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Waste of Money!
By -

MONTREAL, QC, H3B3K3 CANADA -- Let me explain to you the awful experience I have had with this company (ACN). I purchased a video phone back in September of 2010, costing $250. I bought it so that my family that live in a different province to us could see my new born baby.

Since having the phone I have had nothing but complaints from my friends and relatives about the connection. Here are some of the complaints: very bad echo, beeping noises, hard to hear (sounds like I'm calling from Timbuktu!); I will be having a conversation for 10 minutes or so and suddenly be cut off from the person I was talking to and a voice comes onto my speaker phone saying, 'The number you have dialed is not in service' (Kind of weird when I had just been speaking to the person). And so on...

I have made calls to ACN regarding these faults/problems at least 5 times. I would call more, but I have a newborn baby to care for so its hard for me to spend 1-2 hours on the phone with ACN trying to figure out the problem. Every time I call, they get me to go to my computer and run tests to see if there is a problem with my internet. After doing this (every time I call), they agree that its not my internet that's the problem. Still nothing gets resolved.

I finally got transferred to customer service as the technician said there was nothing else he could do. After spending another hour or more on the phone to the customer service representative, she informs me the only thing they can offer me is to change my phone to a land line. I told her that was not what I wanted, I wanted a video phone for a that my family could see my baby. I asked more than 5 times for ACN to send me a replacement phone and I would send back the faulty one. She denied me! I was appalled with the lack of care and concern that she had therefore I requested that she cancel my service.

Not only would she not replace my faulty phone, she then informs me that I would have to pay half the cancellation fee which would be $170. The woman had me to tears. I am a stay-at-home mother with a small income and don't have $170 to hand out that easily.

In any case, my question to her is 'why should I pay a cancellation fee for something that you people at ACN can't resolve, and why are you not refunding me my $250 for a phone that clearly isn't working as you advertise?' I obviously told her how disgusted I was and that I'm appalled with the way this has been handled. I asked her 4 times to put me through to her supervisor and after informing me that she was the supervisor, I asked to speak to the manager, she said she couldn't do that.

I am absolutely furious with ACN. Listen to me rights as a consumer indicates that you legally have to reimburse me for the 'faulty' phone!!! And how dare you try and charge me for a cancellation fee for something that isn't my's yours!!! ACN is a disgrace as far as I'm concerned and I don't ever want to deal with them again! SHAME ON YOU for putting me through this!

Future Independent Representatives Beware
By -

BROOKLINE,, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- A friend of mine recently joined ACN. ACN is a form of pyramid scheme/scam (depending how you look at it). After he attended 1 half hour long meeting, was told the history of the company and told how much money he could make(the independent representative told him that he had made $14,000, and that the person that he had signed on under had made $42,000, that very month), he was sold. He was told that there was a one time fee of 498.00, and that he needed to sign over at least three communication services that equaled to a certain amount of ACN points.

He was told that he should find at least 2 more people to join at the $498.00, switch 3 of their services, and then they each find 2 more who switch over 3 services, so on etc. You get paid very small percentages of the communications bills of the people who joined under you, and paid larger percentages for them paying the 498.00 to join. Just sit back and watch it take a life of its own, see the money roll in. Soon you could be out fishing all the while making money.

He did not read the contract, did not check prices on the television, cell phone and home telephone services and did not ask for check stubs proving the stated incomes. 25 days after joining he was told that he had only thirty days to change over his 3 services, that he would forfeit his 498 if he did not comply.

He soon found that the particular home phone service that suited him did not yet allow him to keep his current in state phone number which led him to have to carry 2 cell phone bills (so as not to lose his home number) that he would change over when the in-state numbers became available. He then changed from cable to satellite dish and had to add a temporary secretary service (offered by ACN) for 29.95 per month (to give him his needed points) in place of the home phone. This service tracks all of the IR's that you've found to join and any moneys you have earned.

It was then also recommended that he attend several training sessions to learn how to present this fantastic business opportunity to all of his friends, that cost only 10.00 per session. His significant other was angry that he was not told all of this before joining, not to mention the added costs of switching all of their sevices, connection fees etc.

