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Money Scam
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LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA -- This is a money mill that charges you $35.00 up front and tells you to call back in a few days. Put you on hold forever until you give up. They get to you by putting jobs on Craigs List that are non existent.
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Starlord on 12/06/2011:
When I was nineteen, I got taken in by an 'employment service,' and it took awhile to figure out what they were doing. They would send you to employers in exchange for 50% of the first month's pay. You would work hard tpo do a good job, but at the end of the month, your were let go, due to "not quite fitting in with their image" The agency would have collected their 50% and then send you to another job, for which they received another 50% of your pay. I finally wised up and reported them to the Indiana Attorney General. I have no idea of the outcome. There are truly some really dishonest people out there.
Nohandle on 12/06/2011:
Some employment agencies do in fact operate in this manner. They will advertise so called available jobs when they have none. All they want is your name and a contact number and will call if they get a job of any nature, at least for a short period of time. Then you hear nothing.

We have used temp to hire employees in the past. The employee many times started at a lower rate of pay with no benefits. The company paid the fees not the new employee. They could be hired immediately and the company would owe a sizeable fee at one time or the individual could work for 3 months and be eligible for hire at that time with no additional fees. I always insisted on a faxed copy of a resume and if interested briefly interviewed them before making my decision. One agency I quit using because they would send anything and everything they had. I might as well have gone out on the street and flagged down the next motorist.

It's not fair to any individual sincerely seeking employment nor to a company that spelled out exactly what they needed. I do know some prospective employees can state they will not pay a fee and if a company is interested in hiring they can pay the fee. That doesn't help someone desperate for a job. Many will agree to anything.

Starlord on 12/09/2011:
I failed to mention that someone in the companies the 'agency' sent workers to got a percentage of the monies received for the worker's time there. Can you say kickback?
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