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24 Hour Fitness finger scan
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I have been a member of 24 Hour Fitness located at Pecos and Wigwam for a while now, and have had no problem getting in and out. Now, I did not want to participate in the finger scan program because I feel they are invading my privacy. The employees gave me a huge attitude because I did not want to sign in with the finger scan. I asked if there was another way I can sign in? I was rudely advised “Well, you need to start bringing TWO from's of I. D. and will be inconvenienced each time I arrive”!

I couldn't believe I was getting treated this way just because I didn't feel comfortable with the new system. I asked if I could then speak to a manager about this, but was transferred to an accounts manager or something. I then canceled my membership at this time because of the rage created. All this just because I did not want to use the new finger scan. WOW! Well, there is two other gyms in the area, and I will take my business elsewhere.

Portland OR Mall 205 hygiene and equipment problems
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- If you look closely when you visit this location to consider joining: The club is not cleaned well or regularly. There is a lot of mold, puddles of urine in the bathrooms and never any sign of disinfectant or cleanser usage. The machines are never cleaned. The cleaner provided to members is not a disinfectant. A large share of the machines are broken but not even labeled as such. Repairs are performed sparsely and only to get the machine back to minimal performance. Shouldn't be a problem if you are just a free-weight user.

The Jacuzzi if so filthy that it is unlikely it has the statute required filter at all. Asian men are allowed to clean their underwear in the sinks. The sound system is often cranked up even though 95% of the patrons are trying to use their own personal system. It is such a poor system that no words can be discerned by the vocalists. Just a big droning, at time close to painful level.

Untruthful, and stole my money
By -

KENT, WASHINGTON -- I signed up to do the 7 day trial at the Kent, WA. 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport gym. I was told by the membership staff that they needed to have my debit/credit card info for security purposes. They told me I had 36 hours from that date to let them know that I did or did not want to join their club for certain so that I would not be charged.

I called the very next day, as well as the next night to confirm that I wouldn't be charged after I chose not to use their gym. It is 7 months later and I am still being charged for a membership that I did not want. Also, I am being charged $20 more than they offered me when I signed up for my 7 day trial. When I spoke to the manager, she said I signed up for a membership at that time, and that they could not refund my money.

I told her I signed up for the 7 day trial, and that I had called several times the next day to cancel and make sure I wouldn't be charged. I was told there was nothing she could do but cancel my membership and that I would have to go through corporate for a possible refund. She asked if there was anything else she could do for me(like any normal customer service employee), I said no. And she say "Bye", then mumbled "Ass" as she hung up on me.

24 Hour Fitness... Sinking Ship
By -

Do not purchase a 24 Hour Fitness membership. That company is a sinking ship. they just cut their workforce by 25% because they are in deep financial problems. even with their shady EFT practices where you cannot get them to stop tapping your bank account for monthly dues, they cannot get their act together.

You will find out real quick that their facilities and customer service is sub-standard and when you go to terminate your membership you will find that they will continue to tap your bank account for dues for months even years to come. You will finally have to file a lawsuit to get them to stop and even then it will be difficult to recover the money they have already stolen from you since you asked for the cancellation. Worse yet, do not work for this company.

I have heard that their benefits suck and that they recently lost a 22M lawsuit over forcing their field employees to work many hours of overtime while discouraging them from claiming the time on their time cards. this company is shady from beginning to end. just look at the other complaints on the internet. you will notice the common theme related to monthly dues, billing, etc. go patronize LA Fitness or Ballys and you will probably be better off.

Don't Let 24 Hour Fitness Rip You Off!
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Don't ever give 24 Hour Fitness your debit card, credit card or any other account information. If you decide to cancel, they will continue to bill you at least a month after doing so. They also can take out a double-payment. You will have a very poor chance of ever getting reimbursed, despite wasting lots of time on their "customer service" line.

If you are already a member and wish to cancel, contact your bank or credit card company and tell them to put a stop on payment to 24 Hour Fitness well before canceling. Better yet, "lose" your debit card and call your bank to get a new one. Then 24 Hour Fitness won't have your checking account access and you can safely cancel without being billed for another month.

Remember: YOU PAID FOR A "LAST MONTH" WHEN YOU JOINED. You are entitled to use them gym for one more month after canceling since you already paid for it when you joined. They do not resort to collections agencies nor can they report to credit bureaus if you refuse to pay. They simply can't do it. This is a very dishonest and anti-consumer/anti-labor company so make sure you pay close attention to your banking statements should you continue to do business with this pyramid scam-type company.

