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Pathetic flower delivery service
Posted by Red123 on 05/26/2010
Paid premium delivery cost for Saturday delivery but didn't arrive until the following week. So much for guaranteed satisfaction slogan. Find another source or use a local florist.

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1-800-Flowers or 1-800-Ruin Valentine's Day?
Posted by Prof333 on 02/15/2010
I ordered flowers for my girlfriend in Upstate NY for the Friday prior to Valentine's Day. The flowers didn't show up. I sent 1-800-Flowers a message via their website to complain. They encouraged me to call them to seek resolution. I did this, even though I am based outside the US and could therefore not take advantage of their free 1-800 number. The first time, the operator cut me off after about 15 minutes. Her key aim seemed to be to get money out of me, and I didn't think this reasonable under the circumstances.. so I guess she decided to hang up on me! The second time a new operator claimed her computer had frozen. The third operator transferred me to another department and I was then kept on hold for ten minutes. At which point I gave up. Awful experience. I emailed again to point out that I had no success with calling their customer service: no response so far received. No flowers. Nothing. Shocking.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-15:
Why would they try to get money out of you for flowers that were not delivered? Call your credit card company and dispute the charge. that will get their attention.
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Bad quality flowers BE AWARE !!!!
Posted by Florida33120 on 07/08/2009
I ordered a flower arrangement for somebody out of town, when she received it and took a picture for me I was surprised because it was a much cheaper smaller arrangement than I ordered and paid for.
I called the CS and they where useless, the florist that delivered even called the recipient to verify and was told that the flowers were fine !! Hell most recipients don't know what was ordered so they all like what they see.

I would never ever order from these guys again, bad quality bad cs and no solution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Missed delivery date by five days
Posted by Lilimack on 06/03/2009
I specifically chose a fruit basket listed under the "Same Day Delivery" from 1-800-Flowers.com, and ordered it before 7 A.M. However, not only did the intended recipient not receive the delivery as guaranteed -- and for which I paid nearly $90 -- I did not hear from the company's customer service department until three days after my complaint was launched.

On the fourth day the customer service department, via email, offered to resend the item and give me a 20% discount on my NEXT order. No thanks. Instead, I asked for an upgraded fruit basket with wine be sent, even though the birthday occasion is long past. I certainly don't appreciate receiving a 20% discount on a FUTURE order when it was THIS ONE that was so egregiously ruined.

The customer service department ignored my upgrade request and thus, I am posting this for your awareness. I don't ever intend to use 1-800-FLOWERS again and recommend you take this into consideration before doing so yourself.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
you might consider refusing the charge to your credit card. I'm pretty sure your CC company would back you up.
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Missed Out On Mother's Day
Posted by TX mom on 05/11/2009
My daughter saved up her money and ordered Mother's Day flowers a week ahead of time. They never arrived, so I got to be the recipient of a tearful phone call from my disappointed child. Mother's Day got to suck twice. THEN she had a hard time getting a refund.

I will never use this service.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-11:
They do suck, and there should be a flood of complaints on them here for the next few days.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-11:
I'm sorry that your flowers did not arrive. Your disappointment and that of your daughter is understandable. The fact that the company was holding out on a refund makes matters even worse. It doesn't help much, but it is the thought that counts and I am sure that the fact that your daughter saved her money to send you the flowers warms your heart. :)
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-11:
I'm sorry your girl was disappointed! What a sweet kid.
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1 800 Flowers
Posted by Brooklynborn239 on 05/09/2009
The absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. All day long on the phone only to talk one time with a cs representative who assured me of a delivery (they were in mexico) I received a delivery confirmation number called my mom and nothing was delivered! Do not use this sorry company use FTD.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-05-10:
When were they supposed to have it delivered? The day is still early if it was to be delivered today.

If you want to reach a live represtative...call 800-716-4851 and enter #2 at each prompt. You'll be able to speak with someone, instead of automative service.
Posted by brooklynborn239 on 2009-05-10:
I found out today (Mothers Day) they " the florist" did not have enough flowers to make the araingment! So 1 800 FLOWERS decided to just confirm delivery instead of asking me to pick a new one. They suck as i'm finding out from alot of people and I will never use them again.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-10:
Absolutely ridiculous.

They are completely in the wrong to blatantly lie to you with claims that they delivered flowers to your mother that actually never existed.

Cancel the order and dispute the charges. 1-800-Flowers deserves not even one cent of your money, even if anything does show up.
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Thanks 1-800-Flowers For Ruining Another Gift!
Posted by Littlemama on 05/09/2009
My husband buys me flowers on a regular basis and has used 1800FLOWERS. COM for several years. It had always been a great experience UNTIL 2-14-09. He'd ordered me roses and a box of chocolate. I had been out all day and when I got home there the flowers were leaning against the door where they had been for several hrs in the cold. They were wilting and turning brown AND there was NO chocolates. I called to get it taken care of and the guy was really nice and handled it immediately (full refund & $20 GC) But then I was wary of them.

So for Mothers Day a friend sent me an arrangement (I got it 5-7-09) Some flowers looked good others were turning brown. THEN my husband again sends me an arrangement (5-9-09) and b/c of the last time not getting everything I checked his confirmation email.....only to find that they sent a totally different arrangement that cost a lot less! I spent over 1 1/2 hrs on hold, got disconnected and had to wait again!, talked to 3 people who couldn't care less and who tried to say they'd call me back instead of dealing with the issue and then offered 5% back...which did NOT cover the price difference!

