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Stranded and Not Caring
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OREGON -- On July 18, 2013 I was driving my Ford Cargo van and a small trailer on vacation. Gold prospecting in southern Oregon, I came to a big hill just passed Canyonville on I 5 about 30 miles from Grants Pass. All of sudden I noticed smoke out the back and the truck slowing down, I almost made it to the top. The engine sounded fine but no tranny. I called AAA. I had AAA plus. It was about 3:30 pm they said they would have someone there to tow me soon. The tow truck got there around 5:00 pm. The driver was nice and got me hooked up and towed me to his boss' shop so he could remove my drive line.

We got there after 6:00pm. The mechanic was having trouble removing the drive line. He said he could not do it. The owner shows up at 7:00pm says he is not going to tow me because triple A doesn't pay him enough to tow me to Eugene. He says AAA does not cover box vans or small trailers. He parked my truck across the street on the Hwy shoulder, unhooks me and leaves me. No Water, no nothing. He was a total jerk.

I just paid my AAA plus $171.00 the week earlier to be covered for this. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet with several health issues. I had my 4 English bull dogs with me and a Cockatoo. One English bulldog was overheating so bad he was foaming at the mouth and noise badly I didn't think he was going to make it. The owner watched me from across the street smiling and joking and pointing while I was trying to save my dog.

I was on the phone with AAA from 6:30pm to 1:00am trying to get them to tow me. They told me on page 14 part way down there was a small paragraph that said they will not tow box van or utility trailers unless there is a motorcycle in it. I said what booklet? The one we sent you when you first sign up. I said "are you kidding? 15 years ago? You have taken my $171.00 for 15 years and now you're going to let me down when I need you?"

Anyway, 6:30pm to 1:00am to get them to OK the tow on the side of a highway w/ 4 dogs. They called back and said the tow truck will not tow me with the drive line hooked up and I needed to change the right rear trailer tire? (there was 70% tread on it...). I said I would do it in the dark if it meant me getting out of there. I did it in about 45 min. both. With the tools I had with me.

Bill's towing should not be a AAA tow service. Very rude, non caring. Their driver could not apologize enough for the rude behavior of their owner. If you're a AAA member, you should e-mail them first, describe what you'll be doing have them e-mail you back so you have it in writing. They don't cover a lot of dirt roads either (by the way). AAA should give a booklet each time you pay your yearly fee. That's not too unreasonable is it??

AAA Is a Joke
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DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- 2-9-13 Same problem as many other posters. My husband was driving my truck home from work when it suddenly broke down and he had to pull to the side of the road. He called me because my name is on the card. I called AAA and they told me I had to be within 15-20 minutes of the vehicle for them to send help. So I throw on some clothes and drive approximately 50 miles to where my husband is stranded.

I called AAA back about ten minutes before I got there. There was no record of my first call. So I am driving and trying to give the agent my info at the same time. Even she cautioned that I take care not to cause an accident. So she tells me she was making me a priority call because I was on the freeway and the tow truck would arrive within an hour. I called back 30 minutes later and she told me the estimated time of arrival had not changed (meaning she lied in the first place).

There is a difference between saying the truck will be there within the hour and in an hour. So I wait the whole hour. No truck and no call (she took my callback number at the outset). When I call them back to ask where is my truck she tells me the ETA has been pushed back another hour. By now my husband has been on the side of the road (it's winter and about 25 degrees) nearly three hours and I've been out there about an hour and a half with big semis whizzing inches past my door. Very scary. She told me the tow company gave some excuse about their long-distance driver not being able to go until 12.

While I am talking to her, I look across the freeway and see one of the companies trucks empty and headed in the other direction. I kid you not. She said she did not know anything about their scheduling or who was ahead of me. So I ask her why didn't they say that up front. When I called back after the first half an hour the agent I talked to told me the truck was en route and expected to arrive on time. So how do we go from that to another 1:20 minute wait? She had no answer so I asked to speak to her manager. She put me on hold about 10 minutes - probably hoping I would hang up. Manager comes on line finally with the same excuses and I went ballistic.

