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Service is bad, system never worked properly, bad customer service
Posted by Cheryl.hardgraves36 on 11/22/2011
WICHITA, KANSAS -- ADT said that I would get a 250.00 rebate back with my installation, that I never received, not to mention it cost 700.00 to have it installed, thought I was signing a 18 month contract, that turned out to be a 3 year contract. tried to cancel to get final bill, but then again information not disclosed by the customer service representative when I cancelled was that they had to have a 30 day notice before cancelling. Everyone I have ever talked to there in customer service is very uncaring, and rude.
System had not worked right since it was installed, every time I would leave town and turn it on, before I ever left town, I would get calls from them telling me it was going off, therefore causing me to have to turn around and go back to the house, to reset it. then it would go off while I was gone and they would send the police to check on it, costing me another 25.00 service fee with the city. It is ridiculous and not worth it.

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Misleading Customer Service. POOR Service
Posted by ENOUGHGarbage on 07/06/2011
This is the worst company that I've ever dealt with. They have mislead and intentionally misinformed me on numerous occasions. They portray moving your alarm system to a new address as seamless and easy. First I was told that there wouldn't be a charge, then I was told it would be minimal, then it turns into something having to do with "credits", an ADDITIONAL installation fee, an activation fee....and no one would commit to an estimate or verify ANYTHING in writing. I went through so many Depts. and Supervisors that I finally cracked and decided to pay the "Early Termination Fee". I feel that this money has been obtained through extortion. Why on earth would I continue service for 2 more years if they can't even quote me an estimate charge for changing my address. Initially I'd intended to continue service but this was a terrible experience and I feel as though they WANTED to push me into cancellation.

Seems VERY shady...a company that refuses to give a written estimate or even written verification of cancellation. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-07-06:
I was burglarized once while my home had ADT service. The burglary was in broad daylight and I discovered it when returning home from work. I inquired with the police officer taking the report regarding notification by ADT. The police dispatch had received notification but it was considered a low priorty call - essentially, if your local P.D. is busy in many areas, residential burglar alarms are dealt with as time allows. In my area the large number of false alarms with ADT and other companies over the years caused the prioritization of these alarms to be low.

My alarms now are dealt with by the two large dogs in my home : )
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-06:
The police are minutes away when seconds count.
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ADT telling lies to customer
Posted by Begood on 07/18/2010
We moved our apartment and before shifting we checked with ADT and they told us you move to your new apartment we will put the ADT apparatus free of charge in new apartment (we specifically checked are we starting ...a new agreement they said no --we confirmed it twice) and then a guy came to our new apartment and made sign a new agreement and told it is only for one more remaining year we happily signed the agreement then the game happened over and now they say that we have started a new agreement so we have to pay for another 3 years. Now they have charged for both the old and new apartment (one disconnected ADT service in old apartment and for new service in new apartment) and we have contacted them for 3 months till now they have not refunded us the money. They tell it takes a month to refund the money. Why it takes 1 month to refund the money if so we have contacted them many times till now we have not received the money back and now they say we have two agreements. How that is a customer is having two agreements. We were loyal customers thinking that we would like to continue this service for another year even after moving to new apartment now we are wrong and we feel really frustrated with this company the ADT.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-18:
I agree, that's some fancy footwork on the part of ADT. But I have to ask.. did you read what you were signing or just take the guy's word for it? Not that deception is ever right, but you still have to be responsible for what you sign.
Posted by bcd on 2010-07-18:
My personal experience with ADT is that the sales reps say one thing and the written terms of the agreement indicate something different.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-07-19:
As with ANY subscription based service (satellite TV, cell phone, "free credit report", etc.) salespersons are interested in one thing only - A SIGNED CONTRACT (and sometimes it is only implied) to get their commission.

ALWAYS read what you are about to sign. What is verbally told to you doesn't mean squat. ONLY what you signed counts.

These companies have no regard for what you termed a "loyal customer". They definitely have shown you that means nothing to them.

