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Abercrombie sucks.
By -

If you order online, just pray and pray that it processes without troubles. Because once any problem occurs, you will regret that you have order from them or even known the brand. I ordered it online because I didn't want to get headache from their sweat and sewage mix smell of the store, the product they called "perfume".

Customer service? They are morons. I can tell you now, if you have problem with them and call, All they are going to say? "We are doing everything we can do." I don't even hear them typing record of the phone call. I'll tell you what happened to me. I Still haven't got a package that I order 2 weeks ago. When I told them I haven't receive the package but on track & confirm it says it already have been delivered. I shipped it to my work. It's business property and I saw the mailman and FEDEX truck on that delivery day but they didn't come. WTF?

So they said they will check what is going on and will send another package. Apparently 7 out of 12 items were sold out and no longer available. I really wanted to find the original package so I called USPS to find out where it is. They said they'll talk to the mailman but I don't think they are doing much. Our tax has been wasted.

I spoke with 6 CS reps for last 3 days to figure out what is going on and what they are doing to fix it and to find where the original package is. They are ** useless people ever. Nobody would say they apologize for this incident except one guy name **. All other representative just said, here are the name, representative named **, etc. "Hey we are doing everything we can here. Just sit tight and wait, you know? That's ALL you can do. It's not our fault that the package is LOST. It's the POLICY." Word by word.

So at that point, I was sick and tired of dealing with this people so when I called to cancel the second package order, one representative name ** said I can't even cancel my order since its already packed. When I called 2 hours ago spoke with **, he said if I want to cancel one item I need to cancel whole order and I could do that 2 hours ago. And it'll be packed that night for shipping next day.

If I want to return it I need to pay $7 smart label fee or go to store and return it. Or I can REFUSE to receive the package, if that's the case they will charge me full price for all the item because FedEx is not going to ship it back to them. And of course, Abercrombie being so cheap ass they won't pay FedEx to get the package back. So it's my ** money and responsibility to pay FedEx and send back their useless product to bunch of morons so they can sell it again and scam others.

THE SAD FACT? EITHER OR I WASTED MY TIME AND I WON'T GET THE MONEY BACK FOR STUPID SHIPPING. I might have just spend whole ** load on NOTHING. While I was talking to ** for 20 minutes, and she was keep saying that they can't cancel my order and that's the policy. So I asked "Can I get a copy of your policy? You can send it to my email. Do you want my email address? Oh right, you have it in file. Can you send me the copy now?" AND there was little beep beep as if the supervisors were listening and telling her on the other line to hang up the phone.

I did ask her "Hello, ** are you there?" "... Yes, yes I'm here." "I hear beeping noises. Maybe your supervisor is telling you something on the other line. Maybe they can DO SOMETHING?" "Hey supervisor! How about a copy of your policy?" and then she said "There is nothing we can do about your package." And another beeping. So I said "Of course, because it's the policy as your supervisor told you. So will you send me a copy? I think I have a right to take a look."

And she goes "This is getting really unproductive and I will need to hang up because I can't help you with anything else for you." So I said "You can get me a copy of policy." And she goes "You can find it if you want blah blah..." and she hung up on me. What a **.

You know what? I doubt that I'm sending this package back with ** smart label since I need to pay money for that and who knows they might just say that they haven't received the package and won't refund anything. I might take the whole package to the store and open it there so I can get the money back without spending another $7 for smart label but still need to spend money for gas. They screw over so many people who likes their over-priced product. Wasted their time and literally took their money. This company is a ** scam. I don't know how Abercrombie stores are still out there with this kind of ** customer service.

Most of Abercrombie customers are teens and young adults. And it's probably their parents who filed the complaints. I'm proud of all of you who filed the complaints and appreciate your time to deal with this ** up company. I am serious. Good luck buying from Abercrombie where it marked as 30 worst company in US. I made my mistake once and I learn from my mistake. I noticed that Abercrombie is usually in corner unit of the mall at the very end with naked people on the wall. I don't know how that is attractive. Actually pretty disgusting along with sweat smell perfume.

I wanted to think that my incident was one of million but as you can see there are people who did filed complaints on BBB. And I'm sure there are people like me who just let things out on the online review. I'm 23 yr and will not spend any penny in this company for rest of my life - if it even lasts that long. So I prob won't bother contacting BBB.