Not only have I been a AAA member 30 years, I pay on time and only file one claim that I recall in 30 years. And this is the best service I can expect - to be left on the side of the freeway in freezing weather for four hours while watching empty tow trucks drive past me. To add insult to injury, she said if she called the police to come and assist me, they might call their own tow company and I would have to pay to get it out of the tow yard. Unbelievable. So then she offers to call another tow company but said it might be a longer wait. I told her I did not care who she called as long as somebody came pronto to help.

The new tow driver also could not get there for 45 minutes but at least he arrived on time and we finally got off the side of the freeway after 4 hours. And don't believe the other post about the insurance being with the car and not the driver in Michigan. I live in Michigan I also was under the impression that my vehicles are covered wherever they need help, whether I am in them or not. I have paid up insurance. If I can provide the card number and give my consent over the phone they ought to be able to do better than say I have to be in the car or else. What the heck am I paying for.

I am seriously looking around for a new carrier. After 30 years! The manager did say she would be filing a complaint on my behalf but what good would that do me if something had happened to us out there on the freeway because they are too negligent to send a tow truck in a timely manner. I could go on about other lapses in service but I think everyone gets the message that AAA will take your money but don't really care if you get good service or not.

AAA/Member Select of Chicago are frauds and will cheat you and you will have to sue them
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I know you get tons of emails and sorts daily, but we have a story and need to get it out. On December 23, 2008 we lost our home to a house fire. It was determined to be electrical after the insurance company did their investigation. Since then the insurance company known as AAA or Member Select since they go by 2 separate names have been horrible to deal with. They put us up in a hotel for 3 months then finally got us into a rental property which they had been paying until now. Since the fire they have been trying everything not to pay us and so finally we hired an attorney.

When we original bought our insurance in April 2008 and only got $172,741 coverage for the house and $129,556 for contents. A month later AAA/Member Select sent us a letter stating that we were in violation of the policy that we had to insure the home for the replacement cost which was $408,000 and $306,000 for contents. We tried to get out of it, but were not able to and had to insure it for the $408,000. Now they are trying to pay less to rebuild even though they made us insure it for that amount by taking out the original oak hardwood floors that we had, oak crown molding, oak doors etc.

In addition our policy ended March 21, 2009 and when they renewed our policy they upped our coverage even more and our premium has doubled, yet they don't want to pay the original amount they made us insure it for. All they have paid out to date is $15,000 on contents and $20,000 on dwelling. $15,000 is not much for 4 people (2 adults and 2 kids) when you have lost everything in a fire. The insurance company hired an independent adjuster to value our home and give a rebuild amount.

The adjuster went back and forth with the insurance company and finally submitted a quote and at the bottom of each page of his quote he state "This is not an accurate quote to rebuild the ** home. This is what the insurance company told me to do and I am don't working for them". So they have not settled on anything.

Then the insurance company AAA or Member Select since they go by 2 names wanted to talk to friends and family so we gave them contact information. Then that wasn't good enough they wanted bank statement and credit card statements and as many receipts as we could get for items we had. We provided them with all that. But as you know most stores don't keep receipts for any amount of time, but we got what we could.

Now as of July 31, 2009 we have no home to live in. They have denied our whole claim and we are having to sue them in court. They have stated they are not going to pay anything out and not cover our living expenses. The only 2 reasons they gave us were 1. When they dug up our property to find the cause of the fire they only dug up one corner of it and only found 2 TV's and they said under oath we stated we had 6 which was true. They said we mislead them and it breaks their contract. Not only did we have 6 TV's but our family and friends verified that when they talked to them.

The 2nd reason why was that they said our bank statements only showed that we brought in $130,000 and our expenses that we spent were over $160,000 and we didn't have enough income for that. They did not take into account our credit cards or loans we had out or any cash we got. We are self employed and we get a lot of clients that pay cash and like we told them all that does not get deposited and any self employed individual will tell you that.

