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Access America Travel Insurance Rip Off
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It have been always suggested that I purchase travel insurance and I have used Travel Insurance for the last twenty years. I have not ever exercised or used the insurance purchased and all my trips went well.

My Money was gladly taken.

Recently I purchased a Plan from Access America Travel for a Vacation trip I planned. Well This Time I became very Sick and had to cancel Vacation. I saw a doctor immediately and was urged not to travel.

So - I called Access America Travel and planned to utilize my purchased Insurance.

It has been ALMOST 4 MONTHS and I have not been paid as of yet.

I get letters spaced out a month apart asking me for various Documents.

I also get repeated calls requesting the same and have always followed up with specialist asking if there is anything else I can supply. NO ALL LOOKS GREAT !!! The Specialist replies.

I always have the documents and Fax them immediately.

Documents are lost or not received by Access America Travel. (So I am told).
Then After I send again and confirm that they have received document they requested. I am then told it may be two weeks before my claim document can be reviewed.

Each time the Specialist tells me all is in order and they don’t require any more.

Well today another letter (is it a check? – not a request for more information)
I am now asked for proof of Deposit on my bank statement in U. S dollars. They also Indicated that the notice is the second request. (NOT) First one for me.

This is the First time they asked for the Deposit, Last time that set me back a month they wanted to know how much U. S dollars was refunded when I cancelled the trip. In which I provided a bank Statement. Again I asked the operator can I provide anything else? NO ALL LOOKS IN ORDER!!!! The Specialist replies.

Two months ago when they asked me to provide a physicians statement in which I had already faxed the specialist slipped at the end of our phone conversation (I asked is their anything else?) and she said Oh yes we would like a bank statement of refund.

That probably saved me a month.


I look at the years of travel and purchases and figure I have paid as much as $5000.00 Now I want $1000.00 back. That I am within all LAW guidelines set by Access America Travel. (BUT AM LIVING IN HELL)

Is travel Insurance such a good Idea? NOT WITH ACCESS AMERICA TRAVEL

Don’t use this company – I will spend the rest of my life and every spare moment now to ruin this company. I am blogging / chatting / posting – this company as crooks.

Before I buy/sell/ do anything now days I Google the name first. Wish I did before I trusted this company.

Corrales New Mexico
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 03/03/2009:
Stay on them! Don't let them wear you down.
Soaring Consumer on 03/03/2009:
Indeed. Don't give up. Don't let them wiggle out of their obligation.

I suggest that you contact Christopher Elliott, the CNN Travel Troubleshooter and the ombudsman for the National Geographic Travel magazine. He has helped people in situations like this before.

His email address is

You can see how he has helped other people here:
stormy97 on 03/13/2009:
Access America is playing the same game with me. My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer before our trip and I am trying to get our airline tickets reimbursed as we could not make the trip. The first person I spoke with said "if ever there was a reason to get a refund, this is it." I sent in all the paper work in the same envelope and miraculously my papers arrived but my husband's and his doctor's statement did not. Odd, don't you think? So I resent the paperwork along with the doctor's statement. They couldn't take the oncologist's statement. They needed the statement of the primary physician who isn't even involved with the case at this point. So I faxed another physician's statement and waited..... Today I got a postcard informing me the claim request has been received and is being reviewed by a "claims examiner." Someone is supposed to contact me shortly. I can't wait! I will NEVER buy this insurance again & will make sure everyone I know is informed.
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Access America Travel Insurance is a TOTAL SCAM!
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Based on a recommendation on Delta Airlines' website I purchased travel insurance from Access America. Subsequent to purchasing the ticket my wife received a diagnosis of cancer from the findings of a routine medical examination. We had no reason to expect this diagnosis, otherwise I would not have spent $461.80 for the ticket and $26.55 for the travel insurance. Today I received a denial of claim for refund of the ticket purchase from Access America, citing my wife's cancer as a preexisting condition. As far as I'm concerned, Access America is a bunch of crooks and Delta Airlines is nothing more than a shill for their con.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/24/2011:
If it wasn't diagnosised until after you purchased the insurance, it was not a pre existing condition. Contact Access (800) 284-8300 and have a human representative explain how they came to this decision (keep notes). Find out what is needed to resubmit the claim. For good measure, file a complaint with Delta at http:/ (click on Comment/Complaint at the top of the web page) to let them know you don't appreciate their recommendation of an insurance company with poor service. From what I've seen in previous reviews, Access America seems like they spend most of their time denying claims so thank you for your warning.
Bree57 on 10/25/2011:
Hi Cal,

Access America’s Help Team here. We are sorry to read about your wife’s illness and wish her the best. While I don’t yet know all your specifics, I can tell you that travel insurance is like any other type of insurance, in that there are terms, conditions, and limitations that impact coverage. Coverage for existing medical conditions is excluded from many of our travel insurance policies. We provide a list of covered reasons for trip cancellation and interruption in the policy, as well as a list of general and specific exclusions which we strongly encourage all customers to review when they receive it. And we offer a 10-day free look, with the opportunity to cancel the policy at no cost if it doesn't meet your needs. Please see our FAQs:

We’d be happy to look into your case for you. Please email us at with your full name and policy number.
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A very good Travel Insurance
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I went on a cruise in October. On the very last night I became ill. Nothing the cruise line did. I have Crohn's Disease and had a flair up due to seasickness.

