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Great! Best Business I've Owned!
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Rating: 5/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I was shown the ACN opportunity by a family member. I was a business owner for the past 20 years in the construction industry. ACN was a complete no-brainer for me...I & everyone I know has been paying for their phone, TV, internet, home security, gas & electricity for as long as I can remember. To put yourself in those billing cycles is a dream come true! I see the reviews of many who are crying wolf & the business failed them...wake up!! The business didn't fail failed you!

This is a business & it requires you to run it as a business! Most of the criers have never owned their own business before & probably never will because they have been a slave for someone else their whole life! Since I have joined arms with ACN, I have retired myself from my construction business & I have broke 6 figures the past 2 years.

The ACN system is tried & true and has been working for 1000s of reps for over 20 years! They have an A+ rating BBB rating. Anyone that thinks Multi-Level Marketing is a pyramid scam, clearly shows their lack of education! MLM is one of the most powerful business model theirs is. When you are an employee, you are simply a slave building someone else's dream!

We live in "The Land of Opportunity", yet we're indoctrinated from the time we go to school..."get an education, get a job, work 40 years & retire". Good luck with that! As an ACN rep or any other MLM rep, the only thing that caps my income is my own efforts! Wake up America...a W2 employee is the old way & nearly extinct way to earn a living. There is no such thing as work place are simply a disposable number!

Attempted to Charge Fees After Multiple Requests to Cancel Service
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Rating: 1/51

MENDON, UTAH -- I signed up as a customer for their digital phone VOIP service. We had many struggles with phone quality and dropped calls. I worked with their tech support a couple of times with no success. I did not have a contract with them (part of their incentive to sign up for their service), and they would charge for the following month of service.

I canceled by email within a couple of days of the billing cycle (on a weekend) and called during their business hours to verify the cancellation. The phone representative informed me that I would have to reactivate the account (another month's charge) before she could cancel my service. The email reply came back saying none of this, but that I would be charged a "port out" fee, or I would lose my phone number.

I had already subscribed to another phone service, and they had ported my phone number over before I even requested my service with ACN to be terminated. I told them this, that I owed them nothing more, since they charge for the following month and to again cancel my service. They then charged me for three more months of service (even though I did not have a working number with them), and a late fee. They then sent this bill to a collection agency, who informed me that this would be posted against my credit rating if I did not pay the bill!

I have had to spend a couple of hours with ACN and the collection agency, verifying my email and phone requests to cancel service, and that I have originally asked my service to be canceled because of poor digital service from them (my new digital VOIP provider, OOMA has had no problems). Now they are saying that I should at least pay for a full months service, because the request to cancel happened TWO DAYS after the billing cycle.

ACN advertised that there would be a "no contractual obligation" for signing up for their phone service, but used dishonest, unethical business practices in attempts to collect money from me for services they could not and no longer provided.

Bombarded With Calls To Join
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Rating: 1/51

CINNAMINSON, NEW JERSEY -- I've been called, emailed about joining this great company, but no one could tell me about it have to go to the meeting. Every week for 4 months to go to one of 4 people's house that I knew. So I gave in and went, all I heard was "you'll make lots of money", "we've quit our jobs." This went on for an hour, I still have no idea what I would have to do but I know I have to fork out $500 bucks for what I have no clue.

So it finally opened up for questions and before I could ask what do I need to do 2 people asked who to write the check out to? As I was shaking my head I got the question out, and that is when they told me you get your friends & family to join these services & you make a percentage back. OK, what is the percentage? 5%. So I asked 5% of what? The total bill (cell or power company). I never did it because I read this thread.

6 months later I went to my 4 friends and asked, "how much have you made back so far?" 2 have made over $300 but have not signed anyone up since November so the bonuses are no longer coming in. So I asked, "what about all those services that you're signing up?" Well they've been so busy signing up all their friends and family they only have their own services on their business. I said again, "how much have you earned?" They said less the bonus and the trip to San Francisco for an ACN meeting, they're both in the negative for $900.

