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ABL Electronics = Highway Robbery
By -

MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- I dropped my Pioneer CDJ800 mk1 off at ABL Electronics in Madison Heights, Michigan on Friday August 21, 2009 with a customer service representative I believe was named ** who stated that there was a $95.00 deposit fee that would be put towards the service charge. I stated to ** that I knew the unit needed 2 rollers replaced (they're 2 small plastic black wheel like bearings that assist the jog wheel spin) and that the sheet switch sensor needed replaced as well. I knew this because I had the sheet switch sensor replaced on this same unit 3 years prior at ABL Electronics.

I asked **, knowing what needed to be done, about how much I could expect to pay for these repairs and he stated that it shouldn't be much more than the $95 deposit plus parts. I also at this time asked ** how long before I could expect a call on how much exactly the repairs would cost me and he stated that it takes about 3-5 days for a technician to look at it and call with the price. 10 Days later I still had not heard from anyone from ABL so I took it upon myself to call them on Monday August 31, 2009 and spoke with a ** who told me the unit still had not been assigned to a technician.

I stated to her that I had told ** that I needed this unit back as soon as possible and he told me it would take only 3-5 days to know what it would cost and what the issue was. ** stated that she would inform a manager and have such manager assign a tech as soon as possible. The next day Tuesday September 1, 2009 I received a phone call from an Al from ABL and he stated that the cost of repair would be $359.26 for labor of 2 and ½ hours at $95.00 an hour and 3 parts at a total of $114.00 that consisted of 1 sheet switch and 2 rollers/plastic wheel bearings.

I told ** that I thought this price was ridiculous as I know the labor would not come close to 2 and ½ hours as it only takes approximately 2 minutes to remove the units cover, a minute to snap in the 2 rollers, and 20-30 minutes to remove and replace the sheet switch sensor. I asked ** if this was the best they could do on the price and he said he would talk to the technician and see if they could cut any corners€. ** called me back about 20 minutes later and stated that they could drop the labor rate from 2 and ½ hours to 2 hours.

I, obviously still not pleased, stated that this was not acceptable and asked ** if I could just buy the parts off of them for the stated $114.00 and do the service myself as the unit is no longer under warranty and I'm familiar with service that needed to be done. ** stated that they do not sell parts at their establishment that they only do service and gave me a number to Tri-Tronics parts which I called and all they could find in their system was a manual for sale.

I called ** back and he told me that he knew they probably wouldn't be able to get those parts and that he had no other source for me, which I found irritating as they obviously have a means of getting the parts. So I asked him again if I could just get them from him and he stated no again. I then told **, keep in mind I was completely polite this whole time, that I would be by to pick the unit up and asked him when did they close.

** stated that it would have to be the next day for me to pick the unit up because it was at their Troy, MI. location, needed to be re-assembled and shipped back to the Madison Heights location and that they would call me when I could come pick it up. I picked my unit up the next day. I then contacted Pioneer directly about the parts and was told that the rollers are $2.50 each and the Sheet Switch is $37.95 a total of $42.95 for all three parts, a very big difference than the $114.00 that ABL was going to charge me for.

I also purchased a service manual for the CDJ800 and after doing my homework, realized that the repair job would take me less than an hour to do myself, again a far cry from the 2 and ½ hours that ABL was going to charge me for. In short, for me to do the job myself $42.95 + an hour of my time. For ABL Electronics to do the job for me $359.26. I'd say that's a extremely unfair difference and I can only imagine how many other customers ABL electronics has scammed on their pricing. I would not recommend anyone be taken advantage of by this company's shady business tactics.

ABL Is A Mom And Pop Shop That Rip's People Off
By -

MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- One year ago I took my Pioneer turn table into ABL Electronic Service Inc. to repair the master tempo. Two months after, the same problem started back with the master tempo. I was charged $95.00 to look at it, total repairs came to over $300 on both occasions. After the first "repair" a few months later it should not be doing the same thing, the problem had not been fixed the first occasion. They charged me double for a one-time job. Last week I took my CDj1000 out of the case for the first time in a year. I was dj-ing at a company party and didn't want the stickers on the case's to offend anyone. When I took the turn tables out of the case, where you put the CD's in came open.

I immediately looked for the screws in the case, found them, and tried screwing them back in. It was not effective. When I took a closer look, I noticed the plastic had been stripped that holds the front piece of the Pioneer turn table together. So I called up there the following morning, and when I called I asked for the man that works at the front desk and I told him the issue and he said to use bigger screws. I laughed to myself and said, "Are you ** kidding me? If I put bigger screws it will crack the plastic that I'm screwing into." I am taking it up there today. We'll see the outcome.

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