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Warn Your Elders!! AARP Is A Parasite.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- I have not seen a single aspect of this company that would lead me to believe them to be credulous in any way.
* It took a full 10 hrs over a 2 day period, just to enroll.
* I repeatedly experienced misinformation from the 12 reps that were "helping" me. Ask 3 different reps the same question, and see what happens.
* I've been placed on very long holds, only to be disconnected. I've been "disconnected" over a half dozen times. Sometimes while on hold, sometimes when the representative was obviously stalling.
* The automated phone system seems to be designed to promote frustration, in hopes you'll give up.
* I've had 2 reps supposedly email me a list of local providers. One took 60 seconds to put it together. The 2nd put me on 3 long holds over a 15 minute period. I've received nothing. (Not even in the "spam" folder)
* Beyond the dropped calls, I've been redirected to reps in other departments that don't even handle the issue in question, then disconnected while being transferred back.
* Trying to find some things on their website is similar to yearning for the Holy Grail.
* Hartford Insurance quoted me over double what I currently pay.
* Delta Dental only paid half of what their agreement states.
* Advertised "benefit" is "15% or greater" discount from Hewlett Packard. Actual discount offered was about 1.5%
*** Do not be fooled. This is organized crime. I firmly believe that they intentionally use aspects of old age against their clients. If you have another option, chances are incredibly high that the other is the lesser evil. AARP and the affiliates that I have dealt with have left me with the impression that they are all unscrupulous, unethical vultures. If you let your family members enroll with these companies, they will most definitely suffer in a variety of ways. But be certain there is another valid option, because if you drop them, you can't re-enroll for 12 months. Their online rating is one star out of five, and I can personally guarantee that this is only because "zero stars" is not an option. I personally experienced all of the above in the first 8 weeks of membership.
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John Nicholson on 06/29/2013:
Dental insurance is usually NOT a good deal, no matter who sells it. I agree about AARP---they are in the business to just sell products, mostly insurance and do not represent old people very well at all. A much better senior organisation is AMAC and can be found at:

Check it out.
jktshff1 on 06/29/2013:
American Association for Ripping off People
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The Hartford - Dishonest Thieves
Posted by on
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I sent this letter to The Hartford in response to their 'new lower rates' promo they sent me:
"The Hartford May 10, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently received the enclosed ‘Lower Rate Notice’ from you. The only ‘lower rate’ I am interested in was the one I had with you before you cancelled my policy. In January 2011, having almost no income, I did not have the full amount for the payment requested on the statement you sent me that was 3 times what I normally paid (under the guise of being an annual deposit) and I paid only my regular monthly amount. You promptly sent that back to me with a notification that you cancelled my policy. This happened after I had requested copies of all my many years of policy and payment history because your billing amounts are irregular and I could never get the amounts you wanted to balance with what I paid and what you said I owed. No matter what I thought I had paid in advance I was never paid in advance according to you and frequently accrued late fees because you said I still owed you money. After being a customer for many years I felt it was unnecessary for you to be charging me an annual deposit like any new client. That shows your loyalty is only to the almighty dollar and not your customers. After cancelling me and while I was searching for new insurance, you were then more than happy to provide me a quote with a ‘new rate’ that was almost $100 more per month.

You are rip off artists and I want to get the word out. I plan on doing that via the internet by explaining just what you did in order to inflate my premium and then cancel it. And in order to renew it I would be paying 1 ½ times what I had been. THAT is no discount.

I have moved on and gotten insurance elsewhere, you are thieves, do not contact me any further. I think AARP needs to know how you do business as well.

