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They Never Fixed My Problem
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I am crying as I type because I am desperate, AAMCO is abusing my precarious situation, we own a car that even though it's old and maybe it's not worth much, it takes us places we need to go. It's a DODGE STRATUS 95, my little children depend on this car for transportation to school and daycare.

7 months ago it started acting up on us, it kept getting stuck on 3rd gear while driving, obviously we took it to a place to take care of it, we took it to AAMCO the transmission place!!! In Mandarin, they told us that the computer was broken and that they needed to replace it and get a new one, we barely covered what it cost, it was around $400, but got our little savings out of the bank and paid for it.

Approximately 2 weeks later it kept doing the same and we took it back there, this time they told us that the transmission was the one broken and they went ahead and got a rebuilt transmission charging us $2,400. We couldn't pay it for the longest time, so we dealt with it because we couldn't do anything at that time…

Then we couldn't afford our apartment and moved to a church looking for shelter, after almost 2 months I got a loan from the bank with very high interests and went ahead and paid for the car to get it out, thinking that we didn't have to worry about it anymore, to our surprise, oops, it did it again only 3 hours after picking it up!!!

Ever since June AAMCO tows our car back to their store with the same problem, I believe they keep replacing the computer and this is our 8th computer now but I don't think this is the problem. It keeps getting stuck in 3rd gear and our original problem was never solved. We are now desperate, we can't do this, we have a car but every time they tell us the problem is solved, it just isn't. The original symptom is there, it keeps getting stuck in 3rd gear and yesterday I went to ask to refund our money because we would like to pay off the loan and maybe buy another car instead of taking the bus but they refused.

Then I asked if they could please get us a rental to get by until the car is fixed but they refused too… I am desperate, I can't afford to live like this, my daughter has been late for school several times and I can't get to work early either, I am going to lose my job and I just don't know what else to do… Please help me and my little family to get a decent way to get around this city in order to survive.

Searching on the web I found out a lot of websites about the bad service and lack of customer service AAMCO around the US has... I am so ashamed that I am poor and can't afford a newer car, I feel bad for my children as well. They deserve so much better.

Unequivocal Rip Off!!
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Rating: 1/51

DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- Was charged close to $3,000 for a transmission rebuild at Aamco, Danbury, CT. We had trouble with the transmission within one year of the rebuild. It is now a little over 2 years since the rebuild, and we have been told a complete rebuild is needed again. Icing on the ** cake: The franchise owned Aamco in Danbury, CT is now out of business! Not a success story for the Aamco brand. One star is way too generous!

Poor Service on Transmission Rebuild
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Rating: 1/51

BARRIE ONTARIO CANADA -- We recently had to have our transmission rebuilt due to a radiator failure in our 2003 Acura MDX. We picked up the SUV after a week and noticed that the "D" on the gear selector was flashing. We returned the SUV to Aamco and were told that it was a pressure sensor and that they did not have the special tool to install it. We went to Acura where they replaced the sensor, I asked the people at the service desk why it required a special tool and they looked at me kind of curiously and said it's no special tool only a regular wrench.

When I returned to Aamco they denied the whole thing and stated that the switch was not included in the rebuild of the transmission. I explained to them that this problem was not present when the transmission cooler burst. 5 months down the road we were on the highway and I was accelerating from an on ramp onto the highway when the transmission slipped out of gear. We returned the SUV to Aamco for repair. While we were there I took a technician out for a test drive and the fault occurred while we were out.

We returned to the shop and the technician and the manager were talking about it. We were told to bring the SUV back the next day. My partner brought it back the next day and the manager and her took it out for another drive. The problem did not occur with the SUV at that time and he stated I can't fix what is not broken. He stated that it could be driver error that was causing the problem.

1 month later we started to experience severe hesitation which felt like a clogged fuel filter so we returned the SUV to Acura. They took it out for a test drive and they called back and told us that they needed to tow the SUV back, that the transmission was dead. The SUV was towed back to Aamco where they took the transmission apart and found that a pump in the transmission was worn and they needed to order a new one. This particular part could not be found in the whole of North America! So it had to be ordered from Japan!!! Total wait time 3 weeks plus installation.

