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AAA Errors
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I was insured by AAA a few years ago-however after my accident and the way AAA handled it-I'd never use them again nor refer anyone to them ever. I was hit by a vehicle while parked in my car, which totaled my car. The officer at the scene deemed it was not my fault-and the other driver admitted it was their fault at the scene of the accident. I am grateful to be alive-but I have suffered. When I reported the accident-AAA had no out of pocket expenses, I had volunteered and chosen GAP insurance which paid for my totaled car-my medical insurance paid for all my medical bills. I had the car 6 months before the accident. AAA denied my insurance claim...and it didn't help that they also gave my personal information in error to some address 50 miles from my home-that I never received-even now two years later-I've never received my own information from AAA. There's more...

California has a proposition 213-which was enforced for many years now-which means no person shall receive or derive pain and suffering if they do not have insurance-and I believe in this proposition. However, you can claim estimated economical losses. This was an insult to my injuries that AAA got out of insuring me.

AAA confused me with another AAA member-with the same first name, middle initial, and last name as mine-who drove at one time the same make and model car that I had but different year on my AAA policy and at the same time both of us had children born the same year and month on our policies as well. We also lived in the same city/town in California. Errors like this are rare if ever happen-however it happened to me and AAA mixed me up with this AAA member and said it was my fault. It was my fault to use AAA as my insurance company.

I had purchased a car two years ago and put it on AAA policy-I went down to my local AAA branch office where I did business-close to my home. The Sales Agent who helped me that day was new and filling in for the day-my regular sales agent had left the company. The Sales Agent wrote up my info on the computer then wrote down the policy number on a piece of paper for me and said I would receive my new insurance cards for my car and declaration page in a week or so-I had recently traded my car for my new car and I threw out my old insurance cards. I waited for my insurance cards and declaration page-it never came. I kept calling AAA using my name and the policy number the sales agent originally gave me-on the phone AAA didn't ask for anything else except for my policy number and I was told either they were sent or they were sorry and would be sending them again. Each time I called AAA-I used the policy number that the sales agent originally gave me. I was on a work assignment in Europe and New York City the middle part of the year in question 3 months before the accident happened-so I was at the mercy of AAA's experts. Two years later AAA gave the state insurance office who wrote to me and told me my insurance cards and declaration page had been sent to a wrong address to a town 50 miles away from my town-I never lived at this address. I have proof I never lived at this residence. I never received my insurance cards for my new car or my declaration page for that car. AAA had sent my personal information to an address I never lived at-and this area is not a very good part of Los Angeles-unfortunately this is a heartbreaking part of town-there are many drug dealers and it is a dangerous area where my insurance cards and declaration page that AAA sent to this address.

I reported the accident the day after the accident to AAA and the sales agent asked me if I reported the accident yet, when I said no, not yet, then he said he would report the accident to the DMV-which he said was called an SR1. I was never told at this time I was not insured. I have this in writing by AAA that I called the day after my accident.

When AAA reported my accident-they reported it on the other AAA member with the same name as mine which 2 years later came back to haunt me when I renewed my license with the DMV-they kept insisting I wasn't me-which I was, but I had to give them more proof-I did straighten everything out with the DMV. It was a horrific ordeal.

18 months later and after my serious surgery when I needed my declaration page-AAA sent me the other person with the same name as mine- and all their information-I have all the documentation in writing from AAA-who kept mixing us up. I saw that the same policy number was on this declaration page-but my car wasn't. I never knew there was a problem with AAA until 2 years later-when I needed my declaration page for my car. At this time I saw there was a mix up-I received the other person's cars and(3) different addresses on the declaration pages and all their private information in faxes. I kept receiving faxes with different addresses with the same policy number I had with my name on them, but not my car. I have record of all of this. In toll I received 12 faxes from AAA for another person at three addresses without my car on them-and none of these addresses were mine. I called AAA and explained that my car wasn't on the faxes they kept sending me-that is when a sales agent asked for my Social Security #-AAA doesn't usually ask for Social Security #'s this sales agent told me. I was then told I had 2 other policy numbers-under my name and I was told it was AAA 'error' (which I have in writing) and that they would underwrite me a new policy-I was told this by the sales agent I was working with at that time. The next day I got a call from the same sales agent and she told me that AAA was very upset with her and that she might lose her job and this wasn't the first time that she was worried about losing her job, she told me that AAA wanted to fire her because she wouldn't try to sell home owners insurance after talking to each client (she said it has since made AAA customer's unhappy so AAA stopped this), they put her on probation for 6 months for not trying to upsell home insurance while talking to new and or old customers called for their auto insurance. I felt badly for this sales agent but, why was she telling me all this and not helping me? Again, she said-that she shouldn't have told me that they were going to underwrite a new policy-this sales agent told me to speak to her Supervisor-I called him and he was not very nice...I told him he didn't have to be so gruff towards me-he became accusing of me-telling me it wasn't AAA's fault-that it was mine-he told me AAA was the best and that other insurance companies pale in comparison-but I didn't know what was yet to come nor what this Supervisor meant at the time. The Supervisor did state that all the problems were coming from his team-and I didn't know what that meant at the time. This Supervisors team was sending me all the faxes and telling me that it was AAA's error-needless to say he wasn't happy. This Supervisor told me that I actually had 2 other policy numbers...and that he would get to the bottom of it-because he is a Virgo and Virgo's are perfectionists he said-I felt I was in a very poor position with an Astrologist not a AAA Supervisor Specialist. He said he would call me the next day, he never did. I called him 2 days later and he said that yes, AAA mixed me up with someone else and that I had policies out under other names (which I didn't of course) and that my policy was cancelled-when I asked him to send me that information-he didn't-and to top it all off the Supervisor said it was my fault. It started to get worse...

