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Fraudulent Practices
Posted by on 08/01/2007
BRONX, NEW YORK -- I was lured with the hopes of receiving a free estimate from aamco transmissions bronx ny location.

After they take your car they try and take your business by force. They call you and request your date of birth so they can check your car. They do not disclose any charges and since your under the impression that your receiving a free estimate you won't question it. They also won't give you a receit because its a free estimate.

After receiving an estimate of 2,500 to rebuild a transmission and you decide to go somewhere else they force you to pay $600.00. When you question them about their deceitful actions they lie and tell you, we offered you a free eds diagnostic that cost $39.99.

For someone like myself who knows about cars and I also had my car fix by many well known repair shops and never had a problem and when an owner of a franchise lies to you the best thing for you to do is not give them your business.

Go to ripoff.Com and see the numerous complaints this franchise is proudly accumulating. Their main aamco headquarters does not care. After complaining and reporting individually owned franchises are practicing bait and switch and using fraudulent business practices they don't even bother to call customers back. Aamco headquarters phone system ask you to enter your zip code and they will re direct you back to the aamco that defrauded you. This is ludicris.

The best way to combat fraud is for consumers to be aware. If you or a family member is a motorist quickly tell them don't use aamco transmissions. Email friends and tell them to email others. If I did my homework by checking online about a company I probably would have not been defrauded by these people.

This company is now offering to do other repairs to cars.

Many small shops repair transmissions. I got a rebuilt transmission from a small shop for $700.00 No tax. Its been over eight months now and I still don't have a problem. I also got a 6 month warranti. Imagine how much I was going to pay if I allowed aamco transmission to repair my transmission at 2,599.00 Plus tax and god only know how much other hidden fee they would have added.
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-02:
Why would they need your date of birth for a free estimate? Once they asked for that, I would have immediately told them to stop their work, and went and picked up the vehicle.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-02:
I'll bet you anything they wanted the DOB so they could pull a credit report on you and see how much they could soak you for.
Posted by runaway on 2007-08-02:
How did they force you to pay $600? About that time I'd be on the line to the police (for holding my vehicle without my signature on an estimate) and an attorney. About the time you mention attorney with these places tend to back down quite quickly~ just make sure they know the vehicle better by put back together correctly and you'll be taking it elsewhere to make sure they have.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-08-02:
You should go to an investigative reporter and ask them to conduct a hidden camera sting investigation of the aamco stations in your area. They just love these kinds of things and besides, it gives them a break on reporting about Paris Hilton and the other 2 bimbos. Whenever I hear the word AAMCO, my mind becoms filled with words like, ripoff, greasy, slime balls etc. and I don't know how these con artists have stayed in business this long. They are kinda like the Mafia of the transmission business.
Posted by Leonidas10468 on 2007-08-20:

