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ACER Vista Upgrade Redemption Fraud?
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- Acer doesn't take any responsibility for the Vista Upgrades that they pledged with the purchase of any of their laptops and PC's. Acer offered Vista upgrades for the cost of shipping when Vista was late to market and it was the big holiday sales season of 2006/7.

Acer is blaming Moduslink for all the Vista Express Upgrade problems and Moduslink wants nothing more to do with the program and is unreachable. Moduslink was unprepared to deal with the volume and this resulted in a substantial number of complaints.

If you talk to Micosoft they say talk to Acer. Though I get some comment from Microsoft that many other vendors that used Moduslink had unhappy customers.

The difficulty is that Acer who made the promise isn't honoring their promise when a subcontractor like Moduslink let's down their customers. I'm sure the lawyers have crafted all sorts ways to avoid liability, however this is a much bigger issue then the fine print or mechanics of how I was to receive the upgrade. In my opinion it was Acers sale and their responsibility, however they act and feel like Moduslink gives them some sort of deniability.

I suspect the whole problem is related to redemptions rates. No vendor expects everyone will redeem their right. There is good reason to suspect the redemption rates were higher that estimated and this resulted in not enough to go around.

Typically vendors create a number of hoops to jump through for redemption programs, so that many get exhausted by the process and fail to follow-through. The next time you look at any redemption, you should verify what sort of aggravations they'll demand from you and of course the reputation of the company offering it. You may jump through all the hoops only to find it was a huge waste of time. For example when Acer Reneged on the Vista Upgrade they offered me. These are good things to know before considering any redemption offer from this company.

In my case Moduslink sent me an email with my order number and advised it was shipped. They charged my credit card as well. So everything was in order June 15. Then I didn't get the shipment so I patiently waited. Then the next thing I get from Moduslink is an e-mail saying they are no longer involved in the Vista Upgrade program and I've been trying to get this fixed ever since. Moduslink is hiding, Acer is denying and I'm amazed that companies behave this way in North America. Now I really understand why Dell is so successful.

After my initial response to an e-mail support inquiry, I get a request for info from Acer, I have to dig up copies of everything I sent last winter, a time consuming effort. This was provided though it quickly became apparent that this was just another hoop to jump through. Then I received this message the day after the info was provided.

Dear xxxx xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting Acer America. I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. We have received the requested information that you sent to another email tech. Unfortunately the Vista orders were filled on a first come first serve basis while supplies lasted. I understand your frustration with this matter however this offer for the upgrade has expired and cd's are no longer available to send. As you were billed for the shipping charges we will be happy to refund those shipping charges. We have forwarded your information to the appropriate personnel to start the refund process.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Acer America Email Technical Support

The reality here is that Acer has reneged and this is no different then steeling from their customers and hiding behind Moduslink. It is plainly greed and the belief that if they simply make it difficult enough and long enough a process then people will simply go away defeated and that their self serving bad behavior will be ignored.

Shame on Acer.

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User Replies:
ChristySimonds on 03/03/2009:
You are right on the money.BUT be glad you didn`t get the upgrade.I got it and after a few months,I decided to go ahead and upgrade to Vista.Boy did the problems start then.First the sound got very quiet.Acer got it and said it was OK.Then the hard drive froze up because the cpu crashed.They replaced the cpu and hard drive was smaller the it was.Then the CD/DVD drive stopped working.Acer replaced it with one that stopped working after about 3 uses.Now they tell me the warranty is over and I have to pay to get it fixed.My Acer Extensa has bee no problem but the Aspire had been nothing but problems from day one.So I`ll spend $100.00 and put in a new drive myself and off this sucker fast.
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Flimsy Screen, Useless Warranty
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Less than 6 weeks after I bought the Aspire ES1-511-C0DV-US laptop, the LCD broke for no apparent reason. Acer automatically refuses to honor the warranty because it is a screen issue. Apparently the screen is exceedingly fragile and cannot handle normal use. They lost a loyal customer on this one.
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I Have Bought 4 Acer Laptops in the Last 5 Years and They Are Great !
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have purchased Acer laptops for my wife, 2 sons, and myself over the past 5 years and have not had any trouble with them at all. I purchased the lower priced ones and have been very happy. They are great computers.
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Computer Service And Customer Service Is A Nightmare
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- Never able to speak to a human and this is the second return of the computer I had one week ! Service advice comes from techs from India and they are like robo's! Temple Texas has had my laptop for 11 days since fed ex delivered it to them and when I call they say they cannot identify my phone number with the serial number. .. .Advice, never buy Acer never buy gateway and stay the heck out anything related to Texas !!!!
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 03/05/2014:
Maybe you just got bad luck with that specific unit. I'm in my 8th year with my Acer laptop.
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Avoid ACER
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
UK -- I strongly advise anyone not to buy an Acer laptop. I bought one and I could not get any support when it broke down because they would not help you unless they [know] your laptop ID number. The laptop ID number is written on a paper sticker (!!!!) under the laptop (!!!!!) and gets wiped out after 6-7 months
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User Replies:
leet60 on 08/24/2012:
I agree the location for the information is poorly placed. With the documentation provided when you purchase the device you could gain the information unless it is lost. Additionally, most new computers, when first turned on, have a preinstalled option that directs you to the manufacturers website to register the device. It sounds as if you may not have elected to register if the option was available. Sorry for your problem, you may be left only with the option of going to a local repair service.
trmn8r on 08/24/2012:
I know that with Dell you can also not get service w/o the ID. Mine was wiped out a long time ago.