We returned on 10/31/09 (a Saturday) and I submitted my paperwork to my Health Insurance and to Access America.

My Health Insurance had to pay first before Access America would cover what the Health Insurance didn't (completely normal).

My Health Insurance finally got around to paying most of the claim last week and I received the check on Thursday 12/10/09.

I faxed in a copy of the check and the benefits form in on 12/14/09.

They called today to update me and told me a check was sent out on 12/15/09.

I received the check *today*.

They wear fast (faster than my own Health Insurance) and very nice.

They are a bit more pricey than others, but the do great work and have a wonderful track record.

I would recommend Access America Travel Insurance to anyone who is traveling on an expensive trip.
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Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- What they're going to do is send some limited information by mail, but leave out he exclusions list, which they'll send by email... relying on SPAM FILTERING to hide their long list of exclusions from the customers. Then when you file a claim they'll state "within 7-10 business days of receipt, we will contact you if further information is needed" but they won't. They'll make you contact them and then give only part of the information you need, thereby creating more delays and frustration, and hope the frustrated customers simply give up. If you do follow through, they'll eventually send some more information by email asking for further information from you which reveals the hidden PDF file with all the exclusions. They will find a way to avoid payment, create delays, and rely on SPAM FILTERING to assist them in their unethical endeavors to rip off customers.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/28/2010:
Did YOU file a claim? Did you give up? What happened?
karleebarlee on 12/28/2010:
did you read the exclusions before you agreed to this service?
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Don't buy Access America Insurance
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I purchased travel interruption insurance from Access America because my husband is chronically ill and I knew there was a chance he would not be able to travel. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened and when I tried to get my money refunded, it became apparent this company is deceptive, fraudulent and nothing more than a bunch of scammers. They never told me they would not cover a pre-existing medical condition. In fact, their website leads you to believe that is what their product is for. When I filed the claim, they still never told me it was going to be denied. Instead, I had to fill out numerous pages, have the doctor fill out 2 pages and then send it in. I checked numerous times on the status and all I could get was "it's pending" or "it's in review." They finally sent me a letter saying they want another physician statement from a different doctor! It was just another stall tactic because they clearly had no intention of paying and they have carefully trained their staff to avoid giving out the information consumers need. They told me that since he had been to the doctor less than 120 days prior to travel, they won't cover the condition. I tried explaining that chronically ill people generally go to the doctor at least every 30 days. And... since when aren't chronically ill people supposed to travel?? Who needs a break more than them?? Clearly they are discriminating against sick people.... or are using that as another excuse not to pay. Do not buy Access America Travel Insurance - it's a waste of your money!
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User Replies:
Bree57 on 09/13/2010:
Karen, I’m Bree with Access America’s Help team. We're deeply sorry about your situation. We've looked into your case and would like a chance to further explain the result of your claim. Please email us at

Please bear in mind that travel insurance provides coverage for unforeseen circumstances. And, it’s important to remember that travel insurance is like any other type of insurance in that there are terms, conditions and exclusions that affect coverage. Unfortunately, existing medical conditions are excluded from coverage under some policies, including the one you purchased.

Please review your Certificate of Insurance and also see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about existing medical conditions and other limitations here:

News articles on travel insurance and the various types of plans are also available, such as this one:

Access America travel insurance and assistance products are purchased by millions of travelers each year. We’ve paid more than $300 million in travel insurance claims in the last five years. We place constant emphasis on all aspects of our service, and when a customer’s experience has been less than positive, the feedback becomes even more important.

Again, we empathize with your situation, and hope this information is helpful. Please email us with any additional questions.

- - Bree, Access America’s Help Team
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What exactly is covered?
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a travel insurance policy after purchasing an airline ticket to visit my family out of state. Twelve days after the purchase my granddaughter was scheduled for surgery on the day I was scheduled to return home. My family needed my support and presence and I thought it would be covered by the insurance. I changed my flight and stayed for the surgery. The doctor filled in all (and I repeat all)of the required paperwork for the claim and I submitted it to the insurance company requesting the $150.00 change fee.

