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AAMCO Transmission tried to steal my car
Posted by on
GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- In January 2009, my 2003 VW Beetle had transmission problems and required repairs.
I contacted several companies in the US that had wrecked or rebuilt transmission that would work in my car. The quotes were anywhere from $2900 to $3200 plus labor to install (this also ranged from $300-500). I also contacted AAMCO Transmission in Gainesville, FL for a quote on rebuilding the original transmission. They told me over the phone that the quote would be $2700 for a rebuilt transmission for my car. He did say that this was for “soft parts” only. I told him this could not turn into a $5000 repair job. He stated that the most it would cost over the quote would be $489 and that was only if they had to replace the torque converter. He promised me it would not go any higher. All of this conversation was injected with honey, sweetheart, we would never do that to you…
After AAMCO started the work on my car, I didn’t hear back from them for over 5 days. I called on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2009 and asked how things were going with my car. They said, “Oh, bad news”. Now the quote for the repairs was for over $4700. I told them I could not pay that. He told me it was too late-the work had already been done and there was no going back. I asked what options I had at that time and he said “None”.
AAMCO stated that I had authorized the work on my car based on the fact that I gave my father’s first name (John). My father’s name was Charles.
I received a certified letter on April 9, 2009 from AAMCO with their intentions to auction my car on May 7, 2009 for $4182.30. They were also charging me $50 a day storage since whenever they decided to start charging me even more money so that I would be unable to get my car back. I consulted a lawyer and after hearing my story, he told me to file a civil suit in small claims court and tell the judge exactly what you told me. He said that since they refused to provide me with a written quote and the quote was changed after the work began, that they could not legally take my car. I called the manager AAMCO and I asked him to please do not auction my car. I told him the case had been reopened by Consumer Services and that I had filed for an emergency hearing at the Clerk of Courts. I had also called Consumer Services that day and he said to call AAMCO and try to work out a deal with them. He said he had no power to stop the auction. When I spoke with AAMCO at AAMCO, he told me he didn’t care what Consumer Services said, he would do as he pleased. He also stated that I file all the civil suits I wanted, he would sell the car if he wanted to. I also asked him could I please have my personal belonging from the car. He said no I could not. Everything in the car belonged to him now. I said are you telling me I can’t have my personal belonging and he then backtracked and said that the car was in another location and when and if it were auctioned, I would maybe get my personal effects.
On May 25, 2009, my daughter and I were driving around looking for a used car for her. She is in school at the University of West Florida and her car recently had a timing belt break which in turn ruined the engine. The car was old (Honda 1989 CRX) so we sold it for scrap and we were out looking for another older car. We drove by AAMCO on Main Street and I told Jessica “There’s the place that stole my car” as we drove by. She said “I see it. It’s parked in the back.” I couldn’t believe it was there since I was told it was elsewhere. We drove over to the car and found a note left by Detective Quirk. The note stated that the vehicle was unlawfuly entered. A witness observed the suspect and called 911. Officers located and arrested the suspect but were unable to contact me.
I was so upset. AAMCO had left my car unlocked-both doors. The car is keyless entry only. The back window was partially down and the back floorboard carpets were standing in about 2 inches of water. My vehicle registration and insurance card were laying on the passenger seat. The glove box was destroyed and would not open. I’m not sure what all was taken since it has been so long since I have seen my car. I made a decision at that time to take my car back. I called a friend and he came and towed the car to his garage. He has since looked at the car. The transmission and all the mountings for the transmission are missing.
I was contacted (May 26) by the Gainesville police in reference to both the break in on Sunday and they also informed me that AAMCO had reported the car as stolen. I told them it was not stolen. She said that AAMCO stated they held title to my car. I said they do not hold title to my car, I hold the title to my car. Then she corrected herself and stated that AAMCO had filed for title to my car. It is my understanding of the law that AAMCO is attempting to obtain title to my car by illegal means. Also, I would not disclose the location of my car to the Gainesville police because I feared that AAMCO would try to steal it. The police stated that this was a civil matter and they would not pursue it.
I paid $30,000.00 for my 2003 Turbo Charged, fully loaded VW Beetle Convertible. For 5 years, I paid payments of $575 each month. I finally paid the car off on January 9, 2009 when I received my first paycheck in 6 months. I got several quotes, selected the Lowest, and expected the repair shop to be honest in dealing with me. They have been everything but honest with me. Everything AAMCO has told me thus far has been a lie. I also find it very dishonest to refuse to provide me with a written quote despite how many times I asked. Yes, I finally got the quotes on Feb. 10, 2009, but by then it was too late, according to AAMCO. The work had been done.

