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Stay Away From ACN Phone Services or Multi Level Business
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, BC -- ACN in Canada, and I see in the US is a nightmare!! No customer service levels, record your conversations with them as they lie, and I have caught them after I told their customer service reps and Supervisors (easier to find a 4 leaf clover than having a CS agent transfer to them). I simply told them, "I also record my conversations for training and customer services purposes".

Started off with trying to call their billing dept, after 1 hr prior to speaking to someone, most people just give up and pay online. After their threat of late payment and disconnect in Aug 12th letter, for Aug 18th, paid Aug 15th and they admitted to accidentally cutting it off anyway around the 15th. As I was out of the country on the 19th but found out that home phone was cut off from family, tried calling unsuccessfully and finally getting through on 27th. Phone fixed the 29th, but they "accidentally" kicked me off my Telus internet!!!

After 6.5 hrs logged on 3 calls that week (keep track), massive run around, and their avoidance to transfer me to a CS Supervisor, noted all agents names and employee numbers (keep track) as I was able to note their empty promises, lies, and outright denial of following my requests. Run!!! Their services are unreliable as they do not have a good system for disconnect or reconnect of services, cannot get any restitution.

After 7 hrs of total conversation time, I finally got 1 month credit from the supervisor, as prior they would only offer per diem that officially I called them, 27th, to uptime, 29th. $29.99/31 x 2 days - a joke (!!) for my 7 hours of wasted time, financial loss, aggravation and credibility loss with callers for 2 weeks for "the number you called is not in service".

I registered the complaint with the CRTC and they gave me the following complaint method below as I encourage all to do so. I also called Telus to get reconnected tomorrow, and had them ACN supervisor confirm that if I disconnect 2 days before billing period (Sept 27th). I will just pay for the Sept month and nothing more, as I don't believe I signed a contract, and he is on record with me in saying that there will not be any further charges.

My GF who was approached by a "friend" in March to become an ACN representative for $500 is now quitting based on this service level scam and the desire to not have any of her friends go through the same. I guess their $500 sign up and annual dues is the way the screw their own business associate, as there is no financial justification than multi-level commission rip off to justify these fees.

Don't Lose Your Friends by Joining With ACN
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Rating: 1/51

HAPPY VALLEY, OREGON -- I was a ACN customer for a year. When I decided to go to another company after having phone service problems, I felt very taken advantage of. First I did not really want to change and I even avoided my relative who was trying to talk me into selling ACN, finally I bought into the service. So I can relate to those of you who are afraid of losing friends over this company because I was one who avoided my family and grew to resent them and did not even want to answer the phone from them because selling ACN was all that was on their mind.

Well anyway after two months of dealing with them trying to change companies and dealing with all the extra fees that just keep showing up, and one customer service representative that had me so frustrated that I began to cry has just left me with a very bad taste in my mouth for ACN. I just hope people who read this realize that whenever there is pressure to sell something to your friends and family you will, in fact, lose some of them and my question to you, is it worth it?

Who Do You Think You Are??
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Rating: 1/51

How dare you ACN supporters, who do you think you are? Yes, we need people to mow grass and bag our groceries. You also need nurses and an IT guy fix your computer etc. However, if I understand you correctly, we are not successful unless we (the public) give you $500++ and convince our friends and family to give you $500++, we are losers in life.

As an educated professional woman I am no better than the man or woman who cuts my grass or bags my groceries. The difference between you and us is that WE GET PAID!! You're nothing more than a puppy dog, brainwashed 'door to door' salesmen/saleswoman. However, when you do 'pitch with success' you gain praise (pssst, can't feed your family on praise). How dare you try and use people's kindness with a pitch "can you do me a favor". I NEVER expect to do someone a favor, only to have them turn around and steal my money at their hope of becoming a millionaire. ACN = Narcissism, Anti-Social personality disorder, immoral, no scruples etc.

The problem is people who fall under this category are hard to change, but easily manipulated into anything that gives them the hope of acceptance. Our world is not good enough for them cause "SOMEDAY", they will be bigger and better than the rest of us. News flash... I will always be $500++ richer than they will ever be!! If I want to throw away money at a dream I would prefer a casino or buy a lottery ticket - odds are better!! Good luck at your brainwashing next week in CA. LOLOL. I'll be home comfy on my couch while you're getting 4hrs sleep marinating for a good brainwashing!!

