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Slow Movers/ Lazy, Costly
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FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- I have always used a mover, It used to be All Seasons, and it took them a total of four hrs to move me. This time I hired this company,they quoted me $35.00 per Hour on the phone, I had a two bedroom two bath house to move from. They brought a very Large truck, but first off they were 35 minutes late.

They filled this large truck only bottom level, it took them over 4 hrs to load, most of the work, my daughter and I accomplished. They set in one bedroom for over 30 minutes taking ,laughing , telling jokes while they took apart an iron day bed which has never been apart,not supposed to come apart, and has always been moved as it was, they broke and bent up the bed by the way. They didn't even get all my things in this truck, said we'd have to make a second load, Not, I wouldn't allow it. They already had been the slowest 4 man crew I had ever seen. When we got to the second house, they refused to unload the truck until they were paid over $400.00 and that was when they told me it Had to be Cash, so my daughter had to go to the ATM and get more cash for me. They sat and waited. Because they then told me the charges were per How Long it took to load it, since it took them over 4 hrs to load I was being charged for double that. Loverly , what was I going to do, they had half my household furniture in that huge half full truck.

I had to get people to help me finish my move, I had already moved a lot of it my self the night before, but with three of us, two women one man, it took us two hrs to finish the other half of things from my house. I complained to this company , they were really lousy about it. They had scratched my new black frig. broke my daughters iron day bed and charged me outrageously. I filed with the Attorney General, but two weeks after the move I was deployed with the Air Force for Saudi Arabia for many months so really couldn't do a lot about this.

This company is in Friendswood Texas, Please heed my warning about this company. They were really bad. Maybe cause it was just me and my daughter there and since we were women they figured they could get away with it. The U.S military is still looking into this company for us. Please Beware, they are not good movers, they are slow and destructive .

I almost had to pay the buyer of my house a fee for taking so long to move after closing because these people were so slow,and caused us to go back and finish moving our things.
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stubby226 on 01/31/2002:
We used this company once, they were really bad, one of the members of the friendswood chamber of commerce said she would pass the word at meetings not to go near this company, they say the BB has had numerous complaints against them, and they refuse to answer them, they just get more complaints
mamaler0y on 08/16/2010:
If you use them make sure you have replacement value insurance on all of your items.

I used them, and they said that they would charge $69 an hour for load and travel and then when they got to the site they would double the price and that was the fee of service. So it took 2 hours and 10 minutes so they charged us 3 hours doubled. I bet they just sat at a gas station for 10 minutes so that they could charge that extra time.

Their truck has a hole in over half the top of it and when my mom asked "what if it rains?" they said "we have insurance" (they probably have the bare minimum which covers .30/lb) It did rain the day they moved me but luckily I didn't notice water on my belongings.

They also moved my baby grand piano from my mom's house to my house and they left the keys cover and one of the legs at my mom's (well, at first they were not even sure it was even at my mom's house until I got a hold of her 12 hours later after freaking out) and they didn't realize it until they went to reassemble it. The movers said that would move it for free when I relocated the pieces. Which I think is crap because my mom lives in Friendswood and they are located in Friendswood but I live 100 miles round trip away from there but I've got to pick up the pieces myself when it's right by them first of all and second of all its their mistake. When I called them to ask if they could put it back together they said it would be $119 and I said no your guys said it would be free, and it's your mistake and the dispatcher said "well, they might have said it was free but it was not authorized" he tried to blame it on my mother for not letting them know that they left parts of the piano that they had disassembled. Then he said that assembling pianos is not part of their services. I then asked him why it is that if I can't move a piano, and I hired 3 men to do it for me, what makes him think that I can assemble it? When he realized I wasn't a retarded he said they would reassemble it when I got the pieces from Friendswood. It's taken 10 days since service to get the pieces out here and I'm about to call them...we'll see what they say, I may have more nasty things to say about them in a few minutes
DanDank on 09/25/2012:
I used this moving company last year, and had the same issues. They were late, they banged up my new furniture that I told them when they got there to be careful with. They said cash only, I had to go to the ATM, they over charged me.
I called several times and every time they said you have to 70 days cause are behind with their claims. I got no where with them, they had no intention of righting their wrong. They just keep changing the of the company, cause of all the complaints. the new name for this coming is
A1LowCostMovers Robert Lawler is the Owner as well as a Maria.
Grandprix on 10/08/2012:
I paid them as well to do a move for me immediately after my husband passed...and they never showed up..yet Robert kept the deposit....he still has not returned it, he is a crook and is being investigating and hopefully sooner than later he and his wife, if she really exist, will be behinds bars for the crimes they have committed...and will continue to committ unless they are brought to justice
Robert Lawler on 10/10/2012:
It has been brought to my attention grandprix did not get her deposit back. The deposit was mailed a long time ago however it was never received. We have since made contact with the individual and the deposit will be resent via certified mail.This was an honest mistake. As far as the comment from Dan Dank. I am not quite sure who you are so please email the company at claimdepartment1999@gmail.com. The summer is when we do 75% of the business so therefore its when we get like 75% of the claims so we do apologize for the delay. Please contact us and we will expedite this process for you. Due to the time that has lasped, I am not familiar with the other claims however I urge you to contact the company for a possible resolution.
please forgive on 10/10/2012:
there indeed were many complaints from previous ownership however this company will be run correctly. ANY COMPLAINT WILL BE HANDLED WITH THE INTENT TO TURN A NEGATIVE INTO A POSITIVE.
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