeks we have advised everyone to utilize the survival guide located on the intranet when offering products to your customers. We have now incorporated the survival guide as selling policy. The survival guide is not optional, it is MANDATORY for everyone. (Yes, this means you!)

At the start of your shift, you MUST pull up the survival guide. Where can it be found? Go to the intranet, select SURVIVAL GUIDE from the purple menu on the left. Hint - refresh this page through your shift for the most up-to-date products. These selections may change through the course of your shift.

The flow of your call should be as follows: Follow welcome screen entering occasion code and recipient zip code. If the occasion is one of the selected occasions (shown below) you MUST offer the first product on survival guide for that occasion. Be sure to ask, 'How does that sound?' after each offer you make. (Never offer the next item without first asking, 'How does that sound?')

Read the scripts provided to ensure you are giving the customer a complete understanding of the item. Please DO NOT read all the items at one time, as this is confusing for the customer. The dimensions on the guide are for your information only and are not part of the script, they should not be read to the customer. You may respond to their questions on size with the dimensions that are noted. Be sure to state that the items/components may vary. You will need to offer items from the survival guide for these categories only: Valentine's Day, Birthday, Thank you, Get Well, Anniversary, Sympathy for the Home.

Remember you are the specialist and our customers rely on YOU to offer appropriate products. If a customer states specifically they are looking for an item, you should follow their lead. F11 is still our friend!! We will have customers that do not want anything on the survival guide or that may already have a product in mind. If an item is not covered by a category please refer to F11.

If it has been observed that an agent is not using the survival guide (determined by test call/service observance call) the agent will be placed on a performance action plan. If we conduct a test call/service observance call and the agent passes, we will add 5 funbucks to your account! We encourage all of you to speak with your DCM if you need coaching in this area. If you would like additional suggestions on how to offer these products please check with the HD staff. Thank you, Management."

Basically this post has been put here to tell people my opinion of 1800-Flowers and how they treat employees + customers. If a customer's order doesn't arrive they believe in just "giving them a future coupon to us - not refunding the money or anything else."

Ordering On Web Site Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I received a passcode for $20 off next order for 1-800Flowers. I tried to use it four times on the website and the code was invalid. I called about the problem four times and put on hold four times. I spoke to two people who could not help me. After 1 hour, I finally spoke to a person who could place the order by phone. Very poor service. Will not use 1-800Flowers in the future.

Lossing your gifts
By -

I tried to order something and they lost my order. And I tried to pay with gift cards. And THEY LOST MY ORDER.

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