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Rating: 1/51

WHERE TO BEGIN!?? SO, long story short, I was the victim of fraud. More than $400 in unauthorized charges on my account. Called Account Now, was told to do a dispute, in which I did and was told they would send a replacement card which takes 5-7 business days. Well, they sent it on 9/6/16 and today is 9/15/16, something tells me it may not be in the mail when I check it today.

When I call periodically to get status, I'm told "Your card should be there no later than Tuesday." Then I call again and I'm told "no later than Wednesday". I called just now and was told "no later than Friday." Oh, and they have nothing to report on my dispute. I have since opened up an account with Bank Of America. Account now can kiss my **!!!

Account Now, Inc. Card Scam
By -

SAN RAMON, CA, CALIFORNIA -- Account Now card is a scam. I've been trying to get my money from my card but the company put a hold on my account. When I called Customer Service today (5/3/2011), the customer representative hung up on me after I demanded to get paid for the remaining balance on my card. During the call, the customer representative wanted me to get a passport and fax over a copy of that to the company as identification.

I don't have a passport, I don't need one. I'm American citizen and have a state I.D. but the representative did not want that. So near the end of the call, the ** hung up on me. Their customer service sucks!!I Have been trying for over a month calling the company to demand I get my money from my card. I can't get it from an ATM because every time I put in my pin code, it gets rejected.

I called the company about this in April and even faxed over a copy of I.D. as requested, but when I called to see if they received my fax, I was told they didn't get it. When I call for my balance, I notice that every day my balance gets lower--they are taking money from my card!! Yet they won't let me use it to get my own money from ANY ATM!!!

They are a ** scam, I can't believe how they have an A-rating with the BBB in Oakland, CA. They have more than 500 complaints against them. I don't know how to get my money from these con artists. They did not take the 'hold' off my card and I can't get any money from my own card!! How absurd this ** company is! I DON'T RECOMMEND ACCOUNT NOW, INC. Don't waste your time getting a card from them. They will keep your money and take a little from your card each day. If you have problems with this company, report them to as many people and consumer websites to get the word out.

Poor Customer Service
By -

I opened a prepaid debit account in June. In October, someone somewhere got my card number and began to make unauthorized purchases. Trying to get a hold of a live customer service representative to discuss the matter was very difficult. The only person I could talk to at 8:30 pm Eastern time was the guy who could cancel my card. No other customer service was available. I had to wait 'til the next day at 10 am in their time zone (1 pm my time zone) for anyone to be available to discuss the hold authorizations.

When I finally got a representative, I was informed that they could do absolutely nothing about the hold authorizations, and that if those companies decided to keep my money, that was just too bad. I had to call all the individual companies and tell them the purchases were unauthorized, please don't keep my money! Since I can only withdraw $300 cash in one day, I went and withdrew $300 cash to last me 'til my new card would arrive. I was told 5-7 days and I would have my new card.

It has been 7 days and no new card. I called back, and was told "oh it's still in processing" and "you should have it by the end of the week" - so actually, 5-7 days is 2 WEEKS (or more, that remains to be seen!). I wish someone would have told me it would take 2-3 days to process and then they will mail the new card and I'll have it in 2 weeks.

I would rate customer service with this company as very poor. As long as there are no problems, the card/account is fine. But, if you have a problem, it is very frustrating trying to get a representative that can help you. (Oh and I should add, if they have an e-mail address to contact their Customer Service, I can't find it. I was going to complain there but since they don't make that easily available, here I am on 3cents worth).

Gross Negligence
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- ACCOUNT NOW PREPAID CARDS, - 800 710-4802. I was supposed to receive a replacement to my expired Mastercard 11/08. Unfortunately, the card was intercepted somewhere in the mailing process. The card was activated and used for more than $1200.00 hundred dollars. This was my direct deposit account. The company was notified and aware of the situation through their system. So from day one, everybody knew it was fraud.

This could not be possible if the company had a professional and proper activation process in place. The perp could not have known my social security number, nor my birthdate, or my telephone number. So why was my card allowed to be active? The only thing the perp was knowledgeable of was my address, which was right on the mail - like they sometimes ask for a just a zip code. How ridiculous can that be? All that is right on the mail.

One ** was handling the case and I got to say, nobody at that company knows what's going on. Mind you, this is early-November we are talking about, that the process was initiated. It took them about six weeks for somebody to get back to me to detail the process and get a case started. The set of paperwork I received was terribly in-accurate. So I had to get a new set of documents. So we are starting all over again, mind you, ten business days before the first set came out, and another ten days for the right ones to finally get to me. So I lost six weeks to start the process, and twenty days in the process. It all was submitted by late Dec '08.

After a couple of months, I made several requests via email to the above mentioned individual, but no response. Well today 03.12.09, I spent almost four hours trying to speak to the department manager. Of course you have to go through the long drawn -ut automation, enter all your life history, and numbers, and questions - you know all that ridiculous stuff that you have to repeat to them again anyway.

And still got a good ten minutes to wait for somebody to put you in the right department that makes you wait again, and enter all this stupid stuff you already entered. And then you get lost or disconnected or lost in the system somewhere. I have been through this half a dozen times the last four hours, and ever call cost $2.00. I still did not get a manager.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY'S DIRECT DEPOSIT. They have no proper security in place. When you have a problem, you can't get the responsible (or irresponsible) individual to show no interest in your hard-earned money. IT'S GROSS NEGLIGENCE, AND A TOTAL DISREGARD FOR YOUR MONEY, THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES AND THE PUBLIC'S TRUST. ACCOUNT NOW is now 'ACCOUNT NEVER AGAIN' for my direct deposit. I don't know about you...

Don't Send Your Tax Refund to Account Now
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Rating: 1/51

SAN RAMONE, CALIFORNIA -- My income tax refund was sent to my accountant's Account Now card. With my permission, on 2/8/2012 we went to the bank to take my refund out - it was in the amount of 4989, the bank would only let us take out 1800. Well actually only 800, & we had to go and get a postal MO for 1000.

The next day they suspended the account. They are keeping my refund in the amount of 3189. They keep telling us we have to fax all kinds of paperwork to the risk dept and the risk dept has to approve it. No one will talk to us and they keep saying they didn't get the paperwork. It costs to fax and I'm a senior on a fixed income. Why are they playing God with my money. The IRS approved the refund, who are they to use my money?

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