Hi, I had the same problem you described in July with AAMCO, I live in the Bronx and I would like to know the address of that mechanic who fixed your transmition under $1,000?
Secondly, you should take AAMCO to the small claim court as I did. Judges have these complains worked down to a table where they already now how long it takes to diagnose a transmition and to take it down fron the car. In my case I have %70 back of the ransom I paid to get my car out of AAMCO's claws.
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AAMCO Transmission tried to steal my car
Posted by Lampworker2009 on 05/28/2009
GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- In January 2009, my 2003 VW Beetle had transmission problems and required repairs.
I contacted several companies in the US that had wrecked or rebuilt transmission that would work in my car. The quotes were anywhere from $2900 to $3200 plus labor to install (this also ranged from $300-500). I also contacted AAMCO Transmission in Gainesville, FL for a quote on rebuilding the original transmission. They told me over the phone that the quote would be $2700 for a rebuilt transmission for my car. He did say that this was for “soft parts” only. I told him this could not turn into a $5000 repair job. He stated that the most it would cost over the quote would be $489 and that was only if they had to replace the torque converter. He promised me it would not go any higher. All of this conversation was injected with honey, sweetheart, we would never do that to you…
After AAMCO started the work on my car, I didn’t hear back from them for over 5 days. I called on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2009 and asked how things were going with my car. They said, “Oh, bad news”. Now the quote for the repairs was for over $4700. I told them I could not pay that. He told me it was too late-the work had already been done and there was no going back. I asked what options I had at that time and he said “None”.
AAMCO stated that I had authorized the work on my car based on the fact that I gave my father’s first name (John). My father’s name was Charles.
I received a certified letter on April 9, 2009 from AAMCO with their intentions to auction my car on May 7, 2009 for $4182.30. They were also charging me $50 a day storage since whenever they decided to start charging me even more money so that I would be unable to get my car back. I consulted a lawyer and after hearing my story, he told me to file a civil suit in small claims court and tell the judge exactly what you told me. He said that since they refused to provide me with a written quote and the quote was changed after the work began, that they could not legally take my car. I called the manager AAMCO and I asked him to please do not auction my car. I told him the case had been reopened by Consumer Services and that I had filed for an emergency hearing at the Clerk of Courts. I had also called Consumer Services that day and he said to call AAMCO and try to work out a deal with them. He said he had no power to stop the auction. When I spoke with AAMCO at AAMCO, he told me he didn’t care what Consumer Services said, he would do as he pleased. He also stated that I file all the civil suits I wanted, he would sell the car if he wanted to. I also asked him could I please have my personal belonging from the car. He said no I could not. Everything in the car belonged to him now. I said are you telling me I can’t have my personal belonging and he then backtracked and said that the car was in another location and when and if it were auctioned, I would maybe get my personal effects.
On May 25, 2009, my daughter and I were driving around looking for a used car for her. She is in school at the University of West Florida and her car recently had a timing belt break which in turn ruined the engine. The car was old (Honda 1989 CRX) so we sold it for scrap and we were out looking for another older car. We drove by AAMCO on Main Street and I told Jessica “There’s the place that stole my car” as we drove by. She said “I see it. It’s parked in the back.” I couldn’t believe it was there since I was told it was elsewhere. We drove over to the car and found a note left by Detective Quirk. The note stated that the vehicle was unlawfuly entered. A witness observed the suspect and called 911. Officers located and arrested the suspect but were unable to contact me.
I was so upset. AAMCO had left my car unlocked-both doors. The car is keyless entry only. The back window was partially down and the back floorboard carpets were standing in about 2 inches of water. My vehicle registration and insurance card were laying on the passenger seat. The glove box was destroyed and would not open. I’m not sure what all was taken since it has been so long since I have seen my car. I made a decision at that time to take my car back. I called a friend and he came and towed the car to his garage. He has since looked at the car. The transmission and all the mountings for the transmission are missing.
I was contacted (May 26) by the Gainesville police in reference to both the break in on Sunday and they also informed me that AAMCO had reported the car as stolen. I told them it was not stolen. She said that AAMCO stated they held title to my car. I said they do not hold title to my car, I hold the title to my car. Then she corrected herself and stated that AAMCO had filed for title to my car. It is my understanding of the law that AAMCO is attempting to obtain title to my car by illegal means. Also, I would not disclose the location of my car to the Gainesville police because I feared that AAMCO would try to steal it. The police stated that this was a civil matter and they would not pursue it.
I paid $30,000.00 for my 2003 Turbo Charged, fully loaded VW Beetle Convertible. For 5 years, I paid payments of $575 each month. I finally paid the car off on January 9, 2009 when I received my first paycheck in 6 months. I got several quotes, selected the Lowest, and expected the repair shop to be honest in dealing with me. They have been everything but honest with me. Everything AAMCO has told me thus far has been a lie. I also find it very dishonest to refuse to provide me with a written quote despite how many times I asked. Yes, I finally got the quotes on Feb. 10, 2009, but by then it was too late, according to AAMCO. The work had been done.

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Posted by Skye on 2009-05-28:
Did you sign any paperwork before they did all this work??
Posted by saj80 on 2009-05-28:
When is your court case? If what you are saying is true, and they can not provide a signed authorization, you may very well easily win this case and get a judgment against AAMCO.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-28:
So when are you going to take the attorney's advice?
Posted by NofriendofAX on 2009-05-28:
Great review. Nice to know what could happen if you don't get everything in writing. If someone gave me a quote that was lower than any of the mechanics, I would make sure they wrote on the quote that they will not work on the car if the bill exceeded a certain amount. This way neither is liable and you have it in writing.

I'm glad you got your car back - to bad it wasn't in great shape. It's kinda of poetic justice.