I was very concerned and asked for the President of AAA #-this Supervisor would NOT give me the President's #-I could tell he was fibbing when he said he already contacted the President and that he would get back to me-he said that there was nothing I could do anyway-because it was my fault-even though it was AAA's error. I needed to find out what was going on.

I called the President of AAA (AAA has a few Presidents depending where you are)---his assistant never heard of me-so the Supervisor who was a perfectionis wasn't honest with me. The President's assistant was very nice, considerate and treated me with respect and dignity she turned me onto an analyst-she was more than frustrated with the whole matter and I felt she didn't want to deal with it or me...she admitted it was AAA's error and would get back to me-she did 2 weeks later. She wrote me a long letter that was full of lame excuses and more fibs-she said that AAA cashed my premium check but that because it wasn't enough to pay the premium so what did they do? They put it towards earned credit and later I was told by the state insurance that AAA put the $ towards owed credit points-I think this is a stipulation in AAA policy that if something goes wrong and it will sometimes they can put your money in their bank account and call it something special-just because they can and that is what they did...In that same letter in communication AAA said that they sent me U.S. mail that my policy indeed was cancelled. Remember they sent my declaration page and insurance cards to the wrong address in the first place 50 miles away from my town so I never received anything from them-ever. This analyst states I did call AAA offices many times but in that documentation they use the word 'assume' a lot. Someone else had my insurance cards and declaration someone out there has my personal information-because AAA gave it to them in the U.S. mail-which is documented. To this day I never received my insurance cards or declaration page.

I then wrote to the state insurance in California, I was really trying to get some answers-and they said they needed to side with AAA-but kept the case open in case I could convince them I was right and AAA wasn't-what a bunch of nonsense. I always think, when things go wrong, something is behind the motive of wrong-so this is my 3 cents: I figure if word got out that there was a AAA problem or an identity switcharoo-AAA would have their hands full of people claiming that they too had problems perhaps via the same problems as I had-especially in a state where Proposition 213 is in effect-and so many folks are driving without insurance in Los Angeles, California-however, I didn't drive without insurance, and it's not because I am better than anyone else or smarter, it is because I like to do the right thing and follow the laws of the state. I did document everything from AAA and all the different theories they told me. I am suffering from AAA's negligences-and my personal information was given to who knows who? I trusted AAA experts-and they didn't have a handle on any of this and or my situation. It was up to me to figure out what they did wrong-and I didn't have access to my file-and AAA wasn't going to give it to me. AAA offered no solice-in fact they blamed me for all of their error's in writing-stating their error was my fault to the state insurance. I have all documents, faxes, and in each communication things differ. Early on AAA said that they would not speak to me if I involved a lawyer-because they felt we could straighten this out-so I didn't go the lawyer route...I thought I could work it out with AAA-and if I did bring in a lawyer early on, I'd never have the inside information I have now-to help others. What they did to me is wrong, I know it, now you know it-and this is what they don't want to get out-but I am going to get the word out in all the media mediums; radio, television, internet, print, posters, blogs, everywhere I can-so that people can be aware. For over 2 years I tried to work it out with AAA-then I wrote to the state insurance office who in fact did help me by turning my documents over to the agency who they thought would help me-the state claims commission states that in their communication with the AAA that they made a mistake but that it was my fault because I couldn't remember my address, now that is new-I found out more mistakes that had been made that were recently disclosed after 2 years.