It was denied on the basis that it was a pre-existing condition. How can unanticpated surgery be a pre existing condition. We had no idea that this would happen, I was going out for a graduation for another granddaughter. What is the purpose of travel insurance that excludes everything. Is it just another way to get money from unwary consumers? They did not even offer to return the premium. Has anyone else had problems with them?
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Mrs. V on 06/25/2010:
Was what yourgrandaughter has surgery for something that she had all along and just not needed emergancy surgery (ie. a heart defect that she was born with that needed emergancy surgery)? If so, they may say that she has had the condition all along and surgery could be an outcome.

Either way, resubmit your claim. Many claims are often denied the first time.

I hope your grandaughter is doing well.
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Waste of Money buying Travel Insurance...
Posted by on
I bought the insurance while printing my e-ticket, I got sick on the checking line and couldn't take my plane. I file a claim and they refused to pay because the food poison that I got was consider "pre-existence" how in the world something your eat early can be consider "pre existence" I appealed but it was a waste of time. The email answered for my appeal was cold, rude and hopeless... They just want your money, they told me in a few words appeal all you want, complain to any agency you want... we will not reverse our decision. So what a way to lose $285.00. I learned my lesson next time I will research and read review, before I buy anything at all. DO Not BUY FROM THEM
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User Replies:
WScott on 01/07/2010:
Let me just offer a different perspective on Access America.
On a trip back from England, I had a heart attack on the aircraft taxing out from Heathrow, went back to the gate, went to hospital by ambulance. Immediately went into CCU, staff called Access America who immediately faxed guarantee of payment. I spent 5 days in CCU receiving treatment and care. When release came, Access America sent a US Travel nurse, with drug kit, ECG and defibrillator to England to escort me home, sat next to me on American Airlines First Class, rode in limousine to my home in Cleveland, examined me, made appointment with my cardiologist for the next day, wished me well, and left.
Can you guess who I will use for my next trip????
the Teacher on 01/08/2010:
Well I am very surprise and happy for you. I have only read 3 reviews where people was paid. Congratulations ! I wished I had the same results that you did. I wonder why they did not considere a pre-existing condition your blocked arteries. My case I see no a reason to keep appealing at least I am going to get $ 260.00 dlls of what I paid my quote on on my e-ticket was $ 285.00 Mexican Pesos ( around ($25.00 dlls) because my mother paid the ticket in Mexican pesos and they charged me $285.00 dlls. I dispute this with my bank found a copy of this page that I thought I did not have it so I least I am not that upset because I am just losing $ 25.00 dlls. and Continental agree to use all my money from my ticket in future trips without penalty.
Thank you for your comment
Mrs. V on 01/08/2010:
That's odd. They paid off on my claim and I *DID* have a pre-existing condition (Crohn's).

I don't see were food poisoning would be considered a pre-ex. Did you get a doctors note (or hospital)?
the Teacher on 01/08/2010:
I know I tried to understand why, I got all the papers from my doctor. but all I get is a no. If I can get my overcharged money ( 260.00 ) I will be happy, put this in the past and forget about them. I am a woman of faith and I believe there is a fair God and this greedy people is going to pay. " what goes around comes around" Do not asked how buy eventually these people will face the way they have been doing... stealing others people money. Thank you.
WScott on 01/19/2010:
Regarding the question of pre-existing conditions, I think the rule is that if a pre-existing condition is STABLE for a period of time (I think 6 months) without requiring new treatment or a change in meds, it is covered.
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You will never see your money again
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Well my story is simple. I live in China and bought my tickets early to get a good deal I have had problems before so this time I got trip insurance. What a waste of money. I was told my legal reason was not a legitimate claim. My wife denied her Visa to America. Sorry but how in the hell is that not a valid legal reason. She can't even board the air craft. They told me it was not a good enough reason.

What a rip off. Avoid this place like the plague.

Here is a list of things on their general exclusions list.

The following events:
· any problem or event that could have reasonably been foreseen or expected when you purchased
your plan
· an epidemic or pandemic
· natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods
· air, water or other pollution, or the threat of a pollutant release
· nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination
· war (declared or undeclared), acts of war, military duty, civil disorder or unrest
· terrorist events
· financial default
· unlawful acts

