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Account Now, Inc. card scam
Posted by on
SAN RAMON, CA, CALIFORNIA -- Account Now card is a scam. I've been trying to get my money from my card but the company put a hold on my account. When I called customer service today(5/3/2011)the customer representative hung up on me after I demanded to get paid for the remaining balance on my card. During the call, the customer representative wanted me to get a passport and fax over a copy of that to the company as identification. I don't have a passport, I don't need one, I'm American citizen and have a state I. D. but the representative did not want that. So near the end of the call the *** hung up on me. Their customer service sucks!!I have been trying for over a month calling the company to demand I get my money from my card. I can't get it from an ATM because every time I put in my pin code it gets rejected. I called the company about this in April and even faxed over a copy of I. D. as requested but when I called to see if they received my fax I was told they didn't get it. When I call for my balance, I notice that every day my balance gets lower--they are taking money from my card!! Yet they won't let me use it to get my own money from ANY ATM!!!.

They are a fuc#### scam, I can't believe how they have an A rating with the BBB in Oakland, CA. They have more than 500 complaints against them. I don't know how to get my money from these con artists. They did not take the 'hold' off my card and I can't get any money from my own card!! How absurd this *** company is! I DON'T RECOMMEND ACCOUNT NOW, INC. Don't waste your time getting a card from them. They will keep your money and take a little from your card each day. If you have problems with this company, report them to as many people and consumer websites to get the word out.

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User Replies:
Alain on 05/05/2011:
Try contacting the California Department of Consumer Affairs via or calling 800-952-5225/916-322-3360. The BBB's 'A' rating doesn't surprise me. Account Now paid good money to the BBB to get and keep that rating.
AccountNow on 06/29/2012:
Hello rgonza61,

I’m sorry to hear you had some issues with your account. Generally when an account is restricted and documentation has been requested, it is to protect you and any funds that you may have remaining on your account.

Unfortunately we cannot discuss your personal information in a public forum. If your issue has not been resolved, please contact us at and reference your name, address, telephone number, and account number (if possible); or call us at 866-925-2036 so we may further assist you.

Ms.Johnson on 11/24/2012:
I too have had nothing but bad luck with this company and tried to get my money withdrawn by chase so I could bow out without them stealing anymore of my money and the csr cut off my account without my permission and now I have too pay $25 to get a new card for no reason what so ever and it is wrong the way they keep stealing money from me am a single mother with three kids and they have the ardasity to cut my account when they get ready is sure to be illegal
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Gross Negligence
Posted by on
800 710-4802

I was supposed to receive a replacement to my expired Mastercard 11/08.
Unfortunately, the card was intercepted somewhere in the mailing process.

The card was activated and used for more than $1200.00 hundred dollars.
This was my direct deposit account. The company was notified and aware of the situation through their system. So from day one, everybody knew it was fraud.

This could not be possible if the company had a professional and proper activation process in place. The perp could not of known my social security number, nor my birthdate, or my telephone number. So why was my card allowed to be active. The only thing the perp was knowledgeable of was my address, - which was right on the mail - like they sometimes ask for a just a zipcode. How ridiculous can that be. All that is right on the mail.

One [snip] was handling the case. And I got to say nobody at that company knows what's going on. Mind you, this is early November we are talking about, that the process was initiated. It took them about six weeks for somebody to get back to me to detail the process and get a case started. The set of paperwork I received was terribly in-accurate. So I had to get a new set of documents. So we are starting all over again, mind you, ten business days before the first set came out, and another ten days for the right ones to finally get to me. So I lost six weeks to start the process, and twenty days in the process. It all was submitted by late Dec '08.

After a couple of months, I made several requests via email to the above mentioned individual, but no response.

Well today 03.12.09, I spent almost four hours trying to speak to the depart manager. Of course you have to go through the long drawn out automations, enter all your life history, and numbers, and questions - you know all that ridiculous stuff that you have to repeat to them again anyway, and still got a good ten minutes to wait for some body to put you in the right department that makes you wait again, and enter all this stupid stuff you already entered. And then you get lost or disconnected or lost in the system somewhere. I have been through this half a dozen times the last four hours, and ever call cost $2.00.