I've never driven without insurance-at the time of my accident I was insured by two medical insurances...and I had another car insurance for my two other vehicles-and since I had AAA I didn't put my car on it before the accident on the policy because my policy was in effect and the premium was paid... Many people were affected by this-the other person with the same name as my own and her sibbling-myself and my sibbling that was on the policy. My sibbling also had their personal information given to another address. And my information that was sent to the wrong address 50 miles away from my own town. I feel from the get go-AAA had me mixed up. I am not an isolated incidence-I am sure as I read here there are many mistakes AAA made...I have all the documation to back me up which makes a difference. When I tell people what had happened to me-or I show them what had happened they said they are mad at AAA and won't use them because of what transpired with me and how they tried to blame me for their error and how they put me in a position that my personal information, my siblings personal information is at risk. More than the fact that I will never receive pain and suffering-having my personal information at risk causes me much grief. I think we should trust our insurance companies...and yes, I realize that errors happen however, this was huge negligence and error on AAA's part that hurt me personally. I am a Journalist and I don't like to sue anyone. Since I am in the Media and I have everything to back me up-I want to help others-I've become an expert in AAA errors and what they won't do to help those who have been loyal to them. I plan to take this situation on-and bring what happened to me to the Media in every faucet of the media-because money doesn't sate principle...I believe that by writing about what happened to me might help and educate others so that it may prevent it from happening to them. If you use AAA insurance may God help you if you are ever in an identity mix up as I was in their system-which cost me $. This has been an act of indentity fraud and a cover up-and I realize now how it can happen and it has happened to me. It has been suggested that I will now have to take steps in changing my name and Social Security # as well as my sibling will need to do-which will hurt me in business... Thanks, this is my 3 cents.
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tnchuck100 on 04/17/2007:
Too much rambling! How about re-writing this just using the pertinent facts. I think it amounts to AAA mixing you and another person with the same name. Did you say they said you were NOT insured? Did you pay the premium? You have made this very confusing.
Marisael on 04/18/2007:
It is very confusing-AAA confused me with another AAA member. I paid my premium-AAA put $ toward another policy-not mine-a sales agent told me. AAA cancelled my policy-thus stating the premium payment was not enough. I paid the premium amount due-I have the cancelled check-AAA has the cancelled check with my correct address--yet AAA maintains that the policy was cancelled-sending all correspondence to an address that was not mine, or the other AAA member they confused me with. I am very upset and that is perhaps why I rambled in my previous post...I was told so many stories by AAA-the bottom line is: AAA states I was not insured the date of my accident and in the state of California-propositin 213 is in effect-I will not receive pain and suffering. I will have to bring this to court-which is something I never wanted to do...Thanks
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How AAA Bait and Switch Works
Posted by on
IRVING, TEXAS -- Here's how AAA's bait and switch works on their homeowner's insurance.

1. You call an agent to get a quote

2. They ask you a bunch of information about your home.

3. Even though you tell the agent every detail, the agent knows which items jack up the premium and leaves those out when they enter your info into into their quote system. They tell you the price can change in underwriting.

4. You get a good quote, and you decide to change and go with them.

5. They send an inspector to check your house.

6. The agent calls you and says the inspector says everything is fine, and the final quote is such and such. It might be $10 or so higher or lower.

7. You pay AAA your good, now slightly revised quote, thinking their underwriting has signed off and cancel your old insurance.

8. Two weeks later you get a letter from their underwriters saying that, based on the information you already originally gave the agent but which they never entered, your premium is $100 - $150 higher and to talk to your agent if you have a question.

9. You call the agent and the agent all of sudden don't know nuthin. You talk to their supervisor. The supervisor says, sorry, there's nothing you can do, they have 60 days to change your premium. They offer to knock $20 or so off the extra $150 to calm you down and buy your business.

