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Addicco Agency Is Racist!!
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LEWISTON, MAINE -- Addicco agency is racist and mean. I am an African girl from somali and I live in lewiston,ME. I called the company so many time for employement. And they always say they don't have anything. Then I was with this girl she was American and she and I went there to look for a job. They told us they didn't have anything. Then called the girl the next day to start a job.

This is crazy state they are racist. And today months later I called them and asked if they had any openings. The manager asked for my name. I said it to her and as soon as she heard that I didn't have an American name, she emmidiatly said we don't have anything and that I would put it on the av list. I asked her to say or spell my name she was nervous and couldn't answer me because I knew she didn't write anything down. And the shocking thing? she hung the phone up. I called back and she picked the phone again. I asked for a manager and she said she was the manager. Then hung the phone.

We somalis need to be heard. Addicco is racist and I am not the only one. This is insane!!
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