In the future get any changes to services in writing BEFORE the changes are made.
Posted by ENOUGHGarbage on 2011-07-06:
ADT never"puts anything in writing" unless it's a contract. I tried to have them put my moving costs to a new address in writing and received a flat out refusal to give me even an ESTIMATE.
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People with ADT good or bad...
Posted by Nekay on 03/28/2010
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- There are several reports of people not liking their ADT service. I have worked for ADT and also have their service. With any company, the workers are the ones that make or brake a company. The main problem with ADT, specifically here in California, is that the workers DON'T CARE. They get paid too little, considering all of the stuff they have to do. All of the top supervisors do not care about what going on. When there is to much bad blood between the workers the only ones suffer are the paying customers. ADT has hired some really bad people. (One of which stole gas from the company.) A normal company would have pressed charges but all they did was fire the worker. If a security officer can steal from the company what makes you think they won't steal from YOU? They do not like to fire people, all they do is shuffle them to a new location. The employees do things because they know they can and nothing will happen to them. ADT allows their officers to harass each other with out any type of discipline. And after talking to several people who actually pay for the service, ADT has a problem with taking extra money from people and not wanting to pay it back. My mom has the service and they still owe her a months worth of service because they took a double payment. It has been several months and I'm sure she will never get if back. Most people only still have them because they are stuck in contracts that they can't get out of.

ADT is not all bad, there are some workers who takes their job seriously. But sad to say with all the bad apples laying around all the good people quit and find better jobs.

My advice to you (and this is coming from someone who has the service PLUS has worked their for several years) research a company before you join. Try and see if they will let you get service without having to sign a contract. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITTING. And best of all don't pick a company only on price. Just because its within your price range don't mean the service will be. ADT has slow response times because the equipment they have is not up to date. And because they are short staffed. All these things should be considered.

Because if you have them for armed response and something actually happens, how soon will they show up? Do your own research!! Don't just take my word on it.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-03-28:
In my case, and armed response means pulling my weapon. Average response time for an LEO nationwide as near as I can get researching on line is @8 minutes. Longer some place, shorter others. Police are investigators of crime. SCOTUS has ruled (http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html)that they do not have the responsibility of protection. Alarm companies are great for notifying someone that there is a problem. Not preventing them.
I carry a gun 'cause a cop is too heavy.
All that being said, an employee complaining about pay scale has no merit, are they not aware of the pay when they were hired?
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ADT - Horrendous!!!
Posted by Dmatushak on 01/14/2010
I had a Wells Fargo security system installed in my home in 1985. Tyco purchased Wells Fargo in 1998 and merged the company with ADT. This is to show I have had monitoring service for about 25 years of which 12 years have been with ADT.

My husband has been on disability for the past year and a half and although I have been slightly late with my payments, I have always called ADT's billing department to tell them when my payments would be expected. On 12/18/09, I was invoiced $105 which was my quarterly payment. This is the ONLY amount that was due to them.

Tonight, I received a call from the "home office" stating I owed them $60 and that they had terminated my service. No warning, no letters, no calls prior to the one this evening. I then called their 800# billing department and spoke to a manager (Lisa) who said my service was terminated because "they had made numerous calls and no one could reach me" along with the statement that letters had been sent regarding the termination. ALL LIES!!! Funny how the "home office" could make one phone call and reach me this evening to tell me my service was cancelled. I still do not understand how in this day and age, a major company like ADT would cancel a VERY long-time customer over a $60 bill that wasn't even 30 days late?

To that I say "GOOD RIDDANCE"!!! After reading the numerous online complaints about ADT that outnumber other monitoring services by 20 to 1, I can only hope homeowners do their research before signing up with a company who has zero value for their customers. I will also be asking my 3 family members who signed up (on my recommendation) with Wells Fargo back in 1985 to terminate THEIR relationship with ADT due to the unscrupulous way they do business.
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Posted by bcd on 2010-01-14:
Is the $60.00 part of the $105.00? Have you paid the $105.00 in full?
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ADT owes me $1035.78 for double billing
Posted by Tena on 01/13/2010
ADT contractor / company representative came to our house for installation November 2006. We paid for upgrade. I have all the original documentation of the upgrade done in November 2006. ADT took bank information from my upgrade check and began automatic check withdrawal under the new account (this is illegal)-we did not sign for automatic withdrawal from our checking account. However, still being paid for the old account. So both were being paid.

