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Poor Customer Service
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NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT -- Having been a consumer advocate for many years, I find this company just doesn'€™t get it. They missed the boat on customer service. They forgot one special element of the car buying experience. To eliminate STRESS to the consumer. What they are good at however is to add to your stress. Although they will tell you with complete confidence that they will call you right back, don't hold your breath, you will turn blue waiting for the call that never comes. When you do call them, you will be put on hold for an eternity.

I called about a car advertised on their website and was invited to come and test drive it. When I showed up, the car did not start. Come to find out, it was awaiting parts and could not be driven. The salesman didn't have a clue but should have known this before wasting my time to drive the thirty mins. out of my way.

Their contract is completely bias to say the least with no regard for you, the consumer. Example; They will tell you they need a deposit to process your offer. Item #2 of the contract says there is no refund of the deposit. I asked the salesman what was the purpose of such a deposit. His answer "It shows good faith and we will take the car off the market." Fine, except for one small detail. Item #8 on the back of the contract reads; "€œDuring this period the vehicle is still available for sale and may be sold and delivered to another party". When I pointed this out to my eager salesman, he awkwardly said "let me get a manager to explain". Of course the manager was unavailable.

The only "Good Faith" here is to benefit them, not you. This is a little known scam used by un-reputable dealers called "Triple Money". It works by taking multiple deposits from consumers on a specific vehicle, then selling it to the highest bidder. They can make several hundred additional dollars off just one vehicle using this scam. Any reputable dealer in most cases will not ask for a deposit, and if they do, it's always refundable if the deal falls through due to lack of financing.

Do not be duped out of your hard earned money from this dealer. If you are "brave" enough to deal with them at all, make your best offer, walk away then call them on your deadline and demand an answer one way or the other. If they do not give you an answer, move on to another dealer. Do not let them put you on the hook. And remember... Never give them a deposit! It is not required to process a loan and it is a loss-lose for you. Good luck hunting!

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