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Activation Failures
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I just spent over 2 hours in chat with Adobe Support due to a purchased product installation fails stating the Serial Number is invalid. After spending about 1 hr on "hold" in Chat (the window kept telling me I was X number in line and "approximate wait time 0"). After Akim ** entered the chat, he started telling me to "UPGRADE" my product. After about 20 minutes of chat time, he tells me that the "Activation Server" is was shut down and will not be able to install the product we paid for. In my opinion, this is THEFT.

The product is not new, but Adobe products are extremely expensive. And we do not use the product for much - hence the reason we do not want to upgrade to "Subscription" license model. Akim ** then tells me to contact the Forums for Support. I remind him that I don't need support and that he already told me the reason we cannot install the product is due to the activation server is no longer available - by the way, it is how companies FORCE you to upgrade and pay more money than you really should.

So in the end, we asked for a work around. Akim ** offered Adobe CS2 (a complete downgrade) since it did not have to use an Activation Server. At the end of the chat, Akim ** refused to answer our request for a work around for the product license we own.

He continued to offer link to Forums until I told him several times that the forums do not have any access to setting up activation server to install our product - Akim ** offered me the "SALES PHONE NUMBER" then disconnected the chat. This is really theft. It appears this is the direction Adobe will continue to go. I suggest using other products instead. Companies like Adobe will not change until their pocket book receives a slow down of money. Money talks for sure.

Beware of Fraudulent transactions! ! ! ! ! !
By -

On May 18, 2010, I ordered a downloadable version of Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 from The Adobe Store and paid through PayPal, who debited my bank account. When I received the order details from The Adobe Store, there was something fishy about it. They wanted me to download and apply an Adobe patch, but the download site was from The Adobe Store website, not the Adobe website.

I searched the Adobe website for the patch, but could not locate it. I called Adobe's tech support, but they had never heard of the patch. They me asked for the registration code I had been given and checked it out and told me that it was an invalid code. I emailed The Adobe Store and told them this and he sent me a second email and different registration code. I called Adobe again and asked them about the new registration code and was told that it too was invalid. I then emailed The Adobe Store and asked for a refund. They did not reply.

I decided to try the install anyway since they weren't responding, and the install worked. It accepted the registration code and it successfully registered with Adobe, so I figured that may be the guy at Adobe was wrong and dropped it. However, on June 22nd when I opened the software, it gave me the message that the serial number used was invalid and it revoked my license.

I called PayPal, but they will not do anything because I did receive something. (If I had not received anything at all, they may have been more helpful.) Also, since it is an intangible product, they will not investigate further. I emailed the Adobe Store again when I got the error message and asked for a refund, but all they sent was another "patch" to install, which I believe is just something to disable Dreamweaver's ability to validate the serial number. It has been very frustrating to try to get any help to resolve this. If you shop there, just be warned. You may end up with nothing for your money.

The Email That Adobe Photoshop Won't Answer
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I recently went to a considerable amount of trouble and expense to learn ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS4, but just as I was getting the hang of it, I opened my computer and found the message described in the email below. For those who don't know Photoshop, the Bridge Home is an essential part of the system, and it's very difficult to do without it. I want to know why Adobe Photoshop thinks they can go into my computer and steal something I paid them full price for. I have sent them the following email three times and am still waiting for the courtesy of a reply:

"Attention Adobe Photoshop re. Removal of Adobe Bridge Home from my copy of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, Serial Number 1330-1008-4168-4845-6654-xxxx. I find that when I try to open the Bridge in my version of CS4 I am confronted with a notice that reads: 'The Adobe Bridge Home service has been discontinued in order to focus resources on other effort.'

I am unable to use CS4 in the way that I wish without having the benefit of the Bridge function. Kindly note that I paid your full price for my version of CS4, and have gone to great trouble and expense learning the program. All that effort will now be wasted unless you restore the Bridge function to my computer. Please advise me as to why you have removed a vital part of a program in this way. I assume that you will now act in good faith and reactivate it for me, so that this matter can be laid to rest. Thank you."