10. You've already changed, you realize you've been conned, but it costs you more to try to change again.

11. Bag another sucker for AAA home insurance.

12 See #1, repeat.
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Alain on 11/25/2010:
Try another insurance company.
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Ruined my car
Posted by on
Years ago I owned a Corvair and when the clutch cable broke I called AAA to tow it to a service station for repair. Please note that this was a standard shift car and without a working clutch it remained "in gear". This means that the drive train is always engaged. The proper way to tow would be with a tow truck to lift the wheels off the ground for towing. The company that AAA called sent two men over with a pickup truck. Since the car was stuck in gear, they pushed it to jump start the car and drove it through town to the garage. Needless to say there were stop lights and they would have had to yank the gearshift out of gear to stop. After I had my garage replace the clutch cable I got in to drive the car only to find that the car made a horrible clanking noise and couldn't be driven. It was found that there were broken teeth on the gears in the transmission which were broken when the gear shift forced the car out of gear while it was moving according to the repair shop mechanic. I called AAA and was told that even though they hired the towing company, they coud do nothing about it and I would need to deal with the towing company direct. Even though it was obvious how the transmission got damaged, they refused responsibility and would do nothing. It cost me over $400 to repair the transmission which was working perfectly prior to the towing or lack thereof. I have been approached by AAA many many times since then to purchase their membership and I then told them the story to which their response was " oh, we're sorry about that". Since they refused to take responsibility for the contractor that they hired, the very least they could have done was to refund my years membership or offer an extra year which they did not do. Each time they try to recruit me I tell them that I would NEVER use them or trust them again and to stop annoying me with their sales people. I still get constantly maied and called to join. The bottom line is that they hired the towing company that ruined the transmission and expected me to deal directly with them to which I had no leverage since I didn't hire them. AAA would not even come to my defense. There is no customer relations address or telephone number to contact AAA so consequently no person in authority to complain to that can correct anything like this happening again. If you are dissatisfied with their service, who do you complain to? Evidently, once they get you hooked into their service they no longer care.
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twixypeps on 02/23/2010:
I don't understand why someone would even pay for a towing service like AAA?? Can someone explain the benefits? Anyone? And you should have DEFFINETLY gotten ahold of the towing company and spoke with them about paying that $400 bill!
redmx3racer on 02/23/2010:
A Corvair? How many years ago was this?
goduke on 02/23/2010:
AAA costs about $75/year. A tow can cost well over a hundred. There are also benefits through AAA -- some discounts places, etc. It's kind of a peace of mind thing that if you're stuck on the side of the road you don't have to try to track down a tow -- AAA tracks them down for you.

That being said, it's kind of an interesting question of who is responsible if the folks AAA contract with damage my car. I don't contract with the tow truck -- I contract with AAA, so it would seem they should bear the responsibility and have to go after the tow truck outfit. There might be some language in the AAA contract where they disclaim any such liability. Would be a fund case to play with.
BEJ on 02/23/2010:
There are other benefits to AAA. There are discounts when traveling or even in your own area for hotels etc. When traveling on the highways back and forth--piece of mind when I have a problem such as a flat tire and my husband is working and cannot come to my rescue. They have all kinds of benefits not just towing--check them out.
Starlord on 02/23/2010:
A pickup truck, unless it is like the one on Operation Repo, is not a tow truck. You should have told them to go back and get a tow truck. The Corvair was a rear wheel drive, so a tow truck could lift the rear end and tie the steering wheel in place. Clutch cable? Motorcycles have clutch cables, the car should have been switched to a hydraulic clutch. I have pulled cars locked in gear by going underneath and taking the transmission out of gear. This is a simple process that allows the car to be towed in neutral I worked for a AAA service center, and business was referred to us by AAA, and the customer paid on the schedule they had with AAA. we were responsible for damages, not AAA. My first time driving the tow truck, I tore out the customer's grill. I had told the boss I knew nothing about tow trucks. I thought I was going to get fired. The boss not only ate the bill for fixing the guy's car, but he taught me how to hook up to just about every car made.
PepperElf on 02/23/2010:
twixy - personally the tow service worked well for me. my xmisison went on my ford back in 2004 and the AAA service let me get towed for 5 miles for free. the dealer was within 2-3 miles. yay me.

however in my case they sent a tow truck.
but when they sent the truck out they specifically knew my car had to be towed - the car wouldn't go forward, and it could barely go in reverse.

not sure why they would send another truck out for a tow... unless there was some confusion as to what services were required
Slimjim on 02/23/2010:
You putting way too much responsibility on AAA, and clearly they are not going to change their assumption of liability position at this point. In all fairness, they simply refer a provider and cover X amount of the costs. The towing company is 100% responsible. First off, they didn't tow the car at all, but instead DROVE a damaged car, RPM shifting it without a clutch to the garage.
Stop wasting time with AAA and concentrate your efforts of the towing service. They charge AAA for a tow call, and instead improperly drove the the vehicle. They should have gone back and got a proper hoist or flatbed truck. It's almost ridiculous. A tow company is summoned to tow illegally parked cars with rear wheels locked in Park all the time. How could they not have the equipment or knowhow not to bungle this job.
Keith A. on 10/17/2010:
I'm the operations manager for a towing company in Oregon and we also provide AAA service.

I've been in the industry since 1996 and with this company since 1998.

First, the procedure used by the towing company...driving your appalling! I am literally mortified that a fellow colleague would even consider doing this, but I am also NOT surprised.

Unfortunately, there are many in our industry that just continue to give towers a bad name. Sounds like you got bit by one. I'm sorry for that.

I won't even begin to go into HOW the car should have been towed because plain and simple...they DIDN'T tow it. They didn't do their job.

But let's talk about AAA and how it works with the contract station.

