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Swimming Pool Too Cold
By -

If you want to join to swim or to use the swimming pool, beware that although they claim to keep the water at 85 degrees, they don't. Water at a lower temperature than 85 degrees is way too cold. Stop by to check it out a couple of times before you join. You will see that the pool gets almost no use. The women that participate in the water classes are obese like 200 hundred pounds. You need that much insulation not to freeze in water that is 85 degrees or lower.

Continual use of the pool at less than 85 degrees and even at 85 degrees during the winter months will wear on your health sooner or later. You will start out catching colds even in the summer. During the summer months, when they drop the temperature down to less than 85 degrees, you will get pain in places you didn't know could hurt. If you have arthritis or other injuries, the cold water will cause spasms and pain.

Don't get enticed into joining for the swimming pool. Again, I suggest you stop by to check it out on more than one occasion so you can see for yourself that very few people get in it and to hear people complain about how cold it is. Talk to the other members who hang out at the hot tub. Ask them why they don't get into the swimming pool? Swimming is a super enjoyable activity for most people, but the pool gets so little use because that the water is too cold.

During a hot summer day at 100 degrees, an outdoor swimming pool at 80 degrees is perfect. If the central heating was set at 100 degrees in the indoor pool building, 85 degrees water temperature would be perfect also. Unfortunately, they don't keep their central heating air at 100 degrees. Good luck and don't risk your health by getting into an indoor pool with cold water. Your immune system will rebel and so will your arthritis and muscles.

24 Hour Fitness finger scan
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I have been a member of 24 Hour Fitness located at Pecos and Wigwam for a while now, and have had no problem getting in and out. Now, I did not want to participate in the finger scan program because I feel they are invading my privacy. The employees gave me a huge attitude because I did not want to sign in with the finger scan. I asked if there was another way I can sign in? I was rudely advised “Well, you need to start bringing TWO from's of I. D. and will be inconvenienced each time I arrive”!

I couldn't believe I was getting treated this way just because I didn't feel comfortable with the new system. I asked if I could then speak to a manager about this, but was transferred to an accounts manager or something. I then canceled my membership at this time because of the rage created. All this just because I did not want to use the new finger scan. WOW! Well, there is two other gyms in the area, and I will take my business elsewhere.

Portland OR Mall 205 hygiene and equipment problems
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- If you look closely when you visit this location to consider joining: The club is not cleaned well or regularly. There is a lot of mold, puddles of urine in the bathrooms and never any sign of disinfectant or cleanser usage. The machines are never cleaned. The cleaner provided to members is not a disinfectant. A large share of the machines are broken but not even labeled as such. Repairs are performed sparsely and only to get the machine back to minimal performance. Shouldn't be a problem if you are just a free-weight user.

The Jacuzzi if so filthy that it is unlikely it has the statute required filter at all. Asian men are allowed to clean their underwear in the sinks. The sound system is often cranked up even though 95% of the patrons are trying to use their own personal system. It is such a poor system that no words can be discerned by the vocalists. Just a big droning, at time close to painful level.

Untruthful, and stole my money
By -

KENT, WASHINGTON -- I signed up to do the 7 day trial at the Kent, WA. 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport gym. I was told by the membership staff that they needed to have my debit/credit card info for security purposes. They told me I had 36 hours from that date to let them know that I did or did not want to join their club for certain so that I would not be charged.

I called the very next day, as well as the next night to confirm that I wouldn't be charged after I chose not to use their gym. It is 7 months later and I am still being charged for a membership that I did not want. Also, I am being charged $20 more than they offered me when I signed up for my 7 day trial. When I spoke to the manager, she said I signed up for a membership at that time, and that they could not refund my money.

I told her I signed up for the 7 day trial, and that I had called several times the next day to cancel and make sure I wouldn't be charged. I was told there was nothing she could do but cancel my membership and that I would have to go through corporate for a possible refund. She asked if there was anything else she could do for me(like any normal customer service employee), I said no. And she say "Bye", then mumbled "Ass" as she hung up on me.

24 Hour Fitness... Sinking Ship
By -

Do not purchase a 24 Hour Fitness membership. That company is a sinking ship. they just cut their workforce by 25% because they are in deep financial problems. even with their shady EFT practices where you cannot get them to stop tapping your bank account for monthly dues, they cannot get their act together.