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User Replies:
Skye on 05/28/2009:
Did you sign any paperwork before they did all this work??
saj80 on 05/28/2009:
When is your court case? If what you are saying is true, and they can not provide a signed authorization, you may very well easily win this case and get a judgment against AAMCO.
BokiBean on 05/28/2009:
So when are you going to take the attorney's advice?
NofriendofAX on 05/28/2009:
Great review. Nice to know what could happen if you don't get everything in writing. If someone gave me a quote that was lower than any of the mechanics, I would make sure they wrote on the quote that they will not work on the car if the bill exceeded a certain amount. This way neither is liable and you have it in writing.

I'm glad you got your car back - to bad it wasn't in great shape. It's kind of of poetic justice.

Good luck with the lawsuit - you'll have to let us know what happens....
Soaring Consumer on 05/28/2009:
You should definitely sue AAMCO for the maximum jurisdictional limit, which is $5,000. Any higher and you will have to take it to civil court (aka large claims court) which is more costly and time consuming.

Also, I recommend contacting your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Make sure they are aware of your situation so they do not change the title.

What happened to you is appalling and I will make sure to avoid this chain because of your story. Voted helpful.

Please keep us updated with your situation.
Slimjim on 05/28/2009:
I'm a little surprised the attorney didn't want to handle the case and recommended small claims. Considering the damage to the car, you may wish to go with representation, of course including that in the suit.
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Aamco Transmissions is a horrible terrible place to be avoided at all costs!
Posted by on
ALBUQUERQUE NM, NEW MEXICO -- Terrible, awful, horrible place full of dishonest untrustworthy people to be avoided at all costs.

The Aamco store located at 6629 Lomas Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque NM Lomas Street in Albuquerque NM 87110 had my classic Ford with a four-speed manual for literally 3 months attempting to repair a leak in a recently rebuilt transmission which was installed at the Aamco store at 68680 Ramon Rd. in Cathedral City, Ca 92234.

Despite being given literally thousands of dollars to completely rebuild the transmission, clutch and U-joints, neither the Albuquerque store, nor the California store ever fixed the problem or took responsibility.

When I first picked it up, and took it home it did not take me long to notice it leaked about a quart a day. Then, after several week "repair", the car drove seven miles before blowing a front input shaft seal and dumping quarts of fluid into the clutch. Ruining it. Then, after another few weeks, I was again told to come pick up my car. This time, I drove it for a few days and it now it occasionally engaged BOTH first AND reverse gear at the same time. So, again it went back to Aamco. They spent another two weeks trying to fix the sticking in gear problem, and told me to pick it up for the fourth time. At which point, during the test drive with the head technician named "Mike" in the car with me, it had a new vibration so bad you wouldn't drive over 50mph on a dare. The tech swore it was normal even though the car never did that before. When I complained, I was threatened by the staff and told to take my car home despite it not being repaired. So, I took it home. I had spent almost $3000.00 and now it is worse! So, I immediately reported the case to both BAR and NM attorney general. The Albuquerque NM Aamco store blamed the other California Aamco store and so forth, and the car never got fixed, and I never saw that money again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/13/2010:
Wait, WHAT?! Why, in that name of all that is sane, would you entrust a classic automobile to a national chain?!