Good luck with the lawsuit - you'll have to let us know what happens....
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-28:
You should definitely sue AAMCO for the maximum jurisdictional limit, which is $5,000. Any higher and you will have to take it to civil court (aka large claims court) which is more costly and time consuming.

Also, I recommend contacting your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Make sure they are aware of your situation so they do not change the title.

What happened to you is appalling and I will make sure to avoid this chain because of your story. Voted helpful.

Please keep us updated with your situation.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-28:
I'm a little surprised the attorney didn't want to handle the case and recommended small claims. Considering the damage to the car, you may wish to go with representation, of course including that in the suit.
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Bad Job
Posted by Jurgenh on 09/10/2008
EAST POINT, GEORGIA -- We needed a new transmission for our minivan, some one recommended us to Aamco East Point Ga.
We got the van back and it was running fine until about 1 week after the warranty was over.
We broke down with transmission problems, had the car towed to my trusted auto shop( I should have used in the first place) and he told us that that was a very bad job done by Aamco. We had to get the transmission replaced again.

I did finally get a hold of the manager/owner after my complain being ignored for over one month, and the lame excuse was: Sorry we had a bad contractor at that time, I was offered the same price as last time (thanks a lot), after some conversation, they said they would look into it and see what they could do to help. I never heard from them,again. The Aamco main office was absolutely no help either, they didn't care.

All I wanted is to get a discount or some kind of help, but the way I was treated and brushed of is unacceptable. I will never do business with Aamco again and have for quite some time told every one I can think of, about the problems I had with Aamco East Point Ga ,and will continue to do so.
I wonder how many to how many lost customers that amounts to. probably a lot more than what it would have cost to do the job right and do what they are supposed to do CUSTOMER SERVICE

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Posted by pennypicher on 2008-09-10:
I too should have learned from the past. My daughters car had a new tranny put in via Lynn Mass. Less than 9 months later we couldn't move the car. Locked in gear?? Finally got car to move and went back to Aamco. Removed tranny and found broken teeth. were causing jam. Need new $2500 tranny. Less than a year but over the miles so no warranty. Made them reinstall the tranny and sold the car. SCREW them!!! The first time they also replaced the wrong side wheel bearing then had the balls to charge me for replacing the correct one a week later. Big name poor workmanship, cust service etc.
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Bait and switch - car returned dirty
Posted by Theshadowknows on 05/14/2006
COLMAR, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was drawn to try Aamco because I drive by the store frequently and noticed their sign advertising brake shoes and pads, most cars, $169.95. When the rear brakes went in my car, I stopped in to inquire about possible costs to repair. I gave the person at the counter a good description of the problem and told him that the rear brakes have never been serviced before. He told me that, worst case, about $300.00. I dropped the car off the next day for repair. I received a phone call later in the day informing me of all the work that had to be done. The new estimate was now $700.00. I authorized the work. When the car was finished, they called with a final cost of $850.00. I reluctantly paid the fee and took the car. The work seemed to be done well as all the parts they said were replaced, actually were. I am pleased with the quality of the work, but feel as if I was drawn in by deceptive advertising. I have aluminum wheels which are kept perfectly clean and shiny. I noticed the 2 rear wheels are now soiled with dirt and grime as well as the tires. I washed them and scum was removed from the tires, but not the wheels. I suspect polish will take it off. For the premium price that I paid for this work, my vehicle should have been returned to me in the same condition as it was when left there for repair. This is a sign of a lack of care and respect for the customer. I will not be returning there or referring anyone to their shop.
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My Three Week Transmission Repair In Dover Delaware
Posted by Rdaino on 11/12/2010
DOVER, DELAWARE -- Aamco visit number 1.(One day) after reading the check engine light code which stated my transmission was failing, I was quoted it would cost 1,600 to 2,000 dollars I choose to go to Aamco because it was a well known name. After first visit and trans. Repair my bill was 2,700 dollars. When I asked about the difference in price they said that there was more wrong than they thought, trusting the name from the constant commercials I've seen on TV I said ok. After I drove about two miles my check engine light came on. Then turn around and took it back and was told they forgot to reset that light. So they did that about 5 miles after I left this time it came on again. Went back and was told they didn't have time to investigate the problem but would discount the light and was told it would be fine and to bring it back later. Knowing that some auto repairs can be tricky I agreed and said ok. Visit number 2(3 hours).They switched some bushing because they said maybe the rebuilt ones they had put may have been bad. After waiting 3 hours I was told "opps" that they were also bad cause the problem still was not fixed. They then told me they would order new ones so I would have to come back when they got them in and mentioned that now "the fine jewels in my cat. Converter needed to settle because they have probably been disturbed. Trip number three(one day).All was good for a week then transmission started same thing it was doing in the beginning and check engine light is on again. Aamco trip number four (four days)now I'm being told nothing is wrong cause it's not messing up for them even after 5 of my friends have taken it for a ride and it messed up on all of them. I was just trying to get some input. Also, they say the check engine light is a code for the cat. Converter. Which now tom is saying they never touched it even he already told me they did. I will tell everyone I ever see, and working in two restaurants that's a lot, never never never go to Aamco if they don't fix this.1,600 To now what could be over 4,000 and now 6 days of unpaid work. Regretfully for choosing, rodney
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The Worst Customer Service Experience of My Life
Posted by A Criminally Negligent Operation! on 08/27/2008
WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Last spring, I was having trouble with my vehicle skipping and jerking when it took off. I took it to the Aamco Transmissions shop on University Parkway in Winston-Salem, NC for to have a “free” diagnostic test done. Manager [snip] contacted me later that day and informed me that I had some “internal transmission problems.” He said he needed to do an internal diagnostic test to be sure what exactly these illusive problems entailed. The internal test cost nearly $500 and required the transmission to be removed from the car. In my naivety, I trusted the manager’s words and agreed to have the work performed. [snip] advised me that he would help me negotiate the warranty for the car to have the work covered. This was a Friday afternoon. I asked if I could come and pick the car up and bring it back the following Monday, as the shop was closed on the weekends, but [snip] said he couldn’t promise it would be covered by the warranty if driven off the lot, and strongly advised me not to move it. Around closing time that evening, we discovered that my car was not covered under warranty and I made the decision to have the internal diagnostic test done. I was told that work might begin as early as the next day.