You will find out real quick that their facilities and customer service is sub-standard and when you go to terminate your membership you will find that they will continue to tap your bank account for dues for months even years to come. You will finally have to file a lawsuit to get them to stop and even then it will be difficult to recover the money they have already stolen from you since you asked for the cancellation. Worse yet, do not work for this company.

I have heard that their benefits suck and that they recently lost a 22M lawsuit over forcing their field employees to work many hours of overtime while discouraging them from claiming the time on their time cards. this company is shady from beginning to end. just look at the other complaints on the internet. you will notice the common theme related to monthly dues, billing, etc. go patronize LA Fitness or Ballys and you will probably be better off.

24 Hour Fitness Rips Off Consumers And Which Way That They Can!
By -

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA -- After being a member of 24hr fitness for around nine years, I thought that they would consider my business and take care of a good customer due to them closing down the Active Club that I was using. The reason that they closed down my active club was so that they could build a brand new Sports Club right next to it. I made a call to their customer service number and they were not willing to give me any type of a deal on upgrading to the new club. I then went to the gym and talked to their manager, the manager was not willing to give me a deal either. They were basically charging me the same rate as a new customer, with the exception of saving me one dolllar in comparison to a new customer. I could not believe that they would not consider my long term business with them and that they would not give me a discount on upgrading to the new gym. I no option but to cancel my membership.

I was looking at my checking account through online banking and I noticed that 24 hr Fitness had charged me $29.00 for the next month of dues three days before I had cancelled my membership. I called customer service and complained to them, but they said that there was nothing that they could do to get me a refund. When I first enrolled with them, I paid first month dues, and last month dues. I could not believe that they will not give me a refund of the dues that were charged three days prior to me cancelling my membership with them. Unfortunately, I have a membership with them for the next two months in which I will not use. Any other legitimate company would refund a consumer the money that 24 hr refuses to refund to me.

I advise any person who is considering a membership with 24 hr fitness to look around at other clubs. For example Ballys and LaFitness. Both of these other clubs charge a lot less for their memberships and they would be willing to help out a customer that was displaced due to a gym closing down.

It is Way Too Hot!
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I have complained for months that the gym is too hot to work out in. I know that 80% of the people on the treadmills are walking and talking on their cell phones so not technically "working out" and are therefore not bothered by the sweltering humidity and temperature but I am. I have complained and asked for a manager to contact me regarding it but to date have never heard from one. I could complain about the teenagers monopolizing the equipment while on their cell phones, the sweaty old men not using their towels and the "trainers" walking around starring at themselves in the mirror drinking energy drinks but I'll stick to the main issue. Today I actually fainted for a couple of seconds. I try to choose a treadmill underneath one of the a/c vents but today it was especially hot and the minimal amount of air coming from the vent did not help. I prefer to run outside but it was already 80 degrees this morning when I left to work out so that wasn't an option. I have tried asking for a/c to be turned up but the young girl at the desk can't be bothered to be pulled away from the other employees to listen to my concerns. I have left messages and emails and to date, a manager has not contacted me.

Fortunately I was able to stay upright (can you imagine this staff having to tend to you if you passed out and fell to the ground...that is if they even noticed) but I had to finally admit that it is just too hot in there. I called the gym today and asked what the temperature in the gym is and the girl said, "I don't know but it's cool in here". I responded with, "we'll I'm sure you can find out the temperature and I don't mind holding while you do". I could hear the absolute annoyance in her voice. After all, being bothered with me on the phone takes away from her social time. She came back on the line after a lengthy hold and stated that it was around 72-74 degrees.

With this temperature and the lack of air circulation, no wonder I fainted. It is obvious that the air is not turned up to save money. If you look around, the people that are really working out look like they are going to pass out from heat exhaustion. Give it time, they just may.