So if where your going to has just been blown up with dirty bomb your just SOL.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 08/09/2009:
Travel insurance is designed to protect your investment if you can't travel due to unforseen problems like illness, death in the family, loss of house, etc... Not being allowed entrance into the USA is like a pre-existing condition, unfortunately. It is impossible to know if I will have the flu in 4 months, but I can find out if I will be granted a visa for another country by doing my paperwork before I buy my nonrefundable tickets. If anyone already has a reason they will probably need to cancel (might not get a visa, might get called into military duty, etc...) then he or she really needs to ask questions before purchasing a policy.
PepperElf on 08/09/2009:
the last time I travelled across a border

over a month before the trip I made sure I had all of the documents in order to cross the border and to cross back.
Kilroy238 on 08/09/2009:
Ugh Ben you do a lot of international travel as a non American citizen because one of the things you are required to show is your return ticket information to China.
Buddy01 on 08/09/2009:
Your wife not being able to get a visa falls under the first exclusion you list.
Ben There on 08/09/2009:
When I have applied for visas in the past, I always made a reservation and sent that in with my paperwork... This was done before I paid for the ticket. I would just send in the record locator and itinerary.
Kilroy238 on 08/10/2009:
Yeah an American citizen with an American baby but a Chinese wife. Sorry I thought the state department would have a brain my mistake. Is it reasonable to expect a visa in that instance. I don't think so. I guess it all depends on your definition of reasonable. As for the first exclusion that includes everything possible under the sun. They should make their exclusion list AVAILABLE BEFORE you purchase the policy. As a first time buyer I will know next time not to even bother unless I want to get screwed again.

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Access America Refuses To Pay A Valid Claim
Posted by on
DAYTON, OHIO -- Access America Travel Insurance Company practices are discriminatory and improper.

I bought travel insurance, Policy Number I-25126832, to cover the cost of my flights between Dayton, Ohio and California. The insurance covered valid reasons for coverage, such as illness. I became very ill with Depression and its causation of physical illnesses, four days before the trip. My claim number is 0000766968.

After waiting 3 months I received both an email and a letter dated February 12th. I was denied coverage because Access America Travel Insurance Company stated not cover mental illnesses as well as physical illnesses resulting from a mental illness.

I have filed a complaint with the Ohio Department of Insurance for this improper and I believe illegal discrimination by Access America.
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Bait and Switch
Posted by on
I paid over $300 for trip insurance from Access America for my husband, myself, and our 4 year old for a trip in June 2004 to Aruba we had planned. I subsequently got pregnant in a high risk pregnancy and was advised by my doctor not to fly. This was provided to Access America in writing. They are still, after several weeks so far, "reviewing my personal claim only" with their Management team but out and out denied my husband and son and basically said there is no reason why my son and husband can't go on the trip alone to a foreign country with a wife 8-9 months pregnant at home on what will probably be bed rest at that point.

Access America and these types of unethical practices is exactly what has put our country in the difficult times we are in.
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User Replies:
KCRovert on 02/05/2009:
Why do people insist on throwing buzz words into their complaints without knowing the definition of the word?? HBR, you have a very valid complaint with Access America, hopefully they will do the right thing...but this is not a case of "Bait and Switch". Oh, and I assume June 2004 is a typo and should have been June 2009?
HBR1881 on 02/05/2009:
Yes it is June 2009. It is a bait and switch because the advertisement and certificate both claim to reimburse you if "you or your travel companion" were to have an unforseen (non-preexsisting) illness, or medical issue. Which being that I got pregnant several months after purchasing the insurance my condition is unforseen and not preexsisting. Yet they still will not reimburse me even with a doctor's note stating she was the one who advised me not to fly at almost 9 months pregnant.
msnanny on 02/05/2009:
They may not be keeping their end of the bargain but this situation does not fit the definition of bait and switch.
HBR1881 on 02/06/2009:
Since the Bait and Switch has over-shadowed the true meaning of my situation, I apologized. I never in a million years thought that someone could get so fixated on three words to the point that nothing else they read could have meaning. I apologize.
DigitalCommando on 02/06/2009:
The way I see it is that you were 'baited' in with the promise of cancellation, and were 'switched' to a non cancellation situation. Bait + switch = bad deal.
The same people who don't recognize your situation are the same one's who complain about the oncoming cars high beam headlights blinding them, right before the car mows them down.
BokiBean on 02/06/2009:
If she had a flyer advertising extremely low prices, and had then called and been told that the offer was not available anymore and had been talked into a high priced ticket, THAT would be bait and switch.

As it stands, according to her complaint what she has is a problem cancelling all 3 tickets based on a medical complication that one of the ticket holders has.

This is an interesting complaint. I'd like to know how it gets resolved. It is imporant, however, for the terminology of the complaint to be valid.
HBR1881 on 02/07/2009:
Actually, I was just told that a high risk pregnancy, which I am, is not a medical condition in their eyes and that at 32+ weeks is no reason not to fly. In addition to the comment about all three being Access America's policy states that if "you or a traveling companion" have a medical condition they will reimburse you. They said if I went on the trip and lost the baby or I died or became seriously ill, then they would pay me. But they won't pay to prevent the injury of myself or my baby.
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