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Boca Raton, FL 33431
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ADT - Worst Company of the Decade!
By -

ADT is the worst company I have ever done business with. It has been two weeks since they started the install and no one has come back to finish the job! They forgot two of our four bedrooms and we are still not being monitored. I've left a message with a manager and haven't heard back. I've called their many phone numbers and not one single person was able to help answer my one question. No one has any idea what is going on, including me! Everyone should read all over the internet all the complaints from ADT customers - past and present. I'm sorry we didn't find out until it was too late. ~ Sacramento, CA.

ADT is ineffective
By -

I have ADT. Two of my neighbors have ADT. Both had alarms set, but were just burglarized. Apparently they were able to yank the box off the wall within 40 seconds disabling the alarm. One neighbor called ADT and was told their system would not have registered the system being disabled. They wanted $277 to come out after hours to fix the system.

Two days later an ADT representative was running around my neighborhood pushing their system telling prospective clients that their neighbors had just been robbed. He didn't think to mention that they had ADT. Immediately cancelled my ADT and now have BRINKS. They set me up for a reasonable fee to ensure any scenario of someone trying to break in and disable the system would not work.

Lied to secure contract
By -

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- An ADT sales rep from the Pleasanton, CA office got us to sign up for service by promising us a month-to-month service plan which could be cancelled at any time for any reason. "Nothing to lose" he claimed. In a classic bait-and-switch, the sales rep put us on a 2 year plan with a $500.00 early termination fee. We discovered this quite by accident when calling ADT for an unrelated issue. We've spent 6 months trying to work with ADT and talking to countless customer service reps and managers. All are completely unwilling to help us even though they believe we are telling the truth.

One rep was as bold to tell us that ADT is in the business of making money and therefore would not alter our contract. The sales rep who sold us our contract was completely unethical in his sales tactics yet ADT refuses any accountability. Clearly the customer comes last at ADT. We are very frustrated and very disappointed, we expected much more from such a large, well known security firm. If you are considering signing up with a security service, look around as much as possible and by all means avoid using ADT if possible.

Buyer Beware!
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was scammed into a 3 year contract by the ADT Salesperson. There is no mention of the contract on the page I was asked to sign. I realized this when I called to cancel and then found that there is a light print about the contract on back of the page. Buyer BEWARE!!

No Customer Service
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My panel has not worked since 7 days. I called for service and was told I had to wait at least 48 hours. I then scheduled an appointment as soon as possible. The date of the appointment was my birth date, but I waited for the service person from 12-5, considering my panel did not work, and I was to be on a business trip and was concerned for the home security of my family. I confirmed at least 3 different times with ADT my service appointment, as I would miss work, and be at home. The service person did not appear. I lost my wages for the whole afternoon.

When you call to inquire about why the service person is not there, they make you wait over 15 minutes on the phone. (Unacceptable). When I finally did get through I was told I did not have a service appointment, though I had confirmed at 3 different occasions. Please do not get ADT service, as it is nonexistent.

ADT Security
By -

EWING, NEW JERSEY -- I've had ADT services since 2003. In 2006 I requested my services be moved to a new home. I called 3/6/2007 to cancel my services and was told a termination fee of $200 will be charged because I've had the service for less than 3 years. I informed them that I was a customer since 2003 and moved my services in 2006. They then informed me that there actually was no such thing as "moving" services. When they promise to "move" your service with you they are actually only referring to special promotions they will give you because you are already a customer. They said a new contract started with my new address. I asked why I wasn't informed of this when I requested to use their "moving services" and they said even if I wasn't told, it was in my contract.
It is unfair of ADT to have "moving" services which in fact does not exist. If I knew that my services I.e current contract was not moving with me then I would not have been enticed to "move" my services. This constitutes false advertising on the part of ADT.

ADT - Contract Errors and Misrepresentation

I am looking for other people who have experienced misrepresentation by ADT when they bought their unit. I have a situation where I was told one thing at the time I bought my unit and a completely different thing when it came time for me to move to another location. I am very frustrated and extremely disappointed that such blatant misrepresentation is taking place. Please contact me at arcurlyq at yahoo dot come.

Fraud, Criminal Conspiracy, Over 1 year delays
By -

ADT Insurance Co. Offered me $25,500 +/- on a Two story building that was Insured for $223,000. Personal Property $220,000. Loss of Use $74,500.

ADT stalled and delay settling for over one year that I had to give it to a Law firm to try to receive a fair settlement in or out of Court.

In this area most comparable buildings the replacement cost is double. or almost $500,000.

I needed a place to live because the Building Inspector condemned the building. ADT would not even pay the loss of use $74,500. I purchased an

New Service
By -

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- I just wanted to tell you how much appreciated the service I received from 24 Seven Security located at 3403 73rd Street, Suite 17 in Lubbock, Texas. I called a couple different companies when I was interested in putting in an alarm system in my new office. Your dealer Keith Weddle was very prompt to return my call and meet with me for an estimate on my system. When the installer, Tom Evans, came to install our new unit, he brought someone to assist him. I must say that these were two of the nicest gentlemen I have ever dealt with. We had been in the process of moving and remodeling the building we moved in to, and have come across some very rude and unhelpful folks. I just want to let you know how much I appreciated everything they did for us. I would highly recommend 24 Seven Security to others. The customer service is great!!!

Thank you for your time.

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