An alternative to not buying an ACER is to write the ID down and put it in a safe place - very quick and easy to do if you know ahead of time that you need it.
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Missing RAM
Posted by on
I ordered a 16 GB, and only received 8 GB. Am very dissatisfied.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/05/2011:
Have you contacted Acer or the merchant you bought it from?
At Your Service on 10/05/2011:
Spot on Alain. A simple call or visit to the merchant should solve the problem.
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Beware of warranty restrictions
Posted by on
I recently bought an Acer E-Machines net-book to help my daughter with her exams. It packed up only after a couple of months - the screen started to flicker and eventually fail completely. It was sent back for repair under warranty - but then received a letter from Acer asking for nearly £100 to fix it. When I queried this I was told that certain hardware elements are not covered by the warranty, and this includes the screen.

So, I'm now £200 out of pocket for the original purchase from Tesco Direct, my daughter has lost the use of the net-book and I can't afford the repair - and to add insult to injury they want me to pay for the cost of returning the faulty machine to me.

I would warn anyone considering an Acer E-Machine product to tread carefully. They are comparatively cheap - but in my opinion, as an organization completely void of scruples (let alone customer care or after sales assistance.
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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 11/19/2010:
Was there any damage to the screen? I know most warranties will cover hardware problems, but if there is damage to the screen, it would not be covered.
Limoges on 11/20/2010:
There was no visible damage to the screen - it just slowly stopped working. I had a feeling that if was some kind of loose connection. But Acer say the screen has to be replaced. Screen costs around £20 apparently.
Dave on 09/23/2012:
STAY AWAY from ACER. If you find one in the garbage that is where it should be in the first place. I guess it is OK to use one from the garbage as it didn't cost you anything. BUT BUYER BEWARE. Or should I say USER BEWARE. Acer sucks big time with warranty. They grab your money and run. So, in my opinion don't purchase ANY Acer product.
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ACER Products Suck, ACER Technical Support Sucks Worse
Posted by on
Bought an ACER 3100 laptop computer. It got a bad virus that shut the entire thing down. I then ordered the recovery CD's from ACER. They sent them but when my computer started back up everything was in Spanish. I contacted them again and they said my computer's serial number corresponded to a Spanish unit and there was nothing they could do.

I escalated the issue higher. After a dozen emails, calls to six different toll free numbers and several weeks of trying I was asked why I waited so long to complain! Ridiculous!

I was finally told that it wasn't their fault that I bought a Spanish computer. I didn't know I bought a Spanish computer, everything in it, the instructions, etc. were all in English, it operated originally in English. So I'm stuck with a worthless computer. Thinking about buying an ACER? Think again, there are much better computer companies out there with much better customer support.

BUYER BEWARE! I'll never buy another ACER product again and I urge you not to as well.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
English and Spanish computers, really? Even if they are different I can't imagine why they wouldn't send the English recovery disks.
PepperElf on 02/25/2010:
that's odd.

I've never encountered a pre-formatted computer for specific languages.

the ones I've used allowed you to pick what language you use it in
Instant Loser on 08/02/2012:
Re: PepperElf