That about says it...don't trust sounds good but they jerk you around and instanteously cancel your policy when you start asking questions...I have had car insurance for 41 years and have NEVER been cancelled until now.
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azRider on 05/14/2011:
I'm confused. are you saying you sent them payments of what you think they should be charging and your upset they cancelled you because your payments are late? so they say you own $218 but you fill it should be the old payment of say $120 so that is what you sent them? and your upset when they say you did not pay and cancel? I think your a little off on this thinking. just because your with a company for years does not mean you can decide what the payment for a service would be. maybe they cancelled you because you refused to pay what you owned by contract? I'm with AARP Hartford and each renewal I get a letter that shows what the increase or proposed coverage and payment will be at renewal time. then they always start the new period with a starting deposit and payment plan. unless I pay cash for the full amount. which I do now, I find payments a pain in the a$$. so if your premise is you should pay what you want and expect them to take it, then I disagree with it. I think you should have read the renewal documents and then moved to a different plan with someone else, rather than try to force them to accept your payment.
Know your Insurance on 05/23/2013:
azrider, you must work for an insurance company. Why don't you tell them how insurers do the same thing this customer was allegedly doing. Have a claim with most insurers and they try to dictate the cost of the claim. Reality is, this is not indemnity. Indemnification is to make the person damaged whole, not to pay what they think the claim should cost. Insurance estimates, weather a home claim, auto claim,or any other claim, are for internal purposes only, not payment in full. The determination of a claim is determined by the actual cost of damages or loss. Don't be fooled by Are Way insurance.
Arthur Murphy on 07/14/2013:
The Hartford car insurance through AARP was higher than other companies and when I switched companies they say I owe them money. Could not lodge a complaint on the AARP site?
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Victim of AARP The Hartford
Posted by on
PENNSYLVANIA -- Attempting to receive a less expensive Auto Insurance policy, I decided to go with what was advertised as The AARP Auto Insurance program.

What arrived was a company called The Hartford? After going through the usual questions and required information over the telephone. I sent in my 6 month advance payment.
What arrived next, was a complicated 18 plus page form to fill out and sign. Page after page of statements and complicated legalese, with my signature in more than several places.

After completing what I though was the required info. I was informed by a phone call, that I had not signed the forms. A second set was sent to me, and I went through the lengthy and complicated process all over again. This time with The Hartford's agent over the telephone...

three weeks passed when, I received a notice from the State of Pennsylvania, stating that It had been reported to them that my auto policy had been canceled. New forms and legalese from the state to sign, that I had not driven my vehicles while the policy and been canceled.

The Hartford had notified the state of the cancellation, thus causing my insurance rate to go up. Essentially the Hartford told me that some part of the form had not been signed, and there was nothing I could do about it.

They left me scrambling for a new policy, at thanks to the Hartford, now at a a higher rate too.
It cost me 265.00 to find a new auto insurance policy and pronto.

The additional auto insurance forms are going to be real trouble in the state of Pennsylvania and The Hartford is going to screw you if make some understandable mistake on these things. Like miss a signature somewhere on these lengthy and confusing things!

We do not live in a Nazi Police State where insurance companies like the Hartford have the right to report unsigned documents to the authorities and compile a dossier on you, the irrelevant discarded customer.
My advice is to refrain from using the AARP and The HARTFORD .

Pennsylvania is also going to have a huge quagmire of problems over these silly and what should be unnecessary forms.

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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 06/22/2009:
Aside for being the American Association for Ripping off People they are notorious anti 2nd amendment folks.
PepperElf on 06/22/2009:
seriously they're against part of the constitution?

jktshff1 on 06/23/2009:
Fraid so pepper, they support the Brady Bunch. That is the only reason I dropped my membership and told them in a letter to remove me from any mailings they send out.
tnchuck100 on 06/23/2009:
AARP does not exist to help the retired population. Make no mistake about it, they are in in for their own profit.
BirmanCat on 06/23/2009:
Unfortunately, there's even more to come -- good luck in getting off their harassment mailing lists.

I wasn't even old enough to join when I started getting crap from them. Join Now! Buy This! Give Us Money!!! Give Us Money!!! Give Us Money!!! Give Us Money!!!

After being repeatedly assured by numerous so-called service representatives that I would be taken off their mailing lists, I was still getting trash from them.

I finally sent a certified letter to their headquarters, outlining the future charges they would be assessed for continuing to dump trash in my mailbox.

Haven't heard from them since.
ok4now on 06/25/2009:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Hartford. They put you in a very bad position. I was insured with them for 3 years. During this time they offered good service and low premiums. When my policy came up for renewal 6 months ago they whacked me with a $550 rate increase. No tickets or accidents. Their explanation was an across the board increase for everyone. I'm sure they lost a lot of business including me. I switched to Amica and got an even better rate. You have to shop around.
mahoganiee on 02/10/2010:
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AARP/Hartford Ins. rip off for all
Posted by on
First off I did belong to AARP, not any more, in fact I asked them more than once to remove me from all mailings and emails. now, Hartford auto ins., they are a rip off they kept hounding me all the time so I checked them out against my insurance I have now, they wanted $800.00 more a year than what I'm paying now..Rip off here, and now if AARP is a non profit organization then why is Hartford giving them a kick back on all policy's they write using AARP logo?

