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Automate Withdraw After Account Canceled
Posted by Ghostkhongcu on 02/13/2012
ARNOLD, MISSOURI -- Recently checking my bank statement and I know theses that I have 2 different withdraw from my accounts. My girlfriend is under my account, the only charge with draw should only be her account because I paid a lifetime membership of 40 dollars per years. Sat down n talk to them n they have no clue where that came from. They told me that they give it to the gym manager to investigate n contact me later. The next day they called me back n said they found out that I have another member that was active, and that amount came from it. That member was my girlfriend sister, we sign her up and she only work out there for a few week, then she decided not to go anymore so I ended up cancelling her account. It been over 2 years since I cancel the account n now they told me it was still active. I told them that impossible n doesn't make any sense. Why [snip] would I paid 34.98 a month for a person that doesn't go there. I told them that I came in n talk to one of the enrollment employee to cancel my account. They told me they don't have any record of my cancellation. Then they told me that they can cancel it now n give me a 2 month refund. I said well that y 24hr fitness being sue a lot. I am so piss off. I would [snip] cancel my account if I don't have the lifetime membership. Now am gone to look at my bank statements monthly. If it happening again I'm gonna cussing the [snip] out of them.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-13:
Because cussing them out will fix the problem? Did they give you written confirmation of the account's cancellation? If not, it's their word against yours.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-02-13:
First, NEVER give ANY company direct access to your checking account.

Second, if I read this correctly you have paid over 2 years on a cancelled contract? And did not notice the missing money until now?

It is typical with most companies to only refund 2 or 3 months of billing errors when discovered. Small claims court might extend that time but if you have no written proof of the cancellation that will probably not be successful.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-02-13:
If i were you i would cancel whatever account you have left, change banks and never ever give a fitness center your bank information again! These places like to sucker people into joining, then make it hard to cancel.
Posted by Skye on 2012-02-13:
Great advice chuck.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-02-14:
The other thing to do in these situations is to send a confirming letter to the place, certified, return receipt. "This is to confirm I came in on _____ and spoke with bobby joe, your employee, and told him I was cancelling my contract for sisterlou. I hereby cancel the membership for sisterlou. Do not withdraw any more money from my bank account to pay for this membership, I withdraw any authorization previously given by me to do so.

If you need any additional information or paperwork, please contact me. Otherwise, I will presume the membership is cancelled and no further withdrawals will be made from my account for this membership." cordially, xxx
Posted by Churro on 2012-02-14:
That is really good advice, CowboyFan.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Rajoben on 01/09/2012
CALIFORNIA -- The employees at the Member Service department at 18004326348 have NO customer service skills at all. They do not understand English, very rude, do not listen, do not give time for customers to explain the situation and refused to get their supervisor on the phone as requested by the customer.
My family of six that I pay $189.00 a month for have been members of 24hr fitness for five years now. We just moved here in California within the last three months and been trying to change our address and billing methods since but it seems like NOONE from the member service department could do RIGHT. It is now 2012 and they still have all our OLD info. Today was my fifth call and because of their POOR customer service, my family and I are cancelling our memberships!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-10:
Good move to dump them. They don't want your business so go to someone that does!
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24 Hour Fitness Phoenix 32 Street And Camelback Unsafe
Posted by Faithinaz23 on 01/09/2012
Unsafe fitness club. thefts from lockers and vehicles broken into in parking lot. No security. Management does nothing about it except keep collecting membership dues.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-09:
For the lockers, I would suggest bringing your own lock, since it is highly unlikely that most criminals will be brazen enough to pull out a pair of bolt cutters in a public place. As far as the parking lot? Not too many businesses, spas included, offer any type of recourse for vehicle theft. My only suggestion would be to find a gym/spa in a more secure neighborhood. Best of luck to you!
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Posted by Faithinaz23 on 12/10/2011
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- December 9, 2011, approximately 830 P.M. Another locker room theft. There have been so many that management has posted signs in the locker room. Tonight a member discovered the theft in progress and confronted the burglar who fled on foot. Staff did not help and cops could not locate the guy. Maybe his picture is on the video cameras from the lobby? This location has also had many burglaries from vehicle in the past. Asked the manager for the police report number but he said it is confidential - BS! A police report number is not confidential, they just want to keep it secret so they don't lose more members. Do not go to this club, it is terrible.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-10:
The OP was asking for the police report # of an incident involving another member? I'm sorry, but I don't believe the management needs to share that information with you or any other member, except possibly the one directly involved. If you are still adamant about retrieving the details, you can contact your local police department and/or public records department. They are the ones that may or may not be obligated to furnish that information, not a health club.
Posted by raven2010 on 2011-12-10:
I think the police will provide the report IF the OP was involved in the specific theft that occurred.