Now ADT had yet to refund my $1035.78 for the old account. Still getting bills for the old account. However, due mailed payments for old account which has totaled $1035.78 due back to us. We have been trying to get our money over two months.

Keep being told it is ready to release and on a manager's desk in Oak Brook Illinois. Still no check and I have even been in contact with the Resolution Department at the home office. Apparently, even the home office can not get my check from the manager in Oak Brook Illinois.

The contractor / Account Manager who started this fiasco, says--nothing she can do. So, we call and email about 3 to 4 times a week-same response. Additionally, I have left 5 messages for ADT manager (never available) to return my call (with in 24-hours - policy). Never happened. So where is my $1035.78?
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Posted by BEJ on 2010-01-13:
Take them to small claims court. Check the limit for your state but generally I believe the limit is somewhere around $3000-$3500.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-01-13:
As long as you will continue to tolerate their stall tactics they will continue. As BEJ suggests, file a small claims case against them. When they are served they will come talk to you about a settlement. Don't settle for the $1035.78. Include your filing fees and something for the hassle. Don't get greedy. Be reasonable. If you end up in court ask for interest from the date of their error. Good luck.
Posted by goduke on 2010-01-13:
Good advice, bej and chuck. Clearly they are not wanting to pay back what they overcharged. I would love to hear ADT's thinking on why they think they can have to services going at once.
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I need my money back - now!
Posted by Jcwilson on 01/08/2010
I read my contract, I abided by my contract and they still screwed me!

I specifically check quarterly billing - they decided to take the information from the check I provided for the installation fee and start automatic deductions! Isn't that illegal! They miss used the information on my check - that has to be fraud!

I faxed the requested information over to ADT research department on 12/7/09 to initiate the investigation for a refund of $105.00 in bank fees due to a with draw error on the part of ADT and I was told it would take 30 days for the research to be concluded. On 12/8/09 a supervisor called me back from ADT and confirmed that my information had been received, again letting me know it could take “up” to 30 days.

Today is the 8th of January 2010, and I have no refund to my bank account and today is the 32nd day since my information was faxed over and I have no result.

In this economy it is ridiculous that anyone should have to wait 32 days and more to receive what is rightfully theirs due to the negligence of others and I think that people should be aware of the treatment they are to expect when dealing with ADT. When I asked what was taking so long, since I provided the proof for the investigation, I was told there were many others also needing such attention. What a wonderful thing to learn about the company protecting my home.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
Go to your bank and see if they can't stop the draft. It may entail closing that checking account and opening another. A pain in the buttocks, but you may have no other choices.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
You can place a stop payment on ADT, but the stop expires after 6 months. And if ADT submits a debit that changes a minor detail, it will slide right past the stop payment.

Changing accounts may not help. Often, banking systems will automatically redirect the debit to the new account.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-01-08:
By golly, Ken, we agree on this one 100%. His only guaranteed fix here is to close the account and CHANGE BANKS.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
You have a valid argument but it has nothing to do with today's economy. Wrong is wrong. They're obviously messing with you as there is no reason an "investigation" should take 30 days. I know companies do this which is why when I settled an account with three payments I used a money order for each one.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-01-08:
No, you can do a reversal of all the money ADT drafted right now, specifically disputing their authorization to do so. Something they will not be able to prove otherwise. You can also deny any future drafts from that company for any reasoning, whereas your bank will not authorize any further drafts from them.
The sticky part is you need them to monitor your place so I don't know how that will go over as this escalates.
Posted by Honecker on 2013-09-02:
The company doe not pay the employees right.There is a lot of micromanagement.
Why would you paid someone to pay
9-11 for you when you can do it for free.
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ADT - Worst Company of the Decade!
Posted by Caligirl1974 on 01/05/2010
ADT is the worst company I have ever done business with. It has been two weeks since they started the install and no one has come back to finish the job! They forgot two of our four bedrooms and we are still not being monitored. I've left a message with a manager and haven't heard back. I've called their many phone numbers and not one single person was able to help answer my one question. No one has any idea what is going on, including me! Everyone should read all over the internet all the complaints from ADT customers - past and present. I'm sorry we didn't find out until it was too late. ~ Sacramento, CA