But the bottom line is they denied our claim and now until we settle in court we are homeless. We have 2 children whom are staying with my mother in Missouri because we don't know where we will live. The State Insurance Commissioner told us they are the 4th worst insurance company in the USA and we are learning that the hard way. We honestly don't know what we are going to do and we don't want anyone else to have to go through what we are doing. We are paying AAA or Member Select since they go 2 name $3000.00 a year to insure our property and there is nothing on it. We don't believe they are treating us fair. They have prolonged this every step of the way, now they are just coming up with more and more stuff.

Also we tried to get the local media involved and even provided proof to them but one news station did not even read our documents he just called AAA/Member Select and they told him they offered us $20,000.00 less than what we were insured for and we declined it so that is why they denied our claim. We told them that was a bunch of crap and we have the paperwork stating why they denied us and they told us it was too much to read.

We also contacted our attorney who was shocked they would even lie to the media just to save their butt. We are in need of getting this story out and need all the help we can get. I hope you take the time to read this is look into this. If there is anything you can do we can give our attorneys number and provide documentation for all this. We don't think our attorney is doing all he can be doing. So we are open for advice.

Most Unprofessional Insurance Company
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On the evening of March 28, 2011, I was heading home and was sideswiped by a woman who was holding a large pink phone in her left hand and was so engulfed in her telephone conversation that she neither signaled nor paid attention to my truck or the horn of it and changed lanes into it. After she hit my truck she made two other phone calls and never even acknowledged that she had hit my vehicle, asked if I was okay or even got out of her SUV. My SUV has scrub marks along the passenger side, the mirror is damaged and there is a crack in the windshield that has been getting wider as time goes along.

AAA-Texas is her insurance company. The very first time I spoke to the adjuster, she was exceedingly unprofessional and even hung up the telephone in my face. Knowing that to be a sign of impending trouble, I contacted a “supervisor” in Diamond Bar, California who told me that another adjuster would be handling the claim. There was a field adjuster sent out two times to look at the damage done my truck.

Upon his second trip I found out that the original adjuster who hung up in my face was still handling the claim. I took my truck to the body shop who has handled problems like this for over 10 years for me. That body shop produced a repair estimate of $1520.39. After weeks went by, I called to find out what was the delay. As it turned out, the adjuster had sent a draft for $1001.19 to an old post office box that I had not had in years. They made it out to the company that I owned when I first purchased the SUV but had been defunct for years now.

Nobody at AAA-Texas had bothered to call and tell me anything. I was not provided an itemization of the damages that the adjuster had come up with. After months of trying to talk to these people and even drafting a letter to the Texas Department of Insurance, I finally received a copy of their damage itemization. They had shaved off hours of body work and left the windshield damage off altogether! One guy who is supposedly a claims manager is telling the Department of Insurance that the windshield is pre-existing damage but there is no mention of it in the field adjuster's report.

The fact of the matter is that I had a prior accident some months earlier with a woman who ran a stop sign. She had insurance but no driver's license. Because of that, the insurance would not pay. I had the vehicle fixed at my expense and repainted. It had no body damage of any kind prior to being hit by AAA-Texas' insured. When I tried to contact the claims manager to get an email address for a person in claims administration, he too hung up the phone in my face. I promptly relayed that information to the Department of Insurance. He denies having done it.

Even though the accident happened in late March, here we are in September and I haven't gotten the problem alleviated and I am still getting nothing but lies and deceitful practices and information from AAA -Texas. It seems that AAA - Texas is just another insurance company who is very interested in collecting premiums but does everything that it can to avoid paying for the damages and liabilities that they responsible for. Their commercials should be banned from TV because the service that they provide is the absolute worst! My advice to any person looking to insure a car is to choose another company!

Beware Of AAA Illinois!
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On 6/22/11 I purchased two Visa Travel Debit cards (LOW WITHDRAWAL FEES AND NO INTEREST) from an Illinois AAA branch. During the time of purchase I specifically mentioned that I was traveling to Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, and Finland. I also specifically told a female employee from whom I purchased travel insurance that I was traveling to Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, and Finland. During the time of purchase no mention was made that the travel debit card does not work in Montenegro.

