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Transmission Repair Botch Up
By -

BALDWIN, NEW YORK -- I took my truck to A1 Transmission to repair a leak that was coming from my transmission. Yes, I had a rebuilt transmission put in by another company that is no longer is business. But it should not have cost $1,800.00 to repair a leak. It should have cost half that amount. After the work was done, I picked my car up and proceeded to my job. I made a stop at a store before going to work and called ** who owns A1 and told him I could not get the key out of the ignition. (When I took my car to him there was nothing wrong with my key or the ignition.) He proceeded to tell me that he had a problem with the key before I had picked my car up.

Instead of telling me this at the time of picking up my car. He let me drive off with my car. (He tried to tell me that sometimes lent car cause the key to get stuck in the ignition.) When I finally get to work, I parked my car and I still could not get the ket out of the ignition I called him back and told him. He wanted me to bring the car back. At that point I didn't want them to touch my car again. While my car was in his shop someone had bent the key in the ignition. Whoever was working on my car bent the key in the ignition and didn't want to admit to it. This caused me to have the ignition replaced and put out more money besides the $1,800.00 I just paid him.

I eventually took ** to court and because I was tired of people taking advantage of me. When I was filing my Complaint with the court clerk, as soon as she saw who I was filing the Complaint against she said, "not them again, my brother had problems with them too". Well apparently A1 is well known in the court system so that should tell you something. I did get some of my money back, but I will never tell anyone to take their car to A1 for anything. ** is a fast talker and will talk you into anything.

I would also like to add when I called him before they had proceeded to do work on my car I told him I wanted to come and get my car because I had second thoughts about him doing the work on my car, he told me they had already started but when I got there to take something out of the car, the car was in the air and nothing had been taken off of the car yet. I should have known then that he was a liar and fast talker. Trust me do not take your car there for anything.

Transmission Night Mare in Long Island
By -

BALDWIN, NEW YORK -- I had work done at All Transmission Sunrise Hwy two years ago on my Izuzu Trooper and even though they installed a rebuilt transmission there were some problems that occurred over time. I finally noticed a large leak on my transmission and decided to take it to A1 Transmission about 200 yard down the street. The owner ** made his company sound so go and the company down the street sound bad. He put my car up and showed me where the leak is and there I left it. He called me later stating that to fix the leak it would cost 1795.00. He named all the parts that would fix it.

When my wife came to pick the car up a few days later, she complained to me that she could not get the key out of the ignition. I came to take a look at it and called ** who tried to make it seem like it was our fault that the key would not come out of the ignition when in fact the Isuzu dealer said that he did not adjust something on the transmission correctly causing the key to get stuck but not only did it get stuck but ** bent the Key in the ignition and damaged the inside. I immediately replaced the ignition myself and then drove the vehicle. I noticed that now the transmission was slipping and leaking just as bad as when I took it in.

I took it to the Isuzu dealer who kept it for 24 hours and found that ** shop damaged the transmission mount, did not replace the parts they stated causing transmission fluid to leak into my transfer case and mix with the fluid there and the rear main seal is leaking badly. I took it back to ** who only wanted to fix the leak but was upset with me for being upset with him. Long story short, I will let you know how the case goes in court because that is where we are going very soon. What he did nor realize was that my wife works for a lawfirm and so do I.

Just to add... the post below from A1 Transmissions is a bunch of bull. You are supposed to be a professional, we brought the car to you to fix, your job was to fix it and you made matters worst and damaged the ignition. I hope you lose customers. You thief. Oh and by the way, it settled out out of court for 500. So there must have been some wrong doing there. Hmmm.

Company Response 12/12/2008:

In responds to Mr. Ashahiyds negative accusations:
1 - Mr. Ashahiyds vehicle was repaired by ALL TRANSMISSIONS. The company went out of business in October 2005 do to poor workmanship.
2 - Mr. Ashahiyd brought his vehicle to A-1 Transmissions with two (2) complaints as stated below; the vehicle was left for an estimate of repair cost.
a) Transmission leaking
b) Transmission slipping
3 - The repair estimate was as follows:
The transmission needed to be rebuilt, the transmission mount needed to be replaced, the 4 x 4 transfer case needed to be resealed do to leakage and, the neutral safety switch (releases the ignition key when engine is shut off) needed to be replaced. Estimated repaired cost including a 2 yr/24k mile guarantee: $3,265.00 + tax. Mr. & Mrs. Ashahiyd choose to address the transmission leak ONLY, at the cost of $1,795. A-1 Transmissions guaranteed the repair work for 90 days/4000 miles with a mandatory 2 week check-up; as stated on the repair invoice of which the customer signed. Both, A-1 and the customer have a copy of the repair invoice.
4 - Mr. & Mrs. Ashahiyd returned 6 weeks later demanding a 100% refund. Mr. "G" asked to road test the vehicle and check the leak while the they waited. The customer flatly refused and subsequently stated they would see us in small claims court.
5 - Mr. & Mrs. Ashahiyd did sue A-1. Mrs. Ashahiyd, the so stated "Certified Paralegal" was unprepared and possessed no evidence to support their claims of misconduct; the judge postponed to a later date. On court date #2, the plaintiffs failed to appear.
A-1 Baldwin Transmissions was established in 1968. Our customers over the last 40 years include, Nassau County Department of Public Works, Nassau County Police Department, Nassau County Fire Department, Baldwin School District and thousands of satisfied customers. We should not be judged by a dispute with complete lack of merit and the above complaint should be removed from this website.
Mr. "G"

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