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Poor Quality Of Service And Does Not Recognize Their Own Product
Posted by on
ALOHA, OREGON -- My husband purchased 2 items from Ace Hardware in Aloha Oregon over the past several weeks. I took the items back to ACE for a return as we never used them. The items have the ACE name printed right on the packaging. When I entered the store and handed the items to the checker and told her I wanted to return them, she told me that she could not refund my money because she didn't find the items in her computer, EVEN THOUGH THE ACE NAME WAS PRINTED ON THE PACKAGING. She called a store manager who told me that since the item could not be found in their computer they could not refund my money. He also said that I could not prove I bought the items from his store.

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madconsumer on 03/26/2009:
in other words you could not prove you had actually purchased the items. your proof was the receipt.

after all, the items could have come from a yard sale ....
Marine 63 on 05/16/2009:
show me a store that really honors what they profess.
anthony2009 on 09/05/2009:
If the items that you returned were not on the receipt, then they can't refund your money back to you.

You may have had a receipt with items you purchased from ACE hardware on it, but they may not have been the items you were trying to return.

For all they know, you could have purchased the items at another store, especially if they couldn't find the items in their computer system. That is the #1 indication that you are trying to return something that you didn't purchase at that store. Simple mistake. Not your fault, not ACE's fault.

If you only purchased the items within a 7 week period, the items should still be in the computer system unless they were clearanced out.
Eloise on 09/05/2009:
A number of stores are having a problem with people attempting to return items that were stolen. (Stores include; Target, Walmart, Lowe's, and Home Depot) To protect themselves they require a receipt. If you don't have it you are out of luck. Next time you should save your receipt. It will save time and frustration.
Anonymous on 09/05/2009:
"In other words, I was a liar." Were you?
Ponie on 09/05/2009:
Maybe the poster had the same problem I did a couple of months ago--reading! When shopping, I took along the sales flyer I received in the weekend bird cage liner. Picked up a couple of items but couldn't find one I wanted. I was at Ace Hardware--but had an Aco Hardware flyer with me. The clerk and I had a good laugh at that and she told me a lot of people make that mistake. The two stores are only about half mile from each other. Returns are *so* much easier if you have a receipt.
Eloise on 09/05/2009:
Ponie, I've never heard of Aco hardware. Is it a local store?
Ponie on 09/05/2009:
Eloise, until I read your question, I just always thought they were a national chain because there are so many of them around here. So I went to their website to check. Their headquarters are in a suburb of Detroit, Farmington (or is it Farmington Hills?). They were established in 1946. They now have 69 locations--all in the state of Michigan. So, yes, I guess they could be considered 'local.' Thanks for giving me an education with your question.
Ponie on 09/05/2009:
Eloise, until I read your question, I just always thought they were a national chain because there are so many of them around here. So I went to their website to check. Their headquarters are in a suburb of Detroit, Farmington (or is it Farmington Hills?). They were established in 1946. They now have 69 locations--all in the state of Michigan. So, yes, I guess they could be considered 'local.' Thanks for giving me an education with your question.
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Local Store Returns and Exchanges
Posted by on
GRINNELL, IOWA -- Is it Ace's policy not allow returns or exchanges from one Ace Hardware to another? I shopped at an Ace in Illinois on a trip and bought an inexpensive remote control that did not work. I tried to return or exchange it at my home Ace Hardware (Paul's Ace Hardware in Grinnell, Iowa) and was told they could do nothing and I had to go back to Illinois. Just to add to my frustrations, I had made an earlier purchase during a special on compact fluorescent light bulbs. The stock person helped me and when I specifically said I did not know how many of each wattage I needed, he had said I can always bring them back to exchange. I tried to do the exchange at the same time as this other return and was told that they could not do an exchange between wattages even though both were for the same price during the sale. To make it worse, I was planning on doing a simple exchange (same item) for one of the bulbs that did not work, and they had none in the store and had no idea if/when more would be in. In effect, they were not stocking the most popular GE CFL bulb. I was patient and considerate the whole time, and the employee that would have processed these returns and exchanges was the owner's wife, so I do not think the issue had anything to do with employee knowledge. If each store can be this unique in their practices, I will have to stop shopping Ace as I have no way of knowing how each store operates, and this loose affiliation of individual stores gives no benefit to customers. I have been successful at staying away from the DIY superstores, but maybe I will have to change that.
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moneybags on 12/08/2007:
Today, most Ace Hardware stores are franchised. One owner does not recognize a purchase made at another owners store.
Anonymous on 12/08/2007:
Wow, good to know, I'll keep that in mind for future purchases.
killerklown on 12/08/2007:
As far as I know, Ace is a franchise and is owned by different people. It would make sense that they don't allow returns from one Ace to another.
FredH on 12/10/2007:
Thanks, moneybags and killerklown. I'll be shopping at the big stores from now on, but it's a shame.
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Manager tells customer to go to Home Depot
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FLORIDA -- I went to Ace Hardware at 784 Marsh Landing Parkway, Jacksonville Beach, FL to buy two tools. The exact tools were not in stock in the tool dept., so I searched through the bargain tool bins and found a couple of tools that would work. I brought my selections to the cashier, and was given a different price than was advertised on the bin. The store manager refused to sell one of the tools, saying that some customer has placed it in the bargain bin where it did not belong. I asked him how he new that. He simply continued to refuse to sell the tool at the price advertised on the bin. I declined to buy either of the tools, and told the manager I would check at the newly opened Home Depot - two blocks away. He told me I should do that. Home Depot sold me the exact tools I wanted at $6 less than Ace.

