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Bad Air Conditioning Service
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LINCOLN, NEBRASKA -- An Action service technician came in May of 2009 to perform a seasonal maintenance service on my Carrier air conditioner in Lincoln, Nebraska. He claimed to have refilled 4 pounds of freon into the system and suggested that I replace the coil because there was a leak. Less than 2 months later on June 30, at the first attempt to use the air conditioner, nothing but warm air came out of the vent. On July 8, after having consulted with another service shop, the other technician said that he couldn't find the coil leak but advised that the service caps were only finger tight to have caused the freon to leak right after the freon had been added.

So I personally tightened the service caps using a wrench and called Action on July 9th and warned the dispatcher on the phone and made a clear request to the service technician in person beforehand that I'd not pay for the 2nd refill because it was the service technician's fault not having done the job right by tightening up the service caps. I told him that I would let him refill the system only if he agreed to waive the cost. I would rather pay anybody else to do the refill but Action. However, the service technician said nothing and insisted on refilling the freon and pointing out the coil leak and later sending a bill to me.

So I wrote Action on Jul 20th to request a waiver but they responded two weeks later by sending me the 2nd bill to insist that I pay $121.25 regardless of my complaint. As of today, 10/08/09, 3 months after the 2nd freon refill, my air conditioner is still blowing cold air and reaching preset temperatures, which clearly proves that the leak of Freon happened at the service caps, not because there was a leak in the coil. There could be a leak in the coil but it could be minimal. I paid Action to maintain my air conditioner and to find the leaks in the system but they couldn't do it.

They only seemed to be interested in making an additional $1,000 to replace the coil, ignoring the very basic service requirement -- tightening up the service caps. How the service caps became loose over the years, I don't know. It's not my job; it's Action's responsibility to service the system and do it right. Unfortunately, they failed that but refused to pick up the cost, no apologies either. Money is all they care about. I'll use any other Heating and Air Conditioning shop instead of Action.

Furnace Service
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Action came out to service our furnace 10/16/09. First thing the tech wanted to do was a water test on the heat exchanger by cutting two holes in the vent above the exchanger. Then he began to dump water into the top of the furnace vent, when there was water on the floor he told me the exchanger was bad because it had a leak. I asked him if he could see the crack/leak and show it to me. No of course not - the only way was this water test. He went on to tell me I needed a whole new furnace. At that time I decided I needed a second opinion. So he packed up and left mad as hell, but still charged 50 dollars for two holes in my vent.

At this time Action vent cleaner truck shows up and they talk to their tech and then they came into the house with an attitude, and did a very quick and sloppy job. I am totally against this kind of treatment and will not use this company again. Long story short I had another tech take a look at it and he spent about 10 minutes underneath with mirrors and then did a leak test and everything is fine. He could find no evidence of a crack in my heat exchanger.

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