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333 West San Carlos Street Suite 1500
San Jose, CA 95110
408-533-7700 (ph)
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Avoid ACER
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Rating: 1/51

UK -- I strongly advise anyone not to buy an Acer laptop. I bought one and I could not get any support when it broke down because they would not help you unless they [know] your laptop ID number. The laptop ID number is written on a paper sticker (!!!!) under the laptop (!!!!!) and gets wiped out after 6-7 months.

Absolute Rip Off
By -

GRAYLING, MICHIGAN -- ACER LAPTOPS HAVE SUBSTANDARD CAPABILITY - SCREENS BREAK, KEYBOARDS ARE NOT RESPONSIVE, BATTERY LIFE IS 20 MNS, THE LIST goes on and on. Then you call for help and they want 200.00. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and would NEVER deal with them again. They could send me a dozen replacements and I would send directly to a junkyard where they came from.

Lesson learned - do your homework, do not be attracted to a low price. Try calling these scam artists and see what they say, they won't be doing business in my state much longer. Attorney general is already investigating and ACER - will not exist in another year. What a disgrace.

Acer Laptops
By -

I purchased an Acer in mid 2009. I've had probs from the beginning, yes, of all places, WALMART. They wouldn't take it back, I had phone number where to send it, paid that price, then described the probs, it would just go dead, finally they put in a new motherboard, got that back, seemed OK. It was a place in Temple, Texas by the way.... just in case someone wants to know... then, the back light went out, by then the warranty was out. Had to pay dearly to get that fixed.

But after that, the cursor ''floats". What I mean, in typing to someone, the cursor all of a sudden, jumps to where it wants to. I have to back up, delete where it went, start my letter again, AGAIN, AGAIN, to where I won't even use it. Why in the world didn't I check those computers from the beginning. It's a ASPIRE 5315-2326. When we travel, it's good to keep up with folks, but when typing, it where I get so friggin' mad, I just give up.

All other things, such as the DVD player, etc, seems OK, but don't use it that much. It's mainly for wife doing genealogy when we are traveling. It's the worse I've ever seen. My home computer, a Sony, I've had it since 2001 and had only a few problems, generally just from use. Sorry I ever bought this and spent so much money on it. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Customer service is abysmal.
By -

I was told I could repair the hard drive and send back the old one. I asked if I could have that rushed to me and said yes. Then after charging my card (hold for 110 dollars) I was told I could not have that shipped overnight. I calmly asked why and got some weird response that made no sense. I calmly cancelled the order and was given confirmation. It has been a week now and they had not taken off the hold on my card. I was told in no uncertain terms that it would be a month before those charges would be dropped from my card. This is not how you do business. I will never do business with this company again. Very infuriating.

Acer Warranty/Support Sucks
By -

For all who wish to buy an Acer laptop!!!! Stop and think twice. Acer will not warranty the new 3d glasses or screens. I purchased a state of the art 3d laptop computer. It was only 5 weeks old when the glasses developed a crack in the right lense. Defective workmanship.

The frame is cracked and the lens or glass piece is damaged. I did not break them as I bought a hard attache case to keep everything in. When I opened the case the glasses were damaged. Acer will not go good for them even though they were five weeks old. I have email after email in conversation to Acer and they would rather lose sales than to make one customer happy. This is my second and last Acer laptop I will ever buy. I hope everyone in the computer business and computer purchase will reads this and so Acer will get a black list.

Do not by Acer products
By -

I strong urge anyone buying a laptop to steer clear of the Aspire line and away from Acer altogether. I purchased this thing from Wal-Mart around the end of last year as the result of a promotion the store was having. I do understand that the low price meant that I was not getting a top of the line machine, but I did expect something that worked better than some of the 3 year old laptops that I have as back ups.

This has turned out the be the slowest and worst performing machines I have ever owned. My biggest problem is that I cannot use any multimedia capture card with this unit. I have tried several different brands and none of them work.

They work on every other brand but this one. So far Acer has not resolved the problem and I may be forced to go out and get a new laptop for the sole purpose of running the external multimedia cards. I have been getting a lot of feedback that buying an Acer product was a huge mistake and I can say that I fully agree with the comments. Avoid Acer like the plague.

Beware of warranty restrictions
By -

I recently bought an Acer E-Machines net-book to help my daughter with her exams. It packed up only after a couple of months - the screen started to flicker and eventually fail completely. It was sent back for repair under warranty - but then received a letter from Acer asking for nearly £100 to fix it. When I queried this I was told that certain hardware elements are not covered by the warranty, and this includes the screen.

So, I'm now £200 out of pocket for the original purchase from Tesco Direct, my daughter has lost the use of the net-book and I can't afford the repair - and to add insult to injury they want me to pay for the cost of returning the faulty machine to me.

I would warn anyone considering an Acer E-Machine product to tread carefully. They are comparatively cheap - but in my opinion, as an organization completely void of scruples (let alone customer care or after sales assistance.

ACER Products Suck, ACER Technical Support Sucks Worse
By -

Bought an ACER 3100 laptop computer. It got a bad virus that shut the entire thing down. I then ordered the recovery CD's from ACER. They sent them but when my computer started back up everything was in Spanish. I contacted them again and they said my computer's serial number corresponded to a Spanish unit and there was nothing they could do.

I escalated the issue higher. After a dozen emails, calls to six different toll free numbers and several weeks of trying I was asked why I waited so long to complain! Ridiculous!

I was finally told that it wasn't their fault that I bought a Spanish computer. I didn't know I bought a Spanish computer, everything in it, the instructions, etc. were all in English, it operated originally in English. So I'm stuck with a worthless computer. Thinking about buying an ACER? Think again, there are much better computer companies out there with much better customer support.

BUYER BEWARE! I'll never buy another ACER product again and I urge you not to as well.

Acer Refuses to repair
By -

My plug to my Acer (where you plug it into the laptop) got really hot and it got harder and harder to charge the battery. you had to turn it a certain way. The stupid plug finnally got so hot it melted. So I called Acer and they said it was the cord so I had to order another one that I had to pay for. When I got I got it it did the same thing so I sent them the laptop. The sent it back saying I had spilled something on it (which I did NOT) and refused to fix it unless I paid them $300 for repairs. When I got it back they didn't even snap it back together right. I'm still trying to find someone to help me fix it because its now out of warranty.... My online business has been run into the ground because I can not be there so I have lost a lot. I am really cheesed off!

Poor Service & no copy of operating system.
By -

We purchased an Acer computer that has stopped operating. There was no operating disc included with the computer and the company is holding access to my operating system hostage by demanding that I pay them $35.00 for a repair disc, even though this computer is under warranty.
I have paid for an operating system that I no longer have acess to, most computer companies at least provide you with the copy of Windows that you purchased with the machine. I feel this is fraud and should be pursued in a court of law both civil and criminal. I will be forced to purchase another operating system and possibly a hard drive and any other damaged hardware and software that has failed. Do not purchase anything with the Acer name, unless you enjoy doing business with criminals.

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