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21 Century Auto Dealer at Springfield NJ
Posted by Urfrndme on 04/17/2010
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I have the first hand experience. Look at the justification 21st century employee gave... they just insult the customers if you don't agree with them and make them rich, just by paying what they demand. By the way, what they demand has nothing to do with what they advertise. They themselves say that its 'just an advertisement' to attract people and pull them to their shop.

As I dint want to take a chance, I took the printouts from their website, not for one car, but 4 different cars. As one of their customer mentioned in my3cents dot com, they just played the game that they don't know where 2 of the cars went! They couldn't find their own car on their own lot. Then they shows me their costliest cars, I insisted on seeing only the ones I had the printout for. Then he showed the costliest one and he said he is busy (but I couldn't find anyone else waiting for his time). After checking the car, he wanted me to sit with him to talk 'numbers'.

When I asked him about the price of the car, as I saw in their site as $26,000, he just dint respond, but kept on asking how much I can make as a down payment and whats my monthly payment can be. I dint understand what that has to do with the price of the car, no matter what the down payment or monthly payment is. Anyways, I said it can be between 5-10 grand and $500-700 per month. I agree that if you need a financing then you may need to know these details. But the dirtiest catch of these rude company is that you have to take the financing from them. We innocent customers will think, whats wrong with financing?

The sales representative goes to his manager then and talks for a while. He comes back with the highest numbers you mentioned. So the down payment becomes $10,000 and and monthly payment becomes $700. Then he asked, are you happy. I was ok, then I asked about how long are the terms for. Now comes the shocking news, its for 60 months!!! Which inturn means, I will pay $10000 + (60 x 700) = 10000+42000 = $52,000!!! I dint understand, why would I pay double the amount of the car by the end of 5 year term. The explanation was they usually ask customers to pay in 48 months, ie 4 years that amount! So it was showing a very high APR in 2 figures. I said as you demanded, I have over 740 credit score, still why should I pay 11+ APR, my bank offers 2.9% APR, I can understand if you ask for 4 or 5% APR. They sarcastically replied saying, if your score was not above 740, then the APR would have been over 20% !!!

I told them then don't worry about financing, I will get my own or I can pay them in cash the entire $26,000. At that time, they called their manager an irritating short guy, comes and rudely, I mean very rudely said they are not running charity, but a business and they will charge what they want, whether its 15% or 25%, we customers don't have to know that. If you want the advertised price, you have to take their APR whatever they say. Or they won't sell the car. I was just shocked, so they have a number and they want that much, no matter what they advertise for. They could even say $15,000 for a car and still get $35,000 through their APR. Thats just ridiculous!!! They are just frauds and cheats, take a look at their BBB rating, its just 'F' which in turn shows their reputation. I think as customers we should be able to do something against these crooks.

Readers, do not get tricked by 21st Century Auto dealer. Do not buy anything from them or visit them. Atleast ask them upfront what the price of the car and the APR they can commit for your credit score. Also record the same while talking to them over the phone. We can file a suit against them later, when they came up with their dirty tricks !

If you want to go through a very bad experience or if you are a masochist just visit this dealer !!!!

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-04-17:
Forget about filing a law suit. There is no basis.

I will agree they are being very deceptive, underhanded, sneaky and downright scum bags. But even at that they are not doing anything illegal. They can try to coerce anyone into signing one of their sales contracts. Granted, there are many, many fools that get caught by their tactics. Obviously they are successful at it.

More people should do exactly as you did. Know what you want BEFORE ever setting foot on the lot and don't let them BS you into something you don't want. ALWAYS, in any car deal, be ready to walk if it starts to smell!

One more point, 99% of the time your own financing will be better that a car dealer's.
Posted by ed pritchard on 2013-11-24:
19000 advertised but wind up paying 35000. i even traded in an x5 plus 530i for a 2011 g25x. we need to get an antorney. 862 223 9345
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Do Not Buy From Them
Posted by NO ONSENSE on 02/06/2009
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I wanted to purchase a certified preowned car, I looked on line at many places and 21st Century Auto Group had all the cars I liked for the right price so I stopped in to take a look. After driving many cars, I found the one I wanted to purchase, I asked if it was a certified preowned vehicle and if it had its service and 200 something point check...Of course...I was told yes. Needless to say, I had a bold tire, broken windshield wipers, low on coolant and no floor mats. I was told they would take care of and to come back Tuesday. I did. I waited for an hour as I thought they were servicing my car to find out that they did not even start and the mechanic did not have time. "Come back Friday" they said....And I did. Now, I wanted 2.5 Hours (after being told it would take an hour) to find out that they were going to bring it to the bmw dealership to be serviced....I needed to get to work so they drove me....Once again, all they did was change my tire....Stating they bmw could not take the car and they rescheduled for the following Thursday. When I asked what dealership I was bringing it to, they stated to their place and the mechanic was going to fix it...Now wait...Didnt they just tell me that they were taking it to bmw!!!! Needless to say, I said hey I'm still under manufacturer warranty, why don't I just take it to the dealership...It appears they were very hesitant it me doing that....