Upon leaving the shop that evening, it took one phone call for me to encounter someone who had had a negative experience with the very same shop. I was cautioned not to trust the company, and to recover my car right away. I immediately called the shop--this was about 10 minutes after I had left. My call was forwarded to a voicemail (the manager and owner take turns answering calls after hours).

I left a message rescinding my permission to repair the car and imploring the recipient, whom I later discovered was [snip], the owner of the establishment, to return the call. Subsequent phone calls yielded no response.

The next morning around 8:00 a.m., I traveled to the shop in hopes of encountering a mechanic who could release my vehicle. When I found no one on the premises, I again called the shop number, this time getting [snip] in the flesh. [snip] apologized profusely, saying that [snip] was out of town and he was not sure he would be able to get in touch with him. While [snip] told me he “wished he could help” me, his hands were tied, he said. There was nothing he could do. He promised to keep calling [snip] and leaving voice messages. I wrote two notes to the mechanics at the shop and posted them on the front and bay doors, as advised by [snip] (when pressed).

I returned to the shop later that afternoon and observed that my car had been moved on the risers; my notes had obviously been ignored.
That Monday morning, I called the shop only to learn that my transmission had been removed, despite my pleas to suspend its service. I was told by [snip] that no one had seen my notes.

Desperate to recover my car and avoid incurring any further costs, I agreed to pay the exorbitant amount of $400 in labor fees that [snip] said he could not avoid charging me. No internal diagnostic test had been performed, I was told, and so in essence, I paid $400 for the right to take my car back.

Feeling unsettled by the way the whole situation occurred and by the way that [snip] virtually begged me to leave the car in his care, I drove straight to a mechanic that I trusted to have it checked out.

Within minutes, my mechanic discovered that the shifter cable on my transmission had been snapped and was replaced with plastic zip ties.

Furious, I returned to the shop to confront [snip], who was unmoved by my anger and seemed largely unsurprised by my findings. He goaded me and told me to “sue him” if I saw fit. He said that he would fix the part, but I no longer trusted his word or the work of his mechanics.

After much investigation, I tracked [snip] down and discovered that he was the owner of the shop. [snip] never apologized for what happened to me and offered little assistance or concern, saying only that he would “talk to” [snip].

