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21st Century Auto Group
305 US Highway 22
Springfield, NJ 07081
1-877-609-0374 (ph)
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Thank you 21st Century Auto Group !!!!
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Rating: 5/51

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Ready for a nice family car... it was time to shop around!!! I love to shop BUT car shopping can get so stressful when you deal with the wrong people. The car I would be getting needed to be a family vehicle. As a teenager, everyone had a dream car, mine was a sports car but I guess after having children, it gets difficult to fit a car seat into the back of a sports car so, I wanted a nice SUV or crossover. I've always liked the older Infiniti QX56, it has great room and it's definitely a nice car for a family, I feel the newer one looks a little too rounded in the front, like a marshmallow. Haha!

We went car shopping together, that includes my husband, my son and daughter and of course, myself. Car shopping with children can sometimes be aggravating on its own but it all depends on the customer service they have as well. Once in 21st Century, a sales representative came over and quickly offered his assistance. My children were asked if they wanted something to drink and to my astonishment spent most of the time sipping on sodas while playing video games on the comfy couches they have all over the place. My husband and I walked around with ** and inspected a car that would fit our budget and our accommodations.

When I expressed to ** that my dream vehicle would be a QX56, he brought us over to an area where a gray 2005 Infiniti QX56 was located... it was beautiful and best... THE PRICE WAS AMAZING! To wrap this up, we purchased the truck and couldn't be any happier!!! The price was excellent and although it's not a brand new SUV, it is in amazing condition. 21st Century Auto Group has Great customer service, patient individuals, plenty of different cars and best of all... if you get the right rep, he will work with you on the price!!! Would def. purchase a car here again. Thank you!

Beware of crooks at 21St Century
By -

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Be careful people. Do not go to this place, they are a bunch of crooks not a single website has a good review about them! They look for people that know nothing about buying a car and once they know that for a fact they will tear you a new one. I have been to the place a few times after my mother purchased a car from them she was yelled at by the owner (yes I almost lost my cool and cracked him in the head.

My mother was promised a Free transmission oil change, she got it after waiting in the garage with mechanics for nearly 10 hours! The guy that was doing the work was not a mechanic at all but just a driver that just came to US and knew nothing about cars. One would think not a big deal you waited 10 hours deal with it. Here comes the best part... my mother gets her 1st car payment she was supposed to be paying $350 per month and her bill was for guess what? $750!!! We right away went back to the place to speak to the owner thinking there was a mistake.

It took us about 5 hours to get to speak to him, he was always "Very Busy." Please note that on the day of getting the car he was ready to see us within 1 minute. Once again we were sitting in front of Dmitry Zeldin the Owner of the company, we told him what is going on. 1st we have bad service with the mechanics and now our payment is off by more than double. He looked over paper work and said he does not remember telling us that price. It would be OK if we got a BMW M3 for 750 a month but no we got a CAMRY people. A used Camry with 60k miles that will be costing us more than 2 brand new ones! Some might think "oh bad credit!"

No credit score was in upper 700's. We then went to the police department to see if we can make a complaint, we were told by the officer we are just wasting our time. We are lost. What can we do!? We called our lawyer, guess what the answer was! It will cost you too much money to sue someone as Rich and connected as Owner of 21 Century. My mother was robbed and there is nothing we could do to get the ** closed down.

So people please do your research before you visit any dealership. Sad part is many people that 21st century robs don't know their credit score, have never purchased a car from a dealership and don't use a computer to read reviews. 21st century cause my family a lot of stress and money issues and I hope that our gullible mistake will not be repeated by other. I hope karma takes care of Dmitry Zeldin and his stealerhip.

Fraudulent Business Practices/Bait and Switch!!!!
By -

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- To keep a 4 hour waste of time ordeal short, here it is: I see the advertisement on their website for a used Cayenne Porsche for $26K; I complete credit application; I receive a call from a "**" in finance saying come down so we can work this deal out (open till 9 pm - this phone conversation took place at 1 pm) I arrive at dealership at 7:30 pm with wife and children. I am immediately told vehicle was "just" sold... no longer at dealership. I am then hassled and shown SUVs out of my price range 35K and up. I am then given low ball payments ($370-$380/month) if I chose one of the vehicles that my salesman "**" tries to sell me.

I test drive and I decide on a Cayenne at $35K because the payments would be under $400, so says "**", if I can give him cash/credit card to show Big Boss I am ready to deal today (So I give him $50, what a mistake!!!) We were held hostage from that point forward; "**" returns with a counter of me having my son on application to support the loan (I thought it was a done deal when I was quoted $380 and gave $50.) A whole lot of running back and forth to Big Boss on payments... Now I give my credit card for a down payment on the SUV although the payments would now be $530.

