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A & B Locksmith
3 Mitchell Road
Gilford, NH 03249
603-527-0192 (ph)
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A & B Locksmith of 5858 Pelham, Taylor, Michigan, worker or owner threatens bodily harm and robbery in their own store.
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TAYLOR, MICHIGAN -- A & B Locksmith of Taylor, Michigan, Detroit Metro Area located on 5858 Pelham Rd., Taylor, Michigan, 48180, near Van Born Rd.

Bait and switch then threatens bodily harm, assault & battery.

A worker quoted a price for key duplication over the phone.

When I went to the store to get service/product, the price was up 60% after keys are made.

The worker baited me to come in.

I mentioned I was quoted less over the phone, no big deal, I thought, it's only a few bucks more, but then I was in for a bunch of grief for even opening my mouth.

Worker or owner tells me to leave the store without my change and wants to keep my money, attempted strong arm robbery of an amount of less than one dollar in his own store.

That's when I should have called the Police, but as I started to leave, the
worker or owner threatens great bodily harm.

I said I'll never be back to do business there again.

I suggest no one ever do business there because of what appears to be a deranged psychopathic worker or owner that may attack you physically.

Nice on the phone and a nightmare when you come in.

I can't give details here, I don't want a psychopathic person stalking me and it's against the rules here.

I wouldn't trust them to install a safe in my house, or ever let them know where you live or give any other personal information, because they operate like thugs / crooks and may clean you out when your not home. You'll never know.

I will tell all my friends, neighbors, relatives and my entire religious congregation now numbering 25 million to never patronize this establishment.

I will never do business with A & B Locksmith of the City of Taylor, Michigan again.

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