After the purchase I was given the debit card contract and a little card “slot” that has important phone numbers related to the debit card. After review neither one of these makes any mention of the card not working in Montenegro. Considering this, I had no idea that the card would not be functional in Montenegro. One would imagine that a business selling a product would be informed about the details of the product they are selling and this information then conveyed to the individual purchasing the product.

Upon entering Montenegro on 6/25/11 (having no idea that the card would not work) I attempted to use the debit card. Following several attempts it became apparent that the card would not work. As any reasonable traveler I brought with a spare Visa credit card. I had no intent of using this card however considering the circumstances I had no choice. Of course with using a credit card an interest rate is applied to all withdrawals. Despite the much larger withdrawal fee and the interest I had absolutely no choice but to use this credit card during my stay in Montenegro.

After one week in Montenegro the charges that were applied to my “back-up” Visa credit card amounted to $431.56. I spoke with a AAA employee (from the branch where I purchased the card) on 6/27/11. I explained to the employee that upon purchase of the cards I clearly stated where I was traveling. He was unable to provide me with an answer on why I was not told that the card would not work in Montenegro. This individual did however reassure me that “he wants me to be happy” and that “I should enjoy my vacation”. Following my conversation I had the impression that the AAA would offer some assistance upon my return.

Upon my return I again called the AAA branch in question on 7/18/11 and spoke with the same employee that I spoke with on 6/27/11. Despite our conversation where he stated that he wants me to “be happy” and that “I should enjoy my vacation” he was very quick to tell me that his branch was in no way responsible. He stated, “when we sell these cards it is impossible for us to know where the cards will work and where they will not work". I re-read the information that I was given related to the debit cards after I purchased the cards. Within the contract there is nothing mentioned about a branch not being liable since “it is impossible to know where a card will work or not”.

After this conversation I visited ** to see if this is true. After a minute of searching I came upon a page that clearly states that the card cannot be used in Montenegro. I found this information despite the employee telling me that “it is impossible to know where the card works and where it does not work”. Considering the above I have serious problems with the following:

  1. The AAA branch in question sold me a travel debit card without making any mention that the card would not work in Montenegro. Is it not their responsibility to be properly informed about where the card can work and where it does not work? Do they really sell these cards to the public "having no idea where they will work and where they won't work"?

  2. As a loyal AAA customer who comes from a family of loyal AAA customers I expected more help from AAA branch. It is obvious that when I spoke with this employee on 6/27/11 he had no intention of wanting me "to be happy". He was simply interested in getting me off the phone.

Considering that it is posted on ** that these cards do not work in Montenegro it would be unreasonable for me to ask all of the fees that accrued to my credit card due to interest and transaction fees. However, the mistake made by AAA branch in Addison cost me I deserve more than an apology. I am sure that the AAA branch in question will be more careful when they sell these cards... Of course at my expense.

Waiting On My Money
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MICHIGAN -- In April my car was hit outside my home by an intoxicated driver. The interesting part was that she was driving a leased vehicle. Now, it's common knowledge that Michigan is a no-fault state. But under this situation, since I was not in my car, the driver would have to pay for everything. Different insurance companies interpret Michigan law in different ways in this circumstance. The other person's insurance company stated that the dealership's company had to pay for the damages. The dealership's company had never heard of this before and suggested I call my insurance agent at AAA.

No one there was familiar with this law either way, so they basically told me they couldn't help me. Here's where I made my mistake - I went under my own policy to have my car fixed. My car was in the shop for over a month, and damages cost up to $10,000. I also ended up paying an additional $400 in rental car fee's that AAA would not cover, since it was not in my policy (regardless of the fact that they would have been recouped for the extra money).

So, in the beginning of June I began the process of recouping my deductible and additional $400. All in all, I was short $800. Again, no one was any help until I got a hold of Centurion Insurance, the dealerships head insurance company. I spoke to a wonderful representative who truly tried to help me in ever way possible. She made the calls to AAA and State Farm (the other person's insurer) to find out who owed the money.

