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Unreal Behavior by Employees
By -

LANTANA, FLORIDA -- One day I looked online at the site for a pipe repair/wrap and located none. Within the hour I went to my local Ace Hardware store and bought some Ace weld/putty. When I opened it to use, it was so hard on the ends - it was obvious the product was very old, and had been on the shelf an extremely long time. I took it back right then and asked if they had anything newer in the back. I had the product and the wrapper from when I had just bought it minutes before...someone named ** came up and started telling me I was "yelling" which is not true.

I told him I am half-deaf so my voice may carry but I used no vulgarities, etc., just address the issue of the putty and check in the back if they have any fresher product. He said no, they didn't have any. I said you might want to pull the stuff off the shelves then because it is old. He got mad at me and started making agitating comments every time I said something he would cut me off mid-sentence on purpose. I told him that was unprofessional and I left.

** then came to the exit door and SCREAMED AT ME ACROSS THE PARKING LOT ABOUT HOW I SHOULDN'T COME BACK. HE DID THIS IN FRONT OF THE OTHER EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS ALIKE. I went back to the door and asked him what he said. He then added "** said you're not supposed to be here, but we let you come back anyway". I said this is the first I have heard of this, ever. ** proceeded to say other things loudly and still in front of the employees and customers and as I went to get my $65 pair of glasses, he walked towards me aggressively advancing on me. He then locked the door on me, telling me to leave.

I only went back to hear what he had screamed at me across the parking lot, and I was aghast. THIS IS THE FIRST I HAVE EVER HEARD OF ANYTHING LIKE THIS. I have been going to ** and **'s store for over a decade. We have spent thousands there, especially when we first came to this area, on our house repairs. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TOLD, ADVISED OR EVEN ALLUDED TO THAT I EVER WAS ANYTHING BUT WELCOMED AT THIS STORE. NO ONE HAS EVER TREATED ME IN SUCH A MANNER THERE.

The only problem is that I would get the rewards cards and would be disappointed because every time was told they were "expired" so couldn't use them. I have taken a few things back over the years but overall have patronized this store along with my husband who goes there too. WHY DID ** SAY THIS and especially IN THIS REPREHENSIBLE MANNER TO ME? All of this over a $5 tube of plumbers weld/putty. I want my glasses back or reimbursement for them. This is unreal.

Poor Service, Poor Management Follow-up
By -

HUMBLE, TEXAS -- Update 5/27/09: I'm grateful that when the manager was ultimately informed of the situation (apparently he was not informed as the worker indicated he would be), he took time to understand the situation, and quickly rectified it. Got a new carb and the blower starts fine now. He addition, he went above and beyond by tuning up my Stihl saw for free. My faith has been restored! Thanks.

What a disappointment, have lost my faith in both the service and the management of this Stihl dealership. My recommendation is not to use this Ace Hardware store for Stihl product repairs/service. The lack of skill and customer care by the tech and lack of follow-up by management indicates this dealership should not carry the Stihl logo.

Details: 1/31/09 brought my 7-year old BG 85 to Ace Hardware in Humble, TX because it was hard to start (usually starts on 2 pulls). Tech explained it could be the carb and rather than a cleaner kit, best thing to do is replace the carb for $50 plus labor. But he'd check it out and let me know. No call, other than to say that the blower was ready to be picked up. I picked up the blower after new air + fuel filter, new plug, carb adjustment made, no replacement carb needed. Great for $42 + tax. Used it once - was hard to start, could never get it started after that.

4/10/09 returned blower to Ace. $32 + tax later, after plug and fuel filter replaced. Tried 3 times, could never get the blower started. 5/5/09 returned blower to Ace. Tech could not get it started until he made some adjustments (so how was I supposed to get it started?). He'll have it checked and fixed in 2 days, told him Saturday 5/9 would be fine since I wouldn't need it before then. Went to pick up blower on Sat., tech had not even started working on the blower at all (no call to let me know this in advance), lots of apologies for the bad service, he'd make it up to me.

Expected a call Monday or Tuesday to indicate blower was fixed (seems like a responsible way to make up for poor service). No call by Friday 5/15, so I called manager. None was avail to speak to me. However the person I talked (seemed like the person in charge) assured me that both the tech and a manager would call me Saturday, 5/16. Also he indicated that the blower was on the "bench" (meaning that the tech had not even looked at the blower after all the apologies).

No call from either during the week. At 4 PM Sat. (too late to use the blower), tech called to indicate the carburetor needed to be replaced. Part may be in by Tuesday 5/12, he'll call when it's ready. Still no call from the manager.

Basically I'm out $74 + tax, lots of wasted time, and a blower that's been out of service for 4 months. Root cause of the technical problem was carb needed to be replaced. That's what should have been fixed the first time. Root cause of the service problem: a tech that has difficulty diagnosing technical problems, but worse, who doesn't contact customers, who is insincere, and who apparently does not care to follow up or make amends when problems occur. Frankly - this dealership does a dis-service to Stihl's reputation. Issue has not been resolved because management has not had the courtesy to follow-up up on their commitments.