ACN in Canada - Customer Review
By -

ONTARIO -- A friend of us told us about this company and gave us a demonstration of the Video Phone. Having most of our family in other provinces and countries, we really liked the idea of being able to see them. We were told that if we were to transfer all the services, 2 phone lines and the internet we would get a discount and that the service was going to be the same or better, at least they promised higher internet speeds and unlimited download. For the phones is unlimited long distance service.

Our mistake was to transfer all the services to ACN. One of the lines was transferred to a digital box and the other one to the Video Phone. I kept the old internet just in case, good thing that I didn't cancelled immediately. Since transferring the lines, I have had nothing but complaints from my friends and relatives about the connection - very bad echo, beeping noises, hard to hear - sounds like I'm calling from a cave, suddenly be cut off, and so on...

I work a lot from home, so imagine my FRUSTRATION with the ACN service. They replaced the digital box, the ACN internet modem and I was calling almost every single day to get this fixed. Guess what? At the beginning the customer service was very good, we SPENT hrs on the phone trying to the problem solved. But after countless times and hrs, I still was having problems.

At the end one of the technicians told me, "the problem is that you are using the internet and making calls at the same time and that interferes with the phones..." and this was just one of the responses I got. Anther technician told me, "I can't understand what you are saying, do you hear me?" and I say yes. And he said, "then the problem must be in my line not yours." (No comments)

So anyways, this was very FRUSTRATING. But this was just the beginning. When I tried to cancel the service because I could no longer have a good conversation on the phone, the Customer Service became rather "HOSTILE". They wanted me to keep talking with the Technical Support, they cut off the conversation a couple of times and didn't call back, etc. I think they wanted me to get tired of calling them.

So I called my previous service provider and switched the phone numbers back with them and now ACN is charging me for the cancellation almost 350 dollars for the 3 devices. Interesting enough, the video phone calling to other video phone was working fine, so I told them, give me another phone number for the video phone and I will keep the service of the video phone with you. But no, they say that because I switched the number back to the old company, that is considered a cancellation.

I will put a complain with the CRTC and see where it all ends, but this has been really a TERRIBLE experience with ACN. Right now my friend who convinced me to switch is trying to get the some help from the regional director. But let's see how the company respond to them.

Waste of Money!
By -

MONTREAL, QC, H3B3K3 CANADA -- Let me explain to you the awful experience I have had with this company (ACN). I purchased a video phone back in September of 2010, costing $250. I bought it so that my family that live in a different province to us could see my new born baby.

Since having the phone I have had nothing but complaints from my friends and relatives about the connection. Here are some of the complaints: very bad echo, beeping noises, hard to hear (sounds like I'm calling from Timbuktu!); I will be having a conversation for 10 minutes or so and suddenly be cut off from the person I was talking to and a voice comes onto my speaker phone saying, 'The number you have dialed is not in service' (Kind of weird when I had just been speaking to the person). And so on...

I have made calls to ACN regarding these faults/problems at least 5 times. I would call more, but I have a newborn baby to care for so its hard for me to spend 1-2 hours on the phone with ACN trying to figure out the problem. Every time I call, they get me to go to my computer and run tests to see if there is a problem with my internet. After doing this (every time I call), they agree that its not my internet that's the problem. Still nothing gets resolved.

I finally got transferred to customer service as the technician said there was nothing else he could do. After spending another hour or more on the phone to the customer service representative, she informs me the only thing they can offer me is to change my phone to a land line. I told her that was not what I wanted, I wanted a video phone for a that my family could see my baby. I asked more than 5 times for ACN to send me a replacement phone and I would send back the faulty one. She denied me! I was appalled with the lack of care and concern that she had therefore I requested that she cancel my service.

Not only would she not replace my faulty phone, she then informs me that I would have to pay half the cancellation fee which would be $170. The woman had me to tears. I am a stay-at-home mother with a small income and don't have $170 to hand out that easily.

In any case, my question to her is 'why should I pay a cancellation fee for something that you people at ACN can't resolve, and why are you not refunding me my $250 for a phone that clearly isn't working as you advertise?' I obviously told her how disgusted I was and that I'm appalled with the way this has been handled. I asked her 4 times to put me through to her supervisor and after informing me that she was the supervisor, I asked to speak to the manager, she said she couldn't do that.

I am absolutely furious with ACN. Listen to me rights as a consumer indicates that you legally have to reimburse me for the 'faulty' phone!!! And how dare you try and charge me for a cancellation fee for something that isn't my's yours!!! ACN is a disgrace as far as I'm concerned and I don't ever want to deal with them again! SHAME ON YOU for putting me through this!