Finally, around late August, AAA transferred my account to their collection agency, TransPak Solutions. I called their representative on 8/28/08, and reviewed all the information they had. Every claim number, every representative's name, phone number and extension. On 9/9/08 the representative from Centurion called and said that she had checks waiting, but could not get a hold of TransPak. I called them on 9/11/08 to follow up on their status, and my call was not returned until 9/19/08.

At that time, I was told that originally they had the wrong claim number from AAA (impossible, since I had review it with them already), and they had the wrong amount. They told me that they would "start" the process with Centurion (obviously they had not been in contact with them), and that in 30 DAYS I could follow up with them. Now, that's just ridiculous!!! A company has my money waiting, checks waiting to be made out, and I'm being told that I can see if TransPak will be ready for that in 30 DAYS!!!

I've been working on this for 3 MONTHS ALREADY! That $800 came out of my own pocket! The blatant disregard for my time and money from my own insurance company has been highly insulting, and I want people to know what terrible service they have. This has been a nightmare from every step, and THEY should have been taking care of this!

Horrible Customer Service
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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Yesterday was the second time that the people at AAA that are supposed to provide customer service to their members/customers DID NOT. My mother's car broke down in Anderson, SC. We live in Columbia, SC. Called AAA for a tow. We both have Plus membership, so 100 miles of towing is covered. The AAA representative looked up the distance between the address where the car was and my home on Mapquest. (She said it was Mapquest she was using.) 98 miles. Cool. Then I thought about where the car could be fixed.

My neighbor is Service Manager of the dealership where my car has been worked on before and I could trust them. I called him on his cell and asked how many miles it was to work (he lives 1/2 block from me). He said 10-11 miles. I then knew how much it was going to cost me over the 100 miles (11 x $3 = $33). I then looked it up on Mapquest. 109.22. I placed the service request to have it towed.

The driver came for the car and left for Columbia. When we were driving back to Columbia (I went to get mom so she wouldn't have to climb into a tow truck and drive for two hours.), the driver called and said he had dropped the car and realized he hadn't collected money for the extra mileage. He said it was a total of 128 miles. He wanted a credit card number to be given to him over the phone. That did not feel right (giving a stranger a CC # and the number) so I asked for them to send me an invoice that I would send a check to pay.

When we got home I when back onto Mapquest to double-check myself. Yup. 109.22 miles. Called AAA and spoke with a Judy. I explained how the driver hadn't asked for the overage money when picking up the car and the call he had made. I said the mileage was wrong and that I don't want to pay for his getting lost or taking a tour. The rep put me on hold to figure out who she/I needed to talk with about this. (Shouldn't that be her?)

She came back and said "hold on, I'm still trying to figure out who to talk to..." then click and "If you need to place a call...." Disconnected. Called back. New person. Start all over again with the explanation. By the way, no reference number was ever given to me. So the whole ID thing starts all over again. On hold again.

New Judy (a Supervisor) gets on. Start the story/ID thing again. She says that the first rep was supposed to use AAA Triptik mileage. OK. She and I both get on our computers and we get 109.1 miles. We go on Mapquest and get 109.22. Doesn't this sound pretty straightforward? I tell her I am happy to pay 9 or even 10 x $3. But I don't want to be ripped off by a company THEY sent out to provide service that I pay membership to AAA to provide. She put me on hold. Came back and said the person who did the tow is gone for the day. She wanted to give me the number to the towing company and have me call them the next day when that person was back.

Then she said that because we didn't pay them the overage, they could have taken possession of my car and not dropped it off at the dealer. What?! First of all, he called AFTER dropping it off and HE was the one who forgot to request the money when he could have been handed the cash. And if he had, we all would have looked at Mapquest of AAA Triptik and seen it was 109.22/109.1 miles.

I said, "shouldn't this be pretty simple? It's 9.22 miles past the 100. That's what I owe. And if someone has to explain that to them, shouldn't it be you? You chose the company to send to me. I am your member/customer." "Oh OK," she said reluctantly. "Then call me tomorrow and remind me to call them." "What?!" "I'm very busy and I want you to call me to remind me to do this." (She's a supervisor, right?) "Can't you put this on your To Do list for tomorrow? Take responsibility for it? I don't really know why it should even be a discussion, but it if is, you need to take care of your member, right?" We both looked up the mileage and know it's 109.22.