You are correct. You choose the installation language during the installation process. After the disk formats, and windows has copied over all its files from the disc, one of the first options where it actually asks you to select something from a menu is the language selection. Clearly the OP chose Spanish when they installed the OS.
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Acer Refuses to repair
Posted by on
My plug to my Acer (where you plug it into the laptop) got really hot and it got harder and harder to charge the battery. you had to turn it a certain way. The stupid plug finnally got so hot it melted. So I called Acer and they said it was the cord so I had to order another one that I had to pay for. When I got I got it it did the same thing so I sent them the laptop. The sent it back saying I had spilled something on it (which I did NOT) and refused to fix it unless I paid them $300 for repairs. When I got it back they didn't even snap it back together right. I'm still trying to find someone to help me fix it because its now out of warranty.... My online business has been run into the ground because I can not be there so I have lost a lot. I am really cheesed off!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
I just sent them our netbook for a repair, I hope I have better luck with them.
newvoice on 12/10/2009:
There's a reason ACER is generally less expensive. Piece of junk My daughter's laptop needed repairs three times from ACER. As soon as the warranty was up, they never heard of her.
GenuineNerd on 12/10/2009:
Next time buy an HP. Acer, eMachines, Gateway, and Dell are all junk.
acer hater on 12/16/2011:
Acer is the biggest piece of crap! Had to repair screen twice in 9 months....ridiculous! Never again.
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Poor Service & no copy of operating system.
Posted by on
We purchased an Acer computer that has stopped operating. There was no operating disc included with the computer and the company is holding access to my operating system hostage by demanding that I pay them $35.00 for a repair disc, even though this computer is under warranty.
I have paid for an operating system that I no longer have acess to, most computer companies at least provide you with the copy of Windows that you purchased with the machine. I feel this is fraud and should be pursued in a court of law both civil and criminal. I will be forced to purchase another operating system and possibly a hard drive and any other damaged hardware and software that has failed. Do not purchase anything with the Acer name, unless you enjoy doing business with criminals.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/23/2009:
You don't get the disk anymore. Haven't for several years. The computers come with an internal recovery OR the option to make the disk yourself. THAT is with ANY Microsoft product. Computer's these days come with a free copy installed.

You want them to make one for you, it cost $35. They are charging you for having to do the work you could have done for free. THAT is not part of your warranty.

NOW...what is your computer doing? Can you get into SAFE MODE or the recovery console? What version of Windows are you running?
PepperElf on 11/23/2009:
yeah. I was lucky in that I got HP to mail me the disk.

they asked me why my home-made recovery CD didn't work and ... um, when I put the label on it, it didn't go on right, so I pulled it off

and it pulled the plastic data portion off the cd.

yeah, I'm not kidding. the silver stuff came up :(

took an hour to convince them to send me the CD but they finally did.

and this is why I like my mac. they come with a copy of the OS on a cd
Anonymous on 11/23/2009:
Pepper, Microsoft used to include a disk copy. Now they don't since computers over the last several years come with internal recover and disk creator. Saves money. If you want the disk nowadays, you pay for the licensed version in disk form.
Glider on 11/24/2009:
The disc is needed in the event the internals are so damaged the computer must be rebuilt or scrapped. In that event you would still have the operating system that you purchased. a disc is very inexpensive and the quality computers will make sure one is included. They want to make money by putting people in a bind so that they will be forced to spend money. They have you exactly where they want you, your operating system is being held hostage!
JR in Orlando on 11/24/2009:
You could have made one, you didn't. Send the $35.00, get the disc and enjoy the computer. Sometimes the issue is "do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?" For $35.00, I would rather be happy.

This falls into the category that a certain number of small things are going to go wrong in your life. It happens to everyone. This too will pass, and you will not remember it in a year. Don't pole vault over mouse turds.
Anonymous on 11/24/2009:
Glider, they are not holding anything hostage. Your operating sysem was included free with your computer. They also included free, a program to copy your OS on disk in the event you need it. My computer is 2 months old, and prompts me every 10 days to make the disks.

YOU chose not to read your manual or follow the instructions for making the disks when you first set up your system. You held yourself hostage.
Glider on 11/25/2009:
Nothing is free in this world, I can assure Microsoft does not give away operating systems. You paid for that operating system when you purchased the machine.I choose to deal with integrity and principle over those who are out to make a buck by providing poor service and a cheap product.
The computer would not make a copy of the operating system, which is another indication of poor quality control. Software can be damaged internally, rendering many of the functions unusable. having a disc with the operating system is a much safer process than not having one. as for the $35.00 I would rather spend it on my grand children and have a technician at my office save the contents of the hard drive and repair the system, provided the O.S. can be retrieved from the hard drive. The PC system is inferior to Mac system, I will pay more for a quality product.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
So the first time you used the computer you couldn't make the disks? And you didn't contact them for repair on a brand new laptop that did not work?

I have a hard time believing that.
Glider on 12/01/2009:
Lady scott,

What you choose to believe or disbelieve is your prerogative.
My next computer will be a Mac not the sort of cheap junk that is being dumped on the market. Quality and good service are the signs of a stable product manufacturer. Your comments are far too subjective and have been made in the absence of many of the facts, some are totally incorrect.
Anonymous on 12/01/2009:
Glider, I ask questions because I know there is always more info. YOU are the one who says you did not contact them for the problem when it first occurred when you initially bought the computer.

Computers with Microsoft Windows do not come with the disk anymore. Haven't for years. YOU make it yourself. If you could not make the disk when you first got the computer and did not contact Acer then, YOU are the one who dropped the ball and YOU are the responsible party.

And if facts are missing, look in the mirror,. YOU wrote the complaint, not me.

You can complain all you want, but you are the one who did not do as you should and now you are paying for it.
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