I'll start with a bit more background on us. We run about 1,100 calls per month, 600 being AAA alone.

In a year, we might have 20 damage complaints. And that is a BAD year.

Granted, we are very good at what we do and place a lot of emphasis on training and certification. Contrary to popular opinion, towing is very demanding and does require some specialized skills and equipment.

To safely tow a vehicle the proper way always looks easy when you are watching a professional. But that goes for a everyone from an electrician to a pilot to a surgeon. Professionals make their job look easy.

As you can probably tell from my comments so far, we care about our image and good name. Reputation and positive "word of mouth" advertising are paramount to us.

Therefore, anytime WE have ever done it with a AAA customer or retail account...we make it right. Always. Every time. In fact, one of our motto's is "Standing behind our work since 1988" and our business card has a picture of the owner standing in the "kill zone" behind a flatbed with a Ford Expedition being loaded on it. Cleverly, the "Standing Behind Our Work" takes on a double meaning.

So the question is, "Is AAA responsible?"

To be honest, I've never even considered that. Never even checked or pushed the issue. We've always just done the right thing.

But when a AAA member complains to AAA about damage (or unfriendly service or whatever) I get a call from my district manager.

Actually, depending on the severity, it might be a fax. Then a phone call.

At least with a fax, I've got a few hours to research what has happened before the phone call. But usually, I call back my district manager before he has to call me.

Either way, we investigate what happened and we more often than not, take care of it.

On VERY rare occasions, we honestly feel it wasn't our fault and the customer is just trying to take advantage of a situation, etc.

We have such a good standing with AAA that usually AAA will make it right with the member and NOT charge us a dime.

An example of that comes to mind regarding a battery. Where the member had been fiddling around with it long before we arrived. And the battery tech who showed up immediately noticed the jumper cables lying next to the vehicle.

When asked if they had attempted jumping the battery before our arrival...they admitted it and said it sparked and smoked so they took the cables off.

Of course, the whole system is fried because they cross connected the cables.

It becomes a case of "He said, She said" and the member is claiming we did the damage.

AAA's stance is since we even TOUCHED the car, we are responsible...or rather...they (AAA) are responsible.

Again, going on our reputation and our lack of damage complaints and the fact we had a 5 year veteran out there AND he was a battery technician...AAA sided with us. BUT...they didn't leave their member high and dry. They still fixed the car.

My point is, I find it very discouraging that the towing company was so schlocky in the first place and THEN that AAA didn't back you up.

We've always just valued our name and reputation so much that it never occurred to me say, "Pound sand". I always figured that if we did, AAA would pull our contract.

So I am sorry to hear about this. And I do believe that AAA does have the authority to pull that tower's contract. It might not be over your case alone, but maybe just another straw that breaks the camels back.

I still believe that by and large, AAA is one of the better providers out there.

As one person said, "Why have AAA?"

Because you are foolish for not having some sort of towing coverage. Be it AAA, on your insurance or even your cell phone. Paying retail with no form of reimbursement is playing with fire if you drive. Our prices are high. And when you consider that towing your vehicle is just the first step in what may be a long list of repairs....better to have some sort of coverage.

As for AAA in general, they are the one provider that requires 7 year criminal background checks and follows up for compliance.

So if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, you have some assurance that the driver showing up to help you is not a recently convicted felon. That is important to me.

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Posted by on
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Rip-off Artists/AAA Associates at this location: Chris, Drew & Vicky

The One Honest Associate in the bunch: The Actual Mechanic who serviced my vehicle.

The Problem: Had my car towed for the first time to the AAA Car Center to change two parts on my vehicle. My vehicle was in their possession for 5 days, and Chris, Drew or Vicky constantly called and cohersed me to buy an alternator and new battery to repair my vehicle. After these two parts were replaced, I was told that my vehicle was repaired and was "good to go".

However, when I arrived to pick up the vehicle, it would not run. When I confronted Chris, he attempted to find out why my vehicle would not run. He then comes out of the garage, shrugs his shoulders and says I don't know what the problem is and "we do not fix older model vehicles to driveability". I asked him why wasn't I told this before I came to pick up the vehicle and before parts were replaced on my vehicle. I then asked to speak to the mechanic who actually worked on my vehicle.

The mechanic explained to me that he replaced the parts but could see that my vehicle still was not completed fixed to driveability. He stated that he mentioned this to Vicky, the front desk associate, that my vehicle 'still ran roughly', but she did not convey that message to me. They chose to let me come to pick up my vehicle, take my $500.00 first, and then let me find out for myself that the vehicle still would not run. They should have been honest and told me over the phone that my vehicle still would not run.

I ended up having to have it TOWED from the AAA Car Care center to an Auto Repair that actually knew how to REPAIR a vehicle.