It shouldn't be this hard to get something this simple taken care of. And it's the second time that people in "Customer Service" did just the opposite. The first time it was questioning me about whether a tow was even justified and requiring proof through a number of phone calls to service people. I'm shopping for a new company. I may have been a member for 20 years, but they're not the only game in town anymore.

AAA Errors
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I was insured by AAA a few years ago-however after my accident and the way AAA handled it-I'd never use them again nor refer anyone to them ever. I was hit by a vehicle while parked in my car, which totaled my car. The officer at the scene deemed it was not my fault-and the other driver admitted it was their fault at the scene of the accident.

I am grateful to be alive-but I have suffered. When I reported the accident-AAA had no out of pocket expenses, I had volunteered and chosen GAP insurance which paid for my totaled car-my medical insurance paid for all my medical bills. I had the car 6 months before the accident. AAA denied my insurance claim... and it didn't help that they also gave my personal information in error to some address 50 miles from my home-that I never received-even now two years later-I've never received my own information from AAA. There's more...

California has a proposition 213-which was enforced for many years now-which means no person shall receive or derive pain and suffering if they do not have insurance-and I believe in this proposition. However, you can claim estimated economical losses. This was an insult to my injuries that AAA got out of insuring me.

AAA confused me with another AAA member-with the same first name, middle initial, and last name as mine-who drove at one time the same make and model car that I had but different year on my AAA policy and at the same time both of us had children born the same year and month on our policies as well. We also lived in the same city/town in California. Errors like this are rare if ever happen-however it happened to me and AAA mixed me up with this AAA member and said it was my fault. It was my fault to use AAA as my insurance company.

I had purchased a car two years ago and put it on AAA policy-I went down to my local AAA branch office where I did business-close to my home. The Sales Agent who helped me that day was new and filling in for the day-my regular sales agent had left the company. The Sales Agent wrote up my info on the computer then wrote down the policy number on a piece of paper for me and said I would receive my new insurance cards for my car and declaration page in a week or so-I had recently traded my car for my new car and I threw out my old insurance cards. I waited for my insurance cards and declaration page-it never came.

I kept calling AAA using my name and the policy number the sales agent originally gave me-on the phone AAA didn't ask for anything else except for my policy number and I was told either they were sent or they were sorry and would be sending them again. Each time I called AAA-I used the policy number that the sales agent originally gave me. I was on a work assignment in Europe and New York City the middle part of the year in question 3 months before the accident happened-so I was at the mercy of AAA's experts.

Two years later AAA gave the state insurance office who wrote to me and told me my insurance cards and declaration page had been sent to a wrong address to a town 50 miles away from my town-I never lived at this address. I have proof I never lived at this residence. I never received my insurance cards for my new car or my declaration page for that car. AAA had sent my personal information to an address I never lived at-and this area is not a very good part of Los Angeles - unfortunately this is a heartbreaking part of town-there are many drug dealers and it is a dangerous area where my insurance cards and declaration page that AAA sent to this address.

I reported the accident the day after the accident to AAA and the sales agent asked me if I reported the accident yet, when I said no, not yet, then he said he would report the accident to the DMV-which he said was called an SR1. I was never told at this time I was not insured. I have this in writing by AAA that I called the day after my accident.

When AAA reported my accident-they reported it on the other AAA member with the same name as mine which 2 years later came back to haunt me when I renewed my license with the DMV - they kept insisting I wasn't me-which I was, but I had to give them more proof-I did straighten everything out with the DMV. It was a horrific ordeal.

18 months later and after my serious surgery when I needed my declaration page-AAA sent me the other person with the same name as mine- and all their information-I have all the documentation in writing from AAA-who kept mixing us up. I saw that the same policy number was on this declaration page-but my car wasn't. I never knew there was a problem with AAA until 2 years later-when I needed my declaration page for my car.

