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Untrained people writing trashable resumes at your expense
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UPLAUND, CALIFORNIA -- I give this 2 stars and that is generous. If all you want is a simple resume rewrite, or a nicely written cover letter it will be fine. But anything beyond that, or something taking real intuition or insight, to write a good clear professional level resume don't go to A plus for that. The skill and career understanding of the staff is simply not there. Like many resume services they will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. But I was surprised how poor a resume I got back.

Everyone agreed my resume needed to be redone after seeing A pluses end product Once they were paid they worked at their own pace. Despite their promises of turn around time, once they have payment they had no reason or motivation to finish the job. So they finished my resume when they felt like it. Isn't your career worth a little more than just trying to save a few bucks? Go to a professional service. There is a good reason why A plus won't guarantee their work, it would mean they would have to give back most of resume money!

Update to this story, its been about 6 weeks since I had a resume written by this service. After trying repeatedly to the writer to see the problem all I got was an offer to retype the resume. A plus resume specialist do not care at all if their resumes ever get anyone a job. Why should they, the always get their money first!
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