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AARP United Healthcare Costs Plenty, Covers Nothing
Posted by Flaminkokid on 03/16/2009
I never thought I would look forward to turning 65. But when I get Medicare I can wave goodbye to AARP United Health Care. $300 a month for the worst insurance on earth. They don't even cover a mammogram! They don't cover office visits and the office visits you pay for do not apply toward the deductible. An organization such as AARP that claims to have seniors' best interests at heart should be ashamed. But the executives who manage these companies don't know the meaning of morality. What choice do I have? If I got cancer or a stroke or heart attack I could lose my house and every dime of savings.

I have to have insurance and this is what is available to me. How pathetic that these people have to make their inflated salaries by taking advantage of others.

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Posted by jenjenn on 2009-03-20:
Don't you have Medicare? They cover mammograms every 12 months.
Posted by flaminkokid on 2009-03-20:
Two more years until Medicare kicks in. That's why I am forced to buy health insurance. When you reach a certain age the insurance companies don't want to insure you because you're a liability. And they can charge whatever they want. I was turned down by BCBS because of a pre-existing back condition. United gave me a policy for $300 a month with a $5000 deductible and almost nothing applies to the deductible. What are my choices? If I developed a serious illness between now and the time I turn 65 and I didn't have insurance, I could lose everything--my house and my savings. I'll pay the $300 a month but I'll gripe about it. I hope Americans are finally starting to get wise to the bloated, immoral blackguards who run these corporations. Maybe the next generation will get a better shake.
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Block on My Card
Posted by Grumpy granny on 11/30/2010
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have AARP Medicare Complete (Group/Retiree Plan which has a prescription component).On my way home from the Dr. I stopped at my local drug store to get prescriptions filled. It seemed to be taking ages and finally the young man behind the counter told me that he couldn't get an OK from United Health care(provider of AARP MedicareComplete)--they said there was a block on my card. OK. I was feeling lousy and anxious to start the medications so I went home and got on the phone. The number the druggist had given me was wrong. Another number provided. Called again, went through an extensive menu, finally got a human who informed me that this number also was wrong. I was directed to wrong number after wrong number--an hour and a half worth. Nobody could tell me why my card was blocked or who had blocked it. Finally, someone determined that it shouldn't have been blocked and told me this would be corrected in 48 hours. 48 hours!!! I needed my prescriptions before then! Finally, a nice woman called Debbie H got the time frame reduced to two hours but she couldn't tell me why this had occurred in the first place. She told me she'd mail me a complaint form, which I am still waiting for.
Compared to other problems I've read about, this is minor, but it was an inconvenience
that showed me that their systems are screwed up!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-30:
Don;t waste your time with a complaint form. It will probably end up in the trash anyway.
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Don't get AARP Medicare Supplement!
Posted by Marina07 on 07/25/2010
I applied for AARP Medi-gap to pay a premium of $260/month. My mom had some therapy done and 3 months later after getting the bill AARP comes back denying the claim. They say they determine it was a pre-existing condition meaning the first 3 months of the plan they will not cover. OK I'll be willing to give them that.

The second half of my mom's treatment is purely cost of meds (Medicare part D) so AARP knows it doesn't have to do that.

Later my mom has some simple blood tests done and Medicare only pays $20+ and AARP is suppose to pay the rest. They denied the claim. Zero. Three months of paying $260/month and they wouldn't even pay $90: taking your money and going out of their way to avoid giving any coverage no matter how small.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-25:
I wouldn't get anything from from the Association about ripping off retired people.
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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Enrollment
Posted by Killie on 01/05/2011
My husband and I enrolled in AARP Medicare Supplimental insurance, plan "N" effective December 1, 2010. This has been a nightmare for us. First, we did not receive our cards before December 1st. When the cards arrived there were miss spelled name on mine and incorrect addresses on my husband's. I called to let the know of my miss spelled name and that my husband had not received any information. Also told the agent who sold us the insurance. it took several calls and each time I have been reassured that my name is spelled correctly; however, I have never received cards with correct spelling. My husband also keeps getting mail with an incorrect road name. I can not tell you how many cards and pieces of mail we have received. Too much to keep up with and half of it with incorrect names and road name incorrect.

Also, there was an issue with our drug coverage between elgible for Medicare and when we went primary since I did not retire until older and was both covered under company insurance. This was answered on the enrollment form, another came in the mail questioning this. I completed and returned the form the next day. about 10 days later I got another "2nd notice" in the mail. I telephoned and spoke to a nice lady who took my call and corrected the informaiton on both our information. about 5 days later I received a final notice. I called again to have this corrected. This person would not take the information for my husband until I went and found him to tell her this was correct. She promiced me a form for him to sign for me to speak. Later on another call, this happened again and again I was promiced a form for him to sign for me to do business for him. This form finally came last week. These calls I did not time except one and it took 45 minutes.