At this time I saw there was a mix up-I received the other person's cars and(3) different addresses on the declaration pages and all their private information in faxes. I kept receiving faxes with different addresses with the same policy number I had with my name on them, but not my car. I have record of all of this. In toll I received 12 faxes from AAA for another person at three addresses without my car on them-and none of these addresses were mine.

I called AAA and explained that my car wasn't on the faxes they kept sending me-that is when a sales agent asked for my Social Security #-AAA doesn't usually ask for Social Security #'s this sales agent told me. I was then told I had 2 other policy numbers-under my name and I was told it was AAA 'error' (which I have in writing) and that they would underwrite me a new policy - I was told this by the sales agent I was working with at that time.

The next day I got a call from the same sales agent and she told me that AAA was very upset with her and that she might lose her job and this wasn't the first time that she was worried about losing her job, she told me that AAA wanted to fire her because she wouldn't try to sell home owners insurance after talking to each client (she said it has since made AAA customer's unhappy so AAA stopped this), they put her on probation for 6 months for not trying to upsell home insurance while talking to new and or old customers called for their auto insurance. I felt badly for this sales agent but, why was she telling me all this and not helping me?

Again, she said-that she shouldn't have told me that they were going to underwrite a new policy-this sales agent told me to speak to her Supervisor - I called him and he was not very nice... I told him he didn't have to be so gruff towards me - he became accusing of me - telling me it wasn't AAA's fault - that it was mine - he told me AAA was the best and that other insurance companies pale in comparison-but I didn't know what was yet to come nor what this Supervisor meant at the time.

The Supervisor did state that all the problems were coming from his team-and I didn't know what that meant at the time. This Supervisors team was sending me all the faxes and telling me that it was AAA's error -needless to say he wasn't happy. This Supervisor told me that I actually had 2 other policy numbers...and that he would get to the bottom of it-because he is a Virgo and Virgo's are perfectionists he said - I felt I was in a very poor position with an Astrologist not a AAA Supervisor Specialist. He said he would call me the next day, he never did.

I called him 2 days later and he said that yes, AAA mixed me up with someone else and that I had policies out under other names (which I didn't of course) and that my policy was cancelled-when I asked him to send me that information-he didn't-and to top it all off the Supervisor said it was my fault. It started to get worse...

I was very concerned and asked for the President of AAA #-this Supervisor would NOT give me the President's # - I could tell he was fibbing when he said he already contacted the President and that he would get back to me - he said that there was nothing I could do anyway-because it was my fault-even though it was AAA's error. I needed to find out what was going on.

I called the President of AAA (AAA has a few Presidents depending where you are) his assistant never heard of me - so the Supervisor who was a perfectionist wasn't honest with me. The President's assistant was very nice, considerate and treated me with respect and dignity she turned me onto an analyst - she was more than frustrated with the whole matter and I felt she didn't want to deal with it or me... she admitted it was AAA's error and would get back to me - she did 2 weeks later.

She wrote me a long letter that was full of lame excuses and more fibs-she said that AAA cashed my premium check but that because it wasn't enough to pay the premium so what did they do? They put it towards earned credit and later I was told by the state insurance that AAA put the $ towards owed credit points - I think this is a stipulation in AAA policy that if something goes wrong and it will sometimes they can put your money in their bank account and call it something special - just because they can and that is what they did...

In that same letter in communication AAA said that they sent me U.S. mail that my policy indeed was cancelled. Remember they sent my declaration page and insurance cards to the wrong address in the first place 50 miles away from my town so I never received anything from them-ever. This analyst states I did call AAA offices many times but in that documentation they use the word 'assume' a lot. Someone else had my insurance cards and declaration page... so someone out there has my personal information-because AAA gave it to them in the U.S. mail - which is documented.

To this day I never received my insurance cards or declaration page. I then wrote to the state insurance in California. I was really trying to get some answers-and they said they needed to side with AAA-but kept the case open in case I could convince them I was right and AAA wasn't-what a bunch of nonsense.