I complained to Corporate, and was told, that the manager says: " ... this happens a lot. A customer might pick up an expensive tool, and then find another tool in the bargain tool bins. They don't realize the quality is not the same. He said they are constantly going through that bin to put the more expensive tools back to the correct area."

My response was: Please think about what you are telling me. The manager knows "...this happens a lot." What I read is that even knowing the problem exists "a lot", your manager won't take the simple step of either pricing the items in the discount bins or get rid of those bins. Home Depot has no bins, and they seem to get along just fine.

My comments to you were sent in the spirit of trying to keep an old friend in business in the neighborhood. I feel compelled to tell you that the manager's response is unacceptable. He is still telling us how the customer is wrong, and the problem is not the fault of the store or its management. Why not have a look at what Home Depot is doing. They are only a couple of blocks away. While your manager is there, he'll find many of his old customers there. Certainly, he'll find the customers that he has encouraged to shop at Home Depot. "This happens a lot."

It is always easy to pass off a customer complaint as coming from a "crank." However, in this case - I hope you and the manager will ask yourselves this question - how would I respond if the manager told me to go to Home Depot and see how they treat me." I did that, and I don't think I'll be back to Ace. I don't think you would be back either. Does that make me a crank for registering my complaint. And, is the legitimate answer to any complaint - "this happens a lot.?"

Danny Berenberg

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/16/2007:
If that's the way the manager wants to manage his store,they won't be around for much longer I assume.
Anonymous on 11/16/2007:
I'm siding with steve on this one.
runaway on 11/16/2007:
I hate it when people do this! No store can follow customers around to ensure they don't place something where it doesn't belong, and if they're expected to sell it at the "new" price, you'll end up paying a lot more! Think about it- they have to recapture that losses with higher prices, and the scammers will constantly be "misplacing" things to get them cheaper, leading to even higher costs. And strangely, no one is ever willing to pay the higher price when something is "relocated" in front of a higher price tag, now are they?

