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Membership Fee Is a Rip Off and Provides Little if Anything Extra
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Rating: 2/51

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -- Every year you are required to pay a rising Member fee ($131) besides your premium. There are many 10% discounts available for other companies like hotel, flowers, etc. These discounts may be obtained through other competitive programs. I've obtained travel assist that is minimally discounted by them, no local airport parking. Really don't know what benefit it is to have this but can't have insurance without. This will be the last year for me.

Aaa Response
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Rating: 5/51

BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Called AAA for car not starting in the coldest weather we seen in years in our area. I was told it would 45 minutes to an hour before anyone gets there. The driver was there in less than a half hour. Couldn't get it started. He called a tow truck. He was there in 15 minutes. I heard so many bad stories about AAA. My hats off to AAA for a job well done.

Good Service
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Rating: 5/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- My Toyota's maintenance appointment was originally on Monday, July 8, 2013, but I couldn't make it, thus changed to today, Wednesday, July 10. They had done a very good job for the maintenance. I can clearly observe the mechanic working through the customer waiting room's glass. They did it on time and carefully.

Oil leak
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- The very first time that I've ever used AAA services since I've been a member and this happens. The towing was great, did a good job. I called AAA and the lady suggested that I have my car towed to one of the AAA car care centers (Charleston, Sam Rittenburg Road). The shop called me and said that the oil control valve was bad and had to get a new part from Toyota and it would take 3 days for the part to arrive. It would cost me over six hundred dollars. I agreed to have the work done.

I picked my car up four days later and as I drove away from the shop a large amount of white smoke came out of the exhaust pipe. I drove it straight home and the car stayed in my driveway for about five days before I used it again. I was very lucky that I happen to see oil in my driveway before I started my car, because most of the oil had leaked out. I refilled the oil in my car and took it back to the AAA car center and they told me that the head gaskets needed to be replaced and it would cost another three hundred and sixty dollars.

It's fine if the gasket needed to be replaced, but I think they should have discovered this before they let me drive away from their shop and maybe damage my engine. I took my car to another shop and they replaced the gaskets for less money and they completely cleaned my engine to make sure that there wasn't any other leaks. AAA should have cleaned my engine and found this leak before they allowed me to drive the car. I spoke with the guy at AAA counter and all he could say was sorry.

Ruined my car
By -

Years ago I owned a Corvair and when the clutch cable broke I called AAA to tow it to a service station for repair. Please note that this was a standard shift car and without a working clutch it remained "in gear". This means that the drive train is always engaged. The proper way to tow would be with a tow truck to lift the wheels off the ground for towing. The company that AAA called sent two men over with a pickup truck. Since the car was stuck in gear, they pushed it to jump start the car and drove it through town to the garage. Needless to say there were stop lights and they would have had to yank the gearshift out of gear to stop.

After I had my garage replace the clutch cable I got in to drive the car only to find that the car made a horrible clanking noise and couldn't be driven. It was found that there were broken teeth on the gears in the transmission which were broken when the gear shift forced the car out of gear while it was moving according to the repair shop mechanic. I called AAA and was told that even though they hired the towing company, they could do nothing about it and I would need to deal with the towing company direct. Even though it was obvious how the transmission got damaged, they refused responsibility and would do nothing.

It cost me over $400 to repair the transmission which was working perfectly prior to the towing or lack thereof. I have been approached by AAA many many times since then to purchase their membership and I then told them the story to which their response was "oh, we're sorry about that". Since they refused to take responsibility for the contractor that they hired, the very least they could have done was to refund my years membership or offer an extra year which they did not do.

Each time they try to recruit me I tell them that I would NEVER use them or trust them again and to stop annoying me with their sales people. I still get constantly mailed and called to join. The bottom line is that they hired the towing company that ruined the transmission and expected me to deal directly with them to which I had no leverage since I didn't hire them. AAA would not even come to my defense.

There is no customer relations address or telephone number to contact AAA so consequently no person in authority to complain to that can correct anything like this happening again. If you are dissatisfied with their service, who do you complain to? Evidently, once they get you hooked into their service they no longer care.