Enrollment has been a nightmare for us and is not rectofied to our liking to date. Teh person with the Rx plan said she told her supervisor and the supervisor was to file a "complaint on my behalf" for what ever good that does. The real concern is that if AARP Medicare Supplimental Insurance plans can not enroll clients any better than us, how will the claims handling go? I have grave concerns.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-05:
They won't mail your cards before your effective date. If your effective date was Dec 1, you wil recieve them after that date. Did you let them know your address was wrong?
Posted by Insurance guru on 2011-01-29:
Honestly, I wish more people would understand that it is not the companies who make the laws regarding what can and cannot be discussed by people who are not members over the phone. HIPAA laws dictate these rules, not insurance companies. Most of the rules that companies who provide Medicare plans must follow are just as hard for the employees to uphold as they are for the customers to deal with. Unfortunately, these rules are provided by Medicare, not the companies.
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Posted by Take care! on 10/31/2010
It sounded good but when I checked into the available doctors most were not still at the same address and other doctors were not ones that I prefer. Make sure that the provider that you want is still available under this program (even if they are listed in the book!)
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Confusion With What I Owe--No clear answer from AARP Medicare Complete
Posted by Hikerbiker on 04/29/2010
Near the end of 2009 I went on line to medicare.com to compare the Medicare Advantage insurances in my area. I switched from ConnectiCare to AARP Medicare Complete. In February I went for my yearly physical along with a blood test. In April I got two Explanation of Benefits from AARP Medicare Complete which were confusing, so I called up. Total Patient Cost on the Explanation of Benefits was $21 on the physical due to a tetanus shot. Total Patient Cost on the Explanation of Benefits was $0 on the lab blood work. About week later in April the lab sent me a bill for $212.75. I called AARP Medicare Complete and the lab back and forth FIVE times. Neither one could agree on what I owed. Neither billing department wanted to call and talk with each other to straighten this out.

The various five AARP Medicare Complete representatives told me this:
the lab codes were wrong and the lab needed to call them to straighten it our, AARP Medicare Complete pay lab cost ALL the time, the lab should resubmit the bill, I should not pay this bill, I only owe a $10 copay, the lab was "balance billing" me which is illegal and the lab should write off the balance. When I asked on the fifth call what I should do about this bill because the lab refused to call the provider number I had given them, insisted they were not balance billing me and that I owed them the $212.75, I was told by AARP Medicare Complete that I should put my foot down and tell the lab that if they wanted to get paid they should call AARP Medicare Complete and resubmit the bill.

I had also called the lab five different times. I told them to use the provider number and call AARP Medicare Complete and they refused. I told them I was told it was a matter of wrong codes and, I was told by the insurance company, if they called them, it could be straightened out. The lab said the codes were the right ones according to what my referring physician from my routine physical had put down. If the physician had put down that the blood tests were because of a head ache or cholesterol, they would have used different codes. They said I should try to have the physician or even his office staff call them and resubmit the order for the blood work so they can change the code and resubmit it. They said that they weren't balance billing because the insurance company rejected the other codes and nothing was paid on the bill except $3 for venipuncture. They wrote off $23 for the venipuncture. They said I am responsible for the remaining $212.75. I said last year with Connecticare, a Medicare Advantage insurance, I didn't have to pay anything for the lab blood test after my physical right before I had my cataracts removed. AARP Medicare Complete was also a Medicare Advantage insurance. They said just because they're both medicare advantage programs, doesn't mean they pay for the same things.

So now I am very frustrated with AARP Medicare Advantage for not paying, for putting me in the middle going back and forth between the lab and insurance representatives, for not coming out and telling me what I owe, for having a 'no call' policy and not contacting the lab and settling this with the lab. I'm also frustrated with the lab for not calling the provider number and working this out with the insurance company.

I have to warn everyone that comparing the online medicare advantage insurance companies at medicare.com is not good enough. I got caught by surprise this year, but next year I will be more careful and know what to look for when I go shopping for another medicare advantage insurance company. I will insist on seeing the whole plan information booklet and also Google the insurance companies to see what kind of feed-back I get from people who had used them.

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Elimination of Doctors for No Reason and Incorrect Information Given
Posted by T37sails on 10/15/2013
PALM BAY, FLORIDA -- My husband got a letter that our primary care doctor will no longer be in the plan for 2014. I never received a letter for me. We called the doctor and they said they were taken off the list, not them stopping the use of the AARP plan.

