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Home owners insurance ripoff
Posted by Parnelligq on 10/06/2009
I had a really bad experience with homeowners insurance through AAA auto. I had full coverage on my home and property, including my swimming pool. When I bought the policy over the phone, they assured me that the pool was also covered. I said I was willing to pay extra for this coverage. Again they assured me that it was covered. In 2001 the pool "hydraulic-ed". I filed a claim with AAA. After two years of jerking me around. They denied the claim. NOT one penny paid out to cover the loss! So please learn from my TOTAL LOSS and DO NOT spend your hard earned money on this ripoff insurance from this dishonest company. Pay the reputable companies for specific insurance and stay away from the B. S. artists like AAA.
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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-06:
Your policy had a declaration sheet, which you would have received shortly after you bought the policy. If it was not listed on there, you should have notified AAA of the omission and had the policy amended. Its hardly a rip off, if you never paid for the pool coverage. If you did and it was on the declaration sheet, then you could have sued.

Don't trust telephone calls for such things. You could have sent a letter, certified return receipt, to AAA confirming the conversation and the coverages bought. That at least would have given you something to argue other than he said/she said.
Posted by parnelligq on 2009-10-10:
When the claim was filed they sent an agent out. They also sent a structural "expert" out to asses the why it happened. They're expert said the pool was made up of cinder-block and the reason it failed was "earth movement". Bull! I had an independent certified engineer come out. He stated that the pool was poured concrete. Duh! He submitted a report that stated the pool "hydraulic-ed" from a high water table. If there had been documentation that the pool was NOT covered it would have been simple for them to present this. But it was covered. This is why they took two years of jerking me around, hoping I would just go away. Finally they just said they denied the claim. A TOTAL RIPOFF R ! P S H M ! T company, PERIOD!
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Posted by Ripped-Off and Taken for a FOOL on 08/18/2009
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Rip-off Artists/AAA Associates at this location: Chris, Drew & Vicky

The One Honest Associate in the bunch: The Actual Mechanic who serviced my vehicle.

The Problem: Had my car towed for the first time to the AAA Car Center to change two parts on my vehicle. My vehicle was in their possession for 5 days, and Chris, Drew or Vicky constantly called and cohersed me to buy an alternator and new battery to repair my vehicle. After these two parts were replaced, I was told that my vehicle was repaired and was "good to go".

However, when I arrived to pick up the vehicle, it would not run. When I confronted Chris, he attempted to find out why my vehicle would not run. He then comes out of the garage, shrugs his shoulders and says I don't know what the problem is and "we do not fix older model vehicles to driveability". I asked him why wasn't I told this before I came to pick up the vehicle and before parts were replaced on my vehicle. I then asked to speak to the mechanic who actually worked on my vehicle.

The mechanic explained to me that he replaced the parts but could see that my vehicle still was not completed fixed to driveability. He stated that he mentioned this to Vicky, the front desk associate, that my vehicle 'still ran roughly', but she did not convey that message to me. They chose to let me come to pick up my vehicle, take my $500.00 first, and then let me find out for myself that the vehicle still would not run. They should have been honest and told me over the phone that my vehicle still would not run.

I ended up having to have it TOWED from the AAA Car Care center to an Auto Repair that actually knew how to REPAIR a vehicle.