No, that doesn't excuse the mess you say occurred. However, I cannot believe you didn't have bells, whistles, sirens, huge banners, etc, in front of your face when you even THOUGHT about taking a classic to anyone who does not specifically specialize in said classic.
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Poor service on transmission rebuild
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BARRIE ONTARIO CANADA -- We recently had to have our transmission rebuilt due to a radiator failure in our 2003 Acura MDX. We picked up the SUV after a week and noticed that the "D" on the gear selector was flashing.

We returned the SUV to Aamco and were told that it was a pressure sensor and that they did not have the special tool to install it.
We went to Acura where they replaced the sensor, I asked the people at the service desk why it required a special tool and they looked at me kind of couriously and said it's no special tool only a regular wrench.

When I returned to Aamco they denied the whole thing and stated that the switch was not included in the rebuild of the transmission.
I explained to them that this problem was not present when the transmissiom cooler burst.

5 months down the road we were on the highway and I was accelerating from an on ramp onto the highway when the transmission slipped out of gear.
We returned the SUV to Aamco for repair. While we were there I took a technician out for a test drive and the fault occurred while we were out.

We returned to the shop and the tecnician and the manager were talking about it. We were told to bring the SUV back the next day . My partner brougt it back the next day and the manager and her took it out for another drive. The problem did not occur with the SUV at that time and he stated I can't fix what is not broken. He stated that it could be driver error that was causing the problem.

1 month later we started to experience severe hesitation which felt like a clogged fuel filter so we returned the SUV to Acura. They took it out for a test drive and they called back and told us that they needed to tow the SUV back, that the transmission was dead. The SUV was towed back to Aamco where they took the transmission apart and found that a pump in the transmission was worn and they needed to order a new one. This particular part could not be found in the whole of North America! So it had to be ordered from Japan!!! Total wait time 3 weeks plus installation.

My complaint is that we had to rent a car and pay for it for a fault that arose from Aamco's poor workmanship. I can understand if I brought the SUV in the first time and it was being repaired. But since this was being done under Warrany I feel the onus is on Aamco to provide us with a rental until the SUV is repaired.

I feel that this is very unprofessional of this company and I will never patronize this business again.
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Soldier down
Posted on
Rating: 5/51
OLMYPIA, WASHINGTON -- On AUG 7 2012, I took my Ford F150 super crew triton 5.4 4x4 truck into Aamco for a transmission diagnosis, because I believed the trans was slipping. Any work needed for trans repairs would be covered under warranty. I was relieved to discover there was nothing wrong with my transmission or engine. The manager "Damian" informed me that the real problem was I needed a tune up, their diagnosis of my power train came back positive, no problems at all. He informed me the issue was a needed tune up, and the cost for a full tune up. I immediately replied that I was unable to produce the funds needed, because of my recent family problems, debt and current situation. I was under the impression my insurance would cover any damage that my trans was in. Tune up was the last thing on my mind. After informing Damian that I was broke at the moment and that after a few months I would return with my truck and tune up money. He warned me about using shade tree part time mechanics, by telling me the risk of rookies pulling spark plugs and breaking them off into the engine. He told me that Aamco would give me a tune up and allow pay period, payments of anywhere between 20 to 30 bucks every 1st and 15th until paid in full. I accepted after he convinced me it was a great deal, the price quoted was very low compared too competitors. While the mechanic was abstracting the spark plugs he broke one off. This was a major problem cause they were unable to remove the broken spark plug for three days. At first they were holding me responsible for something the Ford manufacturer made by attempting to charge me to pull my heads in order to abstract the broken plug. I was told that the cost was around $1000 or more for repairs. They said that they might have to pull my engine out to get the plugs out. After speaking to the manager a couple of times, who was very respectful and understanding, I was turned over to the owner who also was very understanding and respectful. They decided that, base on the fact I was not properly informed of the risk involved, the fact that I am an active duty Soldier and due to my financial status, they would do the job completely free of charge. I must admit I was feeling really down about my recent run of bad luck. Aamco of Olympia, has shown with actions that they really do support the troops by taking care of my repairs. They even called me yesterday and said they wanted to keep my truck over the weekend for an additional two days to thoroughly go over my truck. The manager said he wanted to take extra precautions with preventive cleaning of the spark plug holes. I am supposed to get my vehicle back in tip top shape on Monday Augusta 13, 2012 around 10:30 in the morning free of charge, according to the manager Damian. I will return with an update after receiving my beautiful black F150. My leaders are aware of my current situation, and are paying for a full inspection on my vehicle upon return to be sure all is well. My update will be following those results. I know this sounds to good to be true. If all goes as promised by Aamco in Olympia, this business will definitely be the best auto car care center I have ever dealt with.

