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Do Not Rent From This Place. They are also known as ACE Car Rental, and Blue Oval Car Rental.
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BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA -- Do Not Rent From This Place. They are also known as ACE Car Rental, and Blue Oval Car Rental.

This is my story:.

*The shuttle took 1hr to pick me up at San Francisco Airport.

*I made a reservation for a car; when I went to pick it up they told me that I had to pay and extra $20 for emergency road assistance - I told them that I didn't need that and they refused to rent me the car. When I was then leaving, the clerk came up to me and told me that they will give the original price - wow.

*Next, I'm on the road and it starts to rain; I found that the wipers were really bad, I couldn't see much and had to get out of the road and wait for it to stop raining.

*Finally, they charged me $250 as a deposit for the car, and 4 weeks later they have not refunded it. When I returned the car, the clerk told me that the $250 had been put back in my credit card. It was a lie.

*I'm calling them everyday to get my money back, they always tell me to call a corporate number where an answer machine picks up and tells you to call again later.

*DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PEOPLE. You will loose time, money, happiness, and maybe your life.

Ace Car rentals
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The car was not available. They were over booked. The staff was not at all cooperative. They made us wait for 45 minutes in the line and when we reached the counter they said they are not available.

Then we ended up getting from some other car rental company.

SCAM - Don't rent from these guys
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- ACE Rental Austin: their car return is unattended (no check in attendant). They claim bumper damage (sent us a photo of a car we did not rent with minor bumper damage along with another customer's personal and credit card info). We informed them that was not the car we rented. Then they sent us a photo of the car we did rent WITH IDENTICAL BUMPER DAMAGE, which was not there when dropped the car off. They sent us a hand written estimate for the damage, plus 4 days loss of use, plus $100 admin fee.... unbelievable. They hired a lawyer who is threatening to file court charges and ruin our credit rating. Save yourself a lot of Grief and stay away from ACE. Note these are local franchises so the scam my be limited to the Austin location.

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DENVER, COLORADO -- I had made a reservation for a large SUV as we were a party of 6 arriving at Denver International Airport. The number on the confirmation for shuttle pick up was incorrect - I had tried calling it before leaving for Denver and it was a fax number. I called the office and they said that I should call the office to request pick up when I arrive at Denver. I mentioned to them that we would be arriving late at night and the lady at the office said that it was fine.

We get to Denver and call Ace Rental - and there is no response. Finally after three tries and man responds saying that the rental office is closed and we could call back at 8 in the morning.

We had to make other arrangements and finally arrived at our destination at 5 in the morning - four hours later than we should have!

I am really disappointed!!

Do Not Use Them
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I rented a car from ACE car rental in August 2007. I found ACE thought a internet travel service. ACE rents worldwide thought subcontracting the work to local rental agencies. The agency they subcontracted to was County Car Rental in Dublin Ireland. I returned the car to County, they inspected the car and said there was no damage. They inspected the Car so carefully, I got worried and asked them to put in writing there was not damage. They put it in writing. When I got home form my trip I got a note from County saying they found a scuff mark and charged my credit card $482.

Neither ACE or County would take Responsibility Stating in Writing there was no damage. ACE and county also forced me to get collision insurance thought them even though it was covered on my credit card. My advise don't use them

Do not rent from them
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LAX AIRPORT, ILLINOIS -- Rented @ LAX airport, they provided me with the worst auto, I have ever rented in my life, and I am 47 y/o. Pure fraud,, the charged my credit card a deposit, of $300.00 and provided me a receipt, credit, when I returned the car, the original charge was on 2-17-11, today is 3-27-11 and I have not received my credit back, the car they gave me, had close to 70k miles and several accidents on it, along with several lights, on for repair, abs, etc...they should be reported to the BBB.

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