I already spend 6 hours of my life trying to track down the package myself and dealing with stupid morons. As long as I get my package as promised in couple hours I won't bother contacting BBB. If I don't get the package I am going to contact BBB. Maybe people would email/phone bomb the company one day. I'm sure if they piss off enough ppl someday - I have a mysterious feeling that it WILL happen one day. You suck Abercrombie.

Overpowering and Offensive Smell Made Us Ill
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Rating: 1/51

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS -- Let me preface this by saying I almost never complain and something has to be truly offensive in nature for me to want to speak out. I shopped this week with my eight year old son at the Abercrombie and Fitch store in The Woodlands Mall located in The Woodlands, TX. I am writing this because the cologne smell in the store was so horrifically overpowering and sickening that I was worried I would have an asthma attack on the spot.

When I walked into the store, there was a young lady at the door, and when I told her that I thought the odor was offensive, she went to get her spray bottle and started to spray more cologne on the clothing all around me. Had I not had to buy a gift, I would have exited the store immediately, and when I finally completed my transaction and did exit, both mine and my son's eyes were burning. My son's nose was also red.

I placed the bag in my backseat and actually had to pull over on the drive home at a gas station to use my inhaler and also to place the bag in the trunk. Why do they do this? What in the world is this outrageous store policy. The employees can come down with cancers later in life from strong smells. Also, not everyone likes this scent... My nephew, who was the recipient of the gifts I bought that day had to wash the clothing twice before he could wear them.

I don't understand this policy. Maybe if others who feel the same would share their experiences, someone in corporate will listen. Needless to say, I will never step foot in that store again, and I may possibly never again buy the brand as well.

To all the people who have been reviewing this company...
By -

I am an employee of A&F and a lot of these complaints are unwarranted. People are claiming to "know" our policies and trying to make us seem bad for adhering to our policies. One person wrote a review how a store refused to remove the security sensor because the customer didn't have a receipt. That IS our policy. They stated that there should have been an exception made because it was only one $50 polo and it was obvious it hadn't been stolen. That is not obvious.

Many people steal single items, even as cheap as $6.90. Also, it would be blatant discrimination to remove sensors for one customer because they seem to be okay, and choose to not remove another customer's sensor because the person looks suspicious. A policy is a policy no matter what and exceptions are not made for people who "look" okay.

So for a company that has already gotten in a lot of trouble for discrimination should not be expected to turn around chose to adhere to or reject policies based on what the customer looks like. The same goes for when people claim they are a "good" customer and spent over $300 last time (oh wow). You are not given special privileges. There are no "good" or "bad" customers based on how much you spend. Our policies are the same for everyone.

Secondly, it was mentioned as a "known" fact we have an electronic system that tracks every item sold. This is not true. Even if we did, it wouldn't help. Which is why there is no such thing. Let's say you have a particular red t-shirt in a size small. Every single red t-shirt of that style in size small is going to have the same SKU number. Each item does not have a different identification number so that would not even help.

Another person mentioned how a cologne was left out of the bag and we should pay to ship it to them. Mistakes happen. Even at a grocery store, someone can leave your lunch meat out of the bag but they're not going to send it to your home. We don't have any means of shipping anything out. We can ship our merchandise out to other stores and receive shipment, but only at certain times. There is no way we can send anything out, unless an associate wants to make a trip to the post office while not punched in and pay however much it costs to send someone a cologne. No one is going to want to do that and they can't be blamed for that. Mistakes happen.

Oh and someone else mentioned the associates cannot hear the customers over the music. This isn't true... We can hear everything, and that is why we talk to you and respond to what you're saying with perfect ease. Another person mentioned how they yelled at an associate and the associate should have just taken it since the customer had the right to be upset. Maybe they did have a right to be upset but that gives no one the excuse to yell at someone else.

I have been in that position before and it is not okay to yell at someone and call them names. Maybe they are having a bad day and are less than friendly, so be the bigger person and ignore it. How would you like your son or daughter to be attacked by a random stranger while working at their job? Everyone has their days, and trust me, yelling does not get you what you want - it gets everyone to think you are crazy. Being treated poorly by strangers every day gets old and tiring and frustrating. Next time you are angry, remember you are one of many angry people in the world and we as associates do not want to be the brunt of it.