Don't Let 24 Hour Fitness Rip You Off!
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Don't ever give 24 Hour Fitness your debit card, credit card or any other account information. If you decide to cancel, they will continue to bill you at least a month after doing so. They also can take out a double-payment. You will have a very poor chance of ever getting reimbursed, despite wasting lots of time on their "customer service" line. If you are already a member and wish to cancel, contact your bank or credit card company and tell them to put a stop on payment to 24 Hour Fitness well before canceling. Better yet, "lose" your debit card and call your bank to get a new one. Then 24 Hour Fitness won't have your checking account access and you can safely cancel without being billed for another month. Remember: YOU PAID FOR A "LAST MONTH" WHEN YOU JOINED. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO USE THEM GYM FOR ONE MORE MONTH AFTER CANCELING SINCE YOU ALREADY PAID FOR IT WHEN YOU JOINED. They do not resort to collections agencies nor can they report to credit bureaus if you refuse to pay. They simply can't do it.

This is a very dishonest and anti-consumer/anti-labor company so make sure you pay close attention to your banking statements should you continue to do business with this pyramid scam-type company.

Unhealthy Scams
By -

WEST PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- This article was recently published, in part, in the Antelope Valley Press opinion section.

I recently completed the 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer's course, which was more of a lemon than lemonade. 24 Hour Fitness touts the sale of Apex vitamin supplements. Don't get me wrong, Apex supplements are manufactured by Phoenix labs, and are some of the highest quality supplements. Apex recommends taking three of their high potency multi-vitamins daily due to the exposure of free radicals. Even if you have a compromised immune system, taking three multi-vitamins a day is unhealthy, and only profits the salesperson. Vitamin studies show that a bowl of cereal with milk contains the daily-recommended allowance.

If you purchase personal training, a client goes through a battery of tests to evaluate their physical ability. A major component is called the standing squat test. A client stands with their hands above their head, and then slowly bends their knees into a squat position. The trainer evaluates proper posture. If there are any subtle postural deviations, such as too much weight on the toes or heels or if your knees bend inward, the trainer will recommend eight weeks of personal training at $56 an hour to correct bad posture.

Bad posture can be corrected in one to two training sessions using a foam roller on the inside thigh muscles or buttocks called a myofascial release, which relieves tight muscles. Some 24 Hour Fitness managers have coined their careers on this type of deceptive sales tactic. Don't get me wrong, there are some very good trainers working for 24 Hour Fitness. The bad trainers use postural deviations as a swindle to sell blocks of training sessions for thousands of dollars to unsuspecting clients.

I attended a training session and witnessed a district manager teaching perspective employees the open-ended question sales tactic. He referred to himself as a psychological ninja. He obviously had an inflated sense of his importance. I also witnessed a fitness manager laughing how he just sold $500 worth of supplements, taking the man's last dollar from his checkbook. Metaphorically, a psychological ninja, in this context, is someone who uses deceptive sales tactics, preying on unsuspecting clients like how a crook approaches their mark.

If you walk the walk and talk the talk, people will automatically gravitate to you. They will ask questions like what supplements do you take, and how did you get into such great shape, which alleviates the need for unnecessary scams.

Cancel Subscription And Refusal Of Refund
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Hi, well looks like I'm not the first nor the last having problems with 24 fitness. Well all started last year when I suspended my subscription cause I was going out on vacations for 2 months. Then when I came back I moved and didn't find a good facility to change so I keep my subscription suspended. Well the first problem was that after I suspended my subscription for 6 months, I started being charged on my checking account, and was a coincidence I found the charge. Well they fixed it kind of quickly (the local office). Then I told them that I hadn't found a facility (a good one) close my new place, so we agree to keep my membership suspended for a couple of months more and I told them several times that if I didn't call them back to activate and change my membership to other facility they should cancel it. The guy told me OK, no problem, my surprise was that on March it started again, unfortunately I didn't realize it until June (2 payments), so when I called, they told me that I had to call the central, and well, looks like that's the extension to hell and useless people, cause the lady that tried to help me couldn't do anything, well at least she canceled my membership, but when I asked for a refund, she told me no way when I asked for her supervisor, she put me on hold for 20 minutes and them she said, she was busy and she will call you back, that was almost 3 weeks ago....
Do not go to 24 fitness,

oh, well I forgot to say that after I saw some 24 fitness facilities on san jose (ca) and, well, the santa rosa one where I used to go, was kind of ordered and kind of clean, but in comparison to the ones in san jose, was like a 5 stars hotel, the water on the sj pool was almost yellow/green and there was some brown stuff floating on the Jacuzzi, and so on...

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