And to top it off most of the flowers were wilted and the ones that weren't were roses that were only the circumference of a little bigger than a quarter! PLUS what they listed on the sheet I signed when they dropped it off STILL wasn't what I received! They had substituted cheaper flowers and left out the really nice ones! Thanks 1800flowers.com for screwing up 2 holidays worth of gifts from my husband!

Oh and how they resolve this one...I can have a redelivery & give them the crap ones back but do I have confidence these will be better? Hell no! And after going through all of this they took a nice gesture from my husband and turn it into something I will look back on with anger. I will now and forever tell anyone and everyone I know to stay away from this company!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-05-10:
The delivery and the condition of the flowers are not the fault of 800-flowers...if they were of poor quality, your complaint should be with the florist that sent the arrangement(s). However, it's important to let 800-flowers know about this, and let them know which florist delivered it because if they get enough complaints about a specific florist, they will stop using them. In the past, the few times I was not satisified with the arrangements I got, I let them knwo at 800-flowers and they sent a new arrangement and sometimes a coupon to use in the future. But they WILL work with you to try to make things right. I admit, being disappointed on a holiday and getting a replacement days later isn't the same as getting it right the first time, but at least they DO make good on it.

If you want to reach a live represtative...call 800-716-4851 and enter #2 at each prompt. You'll be able to speak with someone, instead of automative service.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-10:
"Hi, and thank you for calling 1-800-flowers, dead flowers- press 1, missing petals - press 2, poison ivy - press 3, did your flowers contain a sprinkling of japanese transistor radio parts? - press 4, A 1978 version of the Khama Sutra? - press 5, to be directly connected to the DB hotline press 0 now.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-05-10:
Posted by littlemama on 2009-05-10:
I DID let 1800flowers know that it was the florist. I was basically told oh well who cares! I DID call to talk to someone...and sat on hold for 2 hours! And I TOTALLY disagree that they are not responsible. My husband bought through 1800FLOWERS and they then contract that job out. If it's unsatisfactory then THEY are responsible and then can take action with their subcontracting florist. And like I said the 1st time they messed up it was taken care of no problem but this time they have made me so angry that I will make sure to tell everyone NOT to use them at all!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-05-10:
Thanks for clearing that up. As I said, if they get enough complaints about a specific florist, it is then their responsiblity to stop using them becasue after all, it's their name on the products as well.
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Poor Quality Bad Customer Service
Posted by No flowers on 05/08/2009
I placed an $250 worth of flowers today to several different addresses. The first confirmation email I received was for the flowers sent to my wife to delivered to my home. As soon as I checked for the flowers they weren't there. This is the second time 1-800-flowers screwed up a delivery for me. I've definitely learned my lesson. I've been on hold twice now for over 30 minutes and hung up on twice trying to get to someone for help.

I find it very interesting that after I've spent my money I keep finding myself in the back of the line!

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Sympathy Undelivered
Posted by Steve965432 on 03/20/2009
I followed the instructions on the 1-800-FLOWERS website to order a funeral arrangement for a close friend. The website accepted my order for the arrangement to be delivered the next morning. I received a call in the afternoon of the scheduled delivery date to notify me that the arrangement had not been delivered in time for the funeral. The worst part of this is that the representative tried to blame the situation on me for not calling 1-800-FLOWERS directly.

Of course, this information was not provided at the time I placed the order. I'll never do business with this company again.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-20:
They did not live up to their end of the contract. And to blame the whole thing on you for not calling them? Bogus.

Cancel the order and dispute the charge with your credit company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-20:
If the order was placed in the afternoon or evening, expecting a next-morning delivery was hopeful at best. It takes 30-90min for the order to go out to the participating florists. The internet order likely went to a flower shop that was closed for the evening. If a funeral is at 10-11am, the chances of getting the arrangement made and delivered by a shop that opens at 9am are slim to none. If the OP would have telephoned his order, he would have gotten a live CSR who could check for an open shop or a shop willing to express the order.
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Ripped Off
Posted by Mr. Huff on 02/13/2009
STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA -- I placed an order with 1800Flowers on 2/5/09 with a delivery date of 2/12/09, 1 full week in advance. After speaking with the person whom I scheduled to send flowers to for Valentine's Day, I am informed they NEVER arrived. So much for the surprise huh?

I called 1800Flowers customer service line twice. 1st time, the representative asked to call me back and did so within 30 minutes, stating he had spoke to the florist they routed my order to and the flowers were on their delivery truck and would arrive in 60 minutes or less.

3 Hours later, still NO FLOWER DELIVERY ... I call customer service for the 2nd time, I am placed on hold for 10 minutes, when I do get a representative on the line, I am given nothing but excuses. I am furious by now, ask to speak to a supervisor. I am placed on hold for 30 minutes, no one ever picked up.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who wants to have flowers sent delivery online DO NOT USE 1800FLOWERS.

I will be calling my bank to dispute the charges they made to my credit card and have spoke to my attorney who tells me I can file suit for fraud since they charged my credit card account and did not follow through under the terms of their service!!!

Mr. Huff
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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-02-13:
Not to sound flippant, but at $350 an hour, I would never ask my attorney such a ground level question. If I did though, I would certainly expect a better answer than that for the money.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-13:
My ex would have hung up on him.
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