So now its Wednesday, the day before my so-called service and I call 21st century to make sure I am scheduled for service and that it will definitely be done!!! No one could help me or answer me!!! They told me I had to call my sales person on his cell to confirm!!! What? Are you kidding? That was the last straw...Something was definitely fishy. I hung up the phone and took my car to the local bmw dealership....Needless to say, the tire they gave me was not the same brand as the rest of my tires which is a no-no, my left engine mount broken, my alignment messed up, left wheel baring broken, emergency break broken, right rear tire no good and my wiper transmission broken!!! Thank goodness most are covered under the warranty but I still have to pay for 2 tires out of pocket and the alignment a total of $900...Not to mention that 21st century only gave me 1 key to my car so it will cost $282 to get a spare one!!!!

Oh...And by the way....They said my car was serviced prior to selling and everything was great!!!!! Do not buy from these people!!!!!!!!!! I have also left messages for a manager to call me back and to date, no return call
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
If I understand correctly the OP purchased a vehicle sight unseen but with guarantees for a salesman. From the description provided the vehicle wouldn't pass inspection in most any state. What's gotten me confused is the complaint then goes on about a manufacturers warranty on a BMW. Is this the vehicle purchased or the OP's original vehicle?
Posted by ed pritchard on 2013-11-24:
traded x5 plus 530i and still paid 35000 for an advertised19000 g25x. they gave me run around with their mechanic also. we need to get a class suit lawyer. 862 223 9345
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Great Showroom And Service
Posted by Dannymariquin on 04/14/2014
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Diego is a polite and courteous salesman and deserves to be recognized for his outstanding service during my car deal. Diego worked with me throughout the entire process and it didn't even take as long as I thought it would. I purchased a pre-owned BMW 2009i and I am really thrilled to be driving my dream car. 21 Century offered the best price with the best details and the car was in mint condition. I am really happy with the overall service I received and wouldn't hesitate to work with this dealership or recommend it to others. Thanks guys.
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Thank God for 21st Century Auto Group
Posted by Miathepug on 04/02/2014
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- On Saturday 3/8/2014, I was out the whole entire day in search of my first car and ran across the most raggedy cars. Me, not knowing anything about cars, brought a friend who did and he let me know how many of these private and public dealers were trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Right when the day was just about over, places were closing and still without a car, we came to our last stop. I guess they are right when they say "save the best for last" , because that's where I found my dream car. I purchased, from Kamy, a 2008 Mercedes C300 in black and it was in great condition! Air conditioned, very clean, inside and out, with great miles, for the right amount . I love my car, it runs great, and the family at 21st Century Auto Group helped me all the way through the buying process without any rudeness. We are definitely coming back here! When I tell people about the steal they seem more happy than me! Probably because they just wanted to ride or drive my car, but, unh-uh, all mine! Thank you very much Kamy and 21st Century Auto you guys saved me a whole lot!

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Posted by Paul on 2014-04-04:
Good luck. There are comments elsewhere that 21st sells expensive used cars that often have problems shortly after purchase. Personally, I want a used car that doesn't have things that break right away, and it sounds like theirs often do.
Posted by Paul on 2014-04-09:
Amazing - this car dealer is apparently just giving away cars, maybe at a loss. Appears too good to be true. You know what they say.
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Thank You 21st Century
Posted by Ryryjayd88 on 03/28/2014
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I usually detest car dealerships. The typical car sales process makes me cringe. Used cars sales are the worst. No more! I just wish I had found 21st Century Auto Group years ago. It has a huge inventory and many cars to select from. Along with amazing and helpful staff in every department, who have learned how to make car shopping an enjoyable and rewarding experience for their customers. They specialize in used cars and their lot is well-stocked with every luxury car you could dream of. Despite their price range are all in very good condition. Prices are quite fair and are in line with recommendations at Edmunds and KBB. They have an on-site mechanic that can ensure their cars are in the best running condition possible, and they provide all of the financing, warranty, and other related services that the "bigs" provide. But their specialty is cars in that specific price range, and the real differentiator is their philosophy and style of helping buyers find the car they want. They listen. They provide opinions when asked. They show the cars that meet the requirements the buyer describes. And they are just plain enjoyable to work with. If they ever get "discovered" they are going to be swamped with business. As it is, the biggest challenge is just finding them. I happened across them at the Cars.com site and from there went to the 21st Century Auto Group site.