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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-18:
Wow...thanks for the post. I live within an hour of Columbia and appreciate the heads up. It's really sad when someone replaces parts on your vehicle which may need replacing but doesn't fix it to drivability????? What's up with that????
Posted by ruined van on 2010-01-01:
The same thing happened to me at AAA Sandhills by the same people. I took my 2003 Chevrolet van in with a major engine problem. The rocker arm on one side was broken. I was told a full inspection of the van was made, and that no problem, it could be fixed to the tune of $1500. But while they were fixing the problem, they BROKE the rocker arm on the other side of the engine. I was told the repairs would now cost $2500. They broke it, but I had to fix it. We called SC Consumer Affairs, and they can't do anything. We called all AAA higher ups, and was told, "Too bad, we had to pay to get it fixed." It was attributed to excessive engine wear. AAA changed my oil just a few days before with the required inspections, and no mention of this. I don't mind paying for what broke on my time, but not for what they admittedly broke. Now my van runs horribly, it sounds terrible, there are now mysteriously appearing electronic problems. A perfectly fine van is now ruined and after paying $2500 to get it fixed (I have to get to work), I do not have a reliable car. We too dealt with Vicky and Chris who wouldn't return phone calls, who made promises they didn't keep. Problem is, we got the same treatment from the supervisors all the way up the chain in this company.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-02:
Before you have problems, you should have already done your research and have a mechanic you can trust. Same goes for a lawyer and dr.
Posted by Got ripped off in Sumerville on 2012-06-02:
The Dorchester Rd AAA "care care center" should ber called rip off center!! As a (former) AAA member I received a coupon for an oil change. As it was the beginning of the holidays and needed to budget, I decided to use this coupon and take it for the discounted oil change. BIG MISTAKE!!!
Next day, as I was on my way to shop for Thanksgiving dinner, someone in the parking lot alerted me that oil was leaking out under my car!! I called AAA and they would not help. Paid other to fix. Turned out, AAA did not tighten oil plug and lost all oil!!Cancelled my AAA membership.
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AAA Emergency Road Service
Posted by Misterscrubs on 08/02/2009
I have AAA Plus and used up my 4 towing in 1 year. I knew I would have to pay an additional $30 for a road service call. I needed a tow about 30 miles to my home. The $30 is just for the service call and it does not include the towing which is $3 a mile additional. If would have cost me a total of $120 to tow my car. Their people are unreliable in the time when they say 1 hour it is usually 2-3 hours. I wanted to speak to a supervisor and the operator would not put the call through. I will tell everyone I know about their terrible service that I know and go with a better company. A company that I can pay monthly and not yearly as with AAA ERS.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-02:
this sounds like a typical story i ahve heard about them before.

very helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-02:
What area are you in? We have had them for years without much trouble. Can't remember when we used them for service, most of our use is for their travel dept and discounts using the AAA card at just about anyplace.
Posted by misterscrubs on 2009-08-02:
Hollywood Florida
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-02:
Oh', we are on the West Coast so we may have lucked out and gotten a better AAA operation. Thanks for coming back with the info. Good to know that they might be hard to work with when in Florida.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-02:
You, already used up the 4 tows for the year? Wow, your cars must not be running well!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-02:
UGH, sorry for your bad experience. I stand by AAA as I have used them 1-2 times a year for ages with no issues.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-03:
If your auto insurance company offers road side assistance coverage, it may be worth checking into.
Posted by Freedom7 on 2009-08-15:
I had AAA Plus membership for 30 years & almost never used it. In 2007, I had a rash of unfortunate incidents with my car (not-at-fault accident, transmission failure, hit a deer, etc.)& used all of the tows alotted to me for that membership year. When it came time to renew for 2008/09, I was denied AAA Plus membership & had to settle for basic. A year later, I called to renew for 2009/10 & there is still a note on my account that I cannot have Plus membership ! If I paid for the membership, why can I not use all the tows alotted to me without being penalized? Has anyone else experienced this?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-15:
i've only had good luck with AAA

they've always helped me change out flat tires
and when the car needed a tow they were there
Posted by waterbury01 on 2010-01-03:
Freedom, they are just like an insurance company, you make a claim they raise rates or flat out drop you when your time is up. The way they look at it is, you pay for the service, we provided, we now don't want to provide anymore as we think you asking for help when we just want your premiums. It's a sad state of affairs indeed.
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AAA-Holiday Automotive Service
Posted by Scman01 on 08/20/2008
ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My car was towed into Holiday Automotive Service in Anderson, SC for service. While the car was in their care, it was damaged, smashed windshield. The owner was very sarcastic about it and said it wasn't his fault and he wasn't going to fix it despite it being INSIDE HIS GARAGE AND ON HIS PROPERTY! He told me, it was an ACT OF GOD that caused this. He was very disrespectful and gave the impression that he just didn't give a damn about anything as long as he got his money. Long story short, my insurance company had to pay for it.