Future Independent Representatives Beware
By -

BROOKLINE,, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- A friend of mine recently joined ACN. ACN is a form of pyramid scheme/scam (depending how you look at it). After he attended 1 half hour long meeting, was told the history of the company and told how much money he could make(the independent representative told him that he had made $14,000, and that the person that he had signed on under had made $42,000, that very month), he was sold. He was told that there was a one time fee of 498.00, and that he needed to sign over at least three communication services that equaled to a certain amount of ACN points.

He was told that he should find at least 2 more people to join at the $498.00, switch 3 of their services, and then they each find 2 more who switch over 3 services, so on etc. You get paid very small percentages of the communications bills of the people who joined under you, and paid larger percentages for them paying the 498.00 to join. Just sit back and watch it take a life of its own, see the money roll in. Soon you could be out fishing all the while making money.

He did not read the contract, did not check prices on the television, cell phone and home telephone services and did not ask for check stubs proving the stated incomes. 25 days after joining he was told that he had only thirty days to change over his 3 services, that he would forfeit his 498 if he did not comply.

He soon found that the particular home phone service that suited him did not yet allow him to keep his current in state phone number which led him to have to carry 2 cell phone bills (so as not to lose his home number) that he would change over when the in-state numbers became available. He then changed from cable to satellite dish and had to add a temporary secretary service (offered by ACN) for 29.95 per month (to give him his needed points) in place of the home phone. This service tracks all of the IR's that you've found to join and any moneys you have earned.

It was then also recommended that he attend several training sessions to learn how to present this fantastic business opportunity to all of his friends, that cost only 10.00 per session. His significant other was angry that he was not told all of this before joining, not to mention the added costs of switching all of their sevices, connection fees etc.

She did some checking into ACN and found that there was more. There is a yearly renewal fee of 149.00, there are also fees between 5.00-10.00 for the processing of each monthly check to you (assuming you make any money and of which the contract mentions without listing any amounts. And last but certainly not least, it also says in the contract that no IR is to tell a prospective IR how much money that they have made, that there is no guarantee that you will make money, it all depends on how hard you are willing to work to find others to join.

Can you make money with ACN? Anything is possible though not probable. It will take you some time to recoup the 498.00 and the rest of the fees. The fact that they are not honest and upfront about their fees, and boast of their incomes after having themselves signed a contract forbidding them to do so.

After much prodding from my friends significant other, he finally asked for a copy of the rep's pay stub who actually did provide it, though it was for the month that he mentioned at the meeting - it was not for $14,000.00 but rather $ 7000.00. While I chose to look at it as false representation, my friend chose to see it as proof that he was making money with ACN, and if he could do it, so could my friend.

Good Opportunity for Those Who Put Some Effort In
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Rating: 5/51

BIRMINGHAM -- Hi all, just a short post. I have joined ACN a year ago and was very reluctant initially as I had heard many negative things about multi-level marketing companies. Further research and understanding of the business model resulted in me joining. I have now been with ACN for 12 months and progressed very well through the ranks. Simply put if you put some effort in you can make a very handsome pay packet. Many people on this review site have had varied experiences but to be honest, if they have not put the work in and expect to get paid, then guys wake up - you will not make any money in any business with that attitude.

ACN's Service Is Abysmal
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Was sold on an ACN phone modem and service by a relative. Original line was dead in three days. Five weeks later, we finally got our phone number and phone service back and a bill for around 160.00$. Not a big deal you would think but our cell phones don't work at home. Cancelled our credit card to protect ourselves from further spurious charges from ACN. At least 16 hrs on hold with ACN customer service. ACN Sucks. No customer service and a capricious, entitled relationship with your credit card. My advice would be to stay clear of ACN or any of its products.

They Have Lots of Hidden Fees/Taxes
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Rating: 3/51

MARYLAND -- I have had ACN for years. In the beginning, the price was $9.95 a month for the first year. Then, the price doubled. Now, my bill is $48.00. The ACN Advantage home is $24.00. I am paying $1.99 for standard long distance plan (which costs .05 per minute to make a Ld call). There are a lot of fees and taxes. So, if you hear about a $24.00 plan, you could possibly end up with a $48.00 invoice.

When I call someone, my name doesn't always come up. People who have Xfinity, shows me as someone else. When I asked ACN about it they didn't have a logical explanation. Customer service chat room is not that great. It took over 15 minutes for someone to answer the following question: "Is there a fee to use *77?" Time to check out another carrier.

Poor to No Customer Service, POOR Quality Equipment
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Rating: 1/51

The company is unethical in its dealings, and has poor equipment and no service.

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