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Do Not Use Them
Posted by Rick7 on 01/13/2008
I rented a car from ACE car rental in August 2007. I found ACE thought Kayak.com a internet travel service. ACE rents world wide thought subcontracting the work to local rental agencies. The agency they subcontracted to was County Car Rental in Dublin Ireland. I returned the car to County, they inspected the car and said there was no damage. They inspected the Car so carefully, I got worried and asked them to put in writing there was not damage. They put it in writing. When I got home form my trip I got a note from County saying they found a scuff mark and charged my credit card $482.

Neither ACE or County would take Responsibility Stating in Writing there was no damage. ACE and county also forced me to get collision insurance thought them even thought it was covered on my credit card. My advise don't use them

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-01-13:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company. Send them a copy of the "No Damage Letter".
Posted by Ponie on 2008-01-14:
I'd do the same, chuck. However, since this took place a while ago, do you suppose it might now be too late? But it might be worth a try.
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Posted by STK on 03/24/2008
DENVER, COLORADO -- I had made a reservation for a large SUV as we were a party of 6 arriving at Denver International Airport. The number on the confirmation for shuttle pick up was incorrect - I had tried calling it before leaving for Denver and it was a fax number. I called the office and they said that I should call the office to request pick up when I arrive at Denver. I mentioned to them that we would be arriving late at night and the lady at the office said that it was fine.

We get to Denver and call Ace Rental - and there is no response. Finally after three tries and man responds saying that the rental office is closed and we could call back at 8 in the morning.

We had to make other arrangements and finally arrived at our destination at 5 in the morning - four hours later than we should have!

I am really disappointed!!
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Do Not Use This Company - They Are Scam Artists!!!
Posted by Shesington on 08/05/2011
SAN JOSE 0000 CRI -- I just went to Costa Rica for my honeymoon, and everything was exceptional except for this ridiculous scam called Ace Car Rental!! First off, I used carrentals.com to find this company, which proved to be the cheapest available and seemed too good to be true... it was! The total for the rental came to $155, and I printed the entire packet from the internet and brought it with me. I knew I was in trouble when I arrived at the airport and no one knew who ACE was, and someone told me the address was a 20-minute taxi ride. The "shuttle" they were supposed to provide was not present, so we spent $27 for a taxi to find the location. Come to find out, it is a tiny office hidden inside a larger building called Hola Car Rental - not a good sign. When we presented our documents, they told us we would be required to purchase mandatory insurance for an additional $75 which only covered the other driver, but because of the type of traffic, we better opt for the other additional coverage of $96. But even then, that didn't cover us because we were required to give them an additional $1000 "to hold"... but what does that cover if we have full coverage? To make things worse, it all had to be on the same credit card, which is difficult when you are not expecting it. One man said all the information should be in the documents from the website, but I handed it to him to find, and of course it did not exist. They have no concept of Customer Service, as I told them I wanted to speak with the supervisor to discuss, and even though I could see him 20 feet away in a corner office, he refused to address me! The car was junk and barely got us through the mountains and dirt roads of Costa Rica, and we could not even return it a day early. We tried to speak with someone a day early, and were told we would get a phone call returned to our hotel in ten minutes, but never did.

When our hotel manager called them back to check on it, the woman cussed him out and told him someone would call him as she said... still nothing! This company is a total scam and should be avoided at ALL costs... go with a major brand car rental in Costa Rica!! The only bad part of our entire honeymoon!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-08-06:
If you contact Ace in the US they will more than likely say it's out of their control since the franchise office is in Costa Rica. You can call the Costa Rican Embassy in DC at (202) 234-2945. I have a friend who had a problem down there and they actually were helpful. However, don't count on it. A lot will depend on what mood they're in and whether or not they're busy when you call.
Posted by Stephanie on 2012-10-12:
I had a very similar experience with Hola Rent a Car in Costa Rica. Although I confirmed that they would be at their office for my 8 pm drop off, no one was there and security would not let me inside to leave the car. They made me leave the car at the airport with the keys and "money for parking" in the glove department. I arrived home to a $1460 charge to my credit card when I returned the car in the same condition I had gotten it. Which I might add was a complete junker and not even worth $1460 itself! I am still fighting this company... it was a horrendous experience there and horrendous experience dealing with it back at home. Never rent from Hola Rent a Car!!!
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Do Not Use- They Are Fraudulent
Posted by Awudu1 on 03/19/2011
LOS ANGELES, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- On March 16 they took out 3 transactions on my bank account of about 900 dollars. When I called it took 6 hours to speak with someone. They said they have no record of the transaction. I called my bank. They are investigating. What the did was gave me the deposits back a month ago after I rented the cars then they fradulently used my bank numbers again to retrieve the money back.