I come from a generation where a business transition isn't considered closed until the customer is happy. I also understand that there are people out there who look for ways to take advantage of business' but still, this was totally unreasonable. I called AAA and gave them a piece of my mind. T

his business IS THE PREFERRED AAA CERTIFIED REPAIR in Anderson SC. If your car breaks down in Anderson, don't take it to them. My car is a collectible car and parts are hard to come by.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 11/14/2008:
This Vehicle sat outside our shop for SEVERAL weeks waiting to be picked up by the customer. This customer was called numerous times to come pick the vehicle up. This winshield was not "smashed", it had recieved a heat crack while sitting in the summer sun.In SC there is NO deductable for auto glass claime and we suggested to call his insurance co. to get it replaced free of charge. This cost the customer nothing and would have cost us to replace the windshield. this vehicle was parked in an open parking lot. If your windshield is heat cracked in the Mall lot, do you try to get the Mall to pay? I think not. our customers are our # 1 priority, and we stand behind our work and our liability. ~~~~Dave Edwards , Owner
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-20:
what was the act of god they claimed?
Posted by Principissa on 2008-08-20:
I'm curious to know what this "Act of God" was. Was it a sledgehammer, screwdriver, someone throwing rocks? Have you filed a police report? If the car was in their care when this happened I believe they are responsible for the damage. Maybe you can call your local consumer news reporter at your local paper or news station and tell them your story. Bad press sometimes forces a business to do the right thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-20:
I'd be willing to bet that a sign reads in plain sight that "they are not responsible for lost stolen or damaged property while on this lot."
He could have shown a little more compasion, though.
Posted by scman01 on 2008-08-21:
Thanks for the reviews. No, he did not have a sign saying not responsible. He said the "act of God" was a hailstorm. folks were are in SC in the middle of a major drought. Plus, I live two miles from this place and it hasn't even rained since they had it. When I told him this he said, "NOW NOW we are not going to start out like this are we?"
He leaves his cars on the road UNLOCKED for anyone to steal or strip. He says that it is not his responsibility what happens!
I spoke to a friend who is a deputy and he said that several months ago he came out to tow a car from him and the driver damaged items on his property retrieving his car. Apparently there wasn't anything he could do legally about it.
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AAA Texas does not answer complaints
Posted by NewsmanRay on 09/24/2006
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- After paying off my AAA credit card, I received a refund for overpayment. A few weeks later, I received a bill for a past due balance with additional charges. I phoned AAA and they said they refunded me in error. But...they would gladly refund the 39 cents finance charge after I pay the amount due. I wrote a letter to AAA in Austin, TX. Over a month has passed and I received no response. Accordingly, I have cancelled my membership with that organization. They do not care about customer complaints. I guess they're too big to care.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-09-24:
Well you did the best thing you could do, and that was let your feet do the talking and walk. If everyone does that, they will start to listen eventually.
Posted by suchkoder on 2006-10-22:
AAA Texas Insurance is the worst. They scam me out of repairs cost for the running board damaged in an accident. When I wrote to Texas Deaprtment of Insurance about that scam, AAA replied that they did not feel like paying for what was "normal wear and tear clearly not impact related". LIARS! You should have seen the danage. Nobody in their right mind would call a running board almost split in two by the blow with one part sticking up at 45 degree angle a "normal wear and tear".
Reason - the cost of repairs for that poart was lower than my deductible.

That's why they did it.

I am still battling them, and surely will not EVER buy an insurance from AAA again.
Posted by luckysgirl on 2007-02-01:
AAA memberships and credit cards are two TOTALY different departments.. I don't understand why you would take your frustrations out on the membership because yoru card had issues..
Posted by Experiencedguy on 2013-08-19:
I had great experiences with AAA Insurance California. However, once I changed to Texas, I had nothing but problems. I am not going to bore you with too many details, but let us just say they are riddled with incompetence.

