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Who Do You Think You Are??
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
How dare you ACN supporters, who do you think you are? Yes, we need people to mow grass and bag our groceries; you also need nurses and an IT guy fix your computer etc.. However, if I understand you correctly, we are not successful unless we (the public) give you $500++ and convince our friends and family to give you $500++, we are losers in life.

As an educated professional woman I am no better than the man or woman who cuts my grass or bags my groceries. The difference between you and us is that WE GET PAID!! Your nothing more than a puppy dog, brainwashed 'door to door' salesmen/saleswoman. However, when you do 'pitch with success' you gain praise (psssttt...can't feed your family on praise). How dare you try and use people's kindness with a pitch "can you do me a favor". I NEVER expect to do someone a favor, only to have them turn around and steal my money at their hope of becoming a millionaire.

ACN = Narcissism, Anti-Social personality disorder, immoral, no scruples etc...

The problem is people who fall under this category are hard to change, but easily manipulated into anything that gives them the hope of acceptance. Our world is not good enough for them cause "SOMEDAY", they will be bigger and better than the rest of us. News flash...I will always be $500++ richer than they will ever be!! If I want to throw away money at a dream I would prefer a casino or buy a lottery ticket - odds are better!!

Good luck at your brainwashing next week in CA...LOLOL I'll be home comfy on my couch while your getting 4hrs sleep marinating for a good brainwashing!!
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BigAl on 2013-11-29:
I have no idea what message you are trying to convey. If you have a problem with ACA it would benefit others for you to explain the problem.
Paul on 2013-11-30:
This complaint appears to be against a multilevel marketing company named ACN Opportunity LLC, or ACN for short. I have never trusted any of them, beginning with some exposure to SCAMWAY back in the 90's.
Soaring Consumer on 2013-11-30:
ACN Communications is well known as a pyramid scheme and a scam company on the web. He is referring to how they work.
Alain on 2013-12-03:
I had to look up ACN. Kind of looks like an Amway type of operation, in which case it's probably a good idea to steer clear of 'em.
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Frustrating, Horrible Quality and Horrible Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NIAGARA, NEW YORK -- We signed up with ACN to get better rates than what Bell was offering (in Canada). Before the switch was made ACN had Bell cut our lines before they even arranged to have them put back up. We are a business, so 2 days without a phone is horrible. Basically, they mail you all this equipment and expect you to figure it all out, and their customer service representatives are rude and not helpful. Once we got everything up and running the quality is TERRIBLE!

The line crackles, cuts out or drops completely. It is embarrassing to have to make phone calls to customers and then ask them to repeat themselves 15 times in one 5 minute phone call. Who would want to hire a company that can't even afford "proper" phone service.

2 weeks in and we are going back to Bell...and that says something!
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User Replies:
ACN, Inc. on 2013-09-04:
Jen, please let us help resolve any service problems that your business might be having. If you contact our Customer Care team at 1-888-383-8226 and reference case number 8615616, we can assist you. Thank you.
Mikey on 2013-10-08:
The quality is poor. I had Vonage before switching to ACN and can no longer use my fax machine. I need it to sign docs. I switched back because the quality with Vonage is superior and less expensive. Don't listen to the ACN rep.
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Acn - Head Of The Scam Must Read This
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- What amazes me about these guys is how companies like Tmobile Comcast AT&T COX Time warner HughesNet Sprint Verizon direct TV Dish Network and all these other huge companies were scammed secretly into doing business with them and still continue to do business with them for years and years. Cannot these companies see they are being ripped off????? Don't they do their research??? OMG. Canadian companies too leagued with them I heard. ACN has the right to market these products but the heads of those companies can't even tell they are being lied to and continue to work with them after all these years. They even continued the rip of and lies secretly into 20 more countries and those countries head corporations also allowed themselves to be scammed. wow. even the BBB was tricked! saying they have a A rating when really it should be a F. talk about shysters. Talk about STUPID. Just shows you that the CEOs of these big companies must be real idiots to aligned themselves with a company like ACN. take it from me, don't trust these guys.
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Refusal of Refund
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- My son got suckered into this ACN scheme through a friend. After months of investing money with NO return he requested to opt out. He was instructed to send over a fax with all of his information and his membership would be cancelled and the monthly withdrawals would cease.