Thank you Aamco
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 08/11/2012:
While I would never bring any of my vehicles for Aamco. I do applaud the shop owner for doing you a solid.

The spark plug issue is well known to just about anyone who keeps up with cars. Ford used a 2 piece spark plug on the 3 valve 4.6L and 5.4L engines, unfortunately this makes them prone to breakage when extracting them from the head. And there is indeed a specific method that you're supposed to use in extracting them, if you do it according to the book, then the chances of having a plug break is greatly reduced. The downside of it is that it greatly increases the amount of time to do the job ; part of it is leaving letting the penetrating fluid work overnight (preferably) or at least 4-6 hours (minimum). Unfortunately some people try to change out the plugs like they would on a vehicle with ordinary plugs and they end up breaking the plug, and it can be a nightmare to get the broken plug out. Fortunately though, Autolite now makes a 1 piece plug for the Ford 3 valve modular engines, which is godsend for those who regularly work on those engines.
spiderman2 on 08/12/2012:
I'm glad Aamco is taking care of you but I have a question. You state that you thought any transmission work would be covered by warranty and then later you state that you thought it would be covered by insurance. If you were looking at warranty work, wouldn't the work have to be done by an authorized Ford dealership? Aamco will do the work but it wouldn't be covered under your warranty. I hope it all works out for you and thank you for your service!
trmn8r on 08/12/2012:
Sounds like a typical Aamco story. Your tranny isn't in trouble, but you need a routine tuneup. Yeah, OK.

They are doing the right thing in not charging you because they are the ones who did the damage. I sincerely hope that your status as a soldier was not a factor - they should have fixed this for any customer.
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Never Take Your Vehicle to AAMCO in Laurel, Maryland
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- On February 17, 2012, for safety I had my vehicle towed to Aamco. I contacted AAMCO via telephone (301) 776-5944, located at 20 Washington Blvd, Laurel, Maryland 20707, Laurel, Maryland, that the vehicle would be towed because I believe the transmission was slipping. At this time my name, address and date of birth was requested by a representative, Bob. Once vehicle arrived; 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor reached AAMCO, Bob from AAMCO called, notified that they had received the vehicle and they would inspect vehicle to determine the problem and would call me on Monday February 20 because they had a backlog. He mentioned they would do diagnostic on the vehicle to determine what exactly the problem was.

Monday, February 20, Bob notified that the transmission was gone and that it would cost $5,200 to rebuild the transmission. I stated that was entirely too high, why would I pay $5,200 for a rebuilt transmission, when I could purchase a new transmission from the dealer for $3,900. I told him that this price was ridiculous and I would come to retrieve my vehicle. He then notified me that I would have to pay $795 to put the transmission back in my vehicle. I was stunned because I never signed or gave authorization to have the transmission taken out of vehicle only to determine if the problem was the transmission. On Tuesday, February 21, a certified mechanic and I went to retrieve vehicle, only to be told that the price to rebuild the vehicle was $6,200 (the price changed) and $795 was due. The mechanic informed the shop that they didn’t have to drop the transmission to determine if it was gone, they could have driven the vehicle or put on a machine and inform me that the transmission was gone and gave the cost. This was not done nor did I sign a contract.