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MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/18/2009:
Wow...thanks for the post. I live within an hour of Columbia and appreciate the heads up. It's really sad when someone replaces parts on your vehicle which may need replacing but doesn't fix it to drivability????? What's up with that????
ruined van on 01/01/2010:
The same thing happened to me at AAA Sandhills by the same people. I took my 2003 Chevrolet van in with a major engine problem. The rocker arm on one side was broken. I was told a full inspection of the van was made, and that no problem, it could be fixed to the tune of $1500. But while they were fixing the problem, they BROKE the rocker arm on the other side of the engine. I was told the repairs would now cost $2500. They broke it, but I had to fix it. We called SC Consumer Affairs, and they can't do anything. We called all AAA higher ups, and was told, "Too bad, we had to pay to get it fixed." It was attributed to excessive engine wear. AAA changed my oil just a few days before with the required inspections, and no mention of this. I don't mind paying for what broke on my time, but not for what they admittedly broke. Now my van runs horribly, it sounds terrible, there are now mysteriously appearing electronic problems. A perfectly fine van is now ruined and after paying $2500 to get it fixed (I have to get to work), I do not have a reliable car. We too dealt with Vicky and Chris who wouldn't return phone calls, who made promises they didn't keep. Problem is, we got the same treatment from the supervisors all the way up the chain in this company.
jktshff1 on 01/02/2010:
Before you have problems, you should have already done your research and have a mechanic you can trust. Same goes for a lawyer and dr.
Got ripped off in Sumerville on 06/02/2012:
The Dorchester Rd AAA "care care center" should ber called rip off center!! As a (former) AAA member I received a coupon for an oil change. As it was the beginning of the holidays and needed to budget, I decided to use this coupon and take it for the discounted oil change. BIG MISTAKE!!!
Next day, as I was on my way to shop for Thanksgiving dinner, someone in the parking lot alerted me that oil was leaking out under my car!! I called AAA and they would not help. Paid other to fix. Turned out, AAA did not tighten oil plug and lost all oil!!Cancelled my AAA membership.
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Waiting On My Money
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- Accident Recovery Process - Damage To My CarIn April my car was hit outside my home by an intoxicated driver. The interesting part was that she was driving a leased vehicle. Now, it's common knowledge that Michigan is a no-fault state. But under this situation, since I was not in my car, the driver would have to pay for everything. Different insurance companies interpret Michigan law in different ways in this circumstance. The other person's insurance company stated that the dealership's company had to pay for the damages. The dealership's company had never heard of this before and suggested I call my insurance agent at AAA. No one there was familiar with this law either way, so they basically told me they couldn't help me. Here's where I made my mistake - I went under my own policy to have my car fixed. My car was in the shop fore over a month, and damages cost up to $10,000. I also ended up paying an additional $400 in rental car fee's that AAA would not cover, since it was not in my policy (regardless of the fact that they would have been recouped for the extra money).

So, in the beginning of June I began the process of recouping my deductible and additional $400. All in all, I was short $800. Again, no one was any help until I got a hold of Centurion Insurance, the dealerships head insurance company. I spoke to a wonderful representative who truly tried to help me in ever way possible. She made the calls to AAA and State Farm (the other person's insurer) to find out who owed the money.

Finally, around late August, AAA transferred my account to their collection agency, TransPak Solutions. I called their representative on 8/28/08, and reviewed all the information they had. Every claim number, every representatives name, phone number and extension. On 9/9/08 the representative from Centurion called and said that she had checks waiting, but could not get a hold of TransPak. I called them on 9/11/08 to follow up on their status, and my called was not returned until 9/19/08. At that time, I was told that originally they had the wrong claim number from AAA (impossible, since I had review it with them already), and they had the wrong amount. They told me that they would "start" the process with Centurion (obviously they had not been in contact with them), and that in 30 DAYS I could follow up with them. Now, that's just ridiculous!!! A company has my money waiting, checks waiting to be made out, and I'm being told that I can see if TransPak will be ready for that in 30 DAYS!!!

I've been working on this for 3 MONTHS ALREADY! That $800 came out of my own pocket! The blatant disregard for my time and money from my own insurance company has been highly insulting, and I want people to know what terrible service they have. This has been a nightmare from every step, and THEY should have been taking care of this!
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Anonymous on 09/19/2008:
I'm a little confused. First of all, why is AAA putting something in collection? What do they think you owe them?

