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It's A Horrible Experience Even Before It Gets Started
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I got a cheaper quote online and get a call from them almost instantly. But it went downhill right after, customer service transferred me a local agent and we talked a while. I don't remember my current policy coverage and want to go back and look into more detail so I can call me back the day after. The agent just went bat-** crazy and demand me for my credit/debit card number so I can pay right away.

I explained and explained about I wanting to check couple things and do some research. But this guy named traverse kept pushing and pushing bragging about how incredible and reputable the 21st century ins is. I have to hang up on him. Now I find out how bad the experience, services and how unprofessional they're for business, I'll never go with them. Thank you all for the reviews!

They don't know how to do their jobs RIGHT!!!
By -

First lets start with 4 years ago signed on with AIG. They never electronically filed that we switched to them. So we had a lapse in our insurance according to the DMV. Had to pay huge fine. Now 4 years later we are tired of the consent changing of price in our premium. I figured beginning of the year we will switch. Well I went to pay our insurance on 10-25-10. The automated machine let me know that as of today 10-25-10 your insurance policy was canceled on 10-31-10 at 12:01am. What the heck how could they cancel if it wasn't even the date. Well they did. I called my agent and they contact 21st Century.

The problem was fixed so I thought. 11-27-10 we received a letter from the DMV... a suspension order. 21st Century sent in that we no longer had insurance on our vehicles but when it came to them electronically filing back to fix their mistake nope they couldn't do that. Well Friday 12-3-10 my agent called them and let them know that they need to electronically file. They said no problem we can have that done today.

Well now it is 12-8-10 and Albany didn't have any record of it yet. I called my agent again and she called 21st century. THEY NEVER FILED IT!!!!! So they said they would file it today. Well lets see if they can do their jobs!!! PS. YOU NEVER GET TO TALK TO A PERSON IF YOU CALL AND THEIR WEBSITE YOU CAN'T EMAIL THEM EITHER. BEWARE DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY!!!!!

21st Century Can't Even Provide an Address to Mail Your premium to - How can they protect you and your car
By -

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- A few years ago when I was in a minor fender bender and had a very minor amount of damage to the bumper of my car, 21st Century Insurance attempted to total my car. I fought and finally won this battle after months of horrible customer service situations. More recently they send out notices that you must pay your premium and provide a window envelope to return payment in, but no address to mail it to on the back of the statement.

Given that I went online to find an address and mailed it off. Today I got a notice that my insurance was canceled even though they appear to have cashed my premium check?? I am going to call and get insurance with another company in the morning. I have had it. They have been my insurance provider since I started to drive in 1981, but I am completely fed up with their incompetence in dealing with customers. Their call centers are virtually non-existent. It is just a wall of voice mail as far as I can tell.

What a Joke!!
By -

I had insurance with this company 2 years ago and they raised my rates by $300.00 in one 6-month period. I called to find out why and they said just because their rates went up. Then I found out they were owned my AIG. So here I was, my government just bailed out this company with my tax money and then they were going raise my rates. What a joke!! Now I see their new commercial with the sledge hammer and they say they can save you money over Progressive. Don't be suckered in by this commercial. They are much higher than Progressive. That is who I have now. They won't save you money, or they will sucker you in with a certain rate before the raise it. They will take your tax money for bail-outs while they raise your rates.

Criminal activity
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Let me start by saying I am a fairly new customer(signing on 2 months ago)related to the fact that all I received a quote that beat my current auto coverage. (claim free drivers) Who wants to pay more when you never have claims or tickets right? First let me say they have billed me multiple times, without crediting my credit, which means guess what I've paid almost $2000 for a bill that was supposed to be $685 - *fraud and theft*. The company gives you run around the rosy-doing nothing, not to mention the worst customer service I've encountered in my 20 years of insurance and business deals.