If he wants to make a claim on his home owners policy, he will need the police report to do so

He may be able to go online and get it--I can get the basic details including names, address, what happened, what if anything was stolen, as well as the incident number of any police report at my local police website

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-10:
I think Raven and J4A are both on the right track. I don't believe the health club has to provide information to any inquisitors except the police. The health club should offer or turn over any video footage that may help.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-10:
Is this gym near the Biltmore? That's a pretty high end area so I'm not surprised that there's a lot of theft going on. I would look into another gym further away from this area.
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Heigine Issue And Poor Management
Posted by PublicREV on 05/28/2011
PLANTATION, FLORIDA -- Young adult after doing their work out - walk with their cloths and shoes to sauna and steam room, although taking shower is a "must" to get to the sauna area.

Manager became very upset that as long as they are in work out outfit
can walk into the sauna and steam room. Under no health regulation it is acceptable. But not much to do with this club. I just need to look for another club.

Poor quality in service. Showers are broken just a total mess - dusty carpets - should be closed and Renovated and change the leadership.

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Posted by TheRealTruthTeller on 2011-05-29:
Caps is never the ideal to use but your points are well noted
Posted by 24amckinlay on 2011-05-31:
Thank you so much for your feedback. I am very sorry to hear about your experience and would love to assist you further. If you could send me a direct message with your member number I can start from there.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Andrea McKinlay
24 Hour Fitness Corporate
Posted by TheRealTruthTeller on 2011-06-02:
wow help is on the way-there are people who listen to these complaints
Posted by Butwhy on 2011-07-08:
Who is the Club Manager at this club?
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Finger Print Scan
Posted by Hazel65 on 04/27/2011
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I went to 24 Hour Fitness today and have not been in several months, to my surprise I was told the card in no longer necessary, due to the new system. They ask me to enter a 10 digit code like my telephone number and then ask me to have my index finger scanned in there system. I ask why they needed a scan of my finger, I refused to do so and did not give my number. I was told I had to bring two forms of ID with my picture in order to enter the club. This is such an evasion of privacy and can't believe they are allowed to get away with this policy. I hope someone brings a lawsuit against then and I hope to be part of a class action suit. My member ship is up in Oct of 2011 and I will not re-join.
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Posted by raven2010 on 2011-04-27:
Th place I tan has done this for years. it never bothered me, but I do understand it is a huge issue for some people.
Posted by FlitteringFirefly on 2011-04-27:
They do that so you don't have to carry your card. Just a convinience thing for you. There is no secret ploy to obtain your single finger print for nefarious uses.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-27:
Where's the scam?
Posted by momsey on 2011-04-27:
I really don't see what they could possibly do with a scan of one of your fingers, but it's good they have another option for people it bothers.

I also don't see what a class action lawsuit would accomplish.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-27:
It is just another step in becoming a paperless world. Our work changed to using a variation of it as their timeclock. It also prevents anyone else from impersonating you and just saying your member number as they pass by the reception desk at the spa/club.
Posted by localgod on 2011-04-28:
Since when has proper identification of your membership to a corporate entity on private property become an evasion (sic) of privacy?
Posted by mike on 2011-06-24:
Amen! A gross violation of your privacy. I'm dealing w/ the same thing here on Guam.
Posted by 24HourFitness Fingerprint Invasion of Privacy on 2013-08-08:
I completely agree this is an invasion of privacy!!! There has to be some type of limit to the personal information demanded by corporations and governments.

We can sheepishly go along with every request made by supermarkets, gyms, and the like and assume these entities will use our information for good and honor their agreement to keep our info private, however, in reality there will always be some dishonest people in leadership positions.