By -

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Rip-off Artists/AAA Associates at this location: **. The One Honest Associate in the bunch: The Actual Mechanic who serviced my vehicle. The Problem: Had my car towed for the first time to the AAA Car Center to change two parts on my vehicle. My vehicle was in their possession for 5 days, and ** constantly called and coerced me to buy an alternator and new battery to repair my vehicle. After these two parts were replaced, I was told that my vehicle was repaired and was "good to go".

However, when I arrived to pick up the vehicle, it would not run. When I confronted **, he attempted to find out why my vehicle would not run. He then comes out of the garage, shrugs his shoulders and says "I don't know what the problem is and we do not fix older model vehicles to driveability." I asked him why wasn't I told this before I came to pick up the vehicle and before parts were replaced on my vehicle. I then asked to speak to the mechanic who actually worked on my vehicle.

The mechanic explained to me that he replaced the parts but could see that my vehicle still was not completed fixed to driveability. He stated that he mentioned this to **, the front desk associate, that my vehicle 'still ran roughly', but she did not convey that message to me. They chose to let me come to pick up my vehicle, take my $500.00 first, and then let me find out for myself that the vehicle still would not run.

They should have been honest and told me over the phone that my vehicle still would not run. I ended up having to have it TOWED from the AAA Car Care center to an Auto Repair that actually knew how to REPAIR a vehicle. I WAS CLEARLY DECEIVED, ROBBED AND RIPOFF BY THESE CRAFTY MONEY GRUBBERS.

AAA Auto Club South - My $800 mistake!
By -

FLORIDA -- I went to work for AAA Auto Club South as an insurance agent at the Palm Beach Gardens Florida Office. The pay structure was very odd, you get a very meager base pay plus points (commission). You are assigned different points for various insurance products. Depending on the product and the company your points (commissions) vary. To complicate matters, AAA withholds 50% of the commission points until you have worked about 6 months, then if you are still employed you get the other half of your money. My complaint, I resigned effective 1/4/2006 and was told by my manager that I would receive the 50% December commission points. After waiting over a month the check never arrived. AAA decided not to pay me the approximately $800 due me. When I spoke with Dan Jiles, AAA's Vice President of the Insurance Agency (who ironically does not appear to have an insurance license in the state of FL) he stated that AAA does not pay any of the bonus points (commission) unless you are employed on pay day. I expressed my dissatisfaction with this policy, asked him to reconsider and was told no. I suggested AAA change the policy as this is unfair. I also suggested they make this policy known as neither I nor my manager knew this policy existed. Dan Jiles stated that this policy was in writing. That may be true but it was so vague and confusing no wonder we misunderstood.

Since leaving AAA on 1/4/2006 AAA placed Help Wanted ads in the Palm Beach Post for agents at the Palm Beach Gardens Florida office, the Lake Worth FL Office and the Delray FL office. Almost 2 months have passed and apparently AAA can't find insurance agents willing to work for the meager pay and the promise they may get their commission points bonus check if they are still employed on payday.

WARNING - If you are in the insurance business think twice before considering working for AAA. In my opinion the pay is poor, you do not get paid for policy renewals, a ridiculous dress code for South Florida (men must wear a neck tie and no facial hair), and a rotating Saturday work schedule. My experience was not favorable. I plan to cancel my AAA Auto membership and move my insurance policy to another agency immediately.

For emergency road service....when I think of the money wasted each year on AAA membership dues and rarely ever used the road service I won't miss this expense.

For travel....I will definitely use, or AAA kept my $800 commission (points) and that is all the money AAA will ever get from me and my family.

Coming soon....... A website dedicated to people that are not happy with AAA.

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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have booked 2 trips through AAA Travel and have had problems on both occasions. This first trip was 12/11 to Costa Rica. We booked the trip months in advance and worked personally with an agent. We were specific about our seat assignment requests & when we tried to confirm our trip we discovered the agent had failed to book our seats as requested.

I thought I would take matters into my own hands & purchased airline tickets through AAA website in March for a trip in July. I selected my seat assignments & received confirmation from AAA Travel. I received a flight change notice by email 4/16/12 & again my seat assignments were listed. I had a question about luggage & went online to research with the airlines only to discover my seats were "UNASSIGNED". I immediately called AAA travel agents and received a run around with blame being placed on the airline.