That's why they want more so AARP gets a cut of my pie..bunch of crooks...asked them to take me off of all mailing list, 2 years ago and still getting them, they harass me all the time with mail and emails, I'm ready to sue there eyes out....
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 02/25/2011:
American Association for Ripping off People
Skye on 02/25/2011:
I found this from the AARP website. You can opt out, by contacting:

Contact Information

By E-mail

By Postal Mail

601 E Street, NW
Washington DC 20049

By Phone

Toll-Free Nationwide: 888-OUR-AARP (888-687-2277)
Toll-Free TTY: 877-434-7598
Toll-Free Spanish: 877-MAS-DE50 (877-627-3350)
International Calls: +1-202-434-3525

Good luck with your lawsuit.
trmn8r on 02/25/2011:
Can a person really sue for receiving email and mail advertisements, and if so, can the defendant actually lose their eyesight?
PepperElf on 02/25/2011:
well you can sue...
but whether or not you'd actually WIN something is the real question... assuming the judge doesn't throw it out of court first.
trmn8r on 02/25/2011:
You got me Pepper. What I meant was, can a company really be held liable for sending solicitations, etc.
PepperElf on 02/25/2011:
I doubt it.. most of the flier are bulk mail, meaning they're not specifically addressed to anyone.

instead of going straight to a lawyer, perhaps the OP should ask the Postmaster what to do. Though the answer might be the same thing I"m thinking

1) Throw it out
2) Rip it into long strips, roll them up and tie some string around them and dip them in melted wax*

* Girl Scout method for making "Fire starters". They're great for camping cos they're water proof. Just build your kindling up around them and light the wick, and let it burn.

Thus, turning a hated flier into something fun. Plus you get the added bonus of telling yourself that your fire-starters are costing them money.

Anonymous on 02/25/2011:
Man once again you guys are way too literal. Axehandlebill is just blowing off some steam. I know Bill he ain't going to sue AARP for some fliers. Come on people use your noggins.
jim oakley on 10/13/2013:
I always try to tear the mail up and send it back to them in their postage paid envelope. I have always been told that the return postage costs them money if used
Joe biggs on 09/18/2014:
AARP Hartford is a ripe off on car insurance I got 4 different quite the last was 1600 a year i got from 600 a year some wear other then them.
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AARP is only an advertising front - and a poor one at that
Posted by on
I have seen many complaints on the site about AARP and their less than pro-elderly tactics. More as acting as a front for other advertisers. Well, this morning I had an experience that reduced their credibility even further. Zero, in my book.

There is an ad on TV (endorsed by AARP) for supplemental Medicare health insurance. Next year my wife and I will begin getting Medicare. The logical thing to do get as much information as possible BEFORE you are faced with the commitments. Not the way the people that use the AARP tag to push their products see it.

I called the advertised number (1-800-495-9576) for the United Health Care Medicare supplement information. The girl asked several innocuous questions. One of which was my date of birth. No big deal. I am sure there are many people born on my birth date. Then asked if I was currently on Medicare. I told no, not until next year. Here is the killer: "We cannot give you this information unless you are currently on Medicare."

This was only supposed to be a request for a booklet of information. But their position was obviously to line you up with spending money by the end of the phone call.

I then called AARP. They claimed no connection with what the ad claimed. That is to supply you with information. Bear in mind the AARP logo is the largest print on the booklet you see on the TV ad. No matter. AARP is concerned only with the kickback. They are totally disinterested on whether these companies provide any service for their members.