She did some checking into ACN and found that there was more. There is a yearly renewal fee of 149.00, there are also fees between 5.00-10.00 for the processing of each monthly check to you (assuming you make any money and of which the contract mentions without listing any amounts. And last but certainly not least, it also says in the contract that no IR is to tell a prospective IR how much money that they have made, that there is no guarantee that you will make money, it all depends on how hard you are willing to work to find others to join.

Can you make money with ACN? Anything is possible though not probable. It will take you some time to recoup the 498.00 and the rest of the fees. The fact that they are not honest and upfront about their fees, and boast of their incomes after having themselves signed a contract forbidding them to do so.

After much prodding from my friends significant other, he finally asked for a copy of the rep's pay stub who actually did provide it, though it was for the month that he mentioned at the meeting - it was not for $14,000.00 but rather $ 7000.00. While I chose to look at it as false representation, my friend chose to see it as proof that he was making money with ACN, and if he could do it, so could my friend.

Terrible Internet Service
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Rating: 1/51

This company should change its name to NIS - no internet service. I was on a year contract. At least twice a day the internet would either freeze or drop out. It was not worth contacting tech support since the wait time was 20-30 minutes and they didn't answer the phones at all on Sunday at their closed up shop. When I did get tech support I would be told to unplug and plug the modem back in. That's it. No other ideas. It got so bad that I couldn't use the internet at night and I was unplugging that thing 4 times a day.

I tried to cancel my contract but was told I was 3 days into the next cycle so I would have to pay for an additional 2 months of no service. Oh, but if I wanted to cancel early, I could give them $100. So they want me to give them even more money for no service??? RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES.

Terrible, Non Repsonsive Service, Unfulfilled Promises
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Rating: 2/51

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO -- Three scheduled installs never happened as we already had service with CenturyLink. We were told it would be a seamless transfer. When the phone quit working we were told it only would work with their adapter plugged into the router. The router we have is from CenturyLink and is failing, but ACN, even though they were supposed to install a new router refuses to do anything about it. I was told to go out and buy a new one. CenturyLink won't support us anymore since we are no longer directly with them. Four callbacks that never happened. When I did talk to anybody, three people now, they just said "no, we can't help with that". So with the cut in price, the service is also gone.

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Rating: 1/51

ALABAMA -- My husband joined ACN to help his son who had been introduced to program by a so-called "friend." We spent $400 we could not afford. Upon joining, after paying money, neither my husband or his son were any longer able to reach the "friend." End result, this "friend" drives an Escalade provided by the company and receives large sums of money because he is toward the top of the scheme, endorsed by Donald Trump by-the-way, while we all scramble just to make our car payments as a result of this fraudulent company with its highly unethical monetary predators.

Poor to No Customer Service, POOR Quality Equipment
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Rating: 1/51

The company is unethical in its dealings, and has poor equipment and no service.

ACN & One of Their Reps
By -

I attended a meeting by a so called 'friend' last week, where they said if I invest $500 of my money, I would see $3000 in return next month. (Period) So it was a no-brainer to go to the meeting and see what the so-called 'ground-level'/'foundation-level' investment was about. What made me to believe this was a scam was the incorrect use of words and hype. After the meeting I did some research of the company, my thoughts were confirmed.

The representative said she just started out 3 months ago, and is currently making 7,000 dollars a month. The real truth is, after searching her name on the internet, she has been in the business for 19 years!!! So even if I asked to see her pay stub, the figures she made would be incorrect to the amount of time she stated to of invested. Who knows if she was making that much at all, and she could also be an inside appointed sales representative of the company. Who knows? Don't trust M.H.D. off the bat.

She tried to tell us how great the video phone is that ACN sells. She hyped that it's only $100 to buy and then only $30 a month to subscribe. All you have to do is plug it into the internet and then have someone else buy the phone too so they can talk and see each other. This product all together is scandalous.

I can buy a video VOIP phone for 100 to 200 dollars on the internet, and use it for ***FREE*** if using Skype to Skype calling, and Skype offers a $2-$3 plan a month to make calls outside of Skype. I feel that ACN is taking advantage of people. My other feelings are that how can I sell a product I don't believe in, which is not the best product for anyone. That in itself is scandalous.

All you have to do is invest in $500 (yeah right!!!) not. After listening to the representative and other people who were in the program, they kept repeating how they have to make a lot of follow up calls and hustling to get their accounts to payback. Not to mention there is a $30 additional fee to maintain your website, and another $150 to $200 annual fee to stay a member. And you have to buy into the program with 3 services.