We cannot look up credit card numbers or do over the phone orders, for security reasons. Most of the associates who work there are 17-20 and not interested in having a real job. Would you really trust them with your credit card information? As for damaged merchandise, worn or not, if it is a manufacturer's defect such as broken zipper or ripped along the seam, the manager should return it no matter what.

Honestly it does depend on the manager and some are just not nice people, but if you reason with them it may help. If you have the receipt and it is obviously a defect it should be exchanged as long as we have the merchandise still in stores. If it's a very old item, we really can't do anything about it unless you still have the receipt. The customer is NOT always right. In fact, they usually are not and should quit trying to act like they know everything. It's a store that sells clothing. Quit getting so worked up about everything.

Great customer service...for what?
By -

NEW ALBANY, OHIO -- Gilly Hicks is the fifth brand offered from Abercrombie. I'm huge Abercrombie fan, not in the sense that I wear it all of the time, or I'm one of those Abercrombie freaks; I just like the way their clothes look and fit. Anti-Abercrombie person or not, you do need to admit that they make high quality clothes.

I recently ventured to the Gilly Hicks online store to purchase some clothes for my wife. I live in Japan, so a majority of my shopping is done via online shopping. I have been shopping online for years, problem-free, until I placed my first Gilly Hicks order. I ordered 15 items from Gilly Hicks, but I received a “cancellation e-mail” the very next day.

I immediately called, waiting around 40 minutes for someone to answer using my Skype. I have no problem with waiting on the phone and the woman who answered the phone who gave me no name or ID number was extremely polite. She couldn't help me, but directed me to the “research and resolutions” department. You can't call these guys though! I had to write them an e-mail stating that I believed that my cancellation was in error and also asking why it was cancelled.

My e-mail was returned within 24 hours and it said “If you believe that all of your information is correct, feel free to order again.” Quick and to the point, right!? No explanation, but that's okay! I did believe that my info was correct, so I ordered again and KABOOM - cancelled. I e-mailed them again asking for the specific problem. In my head, there should be no problem. I order from multiple shops every month problem-free, so what's wrong Gilly Hicks?

They again returned my e-mail within 24 hours and it said “After reviewing your account, you have been cleared to make purchases. Sorry for any inconveniences.” Okay, so I guess that I passed the test and I am in the Gilly Hicks club. I wasn't really sure why I needed an account review, but thanks anyway. I placed the same order for the third time and guess what? Cancelled, baby! Is this the Gilly Hicks initiation? I e-mailed them an e-mail asking why I was cleared and then cancelled with their “you have been cleared” e-mail attached.

Within 24 hours I get an e-mail from Abercrombie! This customer service representative even signed his name at the bottom. Abercrombie let me know that they can't ship “SALE” items overseas and that I can also have a good day. I'm glad that they let me know about this… but what if I didn't order a sales item in the first place. Are their 5 for $25 undies considered a sale? Wow, am I confused. I guess no Gilly Hicks for my wife in Japan.

Regardless of all of this, I will still buy from Abercrombie and its offspring. Great customer service. Everyone was born without a name and they even send you an e-mail after cancelling your order three times in a row to advertise their new floral summer shirts, which they will never send to you. All sarcasm aside, I do like Abercrombie and this is the first situation that I have had with them in 11 years. They are just so huge now; people come out of everywhere to slam them. It's hard to get that big and avoid the haters.

Return Complaint / Rude Manager / Poor Customer Service
By -

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My daughter in law purchased my son four shirts for Christmas a short time ago on 12/16. My daughter in law is eight months pregnant and due in January. Please keep this in mind as I continue with the complaint. My son saw the shirts and didn't like them and said they wouldn't fit. The tags were still on the shirts and the original receipt along with the gift boxes were still in the original bag.

My daughter in law went to the store in the mall in Greenville, SC on 12/21 and tried to return the items, of which she paid cash for the transaction. The "manager" told her the shirts smelled like "smoke" and that she couldn't return the shirts. My daughter in law is eight months pregnant and doesn't smoke, obviously. She left the store in tears, because she was out $110. She waits tables and goes to college and barely gets by, and yet can't return $110 worth of merchandise with the original tags and receipt. She left the store upset and crying over this, and again is eight months pregnant.