I later called the corporate office, only to find them equally unhelpful. Weeks of phone calls to every conceivable person led only to the conclusion I had reached on my own: my only option was to allow the shop to replace the part.

The part has been on back order since February and I am still awaiting my repair. I later learned that my all my transmission needed was a $12 gasket, which my non-mechanic boyfriend discovered by simply crawling underneath the car and looking.

This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had, by far. I am not a wealthy woman, and this experience has been the source of great emotional strain and angst for me. I have lost my faith in businesses and still get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I pass the shop. It is my hope that sharing my story will spare some other trusting soul the unrest I still endure.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
Unfortunately, this is the way with several mechanic shops today. Especially if they see that a woman is coming in alone. They see that as an opportunity to charge you for work you don't need. I would recommend that next time, when you go to a mechanic, to bring your boyfriend with you if you can. I always bring my dad with me, or at least have him call the mechanic before I go over there. But I digress.

I think it would be a good idea for you to contact an attorney. You say that you have proof that the other mechanic saw the cable ties, right? If that's so, maybe you can get them to refund you the money for losses. I wish you the best of luck.
Posted by moneybags on 2008-08-27:
Contact your DA and ask about aconsumer fraud unit. This is a great criminal case for them (set up a sting) and/or contact 20/20 or 60 Minutes! Also contact the State Attorney General's office. Again-consumer fraud.
Posted by vermont patriot on 2008-08-28:
so typical of aamco...STAY AWAY FROM THESE CHAIN REPAIR SHOPS!!!!!!!
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Bait & Switch
Posted by Alin on 08/06/2006
DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- I need to rebuilt my transmission on my 2003 dodge intrepid. i phoned aamco about their price and service and i was told to bring in the car and let them do a Free EDS Electronic Diagnostic Service on the car to pinpoint what the problem is in order to give me an accurate price. I thought that was fair. I left my car at their shop and the next day they call me to say that the price to rebuilt my transmission would be $1295. I gave them the authorization to start on the work at this price. The next day they call me to say that they found other things that need to be changed related to the tranmission and the price is now $2200! when i told them that i dont want them to do it at that price and im coming to pick up my car they said that i owe them $395 for labor charge now because they took down the transmissiona dn opened it up. I felt this was unfair since they told me the high $2200 AFTER they opened the transmission, leaving me with no choice but to either pay their $395 or do it at their shop. I would never never take any of my cars to Aamco and i do not recommend noone to take it there either. They use pressure tactics for you to leave the car at their shop and do the work and charge you more than what they tell you. They are a classic ripoff and someone needs to close them down.
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Posted by eperry2 on 2006-08-07:
Seems unfair in a way however it is true that a complicated repair like this does take time to check out and some things cant be seen until the trans is removed so while annoying no trans shop could tell you before they do it exactly what it will cost. Thats why I go to an independent machanic who just gives me a rebuilt part installed price and while I know it is more money I trust the work and there is no hassle. AAMCO is in trouble these days since they just dont rebuilt transmissions enough like they used to - AMCO is even going to trying to sell tires now to make enough money to survive - they must be desperate.
Posted by bezo112 on 2006-08-15:
I agree with you 100% and u shouldn't have 2 pay for anything. Which Aamco was this that did this to you?
Posted by Dee888 on 2006-12-12:
The same problem: A couple of weeks ago, I had my personal mechanic check my car out and since he didn't specialize in rebuilding transmissions I called around in search of transmissions spacialists.
When I called Aamco (North Miami Beach, FL location) a gentleman whom said he was the owner, told me he could tow and check my car absolutely free. Since I purchased the car only 6 months earlier I wanted to save as much money as possible, so I asked 3 times "Is there ANY charge I should be advised of?" He repeatedly said no and told me he would inspect the car and call me the following day for an APPROXIMATE quote. The same day he called and told me it would be between $1,000 - $1,600 and he would only know exactly after he took the engine apart, knowing a little about mechanics I asked him how much it would cost to put the engine back together if I wasn't interested and he said a few hundred dollars. I told him I needed to think about it and would call him back, his attitude changed immediately and told me to call him by 5pm when it was already 3:45pm, when I called back at 4:30pm and told him I was not interested he quickly said "I'm on the other line, I will call you back"(throughout the day he always took my calls but the he seemed to be pushing me away).
I started to get nervous after calling again at 5pm without a response, when he picked up he told me I could NOT pick up my car, my boyfriend immediately drove us to the Aamco shop and got on the cellphone with him, as we were parked in his lot staring at my car he again said I could not get my car, I asked why and he said it wasn't safe, well I said it didn't matter, then he replied "The only thing is that you have to pay $50 for the tow" when I advised him that he didn't previously inform me of this charge he replied with "Why would you assume it's free", form that point I lost control and told him I would call the police if he didn't come outside and give me my car, right away he said ok you don't have to pay and played the concerned act.
***He only advised me of the fee for putting the transmission back together, if work was declined, after I asked specifically.
Be aware people ask as many questions as you'd like and do your research.
From a female car owner!!!
Take care!
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Warranty repair
Posted by Jcole22222 on 03/07/2014
CENTERPOINT, ALABAMA -- My vehicle was towed to AAMCO February 24th, 2014 the transmission had been rebuilt by AAMCO In January 2013. The car stopped pulling, it is still under warranty until March 11 2014. The car sat there for 2 weeks. Finally someone called to say they have lost the keys to the car I would need to deliver them a new set of keys. Thankfully I had a set of spare keys to the car so I dropped them off the next day. One day passed I did not hear anything the next day the same person (Eric) called and advised me the mileage on the paper work for the warranty (that they filled out) had incorrect mileage on it and that I had apparently rolled the miles back on the car. I called corporate to try to locate the owner of the AAMCO. Corporate was quick to respond I will say they provided the Owners information. I spoke with the owner and was advised he would meet with shop manager the following day. At 3:00 the following day the owner called and advised me that I had rolled the miles back on the car, and in fact the transmission in the car is not the transmission they put in the car. he also went on to say he wanted the car off his lot by Monday.

