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Two transmissions, two pieces of junk
Posted by on
Transmission #1: Mini Van. We took it to AAMCO north of Atlanta and they said they would rebuild it back to "Factory Spec" for $1800. They did the work and when we got it back, at a stop sign or stop light it would shift out of gear and when we pressed the gas to take off it would slam into gear and take off. They said they had to replace a piece that was not replaced during a rebuild. That's code for "We don't rebuild the transmission we replace the bad parts. If your transmission had 180,000 miles on it, most of the parts probably still have that many miles on them except for those ones that were keeping if from working when you took it in." The transmission also whinnied so loud that we could hear it over the radio. Took it back to them and they said that it was probably the torque converter needing to be replaced, again. Get it back and they "adjusted" something inside and it was a little more quiet but we could still hear it from inside the van. (My brother made fun of us because we pulled up to a restaurant, where he was waiting for us on the sidewalk, and he said it sounded like we were strangling someone).
Transmission #2: work truck. The automatic transmission on my work truck would only work in 2nd gear. We took it to AAMCO in South Atlanta and they said they could put it back to "Factory Spec" (there's that phrase again) for about $1900. They did the work and when I got it back, guess what it was doing......Yep, shifting out of gear at a stop and slamming back into gear when I went to take off. Took it back to them and they charged us to replace a part that wasn't covered in a rebuild (wasn't a bad part until I drove it a day). That transmission lasted a whole 20,000 miles (1 1/2 years). I took it back to them to look at the transmission because when it shifted into overdrive it would whine loudly(only in overdrive). They told me that it was the rearend and they could fix it for $1300. I took it to another transmission shop and the OWNER of that shop went for a ride with me, and he diagnosed the problem as the transmission (I know, your shocked). I let him REBUILD the transmission and it works great. He replaced ALL the parts inside (gears, bearings and everything else) for less than AAMCO. He put another torque converter in because the one that AAMCO used was the cheapest thing around.
If you need work done, DON'T TAKE IT TO AAMCO, unless you have money to have it redone later. My suggestion is to go to a place where the owner's name is on the sign out front. I didn't put the shop's name in this review because I don't want you to think I'm trying to promote someone. Also, get a second opinion, it saved me about $1300+.
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Very poor repair
Posted by on
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Somewhat in their defense I had my transmission rebuilt at another shop several months prior (moved to new city).

When I first called the shop on Arden I was told there was a policy about having to take it back to the original shop if it was less than 50 miles. I then found my original receipt and it did not say anything like that. I called the Arden shop back and was told to go ahead and bring it in. On October 29 I brought the car in. After they looked at it I was told that they were going to send the transmission back to Yuba City for them to work on and that it would be a couple days. Things kept getting delayed until I finally picked up the car on Monday November 10th. I was informed that the delay was because that they consider the car an exotic and only one guy could put it back together and he was out.

Nov 14th, 2008

Drove Subaru to work, approximately 2 blocks from work I felt the transmission slipping and then there was a popping type of sound and smoke started to come out the back of the car. I pulled over in an alley across from my work. The car was smoking and flames were seen underneath the transmission/engine area. I ran inside the office and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

Shortly after 8 am I called the AAMCO on Arden way and talked to Dave. I told him what happened and asked him what he was going to do about it. He informed me that he was not responsible that he only installed the transmission which was rebuilt at the AAMCO dealer in Yuba City. I informed him I did not think that was fair because he was the last one to deal with it. He then informed me he is an independent owner and not affiliated with other shops. He then told me I could call AAMCO Headquarters and talk to them.

I called AAMCO headquarters and was put through to an automated system and was instructed to leave a message about my complaint. I did so. I also sent them an e-mail.

I then called the Yuba City AAMCO and told them what happened and they told me they were not responsible because they did not know if the Arden shop put it in correctly. Chris informed me they have a policy which says the last shop to deal with it is responsible for 30 or 90 days (he was not sure which).