I asked to see the warranty sticker that was in the SUV and was told I could by an extended (Why buy extended if one comes with it?) SUV had been freshly hit, signal lights not working, rims chewed up and filthy inside and out even with previous owners personal belongings. Now it's 10:30 pm (dealer closes at 9!) "**" was trying everything in his power to stay away from me, but I was not leaving without my $50 or credit card; but he kept avoiding me; finally we go in and wait for finance guy 45 minutes!! Because he was with customers; I said let's do this tomorrow; "**" repeated, he's almost done!!!

My pressure rose and knew then that I was being taken... I went on my blackberry as I waited for finance to finish at 11:45 pm, got my cash and credit card back, and realized that the vehicle on the internet was same vehicle advertised for $25,995 being sold to me for $35+ (I checked the vin on internet and my paperwork). I got up immediately without signing any of their paperwork besides sales order previously, grabbed my credit card receipts, called the whole VIN scheme out and proceeded out of the dealership!! Salesman had his head between his? And finance guy leaves office gets on phone and calls Big Boss!!!

I Never looked back and would NEVER go there or recommend anyone to go! I checked today and the SUV is still on their website as if it really exists! Whatever you see on their site will be 10K plus more when you arrive... because the ones on the site have just been sold... as you will be told I have this ordeal being looked into, especially because they refused to return all my personal info and I don't have Bad Credit... TAKE MY ADVICE, STAY AWAY!!!

Bait and Switch
By -

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- We were in the market for a used auto. My Husband and I were shopping the usual websites, when we came upon a car we liked. It seemed like a really good deal. So my husband who works in Richmond, VA. called the dealer and talked to a sales person at 21st century, and asked about the particular auto. The person put us on hold and said he would check. A few min later he came back and told us the car was available, and it had a clean title etc. and was in very good condition. Then we decided since my father lived in NJ My husband could drive there early Saturday and take my father with him to look at the car.

Friday evening my husband rented a car for the weekend and left Richmond at 3 am in the morning to arrive in NJ to pick up my father and go see the car. Well lo and behold upon arriving at the location of 21st Century Auto, the car was no place to be found. They told him the car was just sold. So my husband called me on the cell and says the car is gone, they want to sell him another car which was much more expensive, and out of our budget. Now we already sold our car and was in dire need of an auto. But I told my hubby who was very short by this time to go look some other place for a car.

Then I went to check on the Ad on the internet again, The ad was still there, so I call 21st century to ask about the car. The sales person who picked up the phone told me the car was still in inventory, then I tell him I would like to see the car, so he said sure come on over. Now I live in NC, so I told the guy I would send my husband he said no problem. I called my husband and told him the story. He said forget those people. But I wanted to get to the bottom of it, so I looked up the car and the vin No and the Carfax report. Sure enough at the bottom of the report the car was registered to another dealer.

So I called up the other dealer and sure enough the car was for sale at another dealer at a much higher price. In fact it was priced 6K more and the dealer had no idea it was being advertised for sale on the internet by 21st century auto. So basically 21st century auto is advertising cars which is not in their inventory to sell, just to bring customers in the shop. Hoping to convince the person to buy something less desirable at a much higher price. These people are nothing but Bait and Switch scam artists. They are nothing but small time hoods. Beware do not fall in their traps. Walkaway, no matter how enticing the deal may seem. Take my word you will regret it.

Do Not Buy From Them
By -

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I wanted to purchase a certified preowned car. I looked online at many places and 21st Century Auto Group had all the cars I liked for the right price so I stopped in to take a look. After driving many cars, I found the one I wanted to purchase. I asked if it was a certified preowned vehicle and if it had its service and 200 something point check... Of course... I was told yes. Needless to say, I had a bold tire, broken windshield wipers, low on coolant and no floor mats. I was told they would take care of and to come back Tuesday. I did.

I waited for an hour as I thought they were servicing my car to find out that they did not even start and the mechanic did not have time. "Come back Friday" they said... And I did. Now, I waited 2.5 Hours (after being told it would take an hour) to find out that they were going to bring it to the BMW dealership to be serviced. I needed to get to work so they drove me. Once again, all they did was change my tire... Stating the BMW could not take the car and they rescheduled for the following Thursday. When I asked what dealership I was bringing it to, they stated to their place and the mechanic was going to fix it.