I know first hand from certain corporate leaders that the promises their companies make about keeping these things private is 100% invalid because they have a dozen loop holes around it. Additionally, the marketing related goals of these systems are NOT in the best interest of the consumer.
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Run away, they will treat you like dirt!
Posted by Ptompki on 03/17/2011
MESA, ARIZONA -- I went into this establishment with the intentions of signing a couple’s membership. The employees seemed as if they were very confused as to what a gym membership even was or what it was that I meant. The first several minutes of our visit consisted of the guy at the front desk "uhh, hmmm and uhgg." I had an open timed appointment with Sean that had been set up through a referral (something the employees claim is important to them). However when I first asked for Sean, the guy at the desk seemed further confused as if he did not know what or who Sean was. He finally decided to go ask someone, after several more minutes of hmmm, uhhh and uhgg. He returned to tell us that he "thought Sean had gone to get food." We asked if it would be okay to work out while we waited on him to return, the guy then attempted to tell us they had a charge associated with that. I informed him that I was not signing a membership to gym that I had not had the chance to check out first; therefore I was not going to pay. He then had us fill out a form and asked for ID's. Further confusion ensued as he attempted to locate my name on my identification. He had a clever excuse "I see ID's from all over the place, all the place man."
We worked out and returned to the front desk about 40 minutes later and the same guy at the front desk looked at us with a dumbfounded look on his face when we asked for Sean again. He responded that "Sean has gone home for the day." We reminded him that we were interested in signing up as the special they were running expired at midnight today. He looked at us for a few moments and started mumbling something and looking around like he had lost something. He walked around the front area a bit before returning to let us know "everyone's busy." We informed him that we did not have a lot of time to continue to wait and asked if we could get something that stated we had come in and there was no-one to help us so that we could return tomorrow and still get the deal. He let us know that it should not be long and that he did not have anything like the form I was asking for. About fifteen minutes later the 'recruiter' came over and greeted us. Before we even made it to his desk, he had us both feeling very uncomfortable due to his attitude. Once at the desk we informed him that we (my boyfriend and I) wished to be on the same membership account. His response was inappropriate and unprofessional; he kept chuckling and repeating "you want to be on the same account, both of you... on the same account?" After assuring him that “yes” we wanted the same account, he then collected our ID's and went about setting up the account. Once he had the information entered he turned the computer to display what he had accomplished. Again the intelligence of this crew shines on, he entered the wrong name on my membership card and when I pointed it out to him he used a familiar excuse; "I see a lot of ID's from all over the place, you will have to go to the front desk sometime and fix it." After that statement I was feeling uneasy, but continued with the transaction anyways. I was given a dollar amount due today and offered two options; pay the entire amount due, or pay it in installments. I opted to make payment in full and produced the cash to cover the bill. Apparently cash is amusing to these people, because the 'recruiter' laughed in my face and scoffed "I need a credit card." There is no way on earth I would entrust an idiot that cannot read a state government issued identification card with having access to my credit or debit card information.
That was the last straw for us, we promptly got up from his desk and walked to the front desk area to ask for the managers contact information, as we walked away he chuckled again and said in a long drawn out voice "oh-kay." Before we could reach the front desk the ‘recruiter’ was already at the desk talking about us to the guy that had helped us when we first arrived, the tone of the conversation was less than appropriate. When we stopped at the desk to ask for the manager’s business card we were informed that the manager was not there and that he locked all his business cards up in his office. So we asked them to write down his name and number on a piece of paper for us and he responded "you can get something to write it on if you have something." So I took out my phone and entered the phone number into my phone, but when I asked for the manager’s name I was told "I do not know what his name is (shoulder shrugs and cocky attitude) I have only worked here since October." I would recommend that you run away from this place as fast as you can, that will give a better and more effective workout then you can ever get inside the club.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-17:
Wow this is a great review! Kudos to not caving in and giving them your CC info! That place seems pretty full of idiots, and they seem to be up to something. this is why I would never waste my money signing up for these memberships.
Posted by Alain on 2011-03-17:
I'm with Prince. Great job on spotting obvious future trouble with this crew of numb-skulls.
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Swimming Pool Too Cold
Posted by Member2011 on 03/16/2011
If you want to join to swim or to use the swimming pool, beware that although they claim to keep the water at 85 degrees, they don't. Water at a lower temperature than 85 degrees is way too cold. Stop by to check it out a couple of times before you join. You will see that the pool gets almost no use. The women that participate in the water classes are obese like 200 hundred pounds. You need that much insulation not to freeze in water that is 85 degrees or lower. Continual use of the pool at less than 85 degrees and even at 85 degrees during the winter months will wear on your health sooner or later. You will start out catching colds even in the summer. During the summer months, when they drop the temperature down to less than 85 degrees, you will get pain in places you didn't know could hurt. If you have arthritis or other injuries, the cold water will cause spasms and pain. Don't get enticed into joining for the swimming pool. Again, I suggest you stop by to check it out on more than one occasion so you can see for yourself that very few people get in it and to hear people complain about how cold it is. Talk to the other members who hang out at the hot tub. Ask them why they don't get into the swimming pool? Swimming is a super enjoyable activity for most people, but the pool gets so little use due to the fact that the water is too cold.