I am now going through litigation.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-20:
Let us know how the litigation and bank investigation turns out!
Posted by Busybea on 2011-04-04:
Same thing just happened to me, I rented a car they held $404 on my card then when i returned the car they refunded me $300 fine they kept what I owed but a week later the charged $300 again on my card I'm glad I check my statements I called my card company they informed me to try and resolve it with the merchant (ACE) before I fill out a dispute form. I call ACE they say they only show the charge then a credit NOT another charge for $300 then refer me to their accounting department some local (714) number I call and the accounting dept ask how much was the charge for and then say something about it being a customer service related issue and they transfer me to customer service they pick up and says to hold while they look up my account this before even getting my name or reason for my call I hold for about ten minutes she takes my name and looks at my account and says that it is something I need to resolve with my bank to file FRAUD that this is common that this is happened before, so I ask why are they not informing customers of these fraud charges why are they not letting anyone know they said they are not aware of it till the customer calls to question the charges. Why not warn us before we rent the car you might see some unexplained charges if you do please give us a call.
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Ace Car rentals
Posted by Sam1202 on 12/02/2009
The car was not available. They were over booked. The staff was not at all cooperative. They made us wait for 45 minutes in the line and when we reached the counter they said they are not available.

Then we ended up getting from some other car rental company.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-02:
How were they uncooperative? If they're overbooked, they're overbooked.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-02:
Where did you expect them to get a car from?
Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-12-02:
Location would be nice!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-02:
What would be nice to know is if the OP had a non-refundable reservation for this car.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-02:
or if he had a reservation even?
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Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced.
Posted by Kwaldrop1 on 02/01/2014
FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- This past week I made reservations for a car at Ft. Lauderdale; my flight was delayed due to mechanical issues and I was not able to pick up the car at the scheduled time.

After arriving at ACE, I was informed my reservations were canceled after two hours, and there was not another car available at the previous agreed price. I had to upgrade to a more expensive car that I did not need or want. The attendant acted as if he was bothered by having to get off his butt to wait on me. Very unfriendly, arrogant, and his use of English was terrible. I had to constantly have him repeat what he was saying because I could not understand what he was saying. Instead of having the car brought to me, he just pointed it out and handed me the key. After locating the car I could not open it; the shuttle bus driver saw I was having problems and he assisted me by activating the panic button to find the actual car.

Customer Service at this location is the worst I have ever encountered. The facility was dirty and in a horrible location. I can assure you, I would have to be extremely disparate to use this company ever again.
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Very Bad Service!!!!!
Posted by Peter434 on 05/27/2013
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND -- We arrived at Auckland airport and there wasn’t an ACE car rental kiosk in sight of the other car rental kiosks. We were informed by another car rental company to go to the information desk where we were handed an envelope with a car key and a parking ticket to exit the airport premises. We were vaguely indicated to the location of the car and only after a lengthy search in the rain did we locate the car.

On sight of the car we were disappointed at the condition and the high mileage of the car (154232km). As it was already very late at night, we decided to proceed to the exit and find our accommodation for the night. Once we reached the exit, we had to pay $36. We were not informed about this charge and had to turn around to find the pay station to make the payment. In all the time that we have rented cars, we have never encountered something like this.

As we were driving, we realized that the car was not in a good condition for driving at all. It was raining and for one thing, the windscreen wipers were not in a good working condition and the shock absorbers were in a poor condition. We have to do some extensive driving on our trip and felt unsafe driving with this car. We decided not to continue the use of this car and the next day we contacted several car rental agents and found a more suitable vehicle at a higher cost, as there were very limited vehicles available.

We returned the vehicle to the Auckland city branch at 14h40, 20/04/13 with 154272 km (only drove to hotel and your office) I mailed them and requested a full refund for the rental period and the parking cost, but to date I have not received any response or credit.