I have never experienced any business that operates in this manner. The transmission is under warranty and the owner is apparently willing to say anything to avoid making this good. I would advise anyone needing transmission work not to use AAMCO EVER........
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Dismantled My Engine, Took It Apart And Would Not Put It Back Together
Posted by Noahsgrandpa1 on 12/09/2013
RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA -- Aamco #21150(john r. Copenhaven 12158 san pablo, ave richmond, ca.94805 510-2351865 I took my 2001 pt cruiser in to have the water pump changed they pulled the motor to change the pump and timing belt, that took about three weeks for them to do to me it look like another engine when I took car home the oil was very black so I changed the oil in the past when I changed the oil and changed the oil filter it took five an a half qts to fill to max this time it took seven qts I called owner about this he said that was ok, then my car engine started to make knocking sound I was told to bring car in, owner of aamco took it for a test drive the car stop running so he had it tow back to shop I was told that they would get to it in a day or two they call me to tell me that two of my four cylinders were not working I told them to put it back together and I would come and get it they would not I was told that they would chain it up so I could have it towed they put parts in the back seat and a head that do not go with the engine. I paid these people $1500.00 and I have nothing, no engine in my car parts every where I would like some one from your company
to come to my home to look at what these people sent me home with my name is john kendrix, ph#7072460578 I hope to hear from you thank you very much.
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Just Flat Wrong - Free Diagnostic
Posted by Bballzelmo07 on 12/01/2013
NAMPA, IDAHO -- I took 3 cars in for a check engine light on. We knew what the code was on each. The first one was to be done in 2 hours so we left the truck at 12: 30pm. At the end of the day they wanted to keep it over night they said they wanted to test in the cold weather. We later found out they did not get to it at all. MAF was all it was and needed to be cleaned. They told us it was the intake gasket, sensors and PVC . It was to cost us over 1400.00. The second car we took in we new it was the gas cap. They told us 4 hour later it was the intake gasket once again and would cost us 1300.00. The 3rd car was the same. Intake gasket 1300.00. I will tell you if I had a business that performed this way to customers they would be fired. I see you have many complaints with BBB and others. I will never go back and I will let everyone I know what happened. I will call the radio station and let them know what they are telling their audience to do is wrong. This is like taking a baby for care in a doctors hands and finding out they are not qualified to do so and charge you much more than they did. I have reported this to the BBB, state attorney and the Sec of state. It is sad times when a business tries to rip you off.
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