My complaint is that we had to rent a car and pay for it for a fault that arose from Aamco's poor workmanship. I can understand if I brought the SUV in the first time and it was being repaired. But since this was being done under Warranty I feel the onus is on Aamco to provide us with a rental until the SUV is repaired. I feel that this is very unprofessional of this company and I will never patronize this business again.

Never Take Your Vehicle to AAMCO in Laurel, Maryland
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Rating: 1/51

LAUREL, MARYLAND -- On February 17, 2012, for safety I had my vehicle towed to Aamco. I contacted AAMCO via telephone (301) 776-5944, located at 20 Washington Blvd Laurel, Maryland 20707, Laurel, Maryland, that the vehicle would be towed because I believe the transmission was slipping. At this time my name, address and date of birth was requested by a representative, **.

Once vehicle arrived; 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor reached AAMCO, ** from AAMCO called, notified that they had received the vehicle and they would inspect vehicle to determine the problem and would call me on Monday February 20 because they had a backlog. He mentioned they would do diagnostic on the vehicle to determine what exactly the problem was.

Monday, February 20, ** notified that the transmission was gone and that it would cost $5,200 to rebuild the transmission. I stated that was entirely too high, why would I pay $5,200 for a rebuilt transmission when I could purchase a new transmission from the dealer for $3,900. I told him that this price was ridiculous and I would come to retrieve my vehicle. He then notified me that I would have to pay $795 to put the transmission back in my vehicle.

I was stunned because I never signed or gave authorization to have the transmission taken out of vehicle only to determine if the problem was the transmission. On Tuesday, February 21, a certified mechanic and I went to retrieve vehicle only to be told that the price to rebuild the vehicle was $6,200 (the price changed) and $795 was due.

The mechanic informed the shop that they didn't have to drop the transmission to determine if it was gone, they could have driven the vehicle or put on a machine and inform me that the transmission was gone and gave the cost. This was not done nor did I sign a contract. AAMCO is refusing to return my vehicle unless I pay them $795 to reinstall the transmission. At no point did I sign or authorize to have any work performed.

My Three Week Transmission Repair in Dover Delaware
By -

DOVER, DELAWARE -- Aamco visit number 1. (One day) after reading the check engine light code which stated my transmission was failing, I was quoted it would cost 1,600 to 2,000 dollars. I choose to go to Aamco because it was a well known name. After first visit and trans. repair my bill was 2,700 dollars. When I asked about the difference in price they said that there was more wrong than they thought, trusting the name from the constant commercials I've seen on TV I said OK. After I drove about two miles my check engine light came on. Then turn around and took it back and was told they forgot to reset that light so they did that.

About 5 miles after I left this time it came on again. Went back and was told they didn't have time to investigate the problem but would discount the light and was told it would be fine and to bring it back later. Knowing that some auto repairs can be tricky I agreed and said OK. Visit number 2 (3 hours). They switched some bushing because they said maybe the rebuilt ones they had put may have been bad. After waiting 3 hours I was told "opps" that they were also bad cause the problem still was not fixed.

They then told me they would order new ones so I would have to come back when they got them in and mentioned that now "the fine jewels” in my cat. converter needed to settle because they have probably been disturbed. Trip number three (one day). All was good for a week then transmission started same thing it was doing in the beginning and check engine light is on again. Aamco trip number four (four days) now I'm being told nothing is wrong cause it's not messing up for them even after 5 of my friends have taken it for a ride and it messed up on all of them. I was just trying to get some input.

Also, they say the check engine light is a code for the cat. converter. Which now ** is saying they never touched it even he already told me they did. I will tell everyone I ever see, and working in two restaurants that's a lot, never, never, never go to Aamco if they don't fix this. 1,600 to now what could be over 4,000 and now 6 days of unpaid work. Regretfully for choosing.

Bad Mechanics Bad Business
By -

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I took my 99 Mazda 626 in for transmission repairs on 9/25/09 at which time the shop performed a total rebuild for $2000. Not even 2 months later, the car had problems at which time I took the car back and they again spent 2 days repairing the transmission because they had failed to replace a part that they were 'unsure' needed repair the first time. Luckily, they did not charge me. Now, less than 10 months later the car again has transmission problems. In fact, my nanny was left stranded on an open highway unable to drive more than 50 miles from home.