Why didn't you just file the claim with your own insurance comapny and let them slug it out with the others? You're not supposed to be in the middle of this, that's why you pay insurance. I can't help but wonder that if by doing what you have been doing, isn't the cause of the delay.
Anonymous on 09/19/2008:
If that is an actual photo of the damage I find it hard to believe the repairs cost $10,000. Gold-plated parts?
old fart on 09/19/2008:
Is that the back end of a friggin' Rolls-royce..? $10,000 just bought the body shop owner a trip to Tahiti!
Anonymous on 09/19/2008:
Nope, it's a Jeep. Now I begin to wonder why the money is delayed. I'll bet the insurance company realized they were screwed over by the repair shop.
MRM on 09/19/2008:
A Grand Cherokee to be exact.
spiderman2 on 09/19/2008:
When you lease a car, you are responsible to provide your own insurance. The car lease isn't between the person and the dealership, it is between the person who leased the car and the leasing company. If they had to provide insurance for everyone that leased cars, you would not be able to lease a car in Michigan. Whomever told you this was attempting to avoid liability on their part.
IknowAlittleAboutThis on 04/09/2009:
OK, first off it was State Farms responsibility to cover all repairs and rental car needs for this accident. Your AAA "agent" should have told you what they needed to take care of putting in the claim on your behalf. When a car is PARKED UNOCCUPIED, it is covered by the party that is at fault. This is different then if you are in the car or the car is moving. The only reason you would possibly need to fo after the lease insurance company is if the other person lied about their insurance and had force-placed insurance (which it sound like) through their finance company.
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Horrible Customer Service
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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Yesterday was the second time that the people at AAA that are supposed to provide customer service to their members/customers DID NOT.

My mother's car broke down in Anderson, SC. We live in Columbia, SC. Called AAA for a tow. We both have Plus membership, so 100 miles of towing is covered. The AAA representative looked up the distance between the address where the car was and my home on Mapquest.(She said it was Mapquest she was using.) 98 miles. Cool. Then I thought about where the car could be fixed. My neighbor is Service Manager of the dealership where my car has been worked on before and I could trust them. I called him on his cell and asked how many miles it was to work (he lives 1/2 block from me). He said 10-11 miles. I then knew how much it was going to cost me over the 100 miles (11 x $3 = $33). I then looked it up on Mapquest. 109.22. I placed the service request to have it towed.

The driver came for the car and left for Columbia. When we were driving back to Columbia (I went to get mom so she wouldn't have to climb into a tow truck and drive for two hours.), the driver called and said he had dropped the car and realized he hadn't collected money for the extra mileage. He said it was a total of 128 miles. He wanted a credit card number to be given to him over the phone. That did not feel right (giving a stranger a CC # and the number) so I asked for them to send me an invoice that I would send a check to pay.

When we got home I when back onto Mapquest to double-check myself. Yup. 109.22 miles. Called AAA and spoke with a Judy. I explained how the driver hadn't asked for the overage money when picking up the car and the call he had made. I said the mileage was wrong and that I don't want to pay for his getting lost or taking a tour. The rep put me on hold to figure out who she/I needed to talk with about this. (Shouldn't that be her?)

She came back and said hold on, I'm still trying to figure out who to talk to...then click and "If you need to place a call...." Disconnected. Called back. New person. Start all over again with the explanation. By the way, no reference number was ever given to me. So the whole ID thing starts all over again. On hold again.

New Judy (a Supervisor) gets on. Start the story/ID thing again. She says that the first rep was supposed to use AAA Triptik mileage. OK. She and I both get on our computers and we get 109.1 miles. We go on Mapquest and get 109.22. Doesn't this sound pretty straight forward? I tell her I am happy to pay 9 or even 10 x $3. But I don't want to be ripped off by a company THEY sent out to provide service that I pay membership to AAA to provide. She put me on hold. Came back and said the person who did the tow is gone for the day. She wanted to give me the number to the towing company and have me call them the next day when that person was back.

Then she said that because we didn't pay them the overage, they could have taken possession of my car and not dropped it off at the dealer. What?! First of all, he called AFTER dropping it off and HE was the one who forgot to request the money when he could have been handed the cash. And if he had, we all would have looked at Mapquest of AAA Triptik and seen it was 109.22/109.1 miles.

I said, shouldn't this be pretty simple? It's 9.22 miles past the 100. That's what I owe. And if someone has to explain that to them, shouldn't it be you? You chose the company to send to me. I am your member/customer. Oh OK, she said reluctantly. Then call me tomorrow and remind me to call them. What?! I'm very busy and I want you to call me to remind me to do this. (She's a supervisor, right?) Can't you put this on your To Do list for tomorrow? Take responsibility for it? I don't really know why it should even be a discussion, but it if is, you need to take care of your member, right? We both looked up the mileage and know it's 109.22.