Now wait... Didn't they just tell me that they were taking it to BMW?!! Needless to say, I said "hey I'm still under manufacturer warranty, why don't I just take it to the dealership?" It appears they were very hesitant with me doing that. So now it's Wednesday, the day before my so-called service and I call 21st century to make sure I am scheduled for service and that it will definitely be done!!! No one could help me or answer me!!! They told me I had to call my sales person on his cell to confirm!!! What? Are you kidding? That was the last straw... Something was definitely fishy. I hung up the phone and took my car to the local BMW dealership.

Needless to say, the tire they gave me was not the same brand as the rest of my tires which is a no-no, my left engine mount broken, my alignment messed up, left wheel baring broken, emergency break broken, right rear tire no good and my wiper transmission broken!!! Thank goodness most are covered under the warranty but I still have to pay for 2 tires out of pocket and the alignment a total of $900. Not to mention that 21st century only gave me 1 key to my car so it will cost $282 to get a spare one!!!

Oh... And by the way... They said my car was serviced prior to selling and everything was great!!! Do not buy from these people!!! I have also left messages for a manager to call me back and to date, no return call.

Thank God for 21st Century Auto Group
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Rating: 5/51

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- On Saturday 3/8/2014, I was out the whole entire day in search of my first car and ran across the most raggedy cars. Me, not knowing anything about cars, brought a friend who did and he let me know how many of these private and public dealers were trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Right when the day was just about over, places were closing and still without a car, we came to our last stop. I guess they are right when they say "save the best for last", because that's where I found my dream car. I purchased, from **, a 2008 Mercedes C300 in black and it was in great condition! Air conditioned, very clean, inside and out, with great miles, for the right amount.

I love my car, it runs great, and the family at 21st Century Auto Group helped me all the way through the buying process without any rudeness. We are definitely coming back here! When I tell people about the steal they seem more happy than me! Probably because they just wanted to ride or drive my car, but, unh-uh, all mine! Thank you very much ** and 21st Century Auto you guys saved me a whole lot!

Gave It a Try on My Own
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Rating: 4/51

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Not one thing I can complain about with this dealership. I purchased my vehicle here and have no regrets. I've read that others have had problems with this place but I have to say I wasn't one of them. Contrary to that, I was EXTREMELY satisfied with the manner in which my sale was handled. ** was very helpful and a cool guy to work with on my deal. From start to finish everything went smooth and worked out great. My car is beautiful and after all of my searches, this was the best price ever! Chose to give it a try and would do it all over again, totally recommend you try it for yourself as well.

A Great Car Dealership With Honesty and Integrity
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Rating: 5/51

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I have purchased several vehicles from 21st Century Auto Group over the years and I have to say that I feel like I have received a 'friends & family' deal each and every time. The staff really goes out of their way to make the purchase hassle-free... and the paperwork process is incredibly easy! Per my request, my salesman ** also has helped me customize my vehicle to my standards getting me outstanding deals on wheels, tires etc... above & beyond my expectations.

I just cannot find anything to criticize them... they make car buying simple. I would highly recommend them to anyone and actually the friends I have recommended can't thank me enough. I certainly do not see any reason to stop dealing with them in the future. When I need another vehicle, they will be my first and more likely, my last stop as well. Thanks for all the great deals!

Satisfied Customer
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Rating: 5/51

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- We purchased our 2010 MB C-Class. We searched local Mercedes Benz websites and found 21st Century Auto Group the most informative and easiest to use, they had a very very large selection! We picked our car and then went to the dealership. ** greeted me at the door and was very happy to answer my questions and took us on a test drive. ** was very helpful during the purchasing process and reviewed the fast array of functions the car can perform with my wife. Our car was quickly appraised and we believe we received a very fair value for the trade. ** introduced my wife to the service manager while I completed the paperwork.

Although we know the goal of the dealership is to sell cars, everyone was genuinely interested in us as people. I can honestly say should we need service in the future they will remember us and take good care of us! We felt like part of the family! We had a great experience and we would RECOMMEND 21st Century to YOU!

Splendid Car Buying Experience
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Rating: 5/51

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Cadillac Escalade about a 4 months ago from this dealer. It was a splendid experience. The staff was all very friendly and helpful, the man who approached me at the door whose name I wish I remembered was very pleasant, patient and understood the needs of a customer. He explained in details the process and showed me a wide selection of vehicles that exceeded my expectations. Oppose to the other dealers who's salesmen came at me too aggressive and with little or any knowledge of the business.

The trust worthy thing about this dealer is they are very much clear about what is actual and I also felt it is somehow cheaper in price. If anyone is out in the market shopping for a luxury vehicle I will surely recommend 21st Century Auto Group. I assure you your buying experience will be as splendid as mine was.

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