Poor, no horrible, customer service
By -

I had always been happy with Adobe; I've used their products for years and found them to relatively bug free and worth the cost. I've read about how important customer service is to the CEO after growing up in his father's Brooklyn appliance store. End result, they deal with customers like the guys selling the counterfeit watches on a Brooklyn corner.

I contacted Adobe to find out the Creative Suite software upgrade for which I was eligible. There is no email addresses on their website, so I decided to call customer service. Called customer service three times, once was told I needed to call back (recording) and twice I was on hold for more than 15 minutes before I had to hang up. I finally posted a question using an online form but as days passed without an answer I decided to try calling the store and speak with sales.

I wanted to confirm the upgrade package I needed to purchase so I didn't just order the software from any retailer. I specifically called the online store to place my order so I was sure I'd receive the correct upgrade package. They picked up after one ring, so I was encouraged. They asked for, and I gave them, a list of all my Adobe product serial numbers. They told me the upgrade package would cost $603 and with expedited shipping. Expediting shipping took three days, but no big deal. I finally receive a response to my posted message the day the software package arrives with a different response and here's where things fell apart.

Spending $600 on software I expect a certain level of installation support. I unboxed the package and inserted the CD. It tells me the serial number for my existing product won't allow an upgrade. So I clear my schedule and call Adobe expecting to be on hold for probably 20 minutes. Boy was I wrong. I was on hold for 40, yes forty minutes, someone picks up to get my customer information and find out about my problem. I tell them what happened and they send me to technical support.

Another 25 minutes on hold and I get technical support. Now I'm a little steamed but the person is very helpful, I give them my serial numbers and I'm told I have a valid product and need to talk to the "unlocking department". They insist this isn't a problem and I'm told to ask to speak with a supervisor if the person doesn't give me an unlock code.

Another 20 minutes on hold. Finally, I get a person and tell them my story, give them serial numbers and they tell me I can't upgrade. I ask to speak with a supervisor, they tell me no. At this point my frustration level is through the roof so I tell them I want a refund. I expected to send back my package and get a credit but Adobe has another twist. There is a Letter of Destruction form for me to fill out and they'll apply a refund; no shipping needed.

Finally, something easy! Not so fast. I made one mistake on the form so that's part of the problem. They asked for a serial number, I sent it. Now they reject the form telling me I need all the serial numbers for all the different packages in Creative Suite. I sent it in and will see what happens. By the way, I sent the CEO an email after seeing his email address on the web. Not even a response; I wish he'd call me so we can speak in our native Brooklyn tongue about the terrific Adobe support.

I have to use Adobe InDesign so I'll upgrade that package only for $170 and they won't see another penny from me. After searching the web it seems I'm not the only one with this complaint. The software is at a premium cost and the support is substandard, horrible customer service.

Adobe, FIX your bugs before you make ANOTHER version!
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Rating: 4/51

SAN JOSE, CA -- I am SO tired of Adobe releasing new updates before they fix the bugs in the current version! It's so annoying! Fix your software Adobe... BEFORE you expect us to buy the newer update! Dang.

Why do people put up with the lack of Adobe customer support?
By -

I don't know why people put up with Adobe support or lack thereof. I just spend 1.5 hours on hold trying to get an activation problem solved and never got anywhere. If you aren't going to get tech support try getting the Russian knockoff. It is like using Open Office instead of Office and you are guaranteed no tech support. But you know that going in. It is also pennies on the dollar.

4 Hours and 10 minutes on Hold
By -

Waited on hold for tech support 2 hours and 40 minutes yesterday and 1 hour and 30 minutes today and still have not talked to a technician. The music blasts your ear the same 3 songs of which I had dreams about last night. Some Kenny G goofy sleep music. Nobody can beat Adobe when it comes to hold time. 4 hours and 10 minutes for a program I paid over 500.00 for...

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