So for all you people that are out there saying this is a GREAT business tell the people the truth: HOW MUCH ARE YOU MAKING??? Tell us why it's so great, it still sounds like a pyramid scheme.

It's a Business, Not a Job People...
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Rating: 5/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- These reviews are seriously an injustice to this company of over 23 years and the MLM industry in general. If you wanted to start a business, would you have to learn about the business? How about a Verizon store or any other franchise? They have a system just like ACN. You cannot apply your previous business skill set if you were an engineer or teacher to the Home Services Model.

If you lack the language then you must learn. Problem is most people have no idea about business costs. I run a successful Real Estate business, it costs me $4,300 every month. There is no guarantee in business, there are risks and rewards. You have to be willing to learn a new skill set if you want to succeed in any business. All this non-sense about costs and training. Have you looked at the cost of a 4-year degree program, and what do you get after you graduate? You MUST have the drive to succeed. You have to make a 4-5 year commitment to learn and grow as a person or leader.

If you want success, you must attract success. Most everyday folks don't want to make those basic changes. They are busy making a living that they forfeit their futures. Listen, this is a wonderful company if you are willing to learn and grow personally and stop complaining. Don't wish it was easier, wish YOU were better. Get new skills, make a commitment and get to work! What is the alternative? Get a job, or depend on the government.

The money comes when you learn how to inspire action of others, acquire customers, understand the compensation plan, mixed with consistent effort and finally you have generated residual income that is recession proof, and will pay you for the rest of your life. It's a business concept of leverage combined with residual income. They don't teach this way of thinking in schools. There is a reason that most people quit. They quit because they choose to quit. Please!

Trying to Get a Refund
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Rating: 1/51

LONDON -- Here's my experience with ACN. I recently checked out ACN, it is a "Multi Level Marketing" scheme, very similar to pyramid selling. Although it's not a scam, looking at how the business works, you can definitely make money, but it is not as easy as they make out. It all basically relies on you selling a couple services then recruiting other sellers to recruit others and so on and so on. From all the information I looked at, it can make money, but requires a lot of recruiting.

My issues are that they try to get you to purchase a SIM card contract, a weight loss package and gas and electric or broadband, a long distance call box - this is basically so you become "qualified" immediately then you can recruit other sellers and get them to do the same and for them to recruit other sellers under them. Also this is the BIG ISSUE, I quickly cancelled my membership within the 7 days, so they should not have debited the "trainer fee" money of £390. They have debited the money, even though their reply to my cancellation request states:

"Please be assured that the cancellation request date will be from the date that a valid cancellation is received by ACN and not the date on which it is processed." And also, "If your cancellation was sent within the trial period (7 calendar days from the agreements' effective date) the Success System Team Trainer fee will not be processed by us." They still deducted the fee.

The email addresses (they have multiple email addresses) get no response and also the phone number just leads to various options of automated messages. I am still yet to speak to a representative. I am waiting to see if they refund the amount they should have never debited, but I am not sure what will happen. So please be aware of the no charge within 7 days cancellation.

Horrible to Work for and Horrible Services
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Rating: 1/51

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UTAH -- I am not going to write much about paying to be a part of the company. I will say that they do not disclose everything before you pay. They tell you that you will make your money back and then some in the first year. They don't tell you that you have to get so many services in your home and out of your home to get it along with using a self-pity tactic to get services. I am a nurse, not a sales person. They said I wouldn't be selling anything but asking my family and friends to help me with services they already have.

Another thing, the services are more expensive going through ACN than the way my family gets them. When I brought this up, they said your loved ones should get the service through you even if it is more expensive because they love you. WHAT?

Now on the services. I signed up for TV, dig phone, and cell. The TV company was great. The dig phone service bill was going up every month very subtly. Last month they got my service mixed up with another customer. They turned off my phone and charged my account 91 dollars.