I always think, when things go wrong, something is behind the motive of wrong-so this is my 3 cents: I figure if word got out that there was a AAA problem or an identity switcharoo - AAA would have their hands full of people claiming that they too had problems perhaps via the same problems as I had - especially in a state where Proposition 213 is in effect-and so many folks are driving without insurance in Los Angeles, California - however, I didn't drive without insurance, and it's not because I am better than anyone else or smarter, it is because I like to do the right thing and follow the laws of the state.

I did document everything from AAA and all the different theories they told me. I am suffering from AAA's negligences - and my personal information was given to who knows who? I trusted AAA experts-and they didn't have a handle on any of this and or my situation. It was up to me to figure out what they did wrong-and I didn't have access to my file-and AAA wasn't going to give it to me. AAA offered no solice - in fact they blamed me for all of their error's in writing-stating their error was my fault to the state insurance. I have all documents, faxes, and in each communication things differ.

Early on AAA said that they would not speak to me if I involved a lawyer-because they felt we could straighten this out-so I didn't go the lawyer route... I thought I could work it out with AAA-and if I did bring in a lawyer early on, I'd never have the inside information I have now-to help others. What they did to me is wrong, I know it, now you know it - and this is what they don't want to get out-but I am going to get the word out in all the media mediums; radio, television, internet, print, posters, blogs, everywhere I can-so that people can be aware.

For over 2 years I tried to work it out with AAA-then I wrote to the state insurance office who in fact did help me by turning my documents over to the agency who they thought would help me-the state claims commission states that in their communication with the AAA that they made a mistake but that it was my fault because I couldn't remember my address, now that is new - I found out more mistakes that had been made that were recently disclosed after 2 years.

I've never driven without insurance-at the time of my accident I was insured by two medical insurances...and I had another car insurance for my two other vehicles-and since I had AAA I didn't put my car on it before the accident on the policy because my policy was in effect and the premium was paid... Many people were affected by this-the other person with the same name as my own and her sibling - myself and my sibling that was on the policy. My sibling also had their personal information given to another address. And my information that was sent to the wrong address 50 miles away from my own town.

I feel from the get go - AAA had me mixed up. I am not an isolated incidence - I am sure as I read here there are many mistakes AAA made... I have all the documentation to back me up which makes a difference. When I tell people what had happened to me - or I show them what had happened they said they are mad at AAA and won't use them because of what transpired with me and how they tried to blame me for their error and how they put me in a position that my personal information, my siblings personal information is at risk.

More than the fact that I will never receive pain and suffering-having my personal information at risk causes me much grief. I think we should trust our insurance companies... and yes, I realize that errors happen however, this was huge negligence and error on AAA's part that hurt me personally. I am a Journalist and I don't like to sue anyone. Since I am in the Media and I have everything to back me up - I want to help others-I've become an expert in AAA errors and what they won't do to help those who have been loyal to them.

I plan to take this situation on-and bring what happened to me to the Media in every faucet of the media -because money doesn't sate principle... I believe that by writing about what happened to me might help and educate others so that it may prevent it from happening to them. If you use AAA insurance may God help you if you are ever in an identity mix up as I was in their system-which cost me $.

This has been an act of identity fraud and a cover up-and I realize now how it can happen and it has happened to me. It has been suggested that I will now have to take steps in changing my name and Social Security # as well as my sibling will need to do-which will hurt me in business... Thanks, this is my 3 cents.

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YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO -- I made an appointment for window tinting on Saturday 12-13-14 and I was quoted $150 and I put down a $100.00 deposit. No special tools or materials were required to have ordered just an appointment time. Well for various reasons I decided not to have my windows tinted and I was told that deposits are non-refundable. That was never explained to me nor is it stated on their own receipt. I could understand if I was told, or the receipt stated or even if they had ordered something but none of that is the case.

Membership Fee Is a Rip Off and Provides Little if Anything Extra
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TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -- Every year you are required to pay a rising Member fee ($131) besides your premium. There are many 10% discounts available for other companies like hotel, flowers, etc. These discounts may be obtained through other competitive programs. I've obtained travel assist that is minimally discounted by them, no local airport parking. Really don't know what benefit it is to have this but can't have insurance without. This will be the last year for me.

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