Lock Cut Off
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Rating: 1/51

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- One of the clerks from the front desk cut off my lock during my workout. Another patron claimed that I put my lock on a locker with his belongings. He did not have a lock. After discussing this with the manager on duty (Devin **), she politely declined to replace my lock. Unsatisfied with this decision, I called the club manager to review this situation. After hearing the complaint, he promised to talk to his staff and return my call. He did not call back.

My various experiences with this franchise indicates they do not value the customers from whom they collect dues and don't really care if they lose members. There are constant plumbing problems which they use gym towels to plug leaks. These are the same towels they issue to customers. Broken equipment stay broken for months. The managers are not trained to conduct themselves with good customer service. Do not spend your money on this franchise.

The Pool Is Always Dirty and Kept Very Cold
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have been going to mall 24 Hour Fitness for over a year. I use the pool more than anything else in the facility. The pool is very dirty, at times one is unable to see the bottom of the pool it is so unkempt. A huge number of clients that use the pool and spa use the side of the facility to blow their nose and spit openly, some of the clients spit inside the pool.

Trying to enjoy the steam room is another adventure as patrons will get water and then spit it into the sensors of the steam room to increase the steam. In the past year Multnomah county has been called a number of times and has forced the club to repair broken tiles (that were beginning to mold) along with replacing the spacers on the flooring that were broken if a person stepped just so one could really hurt an ankle or leg.

Just recently the club has decided it needed to save money so the temperature in the pool has been lowered. I have talked numerous times to the club and corporate management and nothing has been changed. As soon as my membership is up yes I am finding another gym. ** recently profiled most of the problems with this location and nothing has changed.

StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA -- Hi from Member # ** Club # 814 needs 10 pound Iron Grip Weights. Order about quantity 20. Thanks for your diligence in keeping the club 814 supersport in great shape. I work out early most mornings and use almost every thing in the gym at some point in time and it is all well maintained even with the high usage the gym sees.

I noticed that in the free weight area is can be hard to find a 10 pound Iron Grip weight (which is probably the one you need the most when trying to go up in measurable but small increments). If I do a rough count I notice about 20 or so 10 pound weights and over 100 of the 45 pound Iron Grip weights. You can always find the right weight but you need to scrounge around more and it impacts the efficiency of your work out time. My recommendation would be to invest in another 2 dozen or so 10 pound Iron Grip weights next time you are upgrading or ordering. Thanks for listening. Call me if you want more detail. Ask any trainer there or customer and they will confirm.

Cancellation Nightmare
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Rating: 3/51

PARKER, COLORADO -- Call to temporarily stop payments on my daughter's membership. I have been paying for my daughter's membership for several months now but because of her working hours and being a single mom, she has not had time to attend the gym. My younger sister just passed away a few weeks ago and I had to go out of state for her funeral. I am on a fixed income and money became a huge issue this month.

I called the club before the monthly payment was due and asked that my daughter's membership be stopped on a temporary basis (six months). I explained my situation to ** and that I would not have the funds available to cover the membership this month. He assured me that "no further payments would be taken out of your account..."

WRONG - I find out that this month's payment was indeed, taken out, causing me to overdraft. Will the club help? Sure, they will MAIL me a check, maybe in THIRTY DAYS. Mind you they will pay for ONLY THE MEMBERSHIP FEES AND NOT THE OVERDRAFT FEE CAUSED BY THEIR MISTAKE.

This caused an additional issue for me. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, gout/arthritis, and a thyroid issue and I am out of my meds. Now, because of 24 Hour Fitness' mistake, I cannot afford to get my meds. If the fee had not been taken out I would have had just enough money for my prescriptions after insurance. Side Note: Insurance pays for my membership -- I loved this club until now.

Inappropriate Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LARKSPUR, CALIFORNIA -- Today I was in the Larkspur, Ca 24 Hour Fitness Gym speaking with a female fitness counselor about doing a training when I was rudely interrupted by a short manager/personal trainer whom pulled the woman I was talking to away abruptly as if I wasn't there. I consider the act unprofessional, offensive inappropriate and uncalled for. The guy was probably the gal's jealous boyfriend and he was indeed a jerk. The young crew seems to gravitate towards younger people and discriminate against older people. BEWARE-You should go to a club where the management treats its clients with more respect regardless of age.

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