At first they argued with me that I cancelled it or someone else did. I told them I would know if I cancelled my own account. I also told them that I was the only one on the account so no one else should be able to cancel it. I was so frustrated with them arguing with me that I cancelled the service and asked for a refund. They told me I would get my money back the next billing cycle. I just called them because I have not received the refund and it's 6 days after the billing cycle. They just told me that I would get it the next billing cycle. I told them I want it now, it's already been a month. They said they will put a request in for 3 days.

I also had cell service with them. The phone I received was broken when I received it. The touch tone face was halfway off. My husband's and my phone had problems calling out 2 weeks after getting them. They also would call people randomly while sitting on the counter. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic and needs GPS to find addresses to his calls. His GPS would glitch and would send him to another place or say it could not find the address.

So I would say don't sign up to "own your own company" with ACN and do not get their services. If you are with Verizon, you can get a better deal with Costco and they have great return policy. This is the same with any of the services. When the guy came out to set up our TV, he said he hates dealing with ACN people because they never tell their customers exactly what they are getting into.

Cell Phone Drama
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a cell phone through ACN to help out a family member that just signed up with them. I should have known in the beginning there was going to be problems but I overlooked it. When I first ordered my phone, I wanted to make sure that I could transfer my current number to the phone. I was told yes, that wouldn't be a problem so I ordered the phone.

It was about 3 weeks since I placed my order and I hadn't received the phone. I went through the email - where is my order - and received no response. So after another week which ended up being a month total, I called them just for them to tell me that they no longer carried that phone and I needed to choose a different one. I was bothered why nobody called me and tried to cancel at that time, but was told I already paid for the phone.

So now at this point I am feeling forced to buy the phone. Their prices had changed at this point and since I was giving them anymore money, I had to settle for a Galaxy 4 Mini. When I received the phone, I called to get my number transferred and was told that I couldn't because when I buy the phone, it already comes with a number. I told them I was told I could change the number and I was told that if I changed my number, I would be charged for making changes to my account in the first 90 days.

I then asked why I was being charged separate from my phone bill for my insurance and they told me that's how it is. Moving forward 8 months later I lost my phone. I called to figure out what I need to do to replace it just to find out my phone was not covered because the insurance company they had went out of business.

No one ever called me to let me know there was an issue with the insurance and I gave permission for the payments to be taken out automatically monthly. When trying to figure out what needs to be done, every number that I called for ACN said it was not their problem - they would give me another number two of the numbers that they gave me were bogus. Long story short, I ended up having to pay full price to get a phone because I couldn't cancel my contract with the carrier that was separate. My advice is don't use ACN, they are misleading and their customer service is awful...

ACN Is Another Amway, Quixtar-Type of Company
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Rating: 1/51

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- For all you folks considering joining ACN, please don't do it. At the least, you stand to lose $500 - at the most, your friends, family, your job and all your savings. The average person in Montana who joined ACN as an IBO lost $15000.

A few days ago, I was suckered into attending an ACN meeting and narrowly escaped with my $500 still intact. The "business opportunity" is quite simple and enticing when you look at it from afar. But on closer examination, it's quite obvious that this is just another type of MLM pyramid scheme similar to the likes of Amway and Quixtar.

You, the IBO, are the customer. The product they are selling is quite simply the $500 sign-up fee, the $150 annual fee, the $40 monthly fee and the fees your pay for all those conferences. You are bringing other IBO's (customers) in who will also pay most, if not all of those same fees. None of you will make money enough to even break even. In Canada, ACN is required to disclose the “average” income of ACN sales reps. The ACN Canadian website reports the average of just the “active” reps to be only $9 a week. That's exponentially less than the cost of joining and actively participating.

