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Splendid Car Buying Experience
Posted by Bluangel4ya on 11/14/2013
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Cadillac Escalade about a 4 mnths ago from this dealer . It was a splendid experience. The staff was all very friendly and helpful, the man who approached me at the door who's name I wish I remembered was very pleasant, patient and understood the needs of a customer. He explained in details the process and showed me a wide selection of vehicles that exceeded my expectations. Oppose to the other dealer’s who's salesmen came at me too aggressive and with little or any knowledge of the business. The trust worthy thing about this dealer is they are very much clear about what is actual n I also felt it is somehow cheaper in price.
If anyone is out in the market shopping for a luxury vehicle I will surely recommend 21st Century Auto Group I assure you your buying experience will be as splendid as mine was.

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Great Experience and Inventory
Posted by Jujubaez on 10/21/2013
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Had a great experience here. Met with Joseph and he was so much help. I am a single mother and my car had been giving me mechanical problems for a long time now and it was becoming more and more expensive just to even maintain the car itself. Had no clue what I wanted but I called anyway and made an appointment with him to check out a couple of cars they had in stock.

Saw the s550 and gave it a test drive. Loved the car and bought it same day! Great choice of inventory and wonderful staff.
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What a Joke
Posted by Victorg247 on 11/09/2012
This insurance company is a joke. It is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. They are nothing but liars. The only thing they are good at is playing games. They keep you waiting so that you will jump on the first thing they offer you. Don't fall for this. Get an attorney.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-11-09:
Sounds like you have a claim that isn't going well. Sometimes an attorney is your only option.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-09:
What happened?
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Appreciated customer
Posted by Gabrielstewart45 on 10/08/2012
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- My partner and I have been looking to purchase a car for several months now and have looked at over 10 different dealerships for the perfect vehicle. A co worker of mine mentioned that she purchased her car at this dealership and insisted that we stop by and check it out before purchasing. I called two weeks ago and set up an appointment to look at 2 different vehicles that had caught our attention online. Upon arriving to the dealership, our sales representative Arthur was ready to take care of us, no long waits or anything, we thought that was a great way to start.

Arthur was fantastic. He understood what we were looking for and took the time to pull up his inventory and show us other vehicles that might interest us. We looked at 5 different cars and were encouraged by Arthur to test drive any which one, we drove 3 and as predicted, fell in love with one of them...our first choice online and at the dealership.

We are both very happy to recommend this dealership to our friends and family. We really felt appreciated and everything went so smoothly. We purchased our car for the best price and feel that this was def. the way to go. We just wanted to share our experience and with others the best of luck!

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Posted by Richard on 2012-10-15:
Thanks for this review. Been doing online research and really wanted to get others opinions before purchasing. Been reading a lot of good reviews about this dealership and finally decided to go. Was impresses with the service and the attention I reviewed here. Happy returning customer
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-15:
What is strange is that many of Century 21's customers have the same experience - a car they bought has problems show up within a week or two of leaving the lot. These aren't cheap cars, either.

Personally, I wouldn't buy a car from such a dealer. I bought an expensive used car from a dealer about 5 years ago, and it took 3 years for an issue to show up. That's normal to me. Issues within a week or two tells me the car may have had this problem when it was sold, whether or not they knew about it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-15:
Appreciate the help and attention I received by the employees at this dealership. When I called in, the receptionist was so polite and helpful. I expressed an interest in a car that I had seen online and she set me up for an appointment with a sales representative. Everything worked out great, I arrived and Arthur was all ready for me, no long waits. Arthur helped answer all of my questions, I looked at several other vehicles and test drove 3 of them. I picked the first one that I had initially called about and Arthur helped work out the financial details. I really felt like this gentleman was caring and appreciated my business- would def. deal with this dealership again!
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Info of Online Vehicle- Communication Is Key
Posted by Trav.jetburg on 09/10/2012
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Three weeks ago my wife and I decided to expand our search of a new car by looking online instead of stopping by all these dealerships. We came across the 21 Century Auto Group web page by a search of dealerships within a 30 mile radius of the house, their dealership popped up.