I've also always had great service at Ace, and I can't help but wonder how much arguing and complaining was done before he agreed that you'd be better off taking your money elsewhere...
runaway on 11/16/2007:
I should add, I used to work for HD, and good luck with them! Yeah, they're often cheaper, but the first time you have any type of problem and have to deal with one of their managers, you'll really understand what a bad management attitude is!
Anonymous on 11/16/2007:
Seems like you made a big deal out of something that happens a lot at stores of all kinds, even Home Depot. I've had it happen to me and when the cashier tells me that the item I thought was on sale really isn't and why, I then decide if I want to purchase it or not. No big deal.
miketech on 11/16/2007:
If that kind of service upsets you. I don't think you're going to be so high on Home Depot.
Watch the prices there they have a habit of putting stuff on "sale" only when you get to the register it's not on sale. You don't notice if you get a lot. If you do notice they will strighten it out in about 20 to 30 mins of waiting on price checks and stuff.
Stick with ACE unless you really have a bad one. Also Home depot has tricks you could never sdream of to bleed you out of pennies, nickles, dimes and dollars.
I used to love Home Depot but over the last 3 or 4 years they have become a worst in the nation retailer. Rumor has it the new CEO is working on it but that last guy really really made it a bad place to shop (and work at from what I hear.)
Anonymous on 11/17/2007:
The great thing about Ace (around here anyway)is if you buy the wrong tool you can take it back and they will help you find the right one. If you buy the wrong tool at Home Depot you can return it, but you will probably get a big "Duh" if you ask for any advice. Our Ace still has original plank wood floors from I don't know how long ago, it doesn't help the service but it sure is cool. :)
I would guess their profit margin has shrunk and something in the wrong bin doesn't guarantee that price to anyone who picks it up, why would it? If the sticker price was not honored that is something else but even then you are not required to buy any item. He told you to go to Home Depot because you threatened to, people don't like to be threatened.
ladyoh on 01/31/2008:
For the record I bought paint at Home depot that cam out the wrong color because their machine was screwed up. They did not want to refund me because I opened the can. I called a manager and when another customer came in behind me with the same problem we got our refund, I also had a can of paint that did not look good when I started to paint.I was at that timevisiting friends inSan Francisco calif, did not know how to find the home Depot so I went to the corner Ace and the guy in the paint department treated my paint with black unitl we got it right At no charge, just good customer service.
kturner on 02/28/2010:

As the owner of the Ace at 784 Marsh Landing Parkway, let me start by saying that I am sorry that you had a bad experience in our store. We sometimes have a problem with customers tossing items that they have changed their mind on in the bargain bin. While I understand that it can be frustrating to get to the register and and be told a price different than you were expecting to pay, it appears that in this situation my manager handled the situation as I would have liked him to. We do our best to keep everything in its correct place and we would never intentionally deceive one of our customers, and I think our track record of serving Jacksonville Beach for almost 30 years speaks for itself. Many customers love the bargain bins and appreciate the good values that are available in them. While our system isn't perfect, it has worked well for us over the years.

As for Home Depot, I'm sure they have taken a few of our customers and they have a very successful business plan, but I have to say that it is not without faults either. I truly am sorry to lose you as a customer and I wish that my manager would have worded his response more tactfully, but we are extremely happy with our Jacksonville Beach/ Pontre Vedra location and had a great year in 2009 in spite of our new neighbors and and a down economy. We have a loyal base of customers that appreciate the customer service and value that we provide. As a longtime beach resident I can assure that we are not afraid of putting what we have to offer up against Home Depot, and we won't be going anywhere.
jktshff1 on 02/28/2010:
kturner, you are kind of late as this post is over a year and a half old.
That being said, you are right.
PAULA on 11/07/2013:
HOLLY the person in charge of your postal area in the west chester Ohio store on cincinnati dayton rd should be no where near customers what a nasty person---will not go back to that store!
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Overpriced or Overcharged
Posted by on
PALM COAST, FLORIDA -- I purchased a six foot piece of 1/2" rebar at the local Ace Hardware. The price was $10.99 plus tax. I thought that this price was way too much but I had to have it then. I went to Home Depot and Lowes and the price for a 10 foot piece of rebar was $4.82. To me Ace's price was highway robbery.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 05/19/2010:
Ace doesn't have to price their products like Home Depot or Lowe's.
momsey on 05/19/2010:
You are correct, Ace's prices are outrageous. We have one in town and we do shop there for two reasons: convenience and supporting the local store. However, for big purchases, we go to Home Depot.
skelly39 on 05/19/2010:
I could see them selling things for a little more, but over twice as much? That's ridiculous.
Ponie on 05/19/2010:
Only thing I can say in support of the higher price at Ace (although not THAT much!) is the employees at Ace vs. employees at Home Depot or Lowes. I have many times gone into Ace, asked where I could find something and not only did the employee know where it was, I was escorted right to the display. If I'm looking for something that isn't manufactured or unavailable, I'm given what (to me) is a logical explanation. OTOH, if the OP had access to a Lumber Liquidators, the price may have been even lower--if they had it in stock.