AAMCO is refusing to return my vehicle unless I pay them $795 to reinstall the transmission. At no point did I sign or authorize to have any work performed.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 05/13/2012:
The sad case here is that they could have driven your vehicle and determined the transmission was bad and STILL charge you $795 diagnostic fee. Also they are not charging you $795 to put the transmission back in the car. If you want proof of this try to get the car released "as is" and put your tranny in a pickup truck to take with you. They will also refuse that. When a place like AAmco sees a tow truck bring a car in--dollar signs go off in their heads. You approved verbally to have diagnostic work performed on your car without getting a price. Never a smart move. The bottom line here is to never do business with a crook.
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Liars, scam artist, ripoffs, false advertisement
Posted by on
I am very disappointed in the service that this "so called business" provided or did not provide in that matter. On July 2,2011 which was a Saturday I called this location to see if I can get an estimate or idea to see roughly how much a repair to a transmission would run. I spoke to Jose. He stated that he could not provide a price over the phone and that he would like for me to come in and bring the vehicle so he can see what the issue with the transmission is. We brought the car in on Tuesday July 6th at 8am like he asked. Jose said that he would not charge us to look at the vehicle and he would give us a price the next business day. The next business day we called and Jose said he was would get back to us but he did not. We made several phone calls and got the run around. On Friday when we called back we spoke to Brian who claims to be the manager of the establishment. He stated that they didn't even look at the car because they were very backed up and the car wasn't even looked at. I was upset and Brian assured us that the car would be done on Monday. On Monday we called and Jose specifically said that the cost to do the work is no more than $2,500.00 and that they would call us when the car is completed to pick up. A week passed by and we called on Monday July 18th to see the status of the vehicle then to find out that the car hasn't even been touch. At this point very frustrated I wanted to pick up the vehicle. Brian apologized and said he would call us back with some news. Brian called back and said the cost of the vehicle is $3,800.00. At this point I'm irate. Arguing back and forth with Brian he asked Jose what was the price he told me and he stated that he indeed say $2,500.00 Brian tried arguing the fact that he didn't know why Jose said that the price that that price is incorrect (by the way Jose is supposebly the owner). At this point I didn't want to do the car. I said I will be there to pick it up. We got a song and a dance about we still have to pay $750.00 because they spent 12 Hours of labor. No work was done to the transmission and Jose said it was FREE to look at the car. Brian called several times today 7/20/2011 harassing me and pleading for us to do the car with them and that it's not smart to go anywhere else etc etc. He litteraly called 5 times to try to convince me to do the car. When I put my foot down and refused he said and I quote: "well come pick up this damn car and your not getting it without paying my $750.00 and hung up. I decided to write this so no one else goes through this again. I see many complaints about Aamco on various different sites and they need to be shut down. I will be taking them to court. I do appreciate the time you took to read this.

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User Replies:
Nathalie on 08/06/2011:
Hi, Christina,
I read your Complaint, and I'm going through the same thing as we speak.I would like to get in contact with you !!!!!
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Fort Walton Beach Aamco scam!
Posted by on
FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- Beware of the Aamco transmission shop in FWB! This place is a full fledged scam that will make up repairs that your vehicle is in need of and then make excuses for why the original problem still exists all the while still expecting payment for the unnecessary fix.

We brought in our Expedition for rear end clunking, our warranty company told us that Aamco will except the warranty company's payment amount. So we think great no out of pocket costs...think again. Aamco said that the rear end needed to be rebuilt and received approval from our warranty company for the work ($1200). The work done and Aamco paid in full the rear end still clunks and now it whines like crazy too. We bring it back in again for another diagnostic and they say nothing is wrong w/ the truck and that we need to bring it back in at 5K miles to have rear end fluid changed and the whining will go away...but it still clunks? They now say that this is "normal" transmission double down shifting and does not require repair...now we are confused because you rebuilt the rear end, which was supposed to be the clunking issue fix and now that isn't a problem at all???

So why did the rear end get rebuilt? No answer...so fast forward to 5K miles later and we bring in the truck for our appointment for the oil to be changed and wait for a full 2 hours after our appointment for the truck to even be taken back for service. We meet w/ the service guy after the oil change and he says it is still whining...we ask why...he says he doesn't know, but it should get better. He goes on to tell us that may be the rear end has additional issues and that is why it is whining, we tell him that it did not whine before they touched it only clunked, now it is whining and clunking.