I then called the Arden shop back and asked what he was going to do again. He then asked me how I knew if it was the transmission. I informed him it seemed intuitively obvious if I just had the transmission put back in for the 2nd time and the transmission went out and then leaked transmission fluid on the exhaust that it was the transmission. He informed me that he could not know that and it could be anything. He then asked if it was leaking prior. I told him no it was not since I just picked it up 4 days ago. He acted like it was a total coincidence of problems and not his fault in any way. I then said I wanted it fixed and could he have it towed back to his shop. He said he would call the Yuba City shop back and get back to me. I did not hear back from him.

At 3:30 I called the Yuba City shop and talked with Chris. Chris said he had been talking to Dave at the Arden shop and he thought they were going to have it towed back to the Arden shop. I told him I have not heard from them, he said he would call and call me back. He never called me back.

Monday November 17,

Waited until 10:30 and then called HQ again, they said customer service was at lunch (which is funny because it is jut a recording for customer service anyway). I sent another e-mail because it had been past 24 hours and I still had not heard back from customer service like it says on the recording. At around 11:30 I called the Arden shop and spoke with Dave. He apologized and said he forgot and that he would send a tow truck over to get the car. Around 12:30 the tow truck showed up and took the car. At that time April from HQ called and I went over stuff with her. Not much help, still no answers as to who was responsible.
I called the Arden shop to request that all parts be saved. Dave was not in so I left a message with Stella.

Finally got the car back and was told one of the hoses had leaked transmission fluid on the exhaust. I was shown the hose with a cut in it. Seemed funny how a perfect knife type cut got on the hose. He said he put new hoses in it for me.
A few weeks later the car starts acting up and not shifting the check light comes on. This time we took it to Subaru who informed me the wrong size hoses had been installed. N
Not one step in the whole process did anyone of the two shops properly fix the problem. I was just offered excuse after excuse. I did learn that as soon as there is a problem they are not AAMCO but an independent shop. So my lesson is they are not good enough to operate as an independent shop but use the franchise name to get business. Never again with AAMCO. I just remembered the original estimate I was given over the phone went up once it was apart at the original shop.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/21/2009:
I will never take a vehicle to an AAMCO ever. Had a bad experience with them as well. Stay far far away from an AAMCO. If you need transmission work, its best to do some homework about a reputable place in your area.....
goduke on 12/21/2009:
Wow. Two folks now saying stay away from AAMCO. Thanks for sharing your story -- sounds very painful (and expensive). I'm getting a sense that no one at AAMCO is going to step up and take ownership. That's just crummy.
billiejones6 on 05/23/2012:
I wanted to take a minute and tell everyone at this shop how much I appreciated their hard work and especially Ryan who was great and helped me figure out what was wrong with me car and why the turn signal was not working. When Ryan was done with the car it was better than I remember it brand new.
nathanmiller439 on 05/25/2012:
The service here was great and I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone. The price was great too and I really glad for that.
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Horrible Customer Service Lost My Business
Posted by on
LEMON GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- The "Customer Service Manager" Jimmy, was rude and obnoxious when he learned that I would be declining their services and have my vehicle repaired elsewhere. First of all, it took two days to tell me it would be $800 for them to remove my transmission to know what's wrong. I was told it was an 8 hour job to take my transmission out and put it back in. It took another two days for them to remove my transmission, then I was given a quote for $3300. I returned to the shop the next day around 4:25 P.M. after shopping around and reviewing their BBB complaints. I informed him I just wanted my car, I would pay for the work they had done, $400. I don't want anything else done & they did not have to put my transmission back in. I would have it towed. A tow truck had already been to get my vehicle and he didn't tell me they had come. After calling the tow truck a second time and asking him if it was O.K for the tow truck to arrive a little after 5, which he agreed and O.K.'d. Never once mentioned I would not be able to get my car that day. The tow truck arrived @ 4:40 and was waiting because my car was still up on the rack. I asked one of the mechanics if he could get my car ready and my transmission because I was taking my car, which he was not informed.