You have been warned. If you have an intelligence whatsoever, please read other reports on Ripoffreport and even a simple Google search for the company's financials will give you all you need to make an informed decision. Here is some objective information from eHow about ACN's financials:

A 2008 legal document released by Montana's State Office of the Auditor indicates that the average ACN representative earns less than the $499 fee required to join ACN. In 2008, 91 citizens of Montana paid a total of $61,741 in joining fees to ACN. Only two of these individuals earned more than $500 in income, with one earning $700 and the other earning $696 for the year. These 91 ACN reps earned a combined total of $783 in 2008 in commissions, with all remaining earnings tied to referring other reps.

In 2009, 312 people in Montana paid more than $230,000 in fees to ACN. These 312 people combined earned a total of $16,615 for the year, with just $900 of this amount paid as commission for sales. The rest of this income came from referrals. Based on this information, the state of Montana filed a temporary cease and desist against ACN within the state in 2008. These filings accuse ACN of functioning as an illegal pyramid scheme.

A "REAL" ACN Testimonial
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I'll tell my ACN story without intentionally making ACN look bad, just so you can judge for yourself what it is like to be involved with this organization. In early 2010 I was recruited by a family friend whom I respected. He had just joined through another man that was a friend of his, whom then became my "upline mentor."

He had been independently wealthy, but not because of ACN. In fact, he hadn't profited yet from ACN in the year he had been in it. From what I gathered, his previous business was no longer profitable so he turned to multilevel marketing business opportunities. He told me that he and his wife had unsuccessfully sold health-food chocolates through a multi-level company, and had now switched to ACN which they thought was better.

I had been told by my friend to show up to this guy's place to look at some cars. But after some verbal probing, my friend admitted that this was just a ruse to get me to sit in on an ACN prospects meeting. Out of respect for my friend, I attended. There were about 6 people who showed up to the "personal business reception" (meeting) I was at.

Nobody was even remotely interested in the proposal besides me, even though I personally thought it was an interesting business opportunity. I didn't sign up right away and went to some more formal meetings before signing up. I was pressured to sign up before the end of the month based on the "promotion" they were running. Turns out, they have a promotion every month and just use that as a tactic to pressure recruits into signing up. They apparently want you to feel like time is running out so that you have to join now!

I signed up anyway and got qualified by purchasing a video phone under a two-year contract and the $30/month "business assistant" and a new cell phone. The video phone didn't really work very well and couldn't dial basic phone numbers, so I couldn't use it, even though I was locked in paying an additional $40/month for two years! My mentor tried to get it to work and he couldn't fix it either. That made me lose confidence in ACN's so-called "flagship product" the video phone. It simply didn't work. How was I going to expect people to use this in place of their current home phone if it doesn't even work? Never got the answer to that.

Next came the nuts and bolts of being an ACN rep--recruiting. At this point I was told to draw up a list of everyone I know and call them and invite them to my house for weekly recruitment meetings. I told my mentor even before signing up that I didn't know many people because my family doesn't live in this state and I haven't lived here very long, and that I was concerned I wouldn't be successful in ACN as a result. He said not to worry because I know more people than I think (so he said).

This is where things started to go downhill. I was only able to get a few people to show up to meetings, and half of them were confused as to why they were even there. Nobody in any meetings showed even a remote interest. My mentor and his wife put a lot of effort into helping me with this, but they succeeded only in alienating the people I knew.

He'd tell me to give him their number so he could call them, and I advised him that probably wouldn't work based on what I knew about the people in question. He said he knew what he was doing and told me to follow the "system" and never judge people ahead of time based on whether I think ACN would be right for them. He tried calling a few people and they were annoyed by his approach and told him to leave them alone.

I continued to be positive and was not deterred by initial failure. I continued going to the weekend meetings and was discretely talking to people at my day job about ACN trying to get them to meetings. My co-workers quickly caught on to what I was doing and began making fun of me at work about my involvement in this "pyramid scheme". It got so bad that even after I stopped talking about it, they continued to make fun of me about it, creating awkward and inappropriate situations for me at my work.

