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Crack in the Dash on 04 Acura TL
By -

I currently own a 04 Acura TL. I love my car very much but is highly upset with Acura because whoever made the vehicle did a poorly job with the dash. I have noticed that not only I have experienced it but many others have experience their crack on the dash. It's hard to believe a vehicle not even 10 years old and a LUXURY car has a crack slit right above the passenger airbag! It's ridiculous, not to mention a poor job! Acura should've made this a recall or something of that sort because it is not our fault that the dash is cracking!!

I am very upset and Acura dealership would not cover this for me because they said my car is out of warranty. I have 50k miles, I do understand that but again this is a LUXURY car! It's ridiculous! I know so many Acura TL owners and this is going to be a big concern to all Acura owners if this doesn't get fixed accordingly. I recommend Acura to do something about this or they will lose a lot of customers. All my cars were Acura. I love Acura but now it's making me think twice.

2012 Acura Problem
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have a 2012 Acura TL and have 4000 miles on it. I has been in the Ron Tonkin Acura shop 5 times. The battery indicator states "The battery has only limited amount of power. Have dealer check or replace battery as soon as possible". The dealer told me they don't know how to fix it. They have replaced the battery and everything. They want to at their cost hook up a charger to my car at my home. I told them this was unreasonable. They will now refund my $41700 for the vehicle. I don't know what to do now. Now it won't start.

Acura Integra Engine Problem
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Situation Background. I own 2001 Acura Integra GSR. The car has been driven to and from work 99% of its life, just regular wear and tear. Currently there is 75000 miles on this car. The car has had its oil changed at Acura dealership for its entire life every 3 thousand miles. Mid 2007 I suddenly noticed that my engine warning light turned on. I immediately stopped to investigate. It turned out that oil was low. I have contacted dealer and run oil burning test to see if engine was burning oil. All it is, you drive 1000 miles and check oil level. It was measured that my engine is burning 2 quarts of oil every 1000 miles.

I was shocked to say the least because after our family bought many Honda vehicles over 20 years I have never seen Honda engine burn oil. Two quarts of oil per 1000 miles is huge amount. I contacted Acura Customer service to find out if they can help with this matter as it sure looked like something that should not be happening. Customer Service Response. Customer service told me that they do not have to help me because my warranty expired but if they are to provide any kind of assistance I need to have a dealer and only Acura dealer determine what the problem is first.

I spoke with Service manager at Acura dealer and I was told it will cost me $1000 up front and maybe more to make a determination what's wrong with the engine. This is not even the costs of repair, which is likely to bring the total cost to be more than if I would just buy a brand new engine. So I was supposed to spend all this money just to find out if Acura would render some kind of assistance to help with my problem.

I have decided to consult with a friend of family a Honda mechanic with 25 years experience with Honda cars. He works for Honda dealer. He assured me that Honda engine can go 200000 miles without burning any oil and there are only two possibilities why my car is burning oil this soon. Manufacturing defect of engine. Oil was not changed properly by the dealer. (McGrath Acura 400 E Ogden Ave Westmont, IL , 60559)

Conclusions. I have thought about it, and called Customer Support again to tell them that I do not believe I should have to spend any money to fix something that is clearly not my fault. They replied that there is nothing they can do for me then. I'm truly shocked and disappointed that Acura is expecting their customers to throw away a car after 75000 miles. I'm also shocked that the dealership would not offer me some kind of discount on labor they wanted to charge me to determine what's wrong with the car.

When you think about it, they are partially responsible for this situation as they have failed to notify me the engine is burning oil when they were doing oil changes. You would think the dealer might want to mention to you that the extracted oil form engine was much lower than expected, but I guess this must be against their interests. They check your tire pressure but fail to inform you about such an important fact as low oil level during oil change.

I do not understand why a manufacturer with much worse reputation like Hyundai is warranting their power train up to 100,000 miles, but Acura turns their back on long term loyal customer when they know their equipment should not break this soon? It is not like I took my car to Jiffy Lube. My car was maintained only by Acura dealer for its entire life.

Acura you leave me no choice. I have decided that I have no choice but to stop buying Honda made cars and to share my experience with as many people as possible on Internet. Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks Acura and Honda is a guarantee of excellence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Regards. A very disappointed customer.

Lemon Vehicle, Poor Dealership & Customer Service
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Have had an Acura (Honda luxury brand) automobile style TSX for 10 months which was purchased new. In that time vehicle has experienced disc brake problem, failure of air conditioning to cool properly, and following warranty repair of air conditioning the sudden emission of strong metallic odor, loud howling/whistling from dashboard, and passenger cabin flooding with water from engine (condensation backwash).

Dealership indicates smell is normal, noise was attributed to discovery of a leaking exhaust manifold, and now am told it is caused by transmission gears with the option by the dealership and Acura corporate to replace the transmission with rebuilt parts or to treat the problem as normal. Dealership has routinely failed to be responsive with end result that the car has been in the shop a total of over 40 days as of this writing.

My efforts to address the matter at Acura and Honda corporate offices have resulted in runarounds, lectures about my obligations to the company, referral to a mediation department that dragged the process and blamed me for not being more cooperative, failure to provide direct answers to various questions, refusal to let me speak to management, and periodic bursts of hostility from staff, along with statements to the effect that they do not need my business and they do not care if I pursue legal action.

I have now been forced to pursue this matter under my state's lemon law statutes and will probably have to retain an attorney for additional litigation which you can imagine is time consuming and eats into my finances. Even if I have the desired resolution (and my research online shows Honda rarely compromises or settles in these matters), I will probably have to purchase a new car for which I will pay higher rates on a loan than I now carry. My state has a good lemon law, but all this remains an aggravation. If you live in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area in Florida I strongly advise you to avoid purchasing or leasing a car from any Acura dealerships.

Acura TL Seats
By -

FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA -- I recently purchased an 2005 Acura TL. It is a nice car, but the front seats are horrible. I have a bad back and this is the first car out of about 12 that I simply cannot tolerate. The seats are hard and I cannot adjust them to avoid sitting on my tailbone. You would think that for $34,000 they could put some nice seats in their car. Also, their so-called lumbar support does not support the lower lumbar region, but the lower back. They don't even know where the lower lumbar is.

The seat pushes against the lower back putting more pressure on the lower lumbar. I just can't believe that a company such as Acura could be so cheap. I guess this is how they save money. I am going to sell this car, take a loss and seek a car that puts in decent seats.

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