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Dishonest and Unreputable Mechanic Shop
Posted by Noemail4846 on 09/14/2013
AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- NEGATIVE 5 STARS !!!! They tried to tell my friend in addition to a new clutch (which he really did need) he also needed new master clutch and slave cylinders. The owner's wife and manager, said it was because the parts were rusted. Really? Water causes rust, not hydraulic fluid. I asked to examine the parts which at first she balked at, then we were only shown the slave cylinder which worked perfectly fine (it's a simple hydraulic cylinder) and no rust. When this was pointed out, she told me I had to leave her shop because I was not the one who signed the work order. Neither her nor the owner could provide a valid reason for either part needing replaced. They threatened to call the police if I would not quit talking although I was very professional and calm in both tone and demeanor. I had to remind them we have freedom of speech in the USA! The owners on the other hand are easily agitated and lack anything close to normal communication skills. They eventually offered to my friend they would reinstall his old master and slave cylinders at no charge if he paid for the clutch work.

For those not mechanically inclined, a hydraulic clutch could not operate at all if either of these parts were dysfunctional. The fact they plan to put them back indicates there was never a problem with them originally. On top of that they were going to charge $177 in labor just to replace these cylinders which anyone could do in their driveway in an hour. They were definitely trying to take advantage of an old army veteran just because he lacked mechanical knowledge. They tried to increase the $630 clutch job to a $950 clutch job. Thieves of Baghdad they are!! I wold have to agree with Donnie V., you would get better service and mechanical work by visiting a preschool. If you want a good mechanic see Joseph DeGray in Auburn next to the concrete statues (as I suggested to my friend).

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-14:
I wouldn't take my car to AAMCO, you know the old joke AAMCO = All Automatics Must Come Out. But there are couple things here that need to be pointed out.

1. If the hydraulic fluid in the slave cylinder gets contaminated, it can certainly rust, particularly if the fluid happens to be DOT 3/4 brake fluid. But if you examined it and there was no rust then they were just trying to pad the bill, which is common for chain automotive repair shops

2. Your freedom of speech ends when you step on private property. They can tell you leave for any reason they want to.

3. $177 to replace the salve cylinder is actually pretty reasonable for a shop in Cali. Their labor rate is probably $90 an hour or better.

It sounds like they are a shady shop, but most chain shops are.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-14:
Since hydraulic fluid is hygroscopic, it retains water over time. This is why you should change your brake fluid every few years. Otherwise, corrosion may occur in calipers, seizing them. It can affect the master cylinder as well.

Business owners may request anyone leave their premises. It sounds like they could have supplied a valid reason.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-09-15:
Had a friend that worked at an AAMCO many years ago. He told me to never let any of their shops touch anything I own. I have had to buy a couple trans over the years, but never at AAMCO based on his advice. Sound advice.
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Do Not Trust What They Tell You
Posted by Spd312 on 09/06/2013
SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- I had a problem with my Lincoln, the transmission at times would shift erratically. the transmission would do this occasionally. I took it to Amoco because they were a national company and I assumed they were trustworthy and did good work, boy was I surprised. the guy drove my car into the shop, popped the hood, pulled the transmission dipstick, looked at it, and put it back. he then started the car worked the shift lever up and down, he turned the car off and shut the hood. he then went off to another part of the shop, after about 10 minutes he came back backed the car out and parked it.

Another man came into the waiting area and told me my transmission " was fried ", I asked him what had they found he said they put it on the computer analyzer and it needed to be replaced because it was fried. I asked what that cost and he said 2,000.00, he didn't look up anything in the computer or check any kind of resource he just said 2,000.00. I told him I didn't believe the transmission was bad and asked for some kind of printout or something from his analyzer which he didn't have, he had nothing to back up his claim. being that a analyzer was never hooked up to my car, a report from the analyzer didn't exist.

liars and cons are all these people are, I am going to make sure I inform everyone I know about this place. the thing is I went to another local owned transmission shop and was told a solenoid was bad, they replaced the solenoid and my car runs like brand new. this repair cost less than $100.00. so there you go
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Extremely Poor Customer Service
Posted by Jewelree54 on 08/29/2013
8129 GEORGIS AVE SILVER SPRING 20910, MARYLAND -- I had my car towed to this company for second opinion after having a rebuilt transmission done in 2009 I was told I needed another one on 11/23/2012. I was quoted a price which when car was ready was more then previously stated and they wanted all the money at once where before, with the same business and transmission mechanic I paid $1000 cash and wrote 3 post dated checks with no problem.