I told my mentor this and he told me I need to find a new job. I guess he didn't realize this was my livelihood and I couldn't just up and quit. Once he realized that most people I knew were broke and didn't have any extra money to spend on ACN, he said, "No more broke people." I didn't really know what to do about that because I only know who I know, which I told him that from the beginning.

While this was going on, my mentor was still actively recruiting others in addition to me. One guy he signed up at the same time as me, but that man decided to get his money back a couple days later. The only other person the guy who sponsored me brought to a meeting was his friend who was such a severe alcoholic that he had to leave the meeting early to go get a beer. My sponsor then stopped participating in ACN altogether after that. But I still held strong, not giving up and stayed positive as my mentor kept telling me to do.

There was one prospective recruit that I was hoping to get signed up under me. She was very open to it at first, but apparently read about it online and determined it was a scam. She then got frustrated the next time I called her and told me to stop hassling her or she would report me. This woman was my own mother.

My roommate made fun of me from the beginning, and even tried to belittle me during some of my meetings to embarrasss me in front of my guests and mentor. I began to think the people I knew were just mean-spirited, but then I realized this was just how people naturally reacted to multi-level marketing and what they viewed as pyramid schemes--and they are highly skeptical, negative, and unhelpful as a result. Everyone who was in ACN that I talked to, even my mentor, told stories about how people they knew had done the same things to them. It's something everyone has to deal within this business apparently.

I had tried to improvise and do things that I felt would optimize my chances of recruiting people, but invariably whatever I did my mentor told me was wrong. Even when he did it his way and the outcome was worse. He kept saying to trust the system, which I continued to do to no avail.

When I watched him present to my recruits, it was like watching a robot with a plastic smile. It was the same formulated sales pitch over and over and to be honest, it felt like a sales pitch from a sleazy car salesman. He'd spend 90 minutes on something that should only take 30 minutes and the people would be squirming in their chairs while eyeing the door just waiting for him to stop talking so they could leave. Meanwhile he would be continually be going over mundane details pointing to figures on a small sheet of paper that no one could really read clearly from the distance they were seated. It was just plain awkward in my opinion.

My last hope was to get my girlfriend to sign up under me. She had a big family and a lot of business contacts which would have been a great asset with a lot of potential. Unfortunately she was convinced by her friends and family not to join, and we broke up soon after.

When finally the people I thought I could count on most to join didn't, I became incredibly frustrated and disheartened and was tired of wasting all this time just to lose more and more money. I had my mentor telling me one thing and everyone else telling me another, and I was trapped in the middle and forced to absorb the strain from both ends. I think my mentor caught on once he realized that even my own girlfriend wasn't joining, and he stopped contacting me. Probably as much cutting his losses as it was him realizing I was done with him and ACN.

I did ACN for about two months actively. During this time I was pressured by my mentor and his wife to go to weekly and quarterly meetings. The weekly meetings became pointless once I was no longer able to get even one person to go with me. The quarterly meetings were huge seminars held in other states that cost $150 to attend, plus transportation and hotel. Even attending one of those meetings would cost me as much as it did to join ACN! And they wanted me to attend 4 of these per year!

Fortunately I didn't waste any more of my money by trying to attend these meetings, but my mentors always attended. I can only imagine how much money they spent on those things. That explains why they were so committed, and quite frankly, desperate, to make this business work. It's pretty transparent and sad once you see it for what it is and realize what is actually going on inside these people's heads.

When I joined initially I was under the impression that this would be part time and not cost an arm and a leg. It became clear as soon as I joined that this was a business of desperate people doing anything and everything they can to make this work, including not setting the correct expectations and using outright deception. I remember finding out about the $150 annual fee after investigating ACN online, and I told my sponsor about it in front of my mentor. My sponsor was shocked and said to my mentor, "You didn't tell me about that fee!"