During a hot summer day at 100 degrees, an outdoor swimming pool at 80 degrees is perfect. If the central heating was set at 100 degrees in the indoor pool building, 85 degrees water temperature would be perfect also. Unfortunately, they don't keep their central heating air at 100 degrees.

Good luck and don't risk your health by getting into an indoor pool with cold water. Your immune system will rebel and so will your arthritis and muscles.

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Bad Policy & Poor Customer Service
Posted by Green1123 on 02/21/2011
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I had been a member of this club for about 8 years. I came in today to request a refund of my pre-paid Kid's Club childcare. The unused portion remained as my kids had outgrown it, and amounted to about $35. The manager said they don't issue refunds, period. Nevermind they didn't provide the services I paid for. They're keeping my money. That's their company policy.

In November 2010, I requested and received a 3 month hold on my membership when I knew I would not be using it. The corporate customer service told me it would automatically reactivate in 90 days. On this same visit to ask about the childcare fees, they told me my membership is now permanently canceled at the 90 day mark when they tried to reach me using an old phone number and didn't have a current credit card number to bill. If I want to re-join the gym, the monthly fees are now 75% more than my original membership rate. The manager would not make an exception. The kicker from the manager, "Can I help you with anything else?"

This is a club that was never very good. The bathroom is moldy, shower tiles and towel hooks missing, no paper towels provided. The TV's in the gym are locked to channel changing, the background music doesn't suit the age group of the members, the air conditioning and fans only sometimes work, the personal trainers and those in charge of guest membership push their services by shaming you. The main front desk girl is condescending and uncaring. And any complaints to the local or corporate office about any of this have no effect. If you're looking for a good gym, understand that the policies of 24 Hour Fitness take precedence over pleasing their customers.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-22:
Doesn't sound like a place I'd like to use.
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Unsanitary Sauna / Steam Room Conditions
Posted by BethG on 02/05/2011
BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- What's the deal with people going fully clothed into the steam room and sauna at 24-Hour Fitness in Boynton? I was absolutely horrified to go in there today (a slow Saturday) to be joined by not one, but five people in the short space of 20 minutes! They all has their clothes and sneakers on. Absolutely gross! One guy even went into the steam room dressed like that! In any other club, they would have been thrown out.

I confronted ALL of the people who went in (very diplomatically, by the way). Two left of their own accord when I brought it up. The other three basically thought it was funny. One even claimed to be a former employee who said, "it's been allowed at this gym for the past two years". She then snarkily suggested I go to the YMCA. Rather than getting into it with this ignorant *itch, I headed straight for the front desk. Yes, I was told that this indeed was the policy (even though the rules stated otherwise) and it was the discretion of management at this facility. Unbelievable! I was shocked because at another 24-Hour Fitness location I've visited, it would NOT be permitted whatsoever.

HOW ON EARTH ANYONE THINKS THIS ACCEPTABLE IS BEYOND ME!!! How do you think bacteria, MRSA and germs are spread? Not to mention all the garbage someone drags in on the bottom of their feet from outside! Bet none of the geniuses there knows that your sneakers have more fungi than a freakin' toilet bowl! Oh, yes, apparently at this gym they're immune to the b. o. smell from their sweaty gym clothes, too!

This is not the first time I've encountered this at this location. I've always complained, but the manager never seems to be around. However, according to their employees, "it's okay to go in with clothes at this location". I'd hate to see what it's like on a busy night after work, rather than a slow Saturday afternoon!

All of this is totally unacceptable, especially when rules are posted stating to the contrary just outside the sauna and steam room. These rules are for hygienic reasons, and it's inexcusable that 24-Hour Fitness would tolerate this blatant disregard for other people's health.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-05:
There are similar issues at our gym where a few guys like to come in fully clothed just to get warm and limber up before hitting the racquetball courts.
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