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ADT Lies and Steals - Stay away from this company
Posted by Statisticschick on 10/26/2009
Here’s my ADT horror story. I sincerely hope potential customers will read this and decide NOT to buy an ADT alarm system. I was lied to, cheated, and even had money illegally debited from my account by ADT. I tried to be brief, but the story is just so incredible:

• October 2007 – I began inquiring about purchasing an ADT alarm system. I called ADT (the toll-free number listed on their website) and scheduled a time for a sales representative to come to my home. The sales representative visited my home a week or two later. I explained that one primary concern was that I would be moving within a year or two. He recommended that I purchase a wireless system with cellular back-up. He stated that such a system would be moved by ADT at no cost if and when I moved and my contract would just transfer over to my new residence.
• November 2007 – I called ADT to purchase the system that the sales representative had described when he came to my house. A technician came out and installed the system. The system worked well and I had no initial trouble with it.
• July 16, 2008 – Sure enough, I found out I was moving so I called ADT to have my alarm system moved to my new home. I was told by Diane, a representative at ADT, that my contract was not transferable and that if I moved and canceled it, I would be charged a hefty cancellation fee. I explained what I had been told at the time I bought the system and she escalated my call. Diane called back later that day and said that they tried to research my call and no information could be found. Recommended I submit a written complaint to the corporate office in Boca Raton, FL.
• July 2008 – Called corporate headquarters and spoke with Robert Williams who said he would research the matter. He called me back on July 22nd and said that if I wanted the equipment moved, I would have to pay labor costs. However, my contract could not be canceled and I would also have to pay a cancellation fee and then re-sign a NEW three-year contract. He stated that it was “highly unusual” to move equipment to a new location. Call was then escalated to “Lester,” the DC-area regional sales manager. He basically confirmed that nothing could be done and that if I moved the equipment I would have to pay a penalty for canceling the original contract. Lester told me that Robert Williams at corporate would have to authorize any changes with my contract and waiving any fees for labor. A few days later I hear back from Robert who says that it’s actually their billing/retention department that could waive these fees but they will not release me from the contract. He agreed to look into this and get back to me.
• August 2008 – I finally hear back from Robert and his “bottom line” was that the equipment cannot be moved. He stated that it was not possible to move the equipment and the only thing they could offer me is a “deal” on a new system. However, I would have to sign a new contract and either pay to get out of the old one or continue it for the next 2 years. I declined the offer and resolved to just run out the 2-year contract while renting out my home.
• October 2008 – I get a call from ADT that my alarm system was not working (I was no longer living in the home). I scheduled a service call for November 10th.
• November 10th, 2008 – Technician comes out. He states that an entire component in the system needs to be replaced and will have to order the necessary parts. He states that he will order the parts and then call to schedule another time to fix the system once the parts have arrived.
• November 14th, 2008 – I get a call from the technician on my cell phone at 8:00 PM at night stating that he is at my house and there to fix the system. I explain to him that he never set up an appointment with me and cannot just show up and expect me to be there. He tells me to call ADT and schedule a time to have the system fixed.
• Late November 2008 – I schedule an appointment and the technician never shows up. We schedule another appointment for early December 2008.
• December 2008 – ADT technician never shows up. Another appointment scheduled for January 20th, 2009.
• January 20th, 2009 – the appointment is scheduled and no one ever shows up. After waiting around for several hours, we call ADT and they tell us that they had to cancel the appointment because they didn’t have the necessary parts to fix the system. Another appointment is scheduled for January 23rd, 2009.
• January 23rd, 2009 – A technician shows up at 10:00 PM, several hours after the time-window we were given. He starts to work on the system, but then says he cannot complete the job because he doesn’t have all the necessary parts.