My son then went down to the store and tried to return the items, because my daughter in law was so upset and the manager still would not take them back for the same reason, even though my daughter in law is eight months pregnant and doesn't smoke. Again, my daughter in law is out $110 cash.

I personally smelled the shirts and they do NOT smell like smoke, but instead like cologne that the store uses and sells inside. I can't possibly imagine why the store would say the shirts smell like smoke. My daughter in law did everything per the return policy, and yet they still refused the merchandise.

I called the store and "tried" to speak to the manager and she said they could refuse a refund for any reason; that it even says this on the back of the receipt. She still refused to refund the cash my daughter in law spent in the store. I then asked her to have her district manager call me about it, and she told me that she would "try" to give her the message, but with the holiday doubted that she would get back in touch with me. I still haven't heard anything.

The shirts do NOT smell like smoke, but are drenched in the cologne from the store. My daughter in law had the original receipt and the tags WERE attached to the clothes, and they still refused her refund. We will NEVER shop A&F or Hollister ever again, because of their return policy. Their customer service is horrible, and they look for any excuse to deny your refund. We are going to try to sell the brand new shirts online somehow, and try to recoup some of the money we have lost on this.

Thanks A&F for stressing out my eight month pregnant daughter in law, and for making her cry over all of this, and for diminishing her Christmas holiday. As I said, she's a waitress and going to college so every penny counts. Hope it was worth your fat bottom line this year!

Dissatisfying Experience at Abercrombie Kids NC
By -

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I do not usually complain of poor shopping experiences, but today's experience at your store in NC was out of the ordinary. My daughter and I were looking at a red Alice shirt, which was hanging solo amongst a group of Alice shirts in other colors. I assumed it was the last shirt in that color and took it down for my daughter to try on. Two sales associates were standing nearby, chatting, and though they saw me take the shirt down, said nothing.

We waited for a fitting room to open. There were only four and all were occupied. Eventually we decided to come back later. I stood in line at the cash register and when my turn came, asked the sales associate to hold the shirt until we could come back in an hour. She had no problem with this and took the shirt.

An hour or so later we returned. The store was emptier and we proceeded directly to the register. A different sales associate, who we will refer to as **, was behind the register. I asked her about the shirt. She responded impatiently that "We don't hold items". I repeated that a sales associate had taken the shirt to hold. She looked below the register and immediately found the shirt. She then mumbled something about it being damaged and without further explanation disappeared through what I took to be the stockroom door.

I was surprised that the previous sales associate would have taken a damaged item to hold, especially if there was a policy against holds, and I was taken aback by **'s brusque manner and by her disappearing without any further communication.

** then returned from the stockroom and announced that she couldn't sell me the shirt because it was a damaged display item. I asked why the store would have a shirt out that it couldn't sell. She said that the shirt was only for display. I told her that I had worked in retail for years and that it was ridiculous to have a shirt out without any stock to back it up. She responded "Why are you yelling at me? Don't take your anger out on me!" I did not feel I had been yelling at her. I was frustrated and had been trying to be heard over the loud music. I told her as much.

She said "I'll let you speak to a manager." I said okay. She said "You don't have to be like that. What is your problem?" I said "Just get your manager." She continued to berate me about taking my anger out on her. In frustration I finally told her "Grow up and get your manager."

The manager who came out was calm, cool and collected as one would expect a manager to be. As I attempted to speak with him, ** stood next to us. I looked at her and said "I would like to have a private conversation," at which point the manager sent her away.

The manager explained to me that the store could not sell the shirt to me because it was for display purposes, and that chemicals had been sprayed on the garment that made it unsellable. This at least made some sense, but what doesn't make sense is that I should have to take 30 to 45 minutes out of my day, only to find out what the first sales associates should have been able to tell me immediately, and then be berated for expressing my frustration to someone who did not seem in the least concerned about my satisfaction as a customer.

Of all the places we shopped today, Abercrombie was far and away the least courteous and least helpful, not to mention simply rude. This sort of experience is not easily forgotten. I expect to be telling friends and family about it for quite some time. My daughter had lived and breathed Abercrombie and had had her heart set on that particular shirt. After witnessing what happened today, she no longer has any interest in Abercrombie products.