A few minutes on the phone with Steve and I knew this would be a dealership I could work with. My son and I found a Mercedes that he is quite pleased with. If I need a new car, I'll go to a new car dealer. If I need a used car, I'll look forward to the opportunity to work with Steve and Jeff again. I still detest car dealerships - just not this one.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-03-31:
Car dealerships are all the same in the fact that they need to make money. 21st is no different.

With used cars, you run a risk. No used car dealer is going to go looking for things to fix before they sell, because they will never make money. That is true at 21st - there are plenty of comments that mention things failing shortly after purchase.

The only way personally I would buy a nice used car is if it is certified preowned. CPO cars are gone through somewhat carefully, or at least there is a checklist. Then you know you have the manufacturer behind you. I bought a CPO car, and it has no issues at all for 3 years. Good luck.
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Amazing Employees, Amazing Service
Posted by Spwci on 01/10/2014
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- From the first moment I walked into 21st century auto group, my sales experience with Johan was phenomenal! Johan patient, filled with BMW expertise, great sense of humor, and answered all of my many questions. Johan worked with me on the numbers and I signed the deal that very day. When I picked up the car, Johan showed me the ropes of all the new features and also followed up! Clearly a great example of excellent Customer Service. It is because of people like Johan that I will always be a 21st century customer!! Thanks!
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Utmost Courtesy
Posted by Bluangel4ya on 12/13/2013
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Salesman Greg was friendly, courteous, and professional he made the process easy. Everything was explained to me and my requests were met. I am very satisfied with this dealership. I was treated like family. In the 5+ years I have been doing business with them they have never treated me with anything other then the utmost courtesy and respect. Not to mention my vehicles have always lived up to the best German engineering has to offer.
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A Great Car Dealership With Honesty and Integrity
Posted by Bluangel4ya on 11/19/2013
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I have purchased several vehicles from 21st Century Auto Group over the years and I have to say that I feel like I have received a 'friends & family' deal each and every time. The staff really goes out of there way to make the purchase hassle-free...and the paperwork process is incredibly easy! Per my request, my salesman Greg also has helped me customize my vehicle to my standards getting me outstanding deals on wheels, tires etc...above & beyond my expectations. I just cannot find anything to criticize them...they make car buying simple. I would highly recommend them to anyone and actually the friends I have recommended can't thank me enough. I certainly do not see any reason to stop dealing with them in the future. When I need another vehicle, they will be my first and more likely, my last stop as well. Thanks for all the great deals!

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Very Satisfied With My Purchase
Posted by Patricia.ronquillo on 11/19/2013
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Johan and Jeff did an amazing job finding me a Mercedes with all the luxuries for an unbeatable price.

We are extremely happy with the car and the price we got!

Working with them has been a pleasure - they are responsive and professional - traits that are hard to come by lately!

I will certainly come to them with all my future car purchases and happily recommend them to anyone looking for a new car.
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Satisfied Customer
Posted by X3juliax3julia on 11/19/2013
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- We purchased our 2010 MB C-Class. We searched local Mercedes Benz websites and found 21st Century Auto Group the most informative and easiest to use, they had a very very large selection! We picked our car and then went to the dealership. Jason greeted me at the door and was very happy to answer my questions and took us on a test drive. Jason was very helpful during the purchasing process and reviewed the fast array of functions the car can perform with my wife. Our car was quickly appraised and we believe we received a very fair value for the trade. Jason introduced my wife to the service manager while I completed the paperwork.

Although we know the goal of the dealership is to sell cars, everyone was genuinely interested in us as people. I can honestly say should we need service in the future they will remember us and take good care of us! . We felt like part of the family! We had a great experience and we would RECOMMEND 21st Century to YOU!
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