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AC Repair Became Nightmare
By -

IRVING, TEXAS -- Got my AC fitted at A and M Auto Sales Irving Texas. The owner was very polite at the first visit. He fixed my AC system and the O2 sensor and explained me everything that he has fixed etc. I was feeling very happy that I got my car well on time and was very satisfied. Little did I know about the things to come.

After 1 week the AC started making unusual noise. I was not sure if it is the AC or something else until I got it checked at a nearby auto repair shop. The mechanic said that whoever had fixed your AC he should do it for free as there was 90 days labor warranty and 1 year parts warranty.

Now when I called to this mechanic to get my AC noise problem fixed, he revealed his true behavior- which was to say the least RUDE. He was so rude as if I have done something wrong to the AC. After few mins he said bring the car to his shop and he will have a look at it. He took 1 hr and did some temporary fix by tightening the belt. I thought that it will be fine now.

Now after 2 months the AC again started making same noise and I called him again. At first he started saying that it's more than 3 months now and he would not work on it anymore. Than when I mentioned the date on which he had done the repair he agreed to have a look at it. His shop worker, assistant at the shop, told me that the compressor is faulty and needs replacement so he asked me to drop the car.

After 3 days I went to drop my car, that was on Friday. He said you can collect your car on Saturday. On Saturday when I called he said I cannot do it today, either you can come to collect your car today and leave it on Monday or leave it with me till Monday and I will fix it by then.

It is painful to ask someone to give me a ride to the shop to collect the car and again go back to drop the car, so I decided I will spend my weekend somehow and collect my car on Monday. When I called him on Monday he started fighting with me saying that in the price that he had charged me, I will get a low quality AC only and he cannot give any guaranty. If I want a better working AC I will have to pay more. Now he never said all these things at the first time when I had called him to get the estimate on the AC when I was looking for AC repair.

Now he is telling me that he had mentioned this at the first time itself. Whereas I do have the original receipt where he has clearly written 1 year warranty on parts. Now today is Tuesday and 'til now I have not received my car. I called him few minutes back and he has asked me to call at 7 PM to check the status. 'Til now he has not done anything on the car. I praying to God and hoping to get my car today. It's been not less than hell living 5 days without my car. I am very frustrated with this auto repair shop. Please never ever go to this A and M Auto Sales Irving, Texas.

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