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No Refunds on Defective Merchandise
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I bought a shirt at Ace Sports 1961 South Federal Blvd. Denver CO. I left the store with my purchase and did not go straight home. When I got home my son tried on this shirt where we discovered a hole in the shirt. I took the shirt back to the store and just asked for another shirt. The owner had the nerve to accuse me of bringing back another shirt saying the one I had was not new. I am a 40 year old woman and I guarantee I don't need to scam anyone.I had a receipt and I just want to say beware of what you buy at Ace Sports they are pass sing off used clothing and trying to get away with it. I called the police to see if they could help , they said all I could do is waste my time with a civil suit. This is how this business gets away with taking advantage of the consumers. Ace Sports are the true scam artists!!!
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Anonymous on 04/26/2006:
I've heard of them, inDenver. Thanks for the tip.
had enough in denver on 04/26/2006:
I have shopped there they use reverse discrimination and try to get away with pulling shady things on other races.
Anonymous on 04/26/2006:
What do you mean by "reverse.....?"
ChuhBaca on 04/26/2006:
I'm a resident of the Denver area. Thanks for the tip about Ace. I'm inclined to call to let them know that I won't be shopping there.
Anonymous on 04/26/2006:
Same here Chuh. I would like to here her elaborate on the discrimination issue. You and I know that's a hot button subject out here.
DebtorBasher on 04/28/2006:
I thought anyone who knoww what discrimination is, would also know what Reverse discrimination is...but for those who don' on.....

Reverse discrimination is a term used to describe discriminatory policies or acts that benefit a historically sociopolitically nondominant group (typically minorities), rather than the historically sociopolitically dominant group.

The term "reverse discrimination" is sometimes considered synonymous with the terms affirmative action and positive discrimination. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, use the term "reverse discrimination" to describe the policies termed "affirmative action" in other countries, such as the U.S..

Proudly Googled by Debtorbasher for your knowledge and education!
Anonymous on 04/28/2006:
I know what it means DB, I justed wanted to read they're story of how it happened to them. As I stated earlier, I know the area where this place is at and think I know where this complaint is going. "Zz, reporting live from Southwest Denver"
DebtorBasher on 05/02/2006:
I thought you were a little smarter than that, Z...LOL
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