Jimmy finally decides to ask after the tow truck had been waiting a good ten minutes, and I had been standing around waiting on him to talk on the phone, punch on the computer and greet his personal guests, if I could come back tomorrow? I refused and told him no, that I wanted my car today and I've had to call a tow truck twice because of his lolly - gagging and I just want to pay what I owe and get my car! Well, he said it's not going to happen and that I had to come back tomorrow because they close @ 5 and my vehicle needed to be reassembled and it would take at least an hour and he wasn't going to pay his guy's overtime. The police were called and he lied in my face and said we did not ask him about the tow truck which at that point made me very uncomfortable about leaving my car if he could lie dead in my face!

I returned the next day to pick up vehicle & asked him where was my transmission so that I could take pictures of the parts. He told me it was outside in a box, I asked what belonged to me and are they going to put it in my car he told me "No you can do that yourself! And I told him this is Bullsh**! I am paying you guys for taking my transmission out and you are gone tell me that I have to carry all this and put it in the car myself, no I'm not and whenever you lose your attitude what I'm asking is not unreasonable especially for $400! The mechanic did it & the tow truck hooked the car up. Go to pay and he says they don't take checks, there is no sign stating this.

I had to have the tow truck unhook my car so I could go to the bank and would have to recall once I returned with the cash! He intentionally had me waiting & I had to call a tow 4x before I got my vehicle.
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They Never Fixed My Problem
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I am crying as I type because I am desperate, AAMCO is abusing my precarious situation, we own a car that even though it’s old and maybe it’s not worth much, it takes us places we need to go, it’s a DODGE STRATUS 95, my little children depend on this car for transportation to school and daycare. 7 months ago it started acting up on us, it kept getting stuck on 3rd gear while driving, obviously we took it to a place to take care of it, we took it to AAMCO the transmission place!!!! in Mandarin, they told us that the computer was broken and that they needed to replace it and get a new one, we barely covered what it cost, it was around $400, but got our little savings out of the bank and paid for it.

Approximately 2 weeks later it kept doing the same and we took it back there, this time they told us that the transmission was the one broken and they went ahead and got a rebuilt transmission charging us $2,400. We couldn’t pay it for the longest time, so we dealt with it because we couldn’t do anything at that time… then we couldn’t afford out apartment and moved to a church looking for shelter, after almost 2 months I got a loan from the bank with very high interests and went ahead and paid for the car to get it out, thinking that we didn’t have to worry about it anymore, to our surprise, oops, it did it again only 3 hours after picking it up!!!

Ever since June AAMCO tows our car back to their store with the same problem, I believe they keep replacing the computer and this is our 8th computer now but I don’t think this is the problem, it keeps getting stuck in 3rd gear and our original problem was never solved, we are now desperate, we can’t do this, we have a car but every time they tell us the problem is solved, it just isn’t, the original symptom is there, it keeps getting stuck in 3rd gear and yesterday I went to ask to refund our money because we would like to pay off the loan and maybe buy another car instead of taking the bus but they refused, then I asked if they could please get us a rental to get by until the car is fixed but they refused too…. I am desperate, I can’t afford to live like this, my daughter has been late for school several times and I can’t get to work early either, I am going to lose my job and I just don’t know what else to do, … please help me and my little family to get a decent way to get around this city in order to survive…

Searching on the web I found out a lot of web sites about the bad service and lack of customer service AAMCO around the US has... I am so ashamed that I am poor and can't afford a newer car, I feel bad for my children as well.. they deserve so much better....
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Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
They tend to be a pretty toothless organization, but if there is a Better Business Bureau in your area, contact them. You sound like you have limited means, but if it's possible, consider taking Aamco to small claims court. It sounds like they've been fouling up this job for a long time.
BobJohn on 10/31/2008:
Try to find an honest, reliable mechanic - yes, they are out there. I'm not be facetious, that is a sad story. Go to www.cartalk.com, they have a place to see recommended mechanics around the country. Good luck.
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Warranty repair
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CENTERPOINT, ALABAMA -- My vehicle was towed to AAMCO February 24th, 2014 the transmission had been rebuilt by AAMCO In January 2013. The car stopped pulling, it is still under warranty until March 11 2014. The car sat there for 2 weeks. Finally someone called to say they have lost the keys to the car I would need to deliver them a new set of keys. Thankfully I had a set of spare keys to the car so I dropped them off the next day. One day passed I did not hear anything the next day the same person (Eric) called and advised me the mileage on the paper work for the warranty (that they filled out) had incorrect mileage on it and that I had apparently rolled the miles back on the car. I called corporate to try to locate the owner of the AAMCO. Corporate was quick to respond I will say they provided the Owners information. I spoke with the owner and was advised he would meet with shop manager the following day. At 3:00 the following day the owner called and advised me that I had rolled the miles back on the car, and in fact the transmission in the car is not the transmission they put in the car. he also went on to say he wanted the car off his lot by Monday.