I still did not get a manager.



for my direct deposit. I don't know about you....
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missfahie on 05/27/2010:
I have an account with Account Now as well...and the first time in 3 years I am horrified at their business practices. U can see my post on here as well, but they are unethical liars. They have $500 of my money and refuse to unfreeze my account, eachtime with a different excuse. what a rip off.
GeeO on 09/20/2010:
I wish I would have checked into this money making rip-off company before I got involved with them. They are lairs and they treat you like you have their money instead of it being yours. No body in customer service is from the USA, and you will never get your money issue resolved. Account now is an unethical Company. Beware stay away!!!!!!!!
AccountNow on 07/03/2012:
Hello Toktlea,

I’m sorry to hear you had some issues with your account. When replacement cards are re-issued, the only way to activate them is by knowing the previous PIN. If customers do not know their previous PIN, multiple security questions are asked before the PIN can be reset.

Unfortunately we cannot discuss your personal information in a public forum. If your issue has not been resolved, please contact us at and reference your name, address, telephone number, and account number (if possible); or call us at 866-925-2036 so we may further assist you.

AccountNow on 07/03/2012:
Hello missfahie and GeeO,

We would be more than happy to help resolve any issues you may have on your account. Please contact us at and reference your name, address, telephone number, and account number (if possible); or call us at 866-925-2036 so we may further assist you.

johninitforfun on 10/09/2012:
worst place ever same thing here asking for utility bill with address on it! gave them my email and emailed them they did not respond the number they have to report your card lost or stolen is automated asking you to give them your card number! I lost my card how am I going to give them my card number? I had gone to the BBB to file a complaint and found 771 people complained in 3 years of there 5 years being open. not good but I found a number on there with there address so I called they gave me this number to fax the stuff they wanted 605-544-2339 the next day after I fax I get an email saying sorry it took so long to fax it to a different number wth? I called the number from BBB again and they said oh no that's the wrong number! so wile on hold for 30 minutes I look the number up and lo and behold the number is a fax and to there bank! now I made it known they are intentionally holding my money illegally and its theft! they don't care. I sent so many emails and I get 2 replies saying to call the customer care which I cannot do because I do not have my card! further they locked me out my online account so I cannot see if anyone is using my card
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Don't send your Tax Refund to Account Now
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN RAMONE, CALIFORNIA -- My Income Tax refund was sent to my accountant's Account Now card. with my permission, on 2/8/2012 we went to the bank to take my refund out it was in the amount of 4989, the bank would only let us take out 1800. well actually only 800 & we had to go and get a postal MO for 1000. the next day they suspended the account. they are keeping my refund in the amount of 3189. they keep telling us we have to fax all kinds of paperwork to the risk dept. and the risk dept has to approve it. No one will talk to us. and they keep saying they didn't get the paperwork. It costs to fax and I'm a senior, on a fixed income. Why are they playing God with my money, The IRS approved the refund, who are they to use my money
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 02/25/2012:
I don't like those prepaid debit cards. Why not just have them direct deposit it into your checking account. Unless you don't have one, that is. Even then, I would rather wait the extra amount of time for a real check than have some 3rd party manage it.
unhappy999 on 02/25/2012:
I did the income tax for my 2 children the beginning of February the old fashion way (mailing in the returns) and in three weeks, they got their refunds the old fashion way (check in the mail). Its a shame people fall for these scams to get your money now and end up with problems trying to get their own money back.
tnchuck100 on 02/25/2012:
The question I have is why in the world would you have your refund loaded to a pre-paid card that is not even yours?

Since this is your accountant's card does a problem exist between the accountant and the bank? Which bank is it? Bancorp or Metabank?

By reading their Terms and Conditions if they can tie your money up long enough they will be able to erode a sizable chunk of it in fees.
clutzycook on 02/25/2012:
Unhappy, ironically that's the amount of time it took the state to get us our refund direct deposited even with e-file, lol.
*Brenda* on 02/25/2012:
Your accountant seems shady! Why would they have you put it on their card?
Cwazychicken on 02/25/2012:
I have to agree. With money this big, I would only trust myself and nobody else with it. I would recommend getting a bank debit card instead of a prepaid card and have your funds put into your account instead of your accountants. This year I tried one of those prepaid cards, thinking I could just put money in as I go and they took my SSI without my permission. Luckily I got it back and state removed them from my payments. I would never trust them with that kind of money.

