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Absolutely destroyed my feet!
By -

Last summer I purchased a pair of the Adidas Adissage sandals, but I didn't pull them out to wear until this year. When I did, my feet started to hurt until finally I could NOT walk! And even when I did take them off, my feet continued to hurt horribly. I am borderline diabetic & I thought they would stimulate my feet & help with circulation, but they did the opposite. My feet still ache from them. I tried to contact Adidas to find out what I can do since I don't remember where I purchased them & have no receipt. I never heard back from them. At this point, I would just like to get my money back & hope my feet aren't permanently damaged. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience this problem with these sandals. I see this year they have changed them. Thanks for giving us a chance to put things out there like this!

Womens socks suck
By -

These are like disposable socks and they cost more than any sock I have ever purchased.
After about 3-4 wears, every sock has a hole in the toe and when I take them off there
is a lot of black cotton flecks all over my feet. The bottom of the socks are thread bear
after 5-6 wears. I have many socks for a year or more than never get holes in the toes
or wear thin like this. They start out comfortable, but need to be thrown out after a few
weeks of wear. I'll never buy Adidas socks again!

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