I have never experienced any business that operates in this manner. The transmission is under warranty and the owner is apparently willing to say anything to avoid making this good. I would advise anyone needing transmission work not to use AAMCO EVER........
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Dismantled My Engine, Took It Apart And Would Not Put It Back Together
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA -- Aamco #21150(john r. Copenhaven 12158 san pablo, ave richmond, ca.94805 510-2351865 I took my 2001 pt cruiser in to have the water pump changed they pulled the motor to change the pump and timing belt, that took about three weeks for them to do to me it look like another engine when I took car home the oil was very black so I changed the oil in the past when I changed the oil and changed the oil filter it took five an a half qts to fill to max this time it took seven qts I called owner about this he said that was OK, then my car engine started to make knocking sound I was told to bring car in, owner of aamco took it for a test drive the car stop running so he had it tow back to shop I was told that they would get to it in a day or two they call me to tell me that two of my four cylinders were not working I told them to put it back together and I would come and get it they would not I was told that they would chain it up so I could have it towed they put parts in the back seat and a head that do not go with the engine. I paid these people $1500.00 and I have nothing, no engine in my car parts every where I would like someone from your company
to come to my home to look at what these people sent me home with my name is john kendrix, ph#7072460578 I hope to hear from you thank you very much.
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Just Flat Wrong - Free Diagnostic
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NAMPA, IDAHO -- I took 3 cars in for a check engine light on. We knew what the code was on each. The first one was to be done in 2 hours so we left the truck at 12: 30pm. At the end of the day they wanted to keep it over night they said they wanted to test in the cold weather. We later found out they did not get to it at all. MAF was all it was and needed to be cleaned. They told us it was the intake gasket, sensors and PVC . It was to cost us over 1400.00. The second car we took in we new it was the gas cap. They told us 4 hour later it was the intake gasket once again and would cost us 1300.00. The 3rd car was the same. Intake gasket 1300.00. I will tell you if I had a business that performed this way to customers they would be fired. I see you have many complaints with BBB and others. I will never go back and I will let everyone I know what happened. I will call the radio station and let them know what they are telling their audience to do is wrong. This is like taking a baby for care in a doctors hands and finding out they are not qualified to do so and charge you much more than they did. I have reported this to the BBB, state attorney and the Sec of state. It is sad times when a business tries to rip you off.
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Do Not Trust What They Tell You
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- I had a problem with my Lincoln, the transmission at times would shift erratically. the transmission would do this occasionally. I took it to Amoco because they were a national company and I assumed they were trustworthy and did good work, boy was I surprised. the guy drove my car into the shop, popped the hood, pulled the transmission dipstick, looked at it, and put it back. he then started the car worked the shift lever up and down, he turned the car off and shut the hood. he then went off to another part of the shop, after about 10 minutes he came back backed the car out and parked it.

Another man came into the waiting area and told me my transmission " was fried ", I asked him what had they found he said they put it on the computer analyzer and it needed to be replaced because it was fried. I asked what that cost and he said 2,000.00, he didn't look up anything in the computer or check any kind of resource he just said 2,000.00. I told him I didn't believe the transmission was bad and asked for some kind of printout or something from his analyzer which he didn't have, he had nothing to back up his claim. being that a analyzer was never hooked up to my car, a report from the analyzer didn't exist.

liars and cons are all these people are, I am going to make sure I inform everyone I know about this place. the thing is I went to another local owned transmission shop and was told a solenoid was bad, they replaced the solenoid and my car runs like brand new. this repair cost less than $100.00. so there you go
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Extremely Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
8129 GEORGIS AVE SILVER SPRING 20910, MARYLAND -- I had my car towed to this company for second opinion after having a rebuilt transmission done in 2009 I was told I needed another one on 11/23/2012. I was quoted a price which when car was ready was more than previously stated and they wanted all the money at once where before, with the same business and transmission mechanic I paid $1000 cash and wrote 3 post dated checks with no problem.