We allowed our son to use our bank account because he did not have his own. I received confirmation that they in fact received the fax and verbally was told by a Mae within this organization, the monthly withdrawals would stop. Following month - another withdrawal. I called and spoke to this Mae again - she tried telling me that they did not withdraw any funds - I faxed her over my bank statement and again received confirmation. Spoke with her again was promised a refund - now another month has passed and guess what - another withdrawal.
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John Nicholson on 2013-08-07:
You made some serious mistakes throughout this whole situation. First, you allowed someone to use your bank account to allow some company the authorization to take money out of your bank account. Then, you saw them take money out after you cancelled and did not immediately close out the account so they could not do so again---they ignored you the first time, what makes you think they wouldn't ignore your requests again?

You need to contact the bank and see if they can do something to cancel ACN's ability to take money from your account. If you close out this account, ACN would have no way to put it back in---assuming they would even try, given their track record so far. Talk to your bank. You might well have to just close out the account and take the loss. Why people allow someone else to just take money out of their accounts automatically has always amazed me.
Anonymous on 2013-08-07:
Simple. Just close the account and instruct your bank in no terms whatsoever are they to allow withdrawals by that company from the new account should they attempt to do so.
Why the Face? on 2013-08-21:
Do you know what they are withdrawing the money for? I'm assuming it wasn't for a service that had a contract? There's no monthly 'membership' fees with ACN,
Not sure what you think your son was doing, if your vision of the business is that he's investing money and expecting a return?
There's really not a lot of investment of money, but he should have been investing some time.
Agreed, this business isn't for everyone. If someones not willing to work, they shouldn't be expecting anything in return. This is a business, and some people lack the self discipline, vision, drive and motivation to make it work. Some people don't have that , and that's fine...some people are content to sit in a cubical all day, for 40 years, get their watch, and then shop for a new mobile home.

People shouldn't get into this business if they aren't willing to put in the time. ACN doesn't need people to make a donation to them. They don't need people who buy into the concepts and proven system of helping people while building their future, and then expect it to happen quickly or easily. Those sort of people that feel cheated because they paid their initial one-time start up fee, and then the checks didn't start rolling in the next week give the rest of us a bad name...they go on sites like this and bad mouth the company because THEY didn't make any money...they need to look in the mirror when they start blaming people. Take some responsibility for your life, your success and most definitely your failures. Unless they are one of those people who sit around and complain about the government and how screwed up they are, while they collect their unemployment and welfare checks.

We're not rich with this business (yet)...but that's not our goal. This is a part-time plan B, that really does work if you let it, treat it like a business, and don't try to sell it as all things to all people. We put in some time, stuck with it, and in about 9 months, we're seeing an extra grand or two as a result. I admit, it isn't a life changing amount, but I now see the potential, I was skeptical, as a long-time IT professional, who went to school, and was conditioned to work 50-60 hours a week without batting an eye. Putting in an extra 7-10 hours a week seemed like a lot...but how many people spend that amount of time in front of the tv, with their hungry-man dinners and their keystone by their side, hungrily devouring the slop on their plates and the slop that is, the all-American sitcom. Mmmmm...good for the body, good for the mind.
What exactly do you hope to accomplish by letting the world know that your son failed, and that you can't figure out how to stop an automated withdrawal for some unknown service that may or may not have a contract?
Get a life, or go back to your old one...either way is fine, but please don't flatter yourself into thinking that you've made a difference! :)

Have a great day!