In future, you may want to mark your display items more clearly and advise your sales associates to watch out for people taking them down. Be sure everyone is clear as to whether your policy is or is not to allow items to be held. If it is not, clearly advertise that fact. Finally, you should advise your associates, particularly **, in basic customer courtesy. Even if I had been angry towards her, there was no call for such a confrontational response. The store manager set a good example of how to interact with a customer. Unfortunately, his staff did not.

Valley Fair Store Abercrombie
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Complaint: Store 10402, Complaint against: Store Manager. I was having coupon with 15% discount to be offered during 12th till Dec – 19th Dec on $75 USD purchase. I selected full item price fragrance $74 dollar & clearance item. After standing 15 min in billing line, the billing executive told that only full item price would be allowed for discount, hence he asked me to select another item and be in line again for billing.

After 1 hour of search in whole showroom, we were unable to find single item on full price, because today 12/17/2013 the whole showroom was offering 50% discount on every item. I came in to line again, waited for another 15 min to get to billing person & asked him to bill only item selected from clearance and asked him details about the coupon. He mentioned that coupon is not valid on clearance or sale 50% off item. I told him that then what is the fun of giving coupons to customers of specific date when on that date store would be offering 50% discount.

This means none of the coupon will work and make no sense to offer coupons to customers. He said he doesn't know and would not be able to answer anything. Then store manager pitched in and she said it's all company policies and they will not be able to do anything and these offers come from company and not from store. She had the same view of coupon not working because entire store is on 50% off. Then another sale executive came in and told this may work on 50% off. They asked me to select 50% off item now.

This was another waste of time to select another item which is 50% off and be in line again. I asked manager to give this in written to me. I have written version from manager and also coupons still intact. This was complete waste of my time and complete dissatisfaction. I will take this to legal department as I have written statement from the store manager.

Pretty But Clueless Employees
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERCHASE GALLERIA, ALABAMA -- The first was an exchange on the same exact jeans except for size. I'm thinking no problem, even exchange, just need 1 size up. Wrong!!! I bought the jeans on sale so the girl said I would have to PAY the difference of sale price and regular price!!!! I tried telling her no, it's an even exchange, but she didn't listen. I returned them and left the store without the jeans.

Well I decided to read the return & exchange policy and sure enough I was right. I had to explain the policy to the employee. She had it backwards, if I had paid full price and they went on sale, depending on length of time determined & receipt becomes a factor in the difference. After much explaining I was finally able to make the even exchange.

Now that was in the boys dept, I also had to make an exchange in the men's. The girl helped pick out more jean for my older son - different jeans, different price so not a problem. Unfortunately they still didn't fit right so my son was just going to return them. It had been a few weeks but within the 60 days and he had the receipt. Well they told him it was credit and said they had to have the credit card so he drove back home and got my credit card. He returned only for them to say it wasn't on that card.

Well the only other card I had was my debit card and after researching had long since cleared. The employee should have given cash back (which they refused to do) - debit card is same as cash. Needless to say I will have to go back for the 4th time to get credit. I read how they hire pretty people but geez could they have brains too, or maybe turn the music down just a tad so you're not having to Shout over it. Fed up!!!

Store 10402 A&F TERRIBLE Customer Service (Rude Employees)
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Last night (August 23rd) at around 9pm we were in the Valley Fair Branch of Abercrombie & Fitch in San Jose California # 10402 buying some school clothes for my daughter. IN our collection we had a pair of jeans, pair of shorts and a tank top.

I arrived at counter with items mentioned above. I laid them on high counter and the girl at counter took clothing items and laid them on lower counter. She then gave me the amount which I knew was not enough money. So I asked her if she rang in all the items. She rolled her eyes at me and said YEA. At this time I noted that the shorts were not on the back counter where the security tags are removed and still next to register. I then stated those shorts - she picked them up in huff and rang them up giving me new total with an attitude.

My 16 year old daughter was with me and I asked her to go to Hollister as I did not need her picking up attitude from a rude employee and asked for manager. She did not get manager and proceeded to take my credit card telling me machine in front did not work. She ran the card no less than 20 times back and forth back and forth. I asked her if she wanted me to try the one on my side and she handed card back and it rang through and worked which was really the worst thing that could have happened as now she was REALLY angry. She proceeded to bag my items and "shift" manager was there by this time and I asked her if this behavior was OK with her?