Don't Shop There!!!
By -

ISLAND PARK NY,11531, NEW YORK -- While shopping in Ace Hardware in Island Park, NY 11531, I could not believe what I saw... The Store Manager (I believe his name is **), told a employee's mother, "Only pay for the little things you have in your cart, the mirror (it was along door mirror) is on me". I was shocked!!

I guess Ace is the helpful place, yea they help you walk out with free stuff!!! Then I went back to the same Ace Hardware on Sat., Nov 15, 2008 (it was the 20% off bag sale and I wanted to start my Christmas shopping) and I saw an employee being lead out of the store by another store manager named ** and he's yelling at her "Get off the store, you have to leave, get out now, you must leave now!!"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! The employee was saying I need to get my handbag and this ** guy just kept yelling at her "you must leave now". While all this was going on, the other store manager ** was doing a dance down the main isle singing "another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust". He then stopped at the paint counter and was talking to another young associate saying, "now if I can only figure out how to get rid of **".

I couldn't listen anymore, this ** person is so rude. This wasn't the first time that I heard him yelling at the associates. He's nasty, he uses profanity on the floor, I was so upset not only for me but for the female employee. I left my items and walked out of the store and went to another Ace in Rockville Centre, NY the people at that store were great, helpful, funny and very, very knowledgeable.

The store manager, a young guy named **, was more than eager to help every customer who walked into the store, even though the store was busy (being the bag sale and all). All the employee's very very upbeat, everyone says hello (which is something that you never hear in Island Park), it was a pleasure to shop there. I will never go back to the Ace Hardware in Island Park, NY and I will be writing a letter to Ace Corp. in IL.

I want to find out who owns this store and tell them just what I think of their store managers!! I hope that they remember the old saying " A bad story travels faster than a good story". I will be telling my friends not to shop there!! Thank you.

Local Store Returns and Exchanges
By -

GRINNELL, IOWA -- Is it Ace's policy not allow returns or exchanges from one Ace Hardware to another? I shopped at an Ace in Illinois on a trip and bought an inexpensive remote control that did not work. I tried to return or exchange it at my home Ace Hardware (Paul's Ace Hardware in Grinnell, Iowa) and was told they could do nothing and I had to go back to Illinois. Just to add to my frustrations, I had made an earlier purchase during a special on compact fluorescent light bulbs.

The stock person helped me and when I specifically said I did not know how many of each wattage I needed, he had said I can always bring them back to exchange. I tried to do the exchange at the same time as this other return and was told that they could not do an exchange between wattages even though both were for the same price during the sale.

To make it worse, I was planning on doing a simple exchange (same item) for one of the bulbs that did not work, and they had none in the store and had no idea if/when more would be in. In effect, they were not stocking the most popular GE CFL bulb. I was patient and considerate the whole time, and the employee that would have processed these returns and exchanges was the owner's wife, so I do not think the issue had anything to do with employee knowledge.

If each store can be this unique in their practices, I will have to stop shopping Ace as I have no way of knowing how each store operates, and this loose affiliation of individual stores gives no benefit to customers. I have been successful at staying away from the DIY superstores, but maybe I will have to change that.

Manager Tells Customer to Go to Home Depot
By -

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FLORIDA -- I went to Ace Hardware at 784 Marsh Landing Parkway, Jacksonville Beach, FL to buy two tools. The exact tools were not in stock in the tool dept., so I searched through the bargain tool bins and found a couple of tools that would work. I brought my selections to the cashier, and was given a different price than was advertised on the bin.

The store manager refused to sell one of the tools, saying that some customer has placed it in the bargain bin where it did not belong. I asked him how he new that. He simply continued to refuse to sell the tool at the price advertised on the bin. I declined to buy either of the tools, and told the manager I would check at the newly opened Home Depot - two blocks away. He told me I should do that. Home Depot sold me the exact tools I wanted at $6 less than Ace.

I complained to Corporate, and was told, that the manager says: "...this happens a lot. A customer might pick up an expensive tool, and then find another tool in the bargain tool bins. They don't realize the quality is not the same. He said they are constantly going through that bin to put the more expensive tools back to the correct area."

My response was: Please think about what you are telling me. The manager knows "...this happens a lot." What I read is that even knowing the problem exists "a lot", your manager won't take the simple step of either pricing the items in the discount bins or get rid of those bins. Home Depot has no bins, and they seem to get along just fine.

My comments to you were sent in the spirit of trying to keep an old friend in business in the neighborhood. I feel compelled to tell you that the manager's response is unacceptable. He is still telling us how the customer is wrong, and the problem is not the fault of the store or its management. Why not have a look at what Home Depot is doing? They are only a couple of blocks away. While your manager is there, he'll find many of his old customers there. Certainly, he'll find the customers that he has encouraged to shop at Home Depot. "This happens a lot."