My advice is to STAY AWAY from AAA Texas Auto insurance. You have been forewarned.
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AAA Is A Scam - From A AAA Dispatchers Lips
Posted by Skiptheusername on 04/20/2014
ANYWHERE USA -- Every bad review about 3A is accurate. The biggest problem is they continue to open new memberships and greedily collect money yet they have so many members now that the supply cannot keep up with the demand. They hire/contract regular tow companies to perform these services (these tow trucks do not belong to AAA they belong to private owners) They do not have enough tow trucks to service all these members and since most of the time cars break down during traffic commute times, this is what causes super long wait times. AAA is greedy and will keep accepting new memberships knowing they have not thoroughly explained their policies and procedures and are not the caped super hero's to help you in your time of need. They are a corporation of thieves like EVERY SINGLE OTHER CORPORATION THAT EXISTS. Its all about greed. AAA has not upgraded their computer systems in over 2 decades to keep up with technology and demand in order to improve efficiency because they are greedy and cheap. Do not waste your money on AAA. Keep your money and set it aside to pay a tow truck directly as you will almost always receive better service when you are paying cash and cut out the greedy middle man. PLUS AAA only pays 30-40 dollars per local run to these tow companies. That is barely worth it to them. It pays fuel and little else. AAA is not worth it for anybody except AAA. Because they keep getting richer and richer while more and more of you are stranded on the roads. Save your AAA money and put it away for a tow and a rainy day. You will be better off.
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Posted by CUontheflipside on 2014-04-21:
Last Saturday afternoon I hit a rock in the road, and it instantly flattened my tire. I pulled over to change it, then thought 'why not try AAA?'. So I called them. The dispatcher told me it could take up to an hour. I thought I'd give them a bit, and if it was too long I'd change it myself.
Six minutes later the truck pulled up next to me, and in less than 15 minutes from the call, I had my spare on and was ready to go. So your review is not entirely accurate. The previous time I called them, a year or two ago, I got equally good service. Maybe I'm just lucky.
Posted by Paul on 2014-04-22:
Do you have a specific experience to complain about? AAA has always used tow trucks owned by private companies in my experience. Those companies are vetted by AAA, and I have never had any issues with them.

I don't know where you get your data or for that matter what the data is - I love AAA.
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Membership Fee Is a Rip Off and Provides Little if Anything Extra
Posted by Jacksuebud on 03/12/2014
TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -- Every year you are required to pay a rising Member fee ($131) besides your premium. There are many 10% discounts available for other companies like hotel! flowers! etched. These discounts may be obtained though other competitive programs. I've obtained travel assist that is minimally discounted by them, no local airport parking. Really don't know what benefit it is to have this but can't have insurance without. This will be the last year for me.
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Trip Interruption Coverage Is a Joke!
Posted by NANAD33 on 02/03/2014
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- We were on our way from Tenn to Columbus Ga and then to Atlanta for a Drs appt. that had been set up for weeks. The transmission started leaking. We got on into Columbus to the repair shop and had to rent a car to go on to Atlanta. Because we reached one of our "destinations" (Columbus) AAA will not pay for the car rental to go on to Atlanta. Even though our purpose in being in GA at the time was to go to the doctors appt. in Atlanta! I even called before we rented the car to ensure it would be covered.
I guess I should have lied to them and told them it didn't start leaking until we were in Columbus. I wouldn't have done that, I don't believe in it, but I guess it's the only way you can get the coverage you pay for.
I think I'll call back and tell them I want a copy of the 'policy' in writing. I may even contact my attorney just on principle.
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AAA response
Posted by Brandts143 on 01/31/2014
Called AAA for car not starting in the coldest weather we seen in years in our area I was told it would 45 minutes to an hour before anyone gets there. The driver was there in less than an half hour couldn't get it started. He called a tow truck he was there in 15minutes. I heard so many bad stories about AAA. My hats off to AAA for a job well done
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Posted by Barry on 2014-02-02:
I've alway had good luck with AAA, had to use them twice last year and the waiting time was minimal.
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Awful, Deceitful, Frustrating, Upsetting
Posted by Omfgitsash on 01/29/2014
NEW YORK -- Never believe AAA estimated time arrival it is never correct. I have used AAA many times for its convenience in a emergency but they take hours to come when they supposedly guarantee 30 minutes. The customer service reps will get your address wrong and try to tell you that you must not know where you are. I have never been happy with their service. Cut your loses and pay for a tow these people are terrible.
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