I don't want to make this review too long but basically, we found an Infiniti SUV we really liked 09' with 21,000 miles. With the details given online, we were really interested in this specific car. I called the dealership and spoke to a polite young lady who transferred me to a car salesman. When I expressed to this gentleman which car I was calling to inquire about, he told me it wasn't available any more. I have to admit I was a little upset because we had really found something we wanted and had placed the rest of the vehicles previous to this one on the back burner, only to find out it had been sold.

I expressed to this gentleman that they should update their site more often and when he noticed I was a bit upset, he didn't hesitate to understand my position and asked me if I was interested in the dealership trying to find a vehicle just alike, with maybe only minor differences. He explained that they update their inventory often and because of the misleading information, they would try and help us find something just as good if not better.

A few day ago, we got the call and Arthur sent us pictures of the vehicle they had found to see if it caught our interest. Believe it or not, this might sound crazy but, this one was even better because it was an Infiniti 09' 22,000 miles with a tan interior (which we wanted but the other didn't have) a panoramic sky roof and it was silver, which in my opinion is better then white like the prior one. We ended up purchasing with this dealership and couldn't be happier with the service we received and the very professional manner in which they dealt with our minor problem. Communication is key!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-11:
As you said it does sound crazy.

If I were shopping for a car, and found a dealer's website was out of date, I would keep shopping. I don't have time for that. I'm glad you found what you were looking for.

So many of the reviews for this company mention some problem that arose, yet the company came through and a wonderful sale was made. It is wierd - of all the cars I have bought there was never an issue that I can remember. There always seems to be one at 21st Century.
Posted by alex.roberts349 on 2012-09-12:
Trav, I can agree with trmn8R, its a responsibility for a dealership to keep their inventory updated. Although there is a possibility that that vehicle could have been sold the same day and that is why the page didnt have it registered as it showed.

I have read plenty of reviews on this dealership to see what other customers besides myself thought and I think at the end of the day, this is an honest dealership that just happens to have issues here and there. I'm happy that they accomodated you and you found something worth the while that shows that they have a commitment to their customers you know? and that is what is most important. Wishing you luck!
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Concerns Resolved Leadership Team
Posted by Richardparker369 on 09/05/2012
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- About three months ago, I made a purchase with the staff at this dealership. I found the exact car I wanted for a fantastic price and couldn't pass up on the opputunity.

Mr. Earnest Howe was my sales representative and was very professional. I really appreciated his attention to detail and his help throughtout my sale and the continuing issue with my sunroof.

When I purchased my car, everything worked great. I made sure to check everything and it seemed in fantastic condition. About three weeks ago, I began to have problems with my sunroof. It would open, but at times get stuck halfway until I restarted the car or continued to press the button.

It happened a couple of times and finally, I contacted the dealership, spoke with Mr. Howe and explained the situation, he seemed very concerned and empathetic to the matter. Mr. Howe called me back a few hours later to set up an appointment with the dealership mechanic to take a look at the car.

I bought the car in and as I waited in the lounge, they looked at the problem. It took a little longer then expected, but Earnest came out and offered me a beverage or lunch while I waited. He apologoized for the wait and seemed to feel bad about the problem. He explained the they would fix the sunroof or replace it because the dealership stands behind what they sell. I agree with the previous reviews here that the manner in which they handled everything was such a relief and made the situation so much better.

Basically, their was a short circut causing the sun-roof to get stuck. They replaced the wires and made sure everything was functioning great. Afterwards they offered me a free oil change next time the car was due and the mananger came over to speak with me ensuring that everything was working properly and gave me his business card to call with any further problems.

I know car troubles pop up out of no where, this one I didn't expect because the car was in great shape but I am so happy 21st century handled the issue in the manner in which they did. It makes me a happy customer and more comfortable knowing that they stand behind what they sell and will fix a problem without the hassle.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-05:
It is interesting how a lot of comments about this company are or the nature "We bought an expensive used car, and when a issue arose shortly after purchase they resolved it. We understand that problems can pop up at any time."