The truth is they never tell you about it because why would you join with all these extra fees? The fees are almost unending: $499 sign up+ $150 annual fee + $40/month video phone + $30/ month website membership + 4 expensive seminars a year + the cost of marketing materials + the cost to attend weekly meetings and paying for your guests entrance fees, etc. And if you want to just cancel, cut your losses, and get guessed it...another fee of $200 for early cancellation. At least I know now how ACN is able to stay afloat. They charge for everything!

Now imagine them being honest and telling you before you join about what you ACTUALLY would have to pay and what you can ACTUALLY expect? But of course they don't tell you about any of that because NOBODY WOULD JOIN if they told the truth about their business. So they resort to typical unethical sales tactics and do little more than paint you a mental picture of a pie in the sky that is waiting for you if only you would just "stay positive" and keep feeding money and time into this system.

Looking back on it, I think ACN is one of those businesses that you are either too smart or too dumb to get involved in. Too smart, in that you will not join because you will see up front how difficult it is to be successful. Too dumb, because you will not join because you think everything is a scam and don't really understand a complex business model. But either way, most people won't join. And those that do join are now left to contend with all the people who will not join for the reasons stated above.

I knew that there was no guarantee that I would make money in ACN, and I was prepared to lose all the money I put in, and I did. The business model still makes sense to me on paper, but unfortunately this is a people business, and people are notoriously difficult to deal with when it comes to this sort of business. I realize now that there are some people who should NEVER join ACN because it is not right for them. You need to know a lot of people (preferably with money), and you need to be very sociable and a good salesman.

It's unfortunate that the only qualifications to become an ACN representative are a heartbeat and a credit card, because so many people like myself continue to be lied to, manipulated, and then tossed to the side. Then to add insult to injury, they are told they failed because they gave up and were just too negative. But with all that is stacked against you when you join, most people would give up, otherwise continue to lose more and more time and money.

I am fortunate because I was able to absorb this financial loss and move on. I never signed even one person up, so I didn't have anyone upset at me after they lost their money like I did. My mentor, based on what he told me, had a long list of people he got to sign up but whom never made any money. And by "never made money" I mean LOST their money.

What's odd about that is he really didn't make much money off of them, so he really just wasted his own time. Like most multi-level businesses, most of the money he brought in went to those way above him in his upline. I recall one of the first meetings I attended where my sponsor showed up in his fancy sportscar and had got not one, but TWO speeding tickets on the way in. That's a few hundred dollars in fines right there.

Then when I was at his house a few weeks later, a process server showed up and gave his wife three more photo radar tickets he'd accumulated. This guy was clearly leaking money like a sieve due to his own personal indiscretions. I drew the conclusion that someone who is that financially reckless would probably do anything to make that money back, even if his business practices are just as reckless. Now this guy was just one ACN rep, but he was the one I ended up with. I'm sure other ACN reps have had better and worse experiences with their mentors.

It's now a year after I joined ACN and I've not heard back from my mentor since we initially stopped contacting each other. I am still trying to find a way out of the $40/month video phone service and I'll probably have to pay $200 to cancel early. So a year later and I am continuing to be drained of my money due to ACN. But hopefully I will soon be done with ACN entirely and can move on with my life.

Please note that I have been 100 percent honest about all this. Clearly I do not like ACN, but I didn't have to call it names and be belligerent toward the company or my sponsor. I figured if I put my honest and accurate account of my experience then people can read this and judge ACN for what it really is, rather than being influenced by a bunch of negative rhetoric.

Re: Shirley
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Rating: 1/51

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- The same incident has happened to me as far as wanting to disconnect my services when they want! I've been told they will disconnect my Internet Services when they want and it could take up to 52 days; will continue to bill me through the processes. I told ACN reps., "If you want to give me free services that's on them but I'm not posting for it!"

They are a sick in the head company! Meaning how cruel because other big brand, known companies will disconnect immediately after requesting. Like I've told the ACN reps., "When you're talking to me or etc... I have SnapShots, good concrete phone conversations, & etc." If they ever want to go there.

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