Called United Health Care and they made an arbitrary decision to select fewer doctors and claim it is to our advantage. NOT TRUE.

Also asked questions about other doctors and services and was given the wrong information. Asked for a list of doctors in the plan and was given doctors that I did not see when I did the search.

No explanation given.

We aware that most Advantage Plans are doing the same and you don't have much time to figure out other options. Additionally other options are more expensive.

I checked all the advantage plans in this area and my doctor is not on them. He states the advantage plans are taking a new approach to managing the providers for the advantage plans. Which means they are eliminating doctors and give you a smaller selection. BEWARE

Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they would call back within 24 hours. Would not give me email or phone number to contact anyone higher up. Have not received this phone call as I suspected.
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Posted by yoke on 2013-10-17:
This is just the beginning of what is to come with the new healthcare system.
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All they want is your money
Posted by Tlc9458038 on 09/20/2011
My husband and I live part of year in Washington and part of the year in California. When we started going to California in 2009, we transferred our insurance to California, which the Company told us to do. My husband had no problem. But mine had countless problems. I would get a letter said that I was cancelled and the next one said I was covered. I wanted the insurance in December 2009 but did not get any coverage until February 2010 and they billed me from either Dec. 2009 or Jan. 2010. When we move backed to Washington May 2010, I transferred again back. Same year in December, when I transferred to California, that when they told me I owed them $350 for coverage when I was in Washington(which has no premium.) I have called and written to them more than 10 times to explained but never got a response but just telling me that I owe them the money. In July 2011, they turned me over to collection. I once again wrote them and I got a letter back on 9/13/2011, saying that I owe them the money and told me I was covered under one plan for both California and Washington with one ID# but I had two different ID#s. They said my Washington ID# is not in their record, but I have prove that I have it. Total Incompetence is all I can said.

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Posted by Skye on 2011-09-20:
This link should be able to assist you with all the issues you've been having, with AARP Medicare.

Posted by Starlord on 2011-09-21:
I had posted a complaint about AARP Medicare Complete when we first moved to Washington, and even went to another insurance company. I have returned, and it seems the problems I had were corrected. They do have a complaint resolution procedure, and will work with you if you contact them. I am sorry, but griping on M3C does not help, you must deal with the company.
Posted by tlc9458038 on 2011-09-28:
To Skye, Thanks. To Starlord, I have been dealing for two years! and no result.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-28:
I hear what Starlord is saying. I had trouble with my mom's health insurance company. It was like banging my head against the wall, and some problems took many calls and hours on the phone, but were resolved after getting the right representative (usually a supervisor).

I have a feeling that that is what is required in your case, because a third party complaint with something as like this is not likely to lead to a resolution. It is good you posted the complaint though, to let others know about the issue. Good luck and I hope you get it resolved soon.
Posted by Carol on 2012-08-30:
Their customer service reps are trashy, untrained and clueless. I sent in a medical POA for my parent and at least 3 copies of their "authorization to share information" of parent (they kept losing them). They are not billing us correctly since they refuse to contact their in-network providers to obtain correct doctor categories, addresses or phone numbers. They print the wrong address, PCP name and physician # on your health plan ID card (imagine the trouble if you had to go into an ER with that false info)! They mis-bill. They are con artists. Stay far away.
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Web Site
Posted by Alsodiscussed on 11/16/2010
I have tried for hours to get information from this VERY user unfriendly mess you call a web site.
I have tried to register and it will not accept my ID.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-17:
Probably no sense in wasting your time. AARP's been selling it's logo to anyone who'll pay for it so it may or may not be a good product. If you can't get answers, don't bother buying it.
Posted by dmnksm on 2010-12-07:
It is user friendly first of all enter your id without the dash 01, put all the numbers before it.
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Nobody wants to take this insurance
Posted by Gerigils on 08/17/2010
Had bought breathing meds through United Medical and they refused insurance anymore because they are not paid enough to cover their cost.
Mediquest also refuses to take this card for my batteries for the same reason as above. What is going on here? I am not happy about any of it.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-17:
The association against retired people is in in for their own agenda and $$$ stay away from them.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-08-17:
I have quit the AARP and am officially joining AMAC (Association of Mature America Citizens.) I am doing this first of all because of AARP's support of and lobbying for Obamacare, a bill we can ill afford. In addition, all those insurance offers we are bombarded with on TV, in the mail and in email, most of which we are excluded from for some unkonwn reason (Not available in WA or NJ.)
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