I've bought a few expensive used cars, and since I checked them out carefully prior to purchase I've never had an issue. I'm concerned that so many of 21st Century's offerings seem to have problems right after purchase - personally I would see that as a warning sign and go elsewhere. Just my .02
Posted by richardparker369 on 2012-09-06:
trmn8r...I would agree with you but I guess a customer would only know that if they have made several purchases. Maybe its independently how each customer reacts to a situation such as mine but what made everything better is how they replaced the sunroof at no cost and really worked with me to resolve the issue. It made me feel comfortable, they seemed like honest people and it wasnt something too serious, at least to me. But, in a sense I totally agree with you, im just glad they were cooperative and so polite.
Posted by alex.roberts349 on 2012-09-07:
Richard, I really appreciate your review and could really understand why you feel the way you do. I had a similar experience with another dealership when I purchased a pre-owned vehicle and they gave me the toughest time to fix it...they actually insisted that I pay for the repair because I had broken it (I had only had the car for about 3 weeks)

21 Century helped look into the problem I was having with my car and never gave me a hard time in doing so, thats what I aporeciated the most. I think as a customer, people always want reliable things and I know that it is very frustrating and disappointing when we invest money into a product of any sorts and it doesnt work or something along the way misfunctions. I agree that the way a customer handles a problem says a lot about them, I think because this dealership fixed the issue so quickly and without attitude, it makes them honest people who do stand behind what they sell and try and sell the best. Just my opinion but to each his own.
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No Authentic Mats- Replaced and Fully Satisfied
Posted by Alex.roberts349 on 08/22/2012
Me and nick (myson)
Me and nick (myson)
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Since I began working in a corporate job, I have always believed in having a reliable car and so I have always trusted Mercedes Benz and have owned some in the past.

I came to this dealership about two weeks ago looking to purchase a newer Mercedes thn the current one I have because it is not 4 wheel drive and I wanted a 4matic for the colder seasons coming. I was helped out by a gentleman named Manny and he was really a pleasure to work with. Manny's attention to accommodate my needs and answer all of my questions is exactly the type of employee I would expect to work for a dealership that understands how important customers are.

I looked at several vehicles and really ended up finding exactly what I wanted and purchased it with this dealership. I compliment this dealership on their professionalism, the dealership itself is very clean and nice and the inventory is excellent. My Mercedes E-class has everything I was looking for including a rare panoramic roof top. It has low miles and the price was great. My only complaint was that the mats were not the authentic Mercedes Benz ones (with the silver metal strip that has the brand). Call it whatever you want but those small details really matter to me.

I called the dealership and spoke to the secretary, she took my message and had Manny give me a call back. Manny seemed attentive to my problem and told me he would speak to someone and see if they could get me the authentic mats. A few days later, Manny called me back and asked me to stop by the dealership, they had my mats and wanted to replace them. I was really happy and stopped by a day after on my way to work. The mats where either brand new or really well taken care of. I was fully satisfied and very happy with the manner in which they made my small problem a priority and resolved it.

This is exactly the kind of business and customer service that gets a great rating from myself. Sometimes is the simple things that mean the most to customers! Would definitely recommend this dealership and the great staff!
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Company Needs to Be Shut Down
Posted by Ang22fb on 08/17/2012
GEORGIA -- We switched them in June 2012, thinking we were getting the same coverage for less, considering I have a 19 yr old daughter. When we signed up with them, we told them, my husband was a pizza delivery guy, one of our cars will be used for this. When they sent us the paperwork to fill out AGAIN, we disclosed this information, we put a 360.00 down payment, and payed, payments.

My daughter moved out and failed to pay a speeding ticket she got. therefore, her license were suspended, so I called them up, on Monday August 13th, telling them to remove her off of my policy, because of this, she no longer lives with us, and she no longer drives our cars.

They refused to do with out a letter saying that, a few days later. we are being cancelled, because my husband delivers pizza in a car, and her license were suspended, mind you the pizza job was disclosed from day one, so I called them up telling them I called you telling you to remove my daughter, and you refused to, so I want my down payment back, because they were wrong for that.

I could see if we hid this info, but it was never hidden, they cannot continue to rob people like they have been doing.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-18:
I believe the main issue is the daughter's speeding ticket that she did not pay, leading to a suspended licence. Insururance companies are really nervous about children on policies. They may have tossed the pizza delivery into their decision to tip the scales, and decided your family was too risky.