kim on 2013-12-24:
Very painful experience.
Derp man on 2014-03-02:
Why The Face is a perfect example of a sheep. Idiot is going to eat those words when he's broke and ACN goes down. Don't worry man keep telling yourself how good your life is, you can only lie to yourself for so long before it all caves in on you
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Think logically...
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SCARSDALE, NEW YORK -- In 2012, who is looking for new providers for internet, phone, or TV? Maybe 1 person in every 10,000. This is the most misleading scam I've ever seen, I HATE dealing with these a$$ holes on the phone and getting your $500 back is one of the most difficult refunds you will ever run into. I hate this company with a passion because it leads you to believe that you actually have a shot at drawing people in to use "your" provider because its better than the others.
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Anonymous on 2012-07-10:
I have family members involved in this pyramid scheme although they concentrate on selling the services, not getting people to sign up under them. It seems very cult-like to me. And I'm not impressed with what I have seen. My in-laws & one sister-in-law have landline & cell service through ACN and every time they call me, whether it be from their landline or cellphone, the connection is horrible. It constantly cuts out. I know it has to be on their end because it only happens when they call. My husband has the same problem when they call his phone too.
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ACN Research
Posted by on
I have been approached by countless people trying to get me to sign up with multi-level marketing companies that promise lots of money for little time and effort. At first I though ACN was the same. But after looking into the products offered and the compensation plan, it is clear that ACN does its marketing very differently. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a job. More than that, individual reps take on the role of manager or business owner, and either suffer from their lazy work ethic or Excel based on the amount of work put into the company.

I disagree with the previous reviews that see this company as a scam. They may have had bad experiences with dishonest reps, but this is not the norm for ACN as a whole. Out of all the MLM opportunities out there, this appears to me to be a legitimate company that offers its reps a fair chance of owning their own business.

If individuals do not have the spine to say no to product offers then they should not attack those who are offering the product. If ACN reps misrepresent what ACN offers then they deserve to be released from ACN.

For anyone looking into ACN, just do the research yourself. I am not currently involved in ACN but have reviewed it as a serious possibility with lots of potential.
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User Replies:
Gina Sands on 2013-06-29:
I have been approached to bcome an ACN representatives. I have researched the company and found this website. I am a senir citizens and have been involved with multi-level marketing companies in the past. After hearing the ACN presentation on severa occasions, I have to tell you , they are not a pyramid, your money can be derived from direct sales AND recruiting. Another thing that struck me regrding the negative comments is that you have to pay all this money to continue being a representative. I had a problem with the $499 website but if you look at this costs from a business standpoint whatwuld it cost you to have a storefront in the brick and mortar world. Probaby around $2500 - $5,000 per month. So if you are looking at this business opportunity from the standpoint of YOU being a business Owner, the monthly costs is minimal. If you own your own business, you have to market it somehow, you have to get customer and retain customers, that what running a business is all about. I haven't dealtwith their cusotmer service, but I have dealt with a Comcast and a HP customer service reps in India who were not only rude but in some cases could not cmmunicate with me. My recommendation is to look at this opportunity as a business and whether you want to be a business owner and do whatever it takes to make your business successful. Your costs for running your business are in some cases tax deductible so have your tax advisor write them off so youcan recoup some of your losses. The overriding factor for choosing ACN is their concept of "essential services. You're not selling weight loss products or toilet tissue or dis detergent that people can get from their Wal-Mart store, you're providing services that provide YOU with residual income because a cell phone Internet, energy are products that people need and want. ACN might have all the problems and procedural mishaps as all of the other MLM companies out there but their products are the required in today's tech environment and theses are things that will keep your business growing
TDX1250 on 2014-04-27:
Here is the problem, as you stated it is a JOB not a CAREER.

What company has no outside advertising? If the services and sales are so great why are they not plastering it all over the place? Look at your successful communications companied
TDX1250 on 2014-04-27:
I work, Mon-Fri, 9-5.

I can put in whatever effort I'd like forward and can ensure my income stream will be steady. Can you?