Things got worse for me (job lost) unable to meet my obligations, I had to file bankruptcy. I was informed that I could get my belongings and when I returned to the shop, not only was the car stored on an open lot to the public, but my belongings were gone. Returning back to the office I informed Kevin, who went into the office and made a phone call and never returned or said anything to me.

I called the police to file a report, filed a complaint with the BBB which they are not a member of, the owner is January. I feel this was blatant disregard for their customers vehicles/belongings and extremely poor customer service. in this open to the public storage yard were a late model Audi, Mercedes, and Cadillac.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-08-29:
Do they have signs posted stating they are not responsible for lost or stolen items? If your car was kept locked up, they really didn't do anything wrong and having an open lot doesn't make them guilty of anything.
Posted by azRider on 2013-08-29:
If you knew it was going to cost a certain amount that was quoted and did not have the money to pay it, why did you authorize the work to be done? I would not take post dated checks either. I mean they could bounce. seriously, think about it, I do work on your car, you say here take this check I promise there will be money in there in a week, and I give you the car. how dumb is that? they did the work, they want to be paid all at once. nothing wrong with that at all. sounds to me like you just did not budget your repair correctly. As to stolen items, why did you leave them in the car? I'd never leave anything of value in a car that is going to be repaired for several days or even an hour.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-29:
How long was the car there? You report it needing a transmission Nov 2012. It's now August 2013. If the car has been there so long consider yourself lucky they didn't have it towed off or sold.

Every shop I've ever been to has a sign just like DebtorBasher says. They are not responsible for for personal items left in the vehicle.

The OP does not report the vehicle having been broken in to or damage indicating a break in. One can surmise that an employee took items but without proof all the OP can do is make a claim to her/his insurance company.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-30:
I rate Aamco Transmissions about the same level as Pep-Boys or Wal-Mart Auto service.

I actually knew a guy long ago that worked at a Aamco Transmission. He told me the last place you would ever want to get tranny work done is Aamco Transmissions.

Says little about all the grief above, but it was good advice I will pass on.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-30:
I always take everything out of my car, even before I take it to my trusted mechanic. I would have gone down toot sweet and gotten my stuff, especially if I could not pay for the work.

I think cmthru is on the right track - about all the op can do is file a claim with their insurance co.

BBB complaints actually work best when the company is not a member (ironically), but with this issue I would not expect them to be of assistance.
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Wouldn't Let Them Work on Anything I Own Again
Posted by Hoffmanbmxbikerider on 06/29/2013
It took them three weeks to put new gears in the front and rear. Tech guy matt[snip]would work on it for a little bit and then would stop and work on something else. They have lied to me several times on the phone. I will not take anything there ever again.

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Aamco Ripoff
Posted by Benfahey83 on 04/29/2013
NEW WINDSOR, NEW YORK -- I went to Aamco with transmission problems and received a $2800 quote for a rebuild. The work was done and the bill came out to be $3500. On top of that my rear bumper was damaged, and the battery was dead. I had to buy a new battery, and received no compensation for my bumper damage other than them telling me it was already there. Like I don't know my own vehicle. 30,000 miles later, my transmission is having issues again.