At this point he says that he noticed uneven wear on our rear tires, this is the most astounding thing about this situation because our tires are brand new with a total of 30 miles on them (yes 30 miles). We tell him that the tires are brand new and cannot possibly show uneven wear after only 30 miles to which he has no reply and simply stumbles over his words, at this point we realize that he is simply trying to get us to once again have an unnecessary repair done at their shop! Once he recovers a little bit from the tires he hits us w/ the total bill for the oil change is $137! I was dumbfounded...we were under the impression that this needed to be done and was a part of the original rebuild costs, he informs us that no it is not and says that he can do away with the labor costs and that we will only be required to pay $67 for the oil.
We have been waiting for several days for the shop manager to return our calls about getting the oil charge refunded to us, the service guy said that it would likely be refunded and yet no one calls us.
Please avoid this shop at all costs or you will probably be in for a nightmare of paying for something that isn't necessary.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/14/2011:
An unfortunate story regarding the failure to diagnose the symptom correctly.

As far as the oil change, I am not sure why you assumed that would be covered under the original repair - it is a separate procedure carried out at a later time, after the new internal parts have been broken it.
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A Total Ripoff
Posted by on

My check engine light was on, so I decided to take advantage of Aamco's advertised "free" check engine diagnostic.

I took my car to the Aamco on Rte. 27 in New Brunswick, NJ. After the experience that I had, I can only say that if my car broke down directly in front of that Aamco, I would immediately have it towed to almost any other mechanic.

I received a call telling me that there were 2 codes, and the only way they could determine what was wrong was to do a deeper diagnostic. They told me that driving the car would result in additional damage to the engine, so I allowed them to find out what was wrong...Meanwhile, I rented a car to get to and from work.

A few days later, they told me that they had had to pull the heads to diagnose the problem and that I needed a new engine. They gave me an estimate of $6,500.00 to replace mine. I told them to put the car back together so that I could pick it up.

My car is a 2002 Toyota Celica with approximately 160,000 miles on it. The Kelly Blue Book trade in value is $ 4,100.00. Clearly it marked no sense to install a new engine!!

I called several times trying to get my car, and a printout of the diagnostic. I asked to speak to the mgr, and was put on hold and thern cut off. I called back and was told that the mgr was on another phone and he would call me back. I waited more than 1/2 hour and called again, and was told that the reason it was taking so long was that they were trying to find a more affordable repair alternative. I asked, "Did I ask you to find an alternative repair?" The person who had answered the phone said, "Well if you're going to be nasty..." and hung up on me. It took a call to Aamco corporate headquarters to get a call back, and the Customer relations person there assured me that the dealer had promised to give me an itemized bill and the diagnostic.

My daughter-in-law picked the car up for me and was presented with a bill @ $518.00. She was told that to determine exactly what was wrong, they would have had to take the engine apart. (Isn't that what they said they had done?). What purported to be a detailed diagnostic said: Best guess is a cracked pistion; and the itemized bill just said: Labor..$518.00.

I have since checked with two other mechanics. They both immediately said that:

1) There is no need to take the heads off to diagnose the problem, and that they would NEVER take the heads off of an engine of that age and mileage to diagnose a problem because it would be almost impossible to put it back together without actually repairing it. and,

2) The normal cost of a "check engine light" diagnostic is at most $ 79.00.

My regular mechanic now has the car. He says it DOES NOT appear that Aamco took the heads off. They most likely just did the "check engine light" diagnostic which is supposed to be FREE!

New Brunswick Aamco charged me $518.00 for absolutely nothing!!!