AccountNow on 06/29/2012:
Hello deedelise53,

I’m sorry to hear you had some issues with your account. Generally when an account is restricted and documentation has been requested, it is to protect you and any funds that you may have remaining on your account.

I apologize that your fax was not being received. Faxes are usually processed and reviewed within 3-5 business days.

Unfortunately we cannot discuss your personal information in a public forum. If your issue has not been resolved, I would encourage you to refax your documents so that we may resolve your issue.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at and reference your name, address, telephone number, and account number (if possible); or call us at 866-925-2036.

johninitforfun on 10/09/2012:
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 08:39
AccountNow ADA Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit
By Matt O'Donnell
AccountNow debit cardA California man who is unable to effectively communicate verbally after suffering a stroke has filed a class action lawsuit against prepaid debit card company AccountNow for refusing to communicate with him by email and insisting he deal with the company over the phone.
Plaintiff Richard Halavais accuses AccountNow of a “systematic pattern of discrimination,” unfair business practices and civil rights violations refusing to accommodate his requests by email to secure a new AccountNow card. Halavais is “unable to effectively communicate verbally” due to a stroke, the class action lawsuit says, and receives his disability checks – his only source of income – though an AccountNow prepaid card. He contacted the company to order a new card because his old one was due to expire, and explained that he could not talk on the phone due to a stroke that left him disabled and unable to effectively speak.
According to his class action lawsuit, AccountNow's refusal to accommodate his disability left Halavais without access to his disability checks and forced him to hire an attorney to help him get a new AccountNow card. When he did get the new card, he was unable to withdraw money from an ATM with his old PIN and was locked out after several failed attempts to get money. Hala
johninitforfun on 10/12/2012:
join this group so we can bring charges on accountnow for theft