It is always easy to pass off a customer complaint as coming from a "crank." However, in this case - I hope you and the manager will ask yourselves this question - how would I respond if the manager told me to go to Home Depot and see how they treat me? I did that, and I don't think I'll be back to Ace. I don't think you would be back either. Does that make me a crank for registering my complaint? And, is the legitimate answer to any complaint - "this happens a lot?"

Rude and Useless Employees
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Rating: 1/51

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Rown & Cartwright ACE Hardware in Green Cove Springs, FL is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE to the company name, and the community! I have been a customer of ACE Hardware throughout the country. Everywhere else, it has been a pleasure...until I moved to Green Cove Springs!

In the over 6 years I have shopped at this store, I can say without hesitation, that I have NEVER encountered an employee there that was friendly, or any help at all! Every last one of them is RUDE and USELESS! I gave up on getting help finding what I need there years ago, and just find it myself...but not without being followed like a hawk around the store my entire visit! This went on for years, and I put up with it until my most recent visit.

An employee actually confronted us outside the store stating "We know what you're up to" and "Someone in the store overheard you saying you were being watched and that you'll pay for it if you have to". This was just an ABSOLUTE LIE! She then went on to say "We can sell to whoever we want, and you're not welcome here". Can you believe she told us we need to make a "list" of what we need, get it, and get out? Unbelievable! I immediately filed a complaint with the corporate office, and invite anyone else (I am sure there are many) with an experience like this to do the same!

Terrible Return Policy
By -

BATAVIA, ILLINOIS -- I recently purchased some items in Denver when I was visiting my daughter. She didn't have enough money to cover the purchase, so I paid for it. Returning to Chicago, I brought along the items that she didn't need or could use. I returned the items to a store in Batavia, IL and discovered that even though the merchandise was exactly the same, with the same Stock #/SKN, I got a lower return price (and not due to different tax) because the store in Batavia sold it at a different price.

I was told by the cashier that my choices were: keep the items or go back to Denver to get my money back. She was very rude/condescending to me. Nowhere could I see notices/signs (or even on the receipt) that each store was independent and be forewarned that I may not get my complete money back if I had to return something. This is not the policy at other home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's.

I called their Customer Service phone #, and recounted my story. Then I was put on hold. Eventually, the line was disconnected, waiting for someone to come back on the line. So, goodbye Ace Hardware, you have lost all my future business, as well as my family and friends, whom I plan on sharing my experience with asap. I will go out of my way to avoid shopping at any Ace Hardware store in any city.

Worst Behavior by Store Manager
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Rating: 1/51

HERNANDO -- I went to the Ace Hardware on Florida Ave., Inverness, Florida to return an item and look for a screw fitting. I was verbally abused by the store manager because I was unable to give him the answers he wanted. He became very angry and eventually threatened with body language and order me out of his store. To me it was bodily-threatening behavior. Ace Corporate Office apologized for his behavior gave me a $25 gift card and said they could take no action against the store. Since that event, I have heard many other golfing buddies complain about this store.

Consumer Fraud
By -

CORONA, CA -- 3.5 weeks ago I purchased a Toro Trimmer from the ACE Hardware store in Corona -- I have been doing business with this store for over 20 years. The trimmer began to break and fall apart after 3 weeks of light use. Today I took it back. The receipt said -- "Original receipt is required for refund or exchange within 30 days". I took it back with the original receipt and was told I could not get my money back because I did not bring it back in the original box. Now how many people keep the box after they open the product and use it? They refused to give me my money back.

I talked to a store clerk by the name of ** -- he was very abusive and unprofessional. He told me to come back and see the owner which I will tomorrow. If they refuse to give me my money back, I will be forced to file a civil suit against the store. Beware -- this ACE store practices consumer FRAUD -- please avoid the ACE store in Corona on 6th Street and Lincoln.

Worst Customer Service in a Hardware Store I've Ever Seen
By -

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I bought a pipe fitting from Ace Hardware in Salmon Creek, WA to hook up my outside line (for the hose). When my husband saw the fitting, he noticed that the turn knob kept turning and wouldn't tighten. However, not being plumbers, we thought it must be OK, it's brand new. Anyway, it did turn out to be a problem, because after we put it on the water WOULDN'T turn off and was gushing everywhere. Thinking that there was something else wrong with our plumbing, we had to call a plumber and $140 later, it turns out that the pipe was defective.

Thinking I was totally justified returning something that was defective, imagine my surprise when the owner would only keep repeating to me that the pipe had been "tampered" with and he couldn't take it back. Not only that, but he was rude as well. I only wanted by money back, which was $30 for having something on their shelf that could cause such an expensive problem...they should pay for the plumber too! I'll never go back, the owner of this particular Ace Hardware is a cheat.

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