Please also note that I requested on booking to return the vehicle to Wellington Airport, but noticed only on collection that we must return it to your Wellington offices far away from the airport, and this would’ve created a great inconvenience and additional cost for transport to the airport.
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Beware Ace Car Rentals in Brisbane
Posted by Disco2hse on 01/10/2013
BRISBANE -- My wife booked a rental car from Ace Rentals in Brisbane. What an appalling experience.
To begin, before we left, we decided to confirm details, only then to be told that we were not insured and had to collect the car away from the airport. We were to land after hours. This was not included in the opening spiel when the car was booked. The phone operator was defensive and argumentative and on two or three occasions had to be talked down before I could continue the conversation.
When we arrived at Brisbane, we followed the instructions to find the pickup, but the people on the phone were reluctant/incapable of providing clear instructions or directions of where to go. They were arrogant and unhelpful. Eventually we got to the pickup point and found the minibus that was to take us to Nudgee Road, where the car was.
When we got there the car was a grotty little Getz that smelled and had numerous damages. The staff at the after hours office also wondered where the toll card/flasher was (us: "the what?"). Turns out there was no arrangement in the hireage for paying of tolls. Great.
Later, I called the hire company to ask what arrangements were made for paying tolls because on the contract there were numerous penalties listed for infringements. One was a $30 penalty for every toll that was not covered. We had not been told about the toll system in Brisbane. In answer to the question: what was arranged, "No worries, you just register it". "uh, what?" Then a long game of twenty questions ensued, where I had to ask the right questions to elicit information from the supremely unhelpful girl on the phone. Half an hour later, I worked out what needed to be done for the tolls.
About the car? Tired, dirty, smelly, and a dodgy engine management system that would cut out.
Do not use Ace Rentals if your holidaying pleasure is reliant upon it.
The staff at Ace Rentals in Brisbane clearly do not like foreigners (people who are not from Brisbane) or they cannot be bothered with them.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-10:
I like the way your review was written. Very well stated. Thanks for the warning.
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Buyer Be Ware of this Scam Company!
Posted by Wjb9511 on 05/02/2011
DALLAS/COSTA RICA, TEXAS -- Set up a normal rental in Central America, they faxed me a confirm of price which I took with me. Arrived to out sourced rental car company Hola Car rental, they attempted to increase the price by $100 totally disregarding the confirmed price I had from ACE, leaving me stranded in remote area off site late in day. Forcing me to return to airport in attempt to find another rent car company in foreign country at night. Not a good thing but I will not be extorted for money. Called the company upon return to US they had little comment, not even a "Sorry" this happened. They are a Scam in my book.
This sort of thing happens frequently in Latin America, Gringos are stranded, don't speak Spanish, scared and thus will pay the increase. I did not, I have been here before. Leaving tourists stranded in remote area at nite is BAD Business, this is a SCAM,. Beware!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-04:
Contact the Costa Rican Embassy at embassy@costarica-embassy.org
or call them at 202-234-2945/2946 about this.
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Do not rent from them
Posted by Tigerneilohara on 03/26/2011
LAX AIRPORT, ILLINOIS -- Rented @ LAX airport, they provided me with the worst auto, I have ever rented in my life, and I am 47 y/o. Pure fraud,, the charged my credit card a deposit, of $300.00 and provided me a receipt, credit, when I returned the car, the original charge was on 2-17-11, today is 3-27-11 and I have not received my credit back, the car they gave me, had close to 70k miles and several accidents on it, along with several lights, on for repair, abs, etc...they should be reported to the BBB.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-03-26:
Was this the only car they had on the lot? Sounds like you could have refused it, if that had been possible. Not sure where the fraud comes in. As for the credit, they should be instantaneous, but we all know they aren't. They are quick to take your money, but take forever for credits.

As for reporting them to the BBB, shouldn't that someone be you? The BBB is not for the consumers, they are for the hundreds of businesses out there that pay their yearly fee, so they can get their little BBB sticker.

Contact your credit card company before 60 days goes by, and then they won't be able to help you recover your deposit.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-03-27:
Skye has a good suggestion about filing a dispute with your credit card compny. Be sure to do it in writing and provide whatever documentation you can.

The credit people might tell you that filing the dispute in writing isn't necessary. But your credit card agreement probably says it is.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-27:
You should report them to the BBB yourself; that is how it works. You should have also disputed this with the CC company.

There are a lot of people who don't believe in the BBB - I am not one of them. I looked, and this business (aka Blue Oval Car Rental) has had about 92 complaints in the past 3 years. It is a BBB member, which means they do pay dues and may receive favorable treatment. However, they made adjustments/refunds in 80 of the 92 complaints, and in the other 11 claimed they had met terms of the contract. So it is worth a try.

What credit did they promise you? Is it in writing?
Posted by trp2hevn on 2011-03-27:
"the charged my credit card a deposit, of $300.00"
Was it actually a credit card or was it a debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo?
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