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AFF Is a Waste of Money
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
There are two main reasons we are leaving this site:

1) Repeated and ongoing issues regarding videos. Many times we were not able to watch videos on all four of our devices ( iphone4, iphone4s, two year old dell laptop, brand new Toshiba laptop.)

One of us is a tech geek type person and was more than insulted by the nonsense canned cut/paste responses received when we practically begged you to fix the problem. Over and over we emailed you, over and over our concerns were dismissed.

The problem is sporadic, but at least 75% of the time we were unable to view videos on one or more (many times all) of our devices.

Completely unacceptable for a site we pay to use.

2) Quite often, the members presented to us were nowhere near our "cupid settings".

Many times our online matches would show page after page of single females. Yes, we are looking for single females. However, we are also looking for couples! Why were we presented with so many single females?

The couples who were presented to us seemed to only match our age and distance settings and nothing else. Many couple had a bi or bi-curious male. We never indicate any such interest in our settings.

The couples who appeared at first to match us and be "legit" were nothing more than posers. We can't tell you how much time we wasted emailing, talk to and meeting complete fools. We realize this occurs on all sites, however aff seems to have more than its fair share of morons wrapped in idiots.

We signed up for another site at the same time we signed up here. The price is similar and that site has less of the "features" and "cupid settings" you offer.

Yet on that site, we have met and played with, as well as formed true friendships with good quality couples who match our values and lifestyle.

Clearly, aff has a lot to learn. Your retention percentage would increase greatly if you would put more effort into customer service and less effort into bells and whistles that are nothing more than silly nonsense.

We consistently vote with our wallets and are doing so here. We also wanted to make sure you know exactly why---just in case there is someone in your corporate office who has any sort of interest in actually growing and maintaining your business.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/11/2012:
I'm amused to find out that a site designed to hook people up for sex and swinging has a "cupid" setting.
Anna Molly on 06/11/2012:
I would take my money elsewhere, too.
Cwazychicken on 06/11/2012:
I agree trm, I find it ironic that there's a setting like that lol. I am sorry but I don't really know what to suggest for this kind of situation except maybe google what you are looking for. I see this site advertised a lot on plenty of fish...but never bothered going to it. But I'm not that kind of person though. Gl finding what you are looking for!
raven2010 on 06/11/2012:
O.ooooo I like the phrase used here "morons wrapped in idiots"
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