I don't know if all the Ace stores are the same, but the one nearest my neighborhood is independently owned. Only reason I know this is the husband/wife team who own it live in the complex next to me.
saj80 on 05/19/2010:
First, you should do your pricing research prior to the purchase, and, second, buy one at Lowes or Home Depot and return the one to Ace for a refund. I agree with Ponie; our local Ace employees are very knowledgeable if I need assistance.
momsey on 05/20/2010:
Wow, I have exactly the opposite experience as ponie and saj. Our Ace employees are completely clueless!

Example: We were in the market for a new grill. We had been looking around and knew pretty much what we wanted. Went to Ace and were looking at one that had a rotisserie. We knew that the burner was on the back of the grill, but the Ace employee was telling us this was a filter that had to be changed every 30 days! To this day, I regret not asking him to show me the replacement filters.
bob damon on 06/21/2013:
My Ace hardware charged me $33 ( sales tax) for the same lawn sprinkler that Lowes sells for $12.97. I also discovered I had paid more than twice what I should have for a picnic cooler compared to Demoulas Market. When I returned the cooler and the clerk said what's wrong with it - I replied the price was more than twice, etc. She shrugged and offered no explanation. I think she was used to my type of return.

It has nothing to do with any rational reason like service or quality. The Newburyport Ace store takes advantage whenever they can to take advantage of the buyer. I try to support the store but its pricing has become so outrageous I will not patronize them for any reason. The big box stores are displacing the mom and pop hardware stores because mom and pop got too greedy.
Kay Davis on 03/08/2014:
Don't forget to weigh in the convenience of your neighborhood store. I live outside a metro area. Our Ace is pricier, but gas, time, and stress to go either direction 15 miles or more also has to be considered. For piddly items like $6 difference, I'll take the closer, easier, stress-free route.
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Great service
Posted by on
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I recently ordered. when they came in I noticed they needed drapery pins. so I called Ace hardware to see if they carried them. I was surprised that the young man I talked to actually knew what they were. so my faith in the younger generation has improved
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/28/2009:
Just an FYI... your local JoAnn Fabrics sells them too. :-)
MSCANTBEWRONG on 10/28/2009:
Nice review.
andbran on 10/28/2009:
the only thing is our local Joann is way across town. but I love them as weil
Ytropious on 10/29/2009:
Such a simple compliment, I love it. Don't condemn the younger generation though, I'm a part of that and where I work I have to each people twice my age how to use the things their buying.
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ACE Hardware Good Customer Service & Products
Posted by on
MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have numerous home improvement projects and have frequented Ace, Home Depot, Lowes and local hardware stores. Ace always has a superior selection of tools and products. Their staff is always courteous, offers assistance, and is knowledgeable of their products. I have even special ordered products which were promptly delivered and I was notified of their delivery to the store.

Recommend this store over other "home improvement centers. The stores in our area do not carry large items such as lumber, but I would prefer to visit the lumber yard for these items anyway.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/18/2008:
I, too, am a fan of the Ace Hardware store in our small town. Not only do I not have to drive 10 or more miles one way to the Home Depot or Lowes (which saves me fuel), there is always someone that can help me with any question that I have. They also have a great supply of nuts, bolts and screws of any type. The one where I live is a mom & pop operation that has been around here for many years. They truly value their customers.
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