I currently only have one cell phone service...why add 2 more services a month to add to my bills? Well I didn't get suckered into this pyramid scam. I did my research first. If you want to invest in a money making career- invest in yourself! I am hitting the books.

Attempted to Charge Fees After Multiple Requests to Cancel Service
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Rating: 1/51

MENDON, UTAH -- I signed up as a customer for their digital phone VOIP service. We had many struggles with phone quality and dropped calls. I worked with their tech support a couple of times with no success. I did not have a contract with them (part of their incentive to sign up for their service), and they would charge for the following month of service.

I canceled by email within a couple of days of the billing cycle (on a weekend) and called during their business hours to verify the cancellation. The phone representative informed me that I would have to reactivate the account (another month's charge) before she could cancel my service. The email reply came back saying none of this, but that I would be charged a "port out" fee, or I would lose my phone number.

I had already subscribed to another phone service, and they had ported my phone number over before I even requested my service with ACN to be terminated. I told them this, that I owed them nothing more, since they charge for the following month and to again cancel my service. They then charged me for three more months of service (even though I did not have a working number with them), and a late fee. They then sent this bill to a collection agency, who informed me that this would be posted against my credit rating if I did not pay the bill!

I have had to spend a couple of hours with ACN and the collection agency, verifying my email and phone requests to cancel service, and that I have originally asked my service to be canceled because of poor digital service from them (my new digital VOIP provider, OOMA has had no problems). Now they are saying that I should at least pay for a full months service, because the request to cancel happened TWO DAYS after the billing cycle.

ACN advertised that there would be a "no contractual obligation" for signing up for their phone service, but used dishonest, unethical business practices in attempts to collect money from me for services they could not and no longer provided.

Bombarded With Calls To Join
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Rating: 1/51

CINNAMINSON, NEW JERSEY -- I've been called, emailed about joining this great company, but no one could tell me about it have to go to the meeting. Every week for 4 months to go to one of 4 people's house that I knew. So I gave in and went, all I heard was "you'll make lots of money", "we've quit our jobs." This went on for an hour, I still have no idea what I would have to do but I know I have to fork out $500 bucks for what I have no clue.

So it finally opened up for questions and before I could ask what do I need to do 2 people asked who to write the check out to? As I was shaking my head I got the question out, and that is when they told me you get your friends & family to join these services & you make a percentage back. OK, what is the percentage? 5%. So I asked 5% of what? The total bill (cell or power company). I never did it because I read this thread.

6 months later I went to my 4 friends and asked, "how much have you made back so far?" 2 have made over $300 but have not signed anyone up since November so the bonuses are no longer coming in. So I asked, "what about all those services that you're signing up?" Well they've been so busy signing up all their friends and family they only have their own services on their business. I said again, "how much have you earned?" They said less the bonus and the trip to San Francisco for an ACN meeting, they're both in the negative for $900.

So for all you people that are out there saying this is a GREAT business tell the people the truth: HOW MUCH ARE YOU MAKING??? Tell us why it's so great, it still sounds like a pyramid scheme.

Hate ACN
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Rating: 1/51

QUEBEC -- I have been dealing with ACN for about a year now - sometimes late with payments and yes that is not good, but MOST companies will work with clients especially if you speak to them and not just leave it. ACN WILL NOT budge - there are no payment plans period. The customer service is brutal to get through to them and get an answer and if you are not happy with whom you are dealing with, there are no managers to speak of! Seriously? Every company has a tier of staff and someone in charge that you can speak to and that person usually has some kind of power... not in this case.

ACN cut told me they didn't want to continue with service for us even though I had paid my account in FULL. They got the payment and then sent me a letter saying they no longer were going to provide service. I figure good, done with you then... oh no! Then I get a letter saying because I didn't finish out my year with them, I owed them a cancellation fee of $150!!! Are you kidding me... you cancel me and then charge me for cancelling?

They cancelled me April 24 and my one year was May 4. Hmmm do you think they did that timing on purpose? My services when I paid them in full were paid up to May 22 so technically I did finish my one-year commitment, would you agree??

I finally got hold of supervisor and guess what, there is nothing they can do about the charge but they should not have disconnected me since I paid so if I sign up with Rogers or Telus with an account for ACN, they will waive the $150 fee - WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!

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