Dropping within 2 months without a claim - wasn't that easy money for them? or should I say theft related to the fact that I am still trying to get a refund amount. Lucky to leave prior to needed their help when in distress or actually having a claim. I feel deeply for anyone who may have experienced that. Let's keep America strong and tear this company down before they steal lye and cheat our fellow family members, co workers, and friends. No more 21st Century Insurance. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buyer Beware
By -

I was unfortunate enough to be covered by AGI, which became 21st Century. A couple of weeks ago I received a notice of non-renewal because that the company was no longer writing this business line. The letter was dated two weeks earlier. I have never had the need to contact 21st Century regarding my automobile, an accident, or any type of late payment. In fact, my insurance was on automatic withdrawal.

My insurance expired last night at 12:02 in the morning. I travel a great deal and may have not been aware of this. This company raised my rates, only contacted me to tell me how happy they were to represent me after merging with AGI, took my payments, always on time, and then sending me a non-renewal notice. This company has no client's interest at heart, I have read the massive complaints directed at 21st Century. Buyer beware-if you were a past AGI client, this company received your policy by default, has no loyalty, and certainly no integrity.

Ripped off
By -

After buying a new car I thought it would be smart to shop around so I went online and got a few quotes. 21st Century turned out to be priced okay at the time. That was the good part. Now the bads in order... Upon receiving my contract I learned that 21st Century Insurance is actually part of AIG. Not happy about that considering the damage AIG already did to this economy. Anyway it was too late to go back since my premium was already paid.

Continuing on... A few months later, it happened... I was involved in a car accident (first time ever after 20 years of driving) where a 20-year old punk rear ended me (he was speeding and didn't see me when he was trying to pass from the right). Getting 21st Century involved was a nightmare. 21st Century initially claimed that the other driver was uninsured and that I would have to lose my deductible. When I mentioned I would go file a complaint against the other guy with the police, 21st Century suddenly found that the other driver was actually insured but that they were denying reimbursement of my deductible on the ground that I was at fault!

The other guy on the police report had claimed that I had cut him off which was totally not true! I don't know what was the deal between 21st Century Insurance and the other guy's insurance but I suspect they would try anything to deny any payment even when you are not at fault! Anyway, I cancelled my policy with 21st and went to the competition. My advice to whoever reads this - don't think you will save a couple bucks with this insurance. When something happens you will be sorry.

Do Not Trust This Company
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! This was hands down the worst insurance that I have ever held. They can add fees for the hell of it and do frequently, they can add drivers to your account and bill you for them even when you expressly tell them over and over again that they do NOT drive your car. Their customer service is really bad. They are slow to act to a claim. They don't get paper work to you quickly.

They only contact you by mail even if they have phone numbers and email addresses on file with notes attached to contact by them instead. Bottom line is they are over priced insurance who care more about lining their pockets then they do providing good insurance for their customers.

Wonderful Company!
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Rating: 5/51

CALIFORNIA -- My family has been w/ 21st Century since they were 20th Century Insurance, and whether they were independent (before 2005), owned by AIG (2005-2009), or by Farmers (2009-present), they have always treated us like gold!! Keep in mind, most people write reviews when they are angry, and share with friends and family when they're happy! They are also one of the few low risk companies that won't raise your rates because they wrote John "worst driver in the world" ** a policy and he crashed his car five times, so now you have to pay for it! I love this company and everything they stand for, take it from a customer of +50 years.

Suspect selling email address
By -

I called 21st Century Auto Insurance to get a quote. The person I talked to was friendly and professional. He asked for my email address. Since I was talking to an agent of what I thought was a reputable company, I did not hesitate to give him my email address.

Prior to that time, I would get maybe one junk email every two months. Starting just a few days after that conversation, I have been getting approximately 10 junk emails everyday. I have no way to prove they are the source of distributing my address, but I haven't given my address to any other new contacts in many months. I suspect they are selling email addresses. BTW, their quote was over $200 more per year than I am currently paying.

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