Do you know why you don't hear of economists and business experts raving about ACN? Because it's not a "business" that will offer long-term growth and success.
Mt2356 on 2014-04-30:
Business owners don't work m-f 9-5 with a steady income stream. Any successful business owner in any field works 24/7 with no guarantee of ever making money. ACN is the same. Will most fail? Yes. Just like most restaurants fail. In my experience I've never been told I will get rich quick. Nor have I been told to pressure anyone. In fact I've been told never pressure a recruit or a potential customer. Simply share information and if the person is interested GREAT! If not... Move on. No one can ever force you to do anything. Life is all about choice. If you choose to do ACN be ready to work and know you will not make huge money right away. But with dedication and hardwork you might make it.
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Easy to get in, hard to get out of contract
Posted by on
I got ACN phone service just to please a family friend - one of their agents - who came to my house with the equipment already at hand so I couldn't say no. Anyway, the very same night, I got connected to ACN and I was signed up to automatic bill payments through my credit card. After a few months, I wanted out. called customer service and paid every fee. Immediately, my line was cut. I thought that was the end of it but they kept deducting from my credit card. I called their customer service repeatedly, but I was transferred from one unknowledgeable attendant to another. I asked for the supervisor, I asked for the customer service manager... I told them they have to stop deducting from my credit card! No result. Our family friend couldn't help out because he said these things should be settled with the customer service. I ended up cancelling my credit card (CIBC) and what did I get...??? A letter from a COLLECTION AGENCY saying I OWE ACN!!! Sucks!
Company Response 06/11/2010:
Mrs. Consumer we are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with ACN service and getting properly disconnected. We have prepared managers in call center to help handle your case. We recommend you call 877-226-1010 and let them know that your account is closed and that you should not be contacted by a collection agency. Hopefully they can resolve it for you and we apologize for the inconvenience.

ACN Inc.
World Headquarters
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User Replies:
Cameron on 2013-10-14:
I had Vonage before switching to ACN and now I'm going back to Vonage because I cannot fax on the ACN line. On top of that Vonage cost less at $12.99 per month plus tax. Acn was $37 after taxes. How can ACN refute that?
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ACN- Not Something I Would Get Involved With
Posted by on
I was introduced to ACN about a year ago. After attending a meeting, it was obvious to me, it was not something I wanted to be involved with. ACN promises one time fees, very little work for a lot of money and that they are the only company that uses specific products. Unfortunately, I do not believe this and I find their methods of pursuing new 'agents' as disturbing. First, they will tell you to come to a meeting because some person will be there that knows more and will be more informative. They do not tell you what the meeting is about, so to start with it is extremely creepy. All of a sudden, you pay all kinds of money, lie to your friends, family and even strangers to get them to your 'PBR' (the weird house meeting) and lose all your credibility as a human being. This is not something that should be encouraged. Just ask yourself, if this is such a great opportunity, why isn't the entire world working for ACN? This is a time of struggles, when every buck counts. ACN targets people and makes them believe they will have thousands each month. They are taking advantage of people in desperate times.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2010-02-16:
Sounds like a typical pyramid scheme. You are wise for not getting involved.
kpc on 2013-06-16:
I am a fairly new IBO with ACN. (joined in March) NEVER was I promised big money with little or no effort. I was told that with good work ethic, drive and determination, it was possible to make a really good living. I have several family members involved and all of each work hard to make a living which will include residual income. ACN is NOT a get rich quick scheme and they have never said that you will get rich in no time. Have there been people that have made 6 and 7 figure incomes with ACN? Yes. But, not without lots of hard work.
Truthalien on 2013-07-28:
The money made is in recruiting. Once you figure that out you will understand why you are pushed to build a downline. The cabs outweigh the residual BY FAR. You will lose friends over this I guarantee it. ACN is a pyramid scheme all day long. Yes, there are products to sell but they are not very advantageous to your potential customers. Ask your upline if more money is made in recruiting than the residual income and see what he says. Oh, google Fortune High Tech Marketing and get back to me. They sold Xoom Energy just like ACN does. Be careful of the rah rah cheerleading you see every time there's a meeting.
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Make sure you know what your talking about before you write a review
Posted by on
For all the people who are researching on ACN needs to know that most of the bad reviews read here are mostly wrong. There is no scam and the people who don't like ACN or wrote bad reviews are either misinformed or didn't apply themselves into the business. There are a lot of average joes in the top positions of this company. In combination with the success stories, Donald Trump endorses this company. You think he didn't do his "research". If you are curios about this company take look for yourself and make your own opinion.

