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"Mislead and Unsatisfied"
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HAVRE DE GRACE, MARYLAND -- Fiteen months ago, we made the biggest mistake of our lives when it comes to purchasing a truck. It was a 2008 Chevrolet Regency RST. At the time of purchase there were several issues that pertained to the Regency package. A passenger side mirror had a scratch in it, and the front spoiler had a rock guard on it that was peeling off. Then we noticed that the chrome wheels were pitting. The mirror and wheels were replaced and rock guard was ordered (we have documentation of all this). The rock guard never came in. Two months later, the new wheels started pitting so we went back to the dealer to inquire about replacing them again and to ask what happened to the rock guard that was ordered. We were told by the service department that they would look into it. Here it is, 13 months later and it is still not resolved. Regency has closed its doors and parts are no longer available. If the dealer had taken care of this when we first complained, before Regency went out of business, these parts would have been replaced. Now, a piece on the tailgate is rusting (another Regency part), the rock guard is still not fixed, and wheels are still pitted. The resale/trade value of our truck has gone down substantially. And guess what...Adams does not want to warranty these parts because they are not GM products, but we bought the truck with the parts already installed from Adams, not Regency. They have given us the run a round, did not return phone calls on many occasions, and even hung up the phone on my wife. We were told in so many words 2 days ago that we were basically screwed and we were welcome to seek legal action. This a very unprofessional business with no regards to quality customer service. Businesses should not be selling products they do not warrant, and if they do, the consumer should be made aware of that. We were not told by the dealer at the time of purchase that they were not going to warranty these parts, otherwise we would not be going through this headache now and probably would not have purchased the truck.
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Dealer not to trust
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HAVRE DE GRACE, MD -- I sent this to the Adams Chevrolet sales dept. today.

I got your blind mailing today with its fake newspaper and pre-printed sticky note.

Based on your sales tactics, I have moved Adams Chevrolet to the top of my "Dealers Not To Trust List" and will let all my friends know that they should not trust you. I won't even give you my name far another mass mailing scam.

Based on other comments on-line, it appears that trust in GM products is very low and that GM should never have been given bail-out money.
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 04/27/2011:
I do not understand why they can't be trusted? Is it because they sent you a marketing promotion in the mail? I'll be the manager is confused as well.
MJGoldfarb on 04/27/2011:
I get car dealer mass mailings every week - what is the scam? Most have some sort of "come on" such as a "gift". If I understand the OP, he doesn't trust this company because he received an advertisement from them.
Mrs. V on 04/27/2011:
I got one of these today to.

What the OP left out was that the envelope was 'hand written' and add was folded up with a sticky note that looked 'hand printed' that read:

Hey Dan!

Check this out!


It's very decieving and a bit underhanded to me.
MRM on 04/27/2011:
I've got "Youve just won a car" with the key inside the mail. I didn't go and claim it.
Sparticus on 04/27/2011:
I've seen these type of ads. Very deceiving. They are designed to deceive. Good for you OP for calling them out on it.
trmn8r on 04/27/2011:
I think a lot of advertising is deceiving - it is up to us as consumers to evaluate each ad and determine for ourselves what it really says. 98% of the ones I read say "toss me in the recycling bin."

GM has actually turned itself around quite a bit. The bailout, which IMO is unrelated to a complaint about advertising practices, was probably a good thing. I took a bath on GM preferred stock. The gubberment designed the bailout so investors got a haircut - I got the Larry Fine.
north east on 01/26/2012:
I just received the fake newspaper article today as well... reprinting the stock page on the back sure is deceiving and misleading...This is a big reason car buyers dislike car dealers and feel they are going to be ripped off.. Car dealers are in the same category as lawyers.. no body liles them, or trusts them..
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