It shouldn't be this hard to get something this simple taken care of. And it's the second time that people in "Customer Service" did just the opposite. The first time it was questioning me about whether a tow was even justified and requiring proof through a number of phone calls to service people.

I'm shopping for a new company. I may have been a member for 20 years, but they're not the only game in town anymore.
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Anonymous on 07/26/2008:
I have a membership with AAA, have considered attending AA, and sometimes I'm considered a smart A.
Tow truck and cab drivers have a different method of computing distance, that's for sure.
First, I would upgrade your membership to Premier. Second, I would have towed the car to the house and then called for a second tow from there to the shop. I believe you get about 3 short distance tows with that membership, don't you?
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TIDEWATER, VIRGINIA -- I called AAA because the transmission in my car died. It's my husband's vehicle and I hadn't noticed that while we had current registration he had not put the sticker on the plate. Tow truck shows up and notices and tells me it's now $200 to tow my car home! So I told him I couldn't afford that and he left me and 3 kids to figure out how to get the car and ourselves home. Why do I pay for these options if I can't use them? This was also not disclosed during the time of the call. Luckily the person who's driveway I was able to pull into let me keep my car there until I can return with the plate sticker. I also don't blame the driver as I do AAA. He had an order to follow to not allow my car to be towed. I place this solely on AAA.
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Contracted Service provider
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GEORGIA -- Be careful dealing with AAA they get you sign a contract with no price schedule attached to the contract, tell you all about how this contract is so much better than the last, Give you a price sheet they say isn't the correct rates. and just all out lie about the whole thing. then when its time to get paid from them you realize you didn't get paid for everything you then have to submit all the paperwork with your mileage, maps, as detailed as possible. Then they still may not pay you 100% of what you have done. and if they call you to do any type of road service and the customer leaves the scene, you get nothing!! They don't feel its their responsibility to pay you if they dispatch you and their customer leaves..
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AAA Is A Scam - From A AAA Dispatchers Lips
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ANYWHERE USA -- Every bad review about 3A is accurate. The biggest problem is they continue to open new memberships and greedily collect money yet they have so many members now that the supply cannot keep up with the demand. They hire/contract regular tow companies to perform these services (these tow trucks do not belong to AAA they belong to private owners) They do not have enough tow trucks to service all these members and since most of the time cars break down during traffic commute times, this is what causes super long wait times. AAA is greedy and will keep accepting new memberships knowing they have not thoroughly explained their policies and procedures and are not the caped super hero's to help you in your time of need. They are a corporation of thieves like EVERY SINGLE OTHER CORPORATION THAT EXISTS. Its all about greed. AAA has not upgraded their computer systems in over 2 decades to keep up with technology and demand in order to improve efficiency because they are greedy and cheap. Do not waste your money on AAA. Keep your money and set it aside to pay a tow truck directly as you will almost always receive better service when you are paying cash and cut out the greedy middle man. PLUS AAA only pays 30-40 dollars per local run to these tow companies. That is barely worth it to them. It pays fuel and little else. AAA is not worth it for anybody except AAA. Because they keep getting richer and richer while more and more of you are stranded on the roads. Save your AAA money and put it away for a tow and a rainy day. You will be better off.
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CUontheflipside on 04/21/2014:
Last Saturday afternoon I hit a rock in the road, and it instantly flattened my tire. I pulled over to change it, then thought 'why not try AAA?'. So I called them. The dispatcher told me it could take up to an hour. I thought I'd give them a bit, and if it was too long I'd change it myself.
Six minutes later the truck pulled up next to me, and in less than 15 minutes from the call, I had my spare on and was ready to go. So your review is not entirely accurate. The previous time I called them, a year or two ago, I got equally good service. Maybe I'm just lucky.
Paul on 04/22/2014:
Do you have a specific experience to complain about? AAA has always used tow trucks owned by private companies in my experience. Those companies are vetted by AAA, and I have never had any issues with them.

I don't know where you get your data or for that matter what the data is - I love AAA.
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Trip Interruption Coverage Is a Joke!
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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- We were on our way from Tenn to Columbus Ga and then to Atlanta for a Drs appt. that had been set up for weeks. The transmission started leaking. We got on into Columbus to the repair shop and had to rent a car to go on to Atlanta. Because we reached one of our "destinations" (Columbus) AAA will not pay for the car rental to go on to Atlanta. Even though our purpose in being in GA at the time was to go to the doctors appt. in Atlanta! I even called before we rented the car to ensure it would be covered.
I guess I should have lied to them and told them it didn't start leaking until we were in Columbus. I wouldn't have done that, I don't believe in it, but I guess it's the only way you can get the coverage you pay for.
I think I'll call back and tell them I want a copy of the 'policy' in writing. I may even contact my attorney just on principle.
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