The monies paid thus far and any refund should be handled in whatever way their policies dictate.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2012-08-18:
You are due a refund from the day they cancelled you. They are not going to refund all of your down payment because they did ensure you for a short time.
Posted by Bill on 2012-08-18:
And their commercials suck also.
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Disappointed but cooperative
Posted by Ricky.vaz28 on 08/09/2012
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a 2010 Audi from this dealership last month and at first couldn't have been happier with the vehicle and the service this dealership offered.

It took a few days for me to decide that this was the vehicle I wanted to go with. I looked at the same vehicle at two other dealerships and concluded that 21 Century Auto Group had the best deal on the car and the their customer service really pleased me.

I drove the car to a family reunion in Maryland and everything ran great, the car was fantastic and I was very happy. On my trip back, my aur conditioner wouldn't work and the air that came out was not very cool but kind of in the middle. I was very upset and had to drive the rest of the two hours without air coniditioner, good thing my car is a convertible.

I have to be honest that this was not the experience I expected upon purchasing. Immediatly once I arrived back in NJ, I phoned my salesman Arsen and told him about the problem, I was still very upset and concerned on how the dealership would handle this problem, the last thing I wanted was to invest more money into a brand new vehicle.

Arsen expressed his genuine concern and really helped ease my mind that 21 Century would correct the problem and look further into the issue. Arsen schedualed an appointment with their mechanic and I brought the car in. Sam the mechanic spoke with me personally and explained why the AC had stopped working, I don't know much about cars but they immediately fixed the problem the same day and replaced all of the filters just in case.

The owner came out to speak with me and apologized for the issue, expressing that the dealership stands behind every car they sell and that he was sincerly sorry something as such had occurred. I thought this was very professional on his behalf.

Overall, I have to say I am still satisfied with this dealership. I really did purchase this vehicle at a great price and the manner in which they handled this issue was very good. I was scared I would end up paying for something or thought maybe the problem had occurred because of something I did. I developed a trusting relationship with my salesman and overall, would still continue to deal with this dealership simply because of their customer service.
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Posted by Danielle on 2012-08-10:
I had a good experience with this dealership and I am glad to hear they helped work everything out, I think the guys there really try their best. The fact the owner came out and apologized really seems professional, it the least they could have done. I didnt have any problems with them and felt really comfortable with my purchase...I would def. deal with them again.
Posted by Jani on 2012-10-17:
... data contains useless>>
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Lots of Staff- Fantastic C.S
Posted by Ricky.vaz28 on 08/06/2012
Our new addition
Our new addition
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Our trip to this dealership was not planned, it just sort of happened while driving home one day.

My wife and I are newlyweds and have been sharing the same vehicle as the circumstances didn't permit us to splurge on another car until recently. While on our drive home one day, we saw 21 Century Auto Group- their big dealership logo is hard to miss for anyone driving by. We decided to stop in and take a look and very grateful we did so.

Diego was our sales representative. He was very professional and had a very charismatic way of handling all of our questions and concerns. We looked at so many cars and finally found one we felt was exactly what we wanted. Diego helped guide us through the whole process until we drove out of the dealership.

Working in the customer service field, I understand how important a customer is to any business and this dealership did not disappoint us. The vehicle we chose was in great condition, a beautiful white BMW 2008. My wife fell in love, probably faster then she ever did with me with this car! ha ha! The car was priced at a fantastic deal and we were so excited to find something so unexpected.

The only real complaint we have was that when we first arrived, the second we got out of the car, too many salesmen quickly rushed to offer their assistance, this was a tad bit overwhelming for both of us but I suppose it is better to have plenty of staff, then to be short on it. Sometimes for new customers, this can scare them away but all of the gentlemen (including one woman) they were all very polite and gave us our space.

We are very pleased with our purchase and very pleased with the selections they have. This dealership is really nice inside and the team they have put together is fantastic. Sometimes its the small details that make a customer truly satisfied.

Would recommend without hesitation!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-07:
Lots of staff = lots of overhead = higher prices in my opinion. I prefer to deal with smaller outfits. Those flashy high pressure highway dealerships leave me a bit cold.
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