AAMCO of West Palm towed the car 50 miles to its location from Weston, FL only to tell me, “Oh we just looked into and you are out of warranty.” I had driven 13,770 miles since the transmission was originally done on the 25th, but less than 12,000 when they fixed it the second time. They called me to offer me 'another deal' of not charging me more than $1600 for the third repair in less than a year and they would go ahead and throw in an extended warranty for 18 months this time. Yeah right like I am going to give them another dime.

They have no idea what they are doing there and ** who has only been working there for the last week, says that he wasn't the one that did the repairs so I wasn't giving him very much room to argue. Unbelievable. Buyer beware at this joke of an establishment. They are piss-poor mechanics. Never take your car to a place even that has a national brand identity. AAMCO is a franchise so each guy is out there to make money as cheaply as possible. Take your car to a real mechanic and never trust anything they tell you!! 845!!

Fraudulent Practices
By -

BRONX, NEW YORK -- I was lured with the hopes of receiving a free estimate from AAMCO Transmissions Bronx, NY location. After they take your car, they try and take your business by force. They call you and request your date of birth so they can check your car. They do not disclose any charges and since you're under the impression that you're receiving a free estimate, you won't question it. They also won't give you a receipt because it's a free estimate.

After receiving an estimate of 2,500 to rebuild a transmission and you decide to go somewhere else, they force you to pay $600.00. When you question them about their deceitful actions, they lie and tell you, "we offered you a free EDS diagnostic that cost $39.99." For someone like myself who knows about cars and I also had my car fix by many well-known repair shops and never had a problem, and when an owner of a franchise lies to you, the best thing for you to do is not give them your business.

Go to and see the numerous complaints this franchise is proudly accumulating. Their main AAMCO headquarters does not care. After complaining and reporting individually owned franchises are practicing bait and switch and using fraudulent business practices, they don't even bother to call customers back. AAMCO headquarters phone system ask you to enter your zip code and they will redirect you back to the AAMCO that defrauded you.This is ludicrous.

The best way to combat fraud is for consumers to be aware. If you or a family member is a motorist, quickly tell them don't use AAMCO transmissions. Email friends and tell them to email others. If I did my homework by checking online about a company, I probably would have not been defrauded by these people. This company is now offering to do other repairs to cars.

Many small shops repair transmissions. I got a rebuilt transmission from a small shop for $700.00, no tax. It's been over eight months now and I still don't have a problem. I also got a 6 month warranty. Imagine how much I was going to pay if I allowed AAMCO transmission to repair my transmission at 2,599.00 plus tax and God only know how much other hidden fee they would have added.

Dishonest and Unreputable Mechanic Shop
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Rating: 1/51

AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- NEGATIVE 5 STARS!! They tried to tell my friend in addition to a new clutch (which he really did need) he also needed new master clutch and slave cylinders. The owner's wife and manager said it was because the parts were rusted. Really? Water causes rust, not hydraulic fluid. I asked to examine the parts which at first she balked at, then we were only shown the slave cylinder which worked perfectly fine (it's a simple hydraulic cylinder) and no rust. When this was pointed out, she told me I had to leave her shop because I was not the one who signed the work order.

Neither her nor the owner could provide a valid reason for either part needing replaced. They threatened to call the police if I would not quit talking although I was very professional and calm in both tone and demeanor. I had to remind them we have freedom of speech in the USA! The owners on the other hand are easily agitated and lack anything close to normal communication skills. They eventually offered to my friend they would reinstall his old master and slave cylinders at no charge if he paid for the clutch work.

For those not mechanically inclined, a hydraulic clutch could not operate at all if either of these parts were dysfunctional. The fact they plan to put them back indicates there was never a problem with them originally. On top of that they were going to charge $177 in labor just to replace these cylinders which anyone could do in their driveway in an hour.

