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No Refunds on Defective Merchandise
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I bought a shirt at Ace Sports 1961 South Federal Blvd. Denver CO. I left the store with my purchase and did not go straight home. When I got home my son tried on this shirt where we discovered a hole in the shirt. I took the shirt back to the store and just asked for another shirt. The owner had the nerve to accuse me of bringing back another shirt saying the one I had was not new. I am a 40 year old woman and I guarantee I don't need to scam anyone.I had a receipt and I just want to say beware of what you buy at Ace Sports they are pass sing off used clothing and trying to get away with it. I called the police to see if they could help , they said all I could do is waste my time with a civil suit. This is how this business gets away with taking advantage of the consumers. Ace Sports are the true scam artists!!!
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