Things got worse for me (job lost) unable to meet my obligations, I had to file bankruptcy. I was informed that I could get my belongings and when I returned to the shop, not only was the car stored on an open lot to the public, but my belongings were gone. Returning back to the office I informed Kevin, who went into the office and made a phone call and never returned or said anything to me.

I called the police to file a report, filed a complaint with the BBB which they are not a member of, the owner is January. I feel this was blatant disregard for their customers vehicles/belongings and extremely poor customer service. in this open to the public storage yard were a late model Audi, Mercedes, and Cadillac.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 08/29/2013:
Do they have signs posted stating they are not responsible for lost or stolen items? If your car was kept locked up, they really didn't do anything wrong and having an open lot doesn't make them guilty of anything.
azRider on 08/29/2013:
If you knew it was going to cost a certain amount that was quoted and did not have the money to pay it, why did you authorize the work to be done? I would not take post dated checks either. I mean they could bounce. seriously, think about it, I do work on your car, you say here take this check I promise there will be money in there in a week, and I give you the car. how dumb is that? they did the work, they want to be paid all at once. nothing wrong with that at all. sounds to me like you just did not budget your repair correctly. As to stolen items, why did you leave them in the car? I'd never leave anything of value in a car that is going to be repaired for several days or even an hour.
cmthru on 08/29/2013:
How long was the car there? You report it needing a transmission Nov 2012. It's now August 2013. If the car has been there so long consider yourself lucky they didn't have it towed off or sold.

Every shop I've ever been to has a sign just like DebtorBasher says. They are not responsible for for personal items left in the vehicle.

The OP does not report the vehicle having been broken in to or damage indicating a break in. One can surmise that an employee took items but without proof all the OP can do is make a claim to her/his insurance company.
Old Timer on 08/30/2013:
I rate Aamco Transmissions about the same level as Pep-Boys or Wal-Mart Auto service.

I actually knew a guy long ago that worked at a Aamco Transmission. He told me the last place you would ever want to get tranny work done is Aamco Transmissions.

Says little about all the grief above, but it was good advice I will pass on.
trmn8r on 08/30/2013:
I always take everything out of my car, even before I take it to my trusted mechanic. I would have gone down toot sweet and gotten my stuff, especially if I could not pay for the work.

I think cmthru is on the right track - about all the op can do is file a claim with their insurance co.

BBB complaints actually work best when the company is not a member (ironically), but with this issue I would not expect them to be of assistance.
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Aamco Ripoff
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW WINDSOR, NEW YORK -- I went to Aamco with transmission problems and received a $2800 quote for a rebuild. The work was done and the bill came out to be $3500. On top of that my rear bumper was damaged, and the battery was dead. I had to buy a new battery, and received no compensation for my bumper damage other than them telling me it was already there. Like I don't know my own vehicle. 30,000 miles later, my transmission is having issues again.

My suggestion to anyone needing vehicle repair, go to a professional mechanic. NOT AAMCO.
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User Replies:
Jeff on 04/29/2013:
Had a very similar issue as you. Had my transmission rebuilt, cost a crap load of money, had issues with it afterwards, they would do nothing...the kicker? Half way home, I look down at my temperature gauge and it was at RED. They drained the coolant and put NONE IN....Almost blew my dang engine. After that I will never ever step foot in an aamco as long as I live.
Stephanie on 08/11/2013:
I am so nervous. I took my Honda Odyssey to Aamco, Poughkeepsie. What started out as a $2800 quote turned into a $4600 job. I haven't picked up the car yet and may just leave it and let them come after me. It sounds like Aamco is a ripoff all over the country
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