I then noticed when she handed me the bag on to the HIGH counter that the shorts were still on counter. I asked for shorts and the girl did something unbelievable. She did not as most staff is instructed bring the bag back down and finish packing order. Instead she grabbed the shorts as if they were dirty laundry and JAMMED them into bag that was sitting on counter in front of shift manager. I looked at shift manager who was unprepared and did not even know what to say. On the way out she said sometimes people have a bad day???

After discussing it with my husband I will be returning all items today and sharing my experience. In this economy customer service is key, and your company is not supplying this basic ingredient. I called store and was told I was speaking with store manager who said he had heard some of the story and that the shift manager did not tell him that the shorts were crammed into bag while it was in front of my face. I asked him to ask shift manager of this. He said it was my word against hers and if it had happened "the way" I described he was sorry about that but I was after all rude.

Yes after all was said and done and my bought items were crammed in a wad into a bag I was upset - who would not be. I was as upset that the shift manager allowed the girl to laugh about matter and tell her she would take care of me... Last shopping experience at your store and next stop is YELP and other like places so people can see your company is not interested in treating customers fairly. I am a business owner and if any of my employees spoke or treated a client that way there would be serious re training or reconsideration on whether that person fit the mold for my company!

Racial profiling
By -

WHITEPLAINS, NEW YORK -- As a concerned resident of (Yonkers, NY), I am writing about a problem of racial profiling. That occurred on December 11, 2010 at 6pm. While I was leaving your store Abercrombie & Fitch, at the Westchester mall store # 10527 one of your security officers stopped my husband & myself based solely on according to your store manager was suspicious activity.

First off he said it was store policy before anyone leaves the store. Funny thing, as he attempted to GRAB the bag from my husband'™s hand he asked did we have a receipt for the items we had. I asked him what the hell did he think was in my hand? All awhile a customer was walking right out the store; he did not ASK THAT CUSTOMER TO STOP!! BUT IT'™S STORE POLICY??!!?? We had other bags as it is Christmas and that was not our first store. He then asked to see what was inside our other bag - as reluctant as my husband was he opened that bag as well.

Meanwhile a scene was being formed outside the store you not UNDERSTAND the embarrassment we went through? We then left dumfounded as to what happened. We went back to Abercrombie & Fitch and watched on the opposite side of the mall. NOT ONE CUSTOMER was stopped WHEN THEY LEFT THE STORE. As frustrated I became I went back to speak to the guard to ask him if it's œSTORE POLICY WHY DIDN'T HE STOP ANYONE ELSE. Again œyour store manager stated that we beeped when we left the store... I said "You are joking right?" I asked how is that possible when there are no alarm sensors at the doors.

At that moment she changed her story again and told me that one of the employees suspected suspicious activity. I said could it have been when we were waiting online for 20 minutes SPENDING $175.00 because there was only one cashier as busy as that store was? She smirked & laughed and said "LIKE I SAID ONE OF THE EMPLOYEES SUSPECTED SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY."

At this point again another scene. I then asked her for the district manager's name & information. She refused to give me the information. I said fine so I asked did the security guard work his identification and did he work for Abercrombie & Fitch or the mall? She said that "we worked for the mall." I again left because there was no answers or cooperation and truly pointless.

Since she told me the guard worked for the mall I thought let me go make a report on the guard. Again she made me like a complete idiot after waiting for a security supervisor for the mall - we came to find out that he didn'™t work for the mall. He worked for Abercrombie & Fitch through a different company.

The mall supervisor security guard told me to go into the other Abercrombie & Fitch and get the information I needed because clearly I couldn'™t get it from the original store. As aggravated as I was the store manager at that store clearly seen I was so upset & frustrated that she asked was there anything she could have done...

I told her as appreciated as I was for her offering to help there was nothing she can do. I also told her that if my daughter didn'™t want the coat that I bought her I would have returned it immediately without hesitation. But just know I WOULD NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY IN THAT STORE EVER. After telling my daughter what happen she urged me to return the coat... Please forward my thanks again over to her.

This violated our civil rights. For unreasonable search and seizure There can't be an explanation that can justify why they both did Without probable cause. Needless to say neither one of that had a reason. This was based on hearsay, which was unfounded information - not even an apology was given! I urge you to take action now to address this problem. And unfortunately this is not THE LAST of this. I WILL be seeking legal actions!

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