They were definitely trying to take advantage of an old army veteran just because he lacked mechanical knowledge. They tried to increase the $630 clutch job to a $950 clutch job. Thieves of Baghdad they are!! I would have to agree with **, you would get better service and mechanical work by visiting a preschool. If you want a good mechanic see ** in Auburn next to the concrete statues (as I suggested to my friend).

Aamco Libertyville Center- Avoid!!
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Rating: 1/51

LIBERTYVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Avoid, avoid, avoid!! Avoid this place at all cost. Here's my personal experience: Like everyone else, I brought my car in to fix the transmission thinking they're probably better than bringing the car to the dealer, since they're cheaper. Their online profile makes them look really big and reliable, but the truth is far from that! They're really out to suck as much money as they can.

My experience at the Libertyville center was horrible. ** the manager, is deceptive, dishonest and a total scammer. The first impression they give is: friendly, courteous. But all these are facades and lies to get you to agree to opening your car. Once they touch your car, it's almost impossible to stop the repair work. You just have to continue on after they touch your car once- that's how they con people's money. There's no return. Since you already spent that much on just opening your car (btw, no one charges $700 just to open the car for checks).

But ** did not get my permission to take apart my car but did so, claiming that my social security number is authorization to take apart my car. And demanded payment for disassembling my car before I can get my car back. On Friday evening I wanted to get my car back but upon threatening to call the police, ** fled immediately, locking the place up. So I had to drive all the way back on Saturday, wanting to settle the issue peacefully but just getting my car back without payment. He refused again.

Troubled, I called aamco headquarters and spoke to 2 of the corporate directors: ** and someone else. They sound exactly the same: fake, salesy, sleazy. I thought the directors would be more reasonable and help me in this case. But they weren't. In fact, they probably are the ones behind all the scamming. No way they'll ever help you to get money back ever! So I had no choice but to call the police. Thank god the police were so helpful and understanding. The 2 officers helped to finally get my car back after speaking to the boss over the phone.

Bottom-line: do not send your car to aamco, libertyville center. Do not give them your social security number. If you already sent your car to aamco, and regret doing that, don't be afraid to call up the police or threaten to sue them in court. You will probably win the case. I am pretty sure that other centers have many similar bad experiences to share. Just search on google, you'll find tons of negative reviews. It's just my luck that I sent my car there without prior research or investigation. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

AAMCO Should Just Be Ashamed
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Rating: 1/51

MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA -- If customer service and just plain being a decent business is what you expect, this is NOT your place. AAMCO Transmissions in Morgantown, WV. Our SUV was taken here for an unknown transmission issue (transmissions are what they specialize in?). They had our vehicle for a little over 4 weeks. We never once received a phone call with an update on our car. We had to call them and request information then wait for a return call from the mechanic. We were told the first step would be to drop the pan and check for shavings, there were none. Next the computer codes pointed to a solenoid so we were urged to change it.

This did not fix the issue so they requested we leave the vehicle with them so they could track down the issued and we would not be charged for their work because it was a training experience for the staff. Lol yea. Finally on one of my ever so pleasant calls for an update I was told, “Sir your vehicle is ready for pick-up. Our mechanic has exhausted all of his options and we were unable to fix your car." I went to pick up my vehicle and to my surprise the bill was $593. I was charged for the parts and services that did not produce any results.

When management was confronted about this I was told, "the parts and services were done per your request (even though I can barely change my oil). We helped you out with the labor. I can't eat the cost of those parts also." This to me was just outrageous. If they were honest from the beginning and said, "we are not sure this will fix the issue," I would have taken my Explorer to a Ford garage. I was so mad I just agreed to pay the bill just so I could leave. As if all of this wasn't bad enough when my wife got in her car to start it, it would not turn over. I had to jump start her car in the parking lot of the garage that was supposed to fix our vehicle. What the hell?

Once the battery charged a little (perfectly fine battery by the way) she started the car. Once we had gotten home she said her accent LEDs in the floorboards were left on, the stereo (which is a nice aftermarket one) was on and up, and the driver's seat was leaning back extremely far. My assumption is an employee decided it would be a good place to take their break or lunch. This is all extremely pathetic and really a quite embarrassing way for a business to be run. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLES HERE!! Any input especially from a garage owner would be appreciated.

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