I felt if there was a problem with my seat selection then I should have been informed of the change by AAA as they had all my contact information. AAA Travel indicated that I would have been given a seat a check in, then why would I have bothered with the months of pre planning. I selected those seats specifically to be near other family members traveling as well as a way to accommodate tall travelers. What seat selections would I have been offered at the ticket counter?? I do not consider this service I consider this misrepresentation.

AAA Travel communicated with me on two occasions and on each occasion confirmed my prior seat selections. Had I not checked myself, I would have been left out in the cold. I will never use AAA Travel service again & I recommend no one else trust this company. As a result I have had to pay up-charges to try to get near the seats previously chosen months ago.

AAA Cannot get AutoPay done right. over bill
By -

MICHIGAN -- I was previously setup as a auto-pay, auto deduct every month for auto insurance. Problem started in Feb when I cancelled my card due to a fraudulent Amazon charge. I forgot to update my auto info so when AAA went to process payment, it was declined. Then my Auto Insurance turned into a 4 month billing cycle. So March 6th, I paid the increased monthly rate of 341 in order to keep my insurance. I faxed in my paperwork to renew auto-pay and put me in the 6 month plan.

3 weeks went by and I went to my local AAA office to confirm all was well with the paperwork. They were unable to locate paperwork, in fact, in order to keep ins going I would pay once again 341 so they could reprocess paperwork, the 1st set of documents were lost. They screw up. I get to told it's the timing of system, nothing we can do. AAA is the cheapest my area right now so I bit the bullet and paid the 341. Resubmitted paperwork again at the office this time. I was told that it should no more than 20 days to process. Because I paid so much in advance, the next 3 billing cycles will be around 110.00.

Surprise, I checked my account to today... another 341. This created 4 bounce check fees. I called and they told me they processed the auto-pay paper work AFTER the billing cycle. I complained that it took AAA 35 days to process the paperwork when I was told no more than 20 days. So because of the delayed paperwork, I was billed outright again as opposed to 3 broken down payments. Because they took their time, I was forced once again to pay more money than I was told. Nothing I can do... she said. Once again, their negligence caused me to pay more money out of pocket for the month and now 110 in bounced check fees.

"Sorry sir, it's all automated", nothing I can do. "But at least your insurance is caught up and no more payments are needed for 2 months." They have a screwed up billing system. If it's all automated, why does it take 20 days to process paperwork. In my case, 35 days. Out of principle, I'm switching to State Farm and paying 20 more a month. Plus I confirmed if I need to update my card on file, they can do it on the spot. No faxing or submitting to corp office to make this happen. Stay AWAY!!!

Road Side Assistant Complaint
By -

HILBERT, WISCONSIN -- I am not sure if my last complaint was sent or not because I accidentally hit a wrong key. The reason for my complaint is this afternoon when I left work I had a flat tire and called AAA for assistance. The person who answered my call was very polite and was trying to be helpful. He told me he would check on getting service to me I waited 15 minutes and he came back on line and said he couldn't find anyone yet who could assist me and then put me on hold again for another 10 or 15 minutes and told me he would have someone call me back when they found someone who could assist me.

I then waited another 10 minutes and was told they were still checking after another 5 or 10 minutes was told it would be 90 minutes to 2 hours before anyone could come out and help me. I realize this was only a flat tire but I couldn't change it myself and besides I do have road side assistance. I then went back into my place of work and got someone to help me out. Now I took this person off their job to help me change the tire.

How would you as an employer like it if a person left their job you were paying them to do left their job to change a tire. Besides when there is an AAA provider just 6 miles from where I work but they were to busy to do what I pay for. I could be understanding if there was a snow storm going on and they were helping people out and not just doing the things in their shops. I am a paying customer and should be given some consideration as well.

This isn't the only time this has happened about 6 months ago when my husband's truck broke down someone from 30 miles had to come out and tow his truck back 6 miles from where he broke down because anyone else closer was too busy. I really feel that if I was out somewhere that I didn't know the area then what would happen? Or maybe I need to understand you system better. I do know that I did get kind of rude to the dispatchers and know that it isn't their fault but the people who are supposed to be AAA assistance should be more responsible for doing their jobs because I am sure they are being paid for it.

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