If you value your check book and your car, STAY AWAY FROM AAMCO!!!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/13/2011:
What were the two codes?
gostrider on 05/22/2011:
I feel your pain. AAMCO is the worst!!!!!
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Charged for repair that wasn't needed
Posted by on
ORLANDO,, FLORIDA -- My name is Mesha Coley from Orlando, Florida and I need help. I took my car to AAMCO Transmission on 5527 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL. 32808 on 02/18/11 for jerking problems when I put my car in drive and reverse. Stanley the representative for this location called me back on the 18th and told me it was my transmission and it needed to be rebuilt. I specially asked Stan will this fix the jerking problem and he said yes. So I told him to go ahead and fix the problem and Stanley told me the total out the door would be $2,193.08 (not knowing that he works on commission). I then picked up my car on the 02/23/11 and was told by Stanley that the car would do a little jerking, for most of the soft and hard parts were replaced he also told me to bring it back in 10 to 15 days to get it rechecked. On Friday just two days later my car started the same exact jerking that it was doing when I first took it in. I immediately called Stan and he said to bring it in. I took my car in on 03/01/11 and a few hours later I called Stan for him to tell me it's not my transmission and that it is natural for it to jerk or that it could my engine at this point but he wasn't sure. I explain to Stan that my car is not supposed to jerk and that if it was not my transmission then did you so call rebuild it? and if was my engine why didn't you fix my engine. I took my car to them for jerking problems and not transmission problems.

Stan then got irate with me and told me that my transmission was going bad anyway and that I would need one rebuilt and or replaced soon. Stan stated that my transmission was slipping and when they drove it was slipping in third gear. How would they know that as to my car shifts into third gear at about 80 miles! Did they ride my car down Colonial drive going 80? So I went to get my car that evening of the 1st and I showed Stan and the mechanic the jerking and Stan then tells me "oh that is a problem and we will fix it". So Stan said for me to bring my car back on 03/02/11 and they would fix it. I took my car back on 03/02/11 @ about 9:15 am. So from that point I called cooperate and spoke with Mike the consumer support manager on 03/02/11 and explain to him what was going on and he stated that he would call them and call me back..

Mike did call me right back at about 10:15 am and told me that they were working on my car and would find and fix the problem. From that point I didn't here from the shop so I called at 12:30 pm and Stan told me that they were still trying to find the problem and that he would call me back. I explain to Stan that I didn't have any other source of transportation and what was I supposed to do. Stan told me to let them find the problem and that he would call me back. As of 4:00 pm I didn't here from them so I called Mike back and he ask had I heard from them and I told him know I haven't and I told Mike again what was I supposed to do without a car and out of $2,193.08 dollars. Mike told me that he didn't know....Mike said that he would call them and call me back. I have disputed the charge, put in a claim with BBB. What else can I do? Can you please help me?
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User Replies:
bcd on 03/02/2011:
You have been cheated. I hope the dispute you mentioned is in reference to a credit card charge.
trmn8r on 03/02/2011:
Your car goes into third gear at 80 mph? I've never heard of that.

I would either be sure that the shop was reputable to move forward with a $2000+ repair, or get a second opinion prior to proceeding. Good luck.
ok4now on 03/02/2011:
Your first mistake was taking your car to AAMCO and letting Stan even touch it. They took you for a ride big time. I would also contact your State Attorney General and file a complaint for fraud. These people are playing you. Thank goodness you put this on a C.C. and can dispute it. Otherwise you would probably be out the money. Keep us posted with the results. Good luck.
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The Worst Customer Service Experience of My Life
Posted by on
WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Last spring, I was having trouble with my vehicle skipping and jerking when it took off. I took it to the Aamco Transmissions shop on University Parkway in Winston-Salem, NC for to have a “free” diagnostic test done. Manager [snip] contacted me later that day and informed me that I had some “internal transmission problems.” He said he needed to do an internal diagnostic test to be sure what exactly these illusive problems entailed. The internal test cost nearly $500 and required the transmission to be removed from the car. In my naivety, I trusted the manager’s words and agreed to have the work performed. [snip] advised me that he would help me negotiate the warranty for the car to have the work covered. This was a Friday afternoon. I asked if I could come and pick the car up and bring it back the following Monday, as the shop was closed on the weekends, but [snip] said he couldn’t promise it would be covered by the warranty if driven off the lot, and strongly advised me not to move it. Around closing time that evening, we discovered that my car was not covered under warranty and I made the decision to have the internal diagnostic test done. I was told that work might begin as early as the next day.