ACN isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's a get rich opportunity that requires a work ethic and drive to accomplish what ever goals you set yourself. I'm not here to sell this company I'm here to set the record straight. Look for yourself, Then think whatever you like.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2009-12-12:
What is ACN?
Anonymous on 2009-12-12:
Don't know anything about ACN. But Donald Trump is another matter. His moral compass is set on whatever gets him paid.
Anonymous on 2009-12-12:
Looking at the other reviews, it looks like you pay someone about $500.00 and they set you up in some sort of video phone sales business and then you get people selling under you, and then more people under them, etc. It sounds a bit like Amway.
PepperElf on 2009-12-12:
personally I wouldn't want to do any at-home-job where I'd have to buy my way into it.

one of the ladies at my old church in va beach did one of those, but she specifically pointed out the company policy was to NOT charge you to start up. they felt their product was good enough that they could give out the startup kit for free
Anonymous on 2009-12-12:
From their web site. There also seems to be a fair share of pissed off people out there too.

About ACN:

Founded in 1993 by four entrepreneurs: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz, ACN has grown into the world's largest direct selling telecommunications company. ACN now operates in 20 countries spanning North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

ACN Opportunity:

ACN provides value and choice to consumers while also providing Independent Representatives with an opportunity to form their own home-based businesses. Whatever your dream might be, whether it's more time with family, more financial security, or simply more fun, ACN can help you achieve it.

One of many comments:

When we first got the video phone it did not work at all so we waited patiently then they came out with new models for us to upgrade. this was such a nightmare the customer service is bad and the call quality is the worst thing I have seen. I don't know how these guys keep pushing this stuff. I know a better company that has way better video phones and Voip plans than will smash ACN.

This company has donald trump promoting this awful product. They trick people and when the reps quit and 95% do. They keep the customers. Buzzirk is here guys and Acn is finished and washed up.
Zappy1961 on 2010-07-20:
You have a point. However, just because it is endorsed by Donald Trump doesn't mean that it is a great company or environment. Do you know how many times Donald Trump declared bankruptcy? One has to understand that this is a pyramid business scheme and you make money by recruiting and building teams. it is not for everyone.
Ytropious on 2010-07-20:
Never heard of this one, but it's probably like every other thinly veiled pyramid scheme....I mean "business".
JustSaying on 2011-05-26:
Donald Trump, the Birther? Oh wow, that makes me want to jump feet first right into this "pyramid scheme". No thanks. Been there, done that. No matter how you wrap it up, it is a scheme and the only people making any money are the bigwigs. Fees, fees, fees, and poor Joe Schmo gets nothing but emptier pockets.
Eric l on 2013-07-13:
I went to the sales pitch meeting from a friend who gave me the almost exact phone pitch to get me there that it did on the letterhead they give you it's a scam they never mentioned the monthly fees or the yearly fees I read about those take your $500 put it towards enjoying life not hustling your family and friends
Linda and Mike on 2013-11-14:
I hear a lot of complaining but not a lot of hard work being done. Those that complain are usually the ones that don't or won't put the effort into becoming successful in ACN. It is legal and has a very good reputation. It is not a get rich over night scheme. The harder you work the more success you will become.
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Posted by on
ACN is demonstrated as a "get rich fast opportunity" while others will argue over and over again that ACN is "the best company" I beg to differ. ACN can work and will make you money if you don't mind telling lies to your "warm market" also known as your family and friends. The upline I experienced never tells the truth, all they ever say is, "Trust me!" In reality, you end up spending the $499 (which is the choice of the person), BUT they don't tell you that you will be getting all your points by signing up YOURSELF for services. Then they say, "if you don't have the money to start this opportunity, you're not in the right job." They get you to sign up for services you don't even need and end up paying $29.99 EVERY month for your own website, and wireless services that appear free for the product but then your representative signs you up without telling you it's going to be $70 a month!

So basically, if you don't mind being lied too and not even knowing your own business then this is the job for you.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 2009-06-16:
I think the problem here clearly is with your particular upline rep. Obviously that person failed to disclose quite a bit. Of course, find any MLM biz rep that doesn't sensationalize or omit a few things when recruiting.
MLMs just don't work for the average Joe, only the gifted salesperson.
old fart on 2009-07-29:
If it sounds too good to be true, etc, etc,etc.....
Dear True on 2009-07-29:
so true. all the reps lie. the one I listened too told me she was only working it for a few months. I googled her name and she has been in the business for 19 years.

all of what you said is true. and I wasn't fooled for it either.
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