My suggestion to anyone needing vehicle repair, go to a professional mechanic. NOT AAMCO.
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Posted by Jeff on 2013-04-29:
Had a very similar issue as you. Had my transmission rebuilt, cost a crap load of money, had issues with it afterwards, they would do nothing...the kicker? Half way home, I look down at my temperature guage and it was at RED. They drained the coolant and put NONE IN....Almost blew my dang engine. After that I will never ever step foot in an aamco as long as I live.
Posted by Stephanie on 2013-08-11:
I am so nervous. I took my Honda Odyssey to Aamco, Poughkeepsie. What started out as a $2800 quote turned into a $4600 job. I haven't picked up the car yet and may just leave it and let them come after me. It sounds like Aamco is a ripoff all over the country
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They Didn't Fix Orginal Problem ...They Keep Coming Up With More Things That They Say Needs Fixed When None of the Things They Sai
Posted by Sandiashford on 02/20/2013
MARYLAND -- Aamco keeps messing the car up, the day they fixed car we had 2 have car towed back 2 them. Then they claimed they fix it. Car still not running right, my daughter missed 2 days of work because of them they said she needed a battery, her battery was good till they got her car they put in a fuel pump meanwhile they messed more stuff as it is she hasn't been able 2 use her car since they supposedly fixed it her car was running better before they (fixed it) now she has no car its parked in front of house hasn't moved since the day they supposedly fixed it ..... I want the car fixed right they took her money & gave her back a car that is more messed you then it was before
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Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-20:
You need to keep that car away from AAMCO. Find a reputable independent mechanic. It sounds as if they are checking the car computer for codes and fixing the first code that comes up. This is not uncommon, and rarely diagnoses the problem accurately.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-21:
AAMCO is a transmission repair chain now passing itself off as the new WalMart of auto repair. This can't end well for the customer. Uh-oh, looks like you got AAMCO.
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My Rebuilt Transmission For 2003 Windstar
Posted by Jeannine.Harley on 02/11/2013
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- In June of 2011 I brought my van in for a rebuilt transmission. They did the job and gave me a years warranty. They offered a longer warranty of 3 years for about 1,000 more. I could not afford it so I declined. Well 16 months later my transmission went. When I revisited the company they said they can do it again for half of what I paid before. They kept saying a transmission could go anytime even in a new car. I refuse to let them touch it again.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-02-11:
They're right, and some vehicles have lousier transmissions than others. Warranties are a gamble. You pay for the extended warranty and something goes wrong the day after it expires. You decline the extended warranty and you don't have a problem for years if ever. For your peace of mind, look into a local repair shop; they may be able to do it cheaper.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-11:
I think they treated you fairly, based on your report. Warranties have limitations, and unfortunately you were past yours. The problem with breakdowns is you never know how long or how many miles there are before they happen.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-02-11:
Interesting, a new transmission in a new car normally lasts at least 100,000 miles, but these "rebuilt" ones cant even get 2 years out of it.....I had a similar problem with an AAMCO about 10 years a go. Never went back to them again ever.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-12:
Don't feel bad. Had you purchased the extended warranty they would have found some exclusion and you would not be covered. The 2003 Windstar was known for transmission problems. Google search this for Ford issuing a TSB or a silent recall.
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Over Charged for Towing
Posted by Vbdoc1 on 12/27/2012
Indicated they would charge 90 dollars towing to shop and it would be free if work was done there. I checked BBB and they had an F rating, so I had work done elsewhere. They charged me 156 dollars for towing. LIED, LIED, LIED!!!

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Posted by Mrs. V on 2012-12-27:
Most likely it would have been 90.00 if you had the car towed to their shop. But if you didn't, they charged more....
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-27:
So did you have the towing to a different shop then what was originally quoted?
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-12-27:
They didn't lie. The tow would of been free if you had had the car towed to, and the work done at AAMCO. You had the car towed elsewhere. Why shouldn't you have to pay? They did not lie. The tow was free under the condition you had them to do the work.
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Fraudulent Aamco Dealer
Posted by Drmusky on 11/01/2012
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- Took my car to the Rockville, MD Aamco (818 Rockville Pike) to have the starter replaced. They told me I also needed a tune up because the car was running rough - especially new spark plugs and wires. Starter was replaced but I didn't opt for the $300 additional service they recommended on the plugs because the car had been running very smoothly. Car was running rough when I drove home. Opened the hood and one of the wires had been disconnected from the spark plug - oldest trick in the book. Anywhere but the car repair industry this would be attempted theft. Will never use this dealer again.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-02:
Sounds likely. I ordinarily wouldn't use Aamco for anything but their specialty - transmissions, but replacing a starter isn't rocket science.
Posted by olie on 2012-11-03:
Reader's Digest did a story on this in the 80s or 90s. The authors drove across the country, in a vehicle that had been thoroughly vetted by a trusted mechanic. Just before entering a town, the authors pulled a spark plug wire.

Mechanics' responses ranged from "Hey, one of the wires is loose. I fixed it, have a nice day" to "You need a new engine and transmission."

You're right that this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Thank you for the reminder!
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Screwed Up My Transmission N Convertible Converter
Posted by Chahal28 on 10/22/2012
AUBURN, WASHINGTON -- I dropped my car off to rebuild my transmission and they kept it for 4 days. When I drop transmission was the only problem. So, I go after 4 days and I paid my bill and took it home. I notice my car was making weird noises in the transmission. I took it back the next day and they refused to help me and wanted me to come back on Monday. So, I took my car back on Monday and now they are telling me that I need a new convertible converter and will cost about $1000.

Well, when I dropped my car off, it had no problems with the converter. Now, I have to pay because they left it loose or screwed my converter. The transmission doesn't work right, making grinding noise I hardly go up the hill. Anyone please help me, I already paid over $3200 in rebuilt Tran.
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