• January 24th, 2009 – We make several calls to ADT to try and get the situation resolved. ADT representative tells me that I will get a call back once the parts have arrived. I ask if I am being charged my monthly monitoring fee and they assure me that I will not be charged until the issue is resolved.
• February 2009 – No word from ADT, but they keep charging me for my monthly monitoring fee. I make 3 calls but never receive a concrete response about whether the parts have in fact arrived.
• March 5th, 2009 – I speak with “Alex” in technical support (customer service #GMV). He states that the parts have arrived and he will work on scheduling an appointment. I also call ADT’s corporate offices on this day and speak with Tim (#63538). He states that he will work to ensure my issues are resolved. He assures me that I will be credited back for all the monthly monitoring fees I had been paying when not receiving service.
• March 6th, 2009 – Tim tells me that they cannot determine what my refund amount will be. He agrees to call Ted Peterkin, the local manager, and have him be present at the time my alarm is repaired, which we schedule for Tuesday March 10th.
• March 9th, 2009 – Tim calls and confirms my appointment with the technician on March 10th. I ask for the Ted Peterkin’s number, but Tim states that if I have any trouble I should call him instead.
• March 10th, 2009 – ADT service person arrives at 5:00 PM. Issue is fixed within 45 minutes. I’m told that the problem was a defective SIM card. Ted Peterkin never shows up. I leave a message for Mr. Peterkin. He calls me back around 6:30 PM and states that ADT can only offer me a credit of one months’ service for my trouble. I tell him that this is not acceptable and that I want to be refunded for every month that I have been without service. He finally agrees to file the paperwork for 6 months’ worth of refund ($264 total).
• March 11th, 2009 – I get a call from Ted Peterkin. He states that I will be refunded $269.44 and that the refund will be issued to my checking account within 7 days.
• March 20th, 2009 – I did not receive any refund.
• March 23, 2009 – Still no refund. I leave a voicemail for Ted Peterkin. I call Tim but find out that he no longer works for ADT. I speak with Corinthian (#17391) who agrees to look into the matter. He calls me back later that day and says that refunds usually take “about 30 days.”
• March 24th, 2009 – I get a call from Bonnie Guppy who is the head of the corporate resolution team (904-565-8164). She states that the paperwork for my refund was never submitted and that she will look into the matter and call me back. Corinthian calls later in the day and states that he talked with Ted Peterkin but Ted never followed up with a response. At 3:00 PM, I called Bonnie and left a voicemail. At 6:39 PM I speak with Bonnie who states that the only way to get a refund issued would be to start the process all over again. She stated that it would take about 2-3 weeks. She agrees to send me an email confirming the amount of money I was to be credited. She apologized and confirmed that Ted Peterkin “dropped the ball” and didn’t do what he should have to get my refund issued.
• March 27th, 2009 – I am on vacation and go online via my Blackberry to check my checking account. I see that my account has a DEBIT from ADT in the amount of $269.44. I call Bonnie and explain to her what happened and she agrees to look into it. I call my bank and they confirm that the money had, in fact, been deducted from my account. I file a fraud charge and send a bank representative my email from Bonnie showing that I should have been credited those funds. Bonnie calls me back and apologizes profusely, stating that there was a “mix up.” She states that she would get it corrected. However, my bank tells me that the money had been debited and that I basically didn’t have access to those funds until the issue was resolved. The issue is finally resolved several days later.
• October 2009 – I get an online survey in an email from ADT. I fill it out, recounting my experiences with the company. I note that I would never in a million years use ADT ever again and that I active dissuade people from using ADT.
• October 29th, 2009 – I get a call from Kelly Goddard at the Springfield office to follow up on my survey results. He tries to offer me a “deal” and states that Lester at his office never received my complaint. He states that the alarm systems can in fact be moved and that should have been done to begin with. He asks if I want to move my system and continue my service. I decline. I told him that the only thing I would be doing was canceling my ADT service as soon as my contract expires.