With that I advised the AARP representative that since they provided no useful assistance, service and/or information when our membership expired it would not be renewed. Not that they care in the least. But I felt better.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/11/2010:
Good to know.
db1105 on 11/11/2010:
AARP is just an insurance scam. They only care about making money.
jktshff1 on 11/11/2010:
And their own political agenda.
JerryCee on 11/11/2010:
Check out AARP's new competiton Generation America.
Alain on 11/12/2010:
Good review, Tnchuck. I'm not renewing with AARP, either. Their logo is for sale to the highest bidder and they take no responsibility for the company's quality (or lack of it).
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Please, please, please...Do NOT choose AARP Medicare Complete Secure Horizons
Posted by on
FENTON, MO -- I work in an internal medicine office with 2 physicians. This plan is an absolute nightmare. Originally, we did not accept the HMO plan. As of 01/09, we started to accept it. BIG mistake! I do coding/billing and am also the referral coordinator. Everything that the patient has to do outside of their internist's office, whether it be see a specialist or having surgery, has to be called in by your internal medicine physician. It's what is known as a "gatekeeper plan". On numerous occasions, I have a specialist office call and say, Patient X is going to have surgery tomorrow and I need it authorized. I tried to do it, but they said that the PCP has to call and get it authorized. Are you kidding me? Such a HUGE hassle. They have to call and give us the CPT and ICD-9 codes that they are using. If Secure Horizons has a question like, have they had a such and such test done, I most likely don't have that information. I have to hang up with them, call the specialist back and see, then call Secure Horizons to let them know. Stick with plain Medicare and get a secondary insurance such as Anthem or straight UHC. You will benefit so much more in the long run.

I just get so sick and tired of our elderly patients getting manipulated by the Medicare replacement plans. It all sounds great initially, but when it comes down to it, they are full of...well you get the gist.
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User Replies:
old fart on 07/28/2010:
It always sounded to "pat" to be real... I get offers of this EVERY week and will not get involved!
Anonymous on 03/16/2011:
Thanks for the very helpful review. I always wondered the ins and outs of these plans. Too frequently they make it very difficult for the patient to receive the care that they need. It's great that folks like you shoulder the burden for them and make it seemingly seamless behind the scenes (all doctor's offices don't do this).

(Hope my spelling was up to par)
ginahip1 on 03/16/2011:
You're very welcome "bluediamond98". I try to do everything I can to empathize with our patients. Through research and experience, I have learned the pros and cons of a variety of insurance companies. I too have to see a doctor from time to time, so I know how frustrating insurance companies can be on both sides of the fence.

Yes, your spelling was up to par. The only reason I mentioned correct spelling and grammar regarding the other commenters is because I cannot stand when people make ignorant comments, when they obviously didn't coprehend my post. On top of it, they can't even spell... There's even a "Check spelling" link above the comment box. Sheesh!
ginahip1 on 03/16/2011:
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Medicare Insurance
Posted by on
GILBERT, ARIZONA -- Does AARP know the service offered by SecureHorizons/MedicareComplete is not what they claim to be? I doubt it. I changed my provider last November and have had NOTHING but problems since the very beginning. They enrolled me in the wrong plan. Insisted my primary care physician would not see me as he was not taking new patients. Made no difference to them that I was an established patient. After MANY phone calls and speaking to many different Customer Service people (who all promised) they would take care of the problem I still kept getting insurance cards with wrong PC name. It took several more calls to get the problem taken care of. I then went to a specialist this AM who is listed in my plan book, and has been my doctor for over a year, to only find out they do not take my insurance and never have. I need this physicians service as I am a recovering cancer patient. He did see me today and only charged me what my co-payment would have been. However, he will not see me again unless I get the insurance problem taken care of.

Since I cannot not change Medicare provider until next November I can only pray my cancer stays in remission until I can change insurance carriers. I have NEVER had so many problems with insurance in all my life. I would not recommend MedicareComplete/SecureHorizons to my worst enemy.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
Your experience with Secure Horizons is horrible. They were purchased by United Health several years ago. Call the customer service number again. Ask for a supervisor and demand that they resolve the issues you are having. Tell them that if your issues are not resolved to your satisfaction that you will contact CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), which is the government agency that over sees all Medicare plans. Their "contact us" website is

The phone numbers are: Medicare Service Center: 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227)
Medicare Service Center TTY: 877-486-2048