Upon leaving the shop that evening, it took one phone call for me to encounter someone who had had a negative experience with the very same shop. I was cautioned not to trust the company, and to recover my car right away. I immediately called the shop--this was about 10 minutes after I had left. My call was forwarded to a voicemail (the manager and owner take turns answering calls after hours).

I left a message rescinding my permission to repair the car and imploring the recipient, whom I later discovered was [snip], the owner of the establishment, to return the call. Subsequent phone calls yielded no response.

The next morning around 8:00 a.m., I traveled to the shop in hopes of encountering a mechanic who could release my vehicle. When I found no one on the premises, I again called the shop number, this time getting [snip] in the flesh. [snip] apologized profusely, saying that [snip] was out of town and he was not sure he would be able to get in touch with him. While [snip] told me he “wished he could help” me, his hands were tied, he said. There was nothing he could do. He promised to keep calling [snip] and leaving voice messages. I wrote two notes to the mechanics at the shop and posted them on the front and bay doors, as advised by [snip] (when pressed).

I returned to the shop later that afternoon and observed that my car had been moved on the risers; my notes had obviously been ignored.
That Monday morning, I called the shop only to learn that my transmission had been removed, despite my pleas to suspend its service. I was told by [snip] that no one had seen my notes.

Desperate to recover my car and avoid incurring any further costs, I agreed to pay the exorbitant amount of $400 in labor fees that [snip] said he could not avoid charging me. No internal diagnostic test had been performed, I was told, and so in essence, I paid $400 for the right to take my car back.

Feeling unsettled by the way the whole situation occurred and by the way that [snip] virtually begged me to leave the car in his care, I drove straight to a mechanic that I trusted to have it checked out.

Within minutes, my mechanic discovered that the shifter cable on my transmission had been snapped and was replaced with plastic zip ties.

Furious, I returned to the shop to confront [snip], who was unmoved by my anger and seemed largely unsurprised by my findings. He goaded me and told me to “sue him” if I saw fit. He said that he would fix the part, but I no longer trusted his word or the work of his mechanics.

After much investigation, I tracked [snip] down and discovered that he was the owner of the shop. [snip] never apologized for what happened to me and offered little assistance or concern, saying only that he would “talk to” [snip].

I later called the corporate office, only to find them equally unhelpful. Weeks of phone calls to every conceivable person led only to the conclusion I had reached on my own: my only option was to allow the shop to replace the part.

The part has been on back order since February and I am still awaiting my repair. I later learned that my all my transmission needed was a $12 gasket, which my non-mechanic boyfriend discovered by simply crawling underneath the car and looking.

This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had, by far. I am not a wealthy woman, and this experience has been the source of great emotional strain and angst for me. I have lost my faith in businesses and still get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I pass the shop. It is my hope that sharing my story will spare some other trusting soul the unrest I still endure.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/27/2008:
Unfortunately, this is the way with several mechanic shops today. Especially if they see that a woman is coming in alone. They see that as an opportunity to charge you for work you don't need. I would recommend that next time, when you go to a mechanic, to bring your boyfriend with you if you can. I always bring my dad with me, or at least have him call the mechanic before I go over there. But I digress.

I think it would be a good idea for you to contact an attorney. You say that you have proof that the other mechanic saw the cable ties, right? If that's so, maybe you can get them to refund you the money for losses. I wish you the best of luck.
moneybags on 08/27/2008:
Contact your DA and ask about aconsumer fraud unit. This is a great criminal case for them (set up a sting) and/or contact 20/20 or 60 Minutes! Also contact the State Attorney General's office. Again-consumer fraud.
vermont patriot on 08/28/2008:
so typical of aamco...STAY AWAY FROM THESE CHAIN REPAIR SHOPS!!!!!!!
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