Any one of these things alone I could have overlooked as a simple mistake. However, in totality, they just seem to indicate that ADT has no qualms about using shady sales tactics and the company has a poor approach to general customer service. I will never again use ADT and I highly discourage anyone else from using this service. While the service itself has some value, I do not think that the service is worth it when you consider the time spent dealing with such horrible customer service.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-26:
Bottom line is whatever you are TOLD to get you to buy anything means nothing if its not in the contract.
Posted by statisticschick on 2009-11-09:
Actually, the contract I received was silent on this matter. And, here's the kicker - I recently completed an ADT survey and gave them a horrible rating for just about everything. Within a couple of days I received two follow-up phone calls from ADT reps asking what they could do to remedy my situation. I told one guy nothing, that it was all "water under the bridge" at this point and I was just waiting for my contract to run out. However, after I explained my story, he said, "Well, of course we can move your equipment for you. We can always do that if that's what the customer wants." When I asked about being unable to do this to begin with, he said, "well, I don't know where you go that information, but if you had called us (he was from the regional division) and spoke with me, it would have been done, because we do that all the time."

After talking with him, I was still mad, but it seems that there might be some difference in how ADT National deals with customers compared to how the regional office deals with them. I'm NOT giving ADT any excuses, because as a customer I would have no way of knowing how to get in touch with the regional center (when you call ADT, it all goes to the national call-in center). Nonetheless, the original person who sold me my equipment was from the regional center and may have been giving me info based on his experience there.

Bottomline, still horrible service and I would still NEVER recommend ADT to anyone. The inability to move the equipment, in the end, was the least of my concerns. The worst part of the experience was having an non-working alarm for almost 5 months and visits from numerous ADT techs who didn't know their head from their, well, you know. Oh, and accidentally DEBITING my checking account almost $300 and then having to fight to get my money back from that. Yeah, those were my bigger concerns.
Posted by pamela on 2012-08-31:
ADT FAILED US and many others!!! If you want to have peace of mind for your family, PLEASE stay away from ADT!!! ADT failed to dispatch fire rescue when my smoke detectors started going off. After my house was totalled and 2 loving pets perished, the Fire Dept Investigator checked my alarm system. Everything was operational on MY end. He called FROM MY BURNT HOUSE and asked ADT why they didn't dispatch help. They claim they never got the alarm. 4 days later, ADT took out my next month's payment. 3 1/2wks later, not a word from ADT. Please go to my facebook site and like the page and read my whole story and see pictures, and then please share so others can know of the dangers of trusting ADT. Thanks.
Posted by Patricia Davis on 2013-07-11:
We have had an actual theft from a sub contractor of ADT. ADT will do nothing to rectify. 3 remote key fobs are programmed. We only have two.....common sense. Not in southern GA. The "technician" who came to "fix" the situation had no teeth and looked like a drug addict. I'm serious...they have access to our home....they can sue me. I'm not paying them anything. I had a dump and grab pile of jewlery stolen....yes, they lie, steal, cheat....and have shady characters as "representatives".
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ADT is ineffective
Posted by Schotzy on 06/19/2009
I have ADT. Two of my neighbors have ADT. Both had alarms set, but were just burglarized. Apparently they were able to yank the box off the wall within 40 seconds disabling the alarm. One neighbor called ADT and was told there system would not have registered the system being disabled. They wanted $277 to come out after hours to fix the system. Two days later an ADT representative was running around my neighborhood pushing their system telling prospective clients that their neighbors had just been robbed. He didn't think to mention that they had ADT. Immediately cancelled my ADT and now have BRINKS. They set me up for a reasonable fee to ensure any scenario of someone trying to break in and disable the system would not work.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-19:
That's rich, EDT's customers get robbed and they use the robbery as a selling point. Welcome to the land of opportunity.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-06-19:
"He didn't think to mention that they had ADT."

I absolutely guarantee it was not a matter of he did not think to mention. It was a conscious, deliberate omission of this fact.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-19:
Thanks for the heads-up. VH
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-19:
Good grief! What a smarmy opportunist that salesman was.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-06-19:
Good review. No alarm panel should disable the alarm just by being removed.
Posted by bargod on 2009-06-19:
I used to install home/commercial alarms, if anything it should have tripped the alarm. Sounds like it wasn't fully connected to begin with.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-19:
Appalling that their product is not only so vulnerable, but that they are attempting to capitalize on the failure of their product.

I suggest that you print out what happened and stick it on the doors of everyone in your neighborhood.
Posted by SpinnerDolphin78 on 2009-06-24:
I recently had my house broken into and was considering ADT...now, I won't! Thanks so much for your review!
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