If United Health/Secure Horizons doesn't do the right thing, follow through with a complaint to CMS. They do NOT want a CMS complaint filed against them. I am sorry you are having so much trouble. Good luck to you.
cbg on 05/31/2014:
Starting in January 2014 I started receiving mail from AARP for a James M. I sent the mail back to AARP marked return to sender as James M, does not live at this address. again in Feb. I received more of James M. what I now call junk mail from AARP again which I again marked return to sender as James M. does not live at my address. This continues to this day even tho I have called AARP 2 times and returned countless pieces of their junk mail. Yesterday I got more of their junk mail for James M. and this time in addition to writing return to sender all over the envelope I also noted for the postal authorities to please investigate this matter as I now consider this harassment on AARP's part and fraud due to James M, paying for but not getting his AARP. stuff through the U S Mail.When I called yesterday they ( AARP ) stated that they noted the file April 17th, as undeliverable, a lot of good that does me! The reason I an upset about this is I am disabled and some days it is very hard to walk to the mail box just to find James M's AARP junk Mail there.I would strongly advise anyone to avoid AARP as they don't care.
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AARP Hartford Insurance - Ripoff
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- As a member of AARP, I got an offer from Hartford Insurance to save more than $300 per year on car insurance. I requested a quote and as promised it was more than $300 less than my current company for the same coverage.

My current agent told me if I could get that price I should take it. So, I switched to Hartford. One year later when I got my renewal bill the price went up by more than $300. When I called Hartford for an explanation I was told that "Hartford had re-evaluated their Illinois rates". I have no tickets or accidents. Fortunately for me, I was able to go back to my old company. Now once again, Hartford is sending me offers to save $300 per year. I wonder if Hartford pays AARP for their endorsement? At least in my case any endorsements I get from AARP are suspect at best.
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Don't be fooled.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORT SAINT LUCIE, FLORIDA -- Part of your monthly United Healthcare insurance payment goes to AARP directly (they don't tell you how much). I paid $130 monthly for 6 months and they hardly paid anything out.. . . still had deductibles and had to pay portion. . What they tell you in order to get you to sign up and what is reality . . .it is a scam. Better off being with an HMO or just on Medicare. I paid $46 for RX through them and had high payouts and was constantly told by RX Store that I must be in the "black out " period or something of that nature. . . it's a joke. The only ones profiting from these plans are the insurance companies. I opted out and I am trying Humana HMO plan. . monthly payments and I have getting better RX than with AARP and no deductibles to primary. . . so far so good.
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AARP Selling Email Address to Other Companies
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- AARP has allowed one of their associate companies in California to sell my private/personal email address to other companies for marketing purposes WITHOUT MY PERMISSION or INFORMING ME THAT THEY HAVE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN.

The associate company is the AARP Driver Safety Course which deals with this course in California.

Since I signed up for this course in May 2013 I have been receiving a huge amount of SPAM advertising!! I have NEVER had this happen before with ANY company.The worst part they DO NOTHING to address the issue. I recently received a false apology letter from the Washington DC office without a name or personal contact information!

This is how much RESPECT AARP gives to their subscribers!!!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AARP! And especially with their associate companies who offer ANT SERVICE be it Driver Safety Courses OR ANYTHING!!!
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User Replies:
nikalseyn on 09/25/2013:
Why are you surprised that AARP would do something like that? They are in business to make money any way they can, usually by selling insurance. They are a big proponent of the new government health care scam and do little to help seniors. Best to stay away from them. There are many things you can due to stop this junk mail. Check out your email service and find out if you can label them "spam", "junk" block the address, etc. Good luck, but pass the word around about AARP doing this to you.
CU on 09/25/2013:
Nikal is spot on. AARP is a horrible, bottom feeding outfit that markets itself as a proponent for seniors. In reality they are a marekting/insurance outfit, and anyone who gives them their personal information is nuts.
cmthru on 09/25/2013:
Ages ago I was an AARP member. While I found their magazine a bit useful I was disappointed to find out months later that they have political views contrary to my own. They sold my name, address, telephone number and email to lots of merchandisers even after I requested them not to do so. Their discount programs were rather useless. Could get better discounts elsewhere.
jktshff1 on 09/25/2013:
American Association for Ripping off People is living up to it's name.
wjk898 on 09/26/2013:
I joined up just for the heck of it because of the "backpack" you would get for free just for joining up. Hilarious. The picture of the dude with the backpack
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