sign this petition to stop them from this theft
Ali.G on 03/23/2013:
My sister went through the same bullshit!!! On February 22 they froze her account the same day her tax refund was posted. She jumped through all the circles they asked her to(faxing copies of Accountnow card, utility bill, ss)she faxed these papers more than 5 times, and they still had a problem claiming the images were coming out to dark. Bullshit!!! Every damn phone call was 50 cent here a dollar there. Soon the money stopped being taken from her account when she would make calls for some reason. When she did call she would have a hard time accessing by using her ss. The same day her account was frozen I put in a complaint to BBB, and FDIC!! On March 11th my sister logged into her bank and noticed the funds were $0.00, so she called wanting know where her funds was , and was told she was being issued a check,and that her account was closed. she also got an email from the BBB. Accountnow on the last day of the complaint responded by telling a false story, saying they were waiting on my paper work, they tried to contact her, all the usual bullshit. They also claimed they didn't have all the info to send her her money, but they will issue her check because they matched her her address from paperwork they had. Paperwork? The same paperwork they never received!! The same paperwork they claimed was to dark to see or read. This whole company is a joke. Thank God everything worked out in my sisters favor, and she got her check yesterday 22nd. We put down some heavy prayer,and I know it was God who made it possible for accountnow to release her funds!! To everyone else, don't touch Account Now with a 10 foot pole!! These people are crooks. Don't direct deposit, and don't send your tax refund, because they will take your money and give you the runaround!!!
talashia brown on 05/08/2013:
I had 2 Account Now cards and after I had done card to card transfers they decided to restrict my account. And the cards that I sent money to. I faxed in documents for my them to unrestrict my account and they unlocked one but did not unlock the other. After sending the info again they stated they could not except a check stubb. I am a college student and I don't have any bills, I live with my parents. And the only reason I had to cards is because I was trying to hide it from my mom. But after waiting all this time, now they are stating they are sending my account back to the irs. What the hell, now I still got to wait, but I was woundering how long it will take to get the money for the irs, and will I have to mail them stuff too.
Melissa on 06/07/2013:
I had my tax refund placed on accountnow 5/19/13. I recently moved ad the card was delivered to my new address, but the mail carrier wasn't advice of my new mailing address so the card was sent back to acctnow. I called for the the card to be resent and they asked me for all the documents ..ssn card, ID, and utility bill. I sent these items..called back and they said they received the documents but now they need my W-2 form..I was really upset but not belligerent. I sent my w-2 form and now they are saying that the documents don't have enough information.. THAT didn't make any sense to me at all. I'm 8 months pregnant and irs says it can take up to 8 weeks for me to receive the check n the mail depending upon when they receive it back form accountnow. My baby doesn't have anything. I was waiting and depending on my money to buy the things that my baby needed when she was born. I don't know what to do, I'm crying uncontrollably as I type this from my mom's computer. I really don't want to put all the burden of my baby necessities on my parents. My child
reissia on 03/21/2014:
were you ever able to get your money from irs or Account Now. I have had a problem similar to yours. I filed my taxes and my tax preparer ordered the Account Now card for me. I currently am homeless and was depending solely on the tax to get myself and my 2 and 5 yr old into an apt.they sanet me a card to my sisterinlaw address and itr never came and then they sent a second one allegedly which I never received now they are telling me I cannot receive a 3rd card unless I send all the same info as they asked you for. but I refuse to send this info for the simple reason that I don't trust the company and that I don't want to be an identity theft victim. they are now telling me that they can send the funds back to the irs and it can take 6wks meanwhile irs is saying that once the funds are sent back it cqan take 21 days for a check to be issued. I am nervous about the sending the funds back to the irs because I am not sure if to trust them enough to really send my money back and I don't want my money to get lost. I am struggling to keep it together but I am falling apart daily when I am bnot sure where my family will end up because I need myu money to make this start!
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
I opened a prepaid debit account in June. In October, someone somewhere got my card number and began to make unauthorized purchases. Trying to get ahold of a live customer service representative to discuss the matter was very difficult. The only person I could talk to at 8:30 pm eastern time was the guy who could cancel my card. No other customer service was available. I had to wait till the next day at 10 am in their time zone (1 pm my time zone) for anyone to be available to discuss the hold authorizations. When I finally got a representative, I was informed that they could do absolutely nothing about the hold authorizations, and that if those companies decided to keep my money that was just too bad. I had to call all the individual companies and tell them the purchases were unauthorized, please don't keep my money! Since I can only withdraw $300 cash in one day, I went and withdrew $300 cash to last me till my new card would arrive. I was told 5-7 days and I would have my new card. It has been 7 days and no new card. I called back, and was told "oh it's still in processing" and "you should have it by the end of the week" so actually, 5-7 days is 2 WEEKS (or more, that remains to be seen!). I wish someone would have told me it would take 2-3 days to process and then they will mail the new card and I'll have it in 2 weeks. I would rate customer service with this company as very poor. As long as there are no problems, the card/account is fine. But, if you have a problem, it is very frustrating trying to get a representative that can help you.(Oh and I should add, if they have an e-mail address to contact their customer service, I can't find it. I was going to complain there but since they don't make that easily available, here I am on 3cents worth).
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User Replies:
steve101 on 10/11/2010:
Have you thought of getting a debit card with a real bank that has a real physical location?
Anonymous on 10/11/2010:
If I need a replacement card from my credit union, it takes about two weeks. I think that is the standard amount of time for replacement for most debit cards.

I think since you are not connected to a bank or credit union with this card, their customer loyalty is limited. It probably is better to just open an account with a credit union or bank.

Thanks for letting people know that unauthorized charges may not covered on these cards and that they have poor customer service when you need it.

AccountNow on 07/03/2012:
Hello Katey369,

I’m sorry to hear you had some issues with your account. Unfortunately, we are unable to block authorizations on your account once they have posted. The best way to get your funds back is to request a refund from the merchant, once the final purchase has posted. If the merchant is not cooperating, we recommend you call us to file a dispute.

I also wanted to let you know we've made a lot of changes since your last post, one of them being with our customer service hours. They have been extended from 4 am - 7 pm PST (Monday - Friday), 5 am - 5 pm PST (Saturday), and 7 am - 4 pm PST (Sunday).

If your issue has not been resolved, please contact us at and reference your name, address, telephone number, and account number (if possible); or call us at 866-925-2036 so we may further assist you. We are always happy to help!

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