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Junk With a Lifetime Warranty Is Still Junk
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Rating: 1/51

Beware of Advance Auto. The scam works like this: I purchased what was being advertised as a LIFETIME WARRANTY alternator assuming that it would be of very high quality. It didn't last 3000 miles before failing. Of course they cheerfully replaced it with another LIFETIME WARRANTY alternator for free except NOT the LABOR to install which was more than the alternator. So now I have an unreliable substandard alternator in my car because I made the mistake of choosing Advance Auto in spite of warnings. Their LIFETIME WARRANTY doesn't make their products any less substandard. Don't make the mistake that I did.

Perfection Clutch Parts At Advance Auto Parts
By -

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURI -- That new junk they sell made in China is not worth buying - they don't stand behind it any way. It all started out to overdrive - went out, took it to the shop to get it fixed. Clutch wasn't bad but while they were fixing it, to put in there all, so what a mistake. Got it fixed, drove it a 100 miles after getting it back. Sitting at a stop light waiting for the light to change, and the truck took off on it own in the middle of the intersection - almost getting hit twice.

Here I sit, not know what to do. Call tow company to get tow back to shop. He said the new slave cylinder went out. He called Advance Auto Parts, finding out what to do. They said remove the old new one perfection clutch part to get all new ones again. What a joke - shop having to remove it again. This is Chevy Truck Crew Cab 4x4 1 ton - it's all got to come out in pieces so they replaced it all again at the shop's expense.

Got the truck back, went back to driving it again. About the 3900 miles, stop to get fuel and to get something to eat. And getting ready to leave my foot on the clutch - starting truck - and the thing take again almost hit the building by inches. Here I sit once more, no clutch.

Perfection Clutch parts have to call tow company again 500.00 to get tow again out of state, back home. Back to the shop to get fix one more time. Shop called parts company - no comment what to do other than take it out again for the same reason (again slave cylinder went bad again). Perfection Clutch, not shop, removed it again and put one more in.

Got it back running, again drove 400 mile to work and on my way home (after a long week sitting in traffic on the interstate waiting for cars to move), foot on the clutch, the truck takes off once again all most hit the car in front of me. Here I sit, no clutch to move in traffic - stuck again. Have to call tow company again to get towed to the shop.

Perfection Clutch, not shop, calls Advance Auto Parts again. They say that they haven't had any trouble with them the management. This is in a 10-month time that the shop has to take these parts off to replace them, not now. They don't know what to do other than to replace it all again, but not with Perfection Clutch parts - that stuff is junk, made in China crap.

Now Advance Auto Parts don't want to pay any labor after all the times of removal of their junk parts or otherwise. So don't buy Perfection Clutch parts, they're junk. They will leave you sitting out of money and no truck to drive. Advance Auto Parts and Perfection Clutch Parts suck - made in China junk. They may have been a good part at one time when they were made in the USA, but not now they are junk. Perfection Clutch my ass.

Horrible Service And Employees
By -

CHESTER, VIRGINIA -- I stopped by Advance Auto on a Sunday night at almost 8:00 pm to get a new battery for my car. When I went to start my car earlier that day, the battery was dead so I had my mother help me jump-start the battery and rode to Advance to get a new battery installed. Once I got there, I cut the car off and on about 5 times to make sure it would start, and it did, everything was fine so. I still thought maybe it might happen again during the day and I would be stuck on the interstate somewhere, so I went ahead and purchased a new battery.

They sent two teenagers about 15-18 years old outside to install the battery. They had NO clue what they were doing! They installed a battery and the lights came on but, without the car being on. So, they told me to start it, the car did not start at all, it was DEAD! So, they said it was my starter. I advised them that I had NO problems with my car before I brought it there and they went and got another battery saying that maybe that battery they installed was no good.

They came back with another battery and then said, "Oh, it didn't work before because we had the WRONG BATTERY for your car, but this one should work now." They installed yet another battery and still the car was dead. Then they asked for the fuse box, I told them I had no clue but it was not inside of my car, they told me it had to be inside (come to find out it was under the hood!!).

So, I have all 3 of my children (5-month old baby, 5-yr. old and 8-yr. old) in the car with all of my windows down and it starts storming, pouring down rain!!! The guys just laughed and said, "Sorry, ma'am, we did more than we should have. It's time for us to go home now," and turned around, went inside and locked the doors!!! So, there I was stuck with no car, my children in the pouring rain and my baby burning up with a fever!!! I had to walk to a convenience store and use a phone call my mother to come and pick us up.

The next morning I returned to ADVANCE Auto and spoke with the store manager. He came outside and said "there, it should work now, have a good day" and ran back inside the store FAST. Well, I got in the car, it started BUT it was LOCKED in park so I still couldn't move it. And there was no electricity going to it - windows, radio, lights, etc...nothing worked - it just started, that was it! So, I go back in and the manager told me to call the dealer and get a code to program into the radio and everything would come back on and the car would run normal.

Oh, and he THREW 2 bottles of upholstery cleaner in the car and said "this is for your trouble"!!! Anyway, I finally figured out there was a security button on the shifter to place the car in neutral and drove the car to the dealer. Diagnostics: when they put the wrong batter in my car, they blew all the fuses PLUS a 100 watt that was under the fuse box, causing all of the electricity to blow out in my car.

I had to pay $200 to have it fixed and took the receipt to ADVANCE and the same associate that messed my car was standing at the cash register and looked at me and said, "so, what fuse was it?" When I told him what I had to pay, he LAUGHED and said, "well, that's good I didn't do it, the other guy did"!!! The "evening manager" told me I need to bring the dealer receipt back another day for the store manager and it will takes MONTHS to be reimbursed!!!

I also had to take my 5-month old baby to the doctor the next day and he was diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection, which may or may not have been from sitting in the rain at 9 o'clock at night for almost 3 hours!!! SAVE your money and ALWAYS take your car to a DEALER or mechanic you know. NEVER stop at one of these places like ADVANCE to get anything repaired!!!

Customer Service!!! Asst. Manager
By -

STATESBORO, GEORGIA -- I have NEVER had such POOR service as I did at Advance Auto Parts in Statesboro, GA. The Asst. Manager (?) **, was one of the most non-caring human beings I have EVER met! He could have cared less if I or anyone else EVER walked in that store! My experience began the end of May 2007, the Friday of Memorial Weekend to be exact. I had to purchase an alternator for my truck so I had used Advance in the past with GOOD service so this is where I went. I ordered a refurbished alternator when I was told would be in the next day.

So I picked it up the next day which was on a Friday. I took it to a shop to have it put on. I spent the WHOLE afternoon at the shop because the alternator wasn't any good, so they had to take the BAD on OFF and put the old back on. The shop charged me $60.00 for labor PER installment, which I had to pay for them to put MY old one back on, so I paid the TWO charges at $60.00 which totaled $120.00.

I went back to Advance to take the bad one back - this is when my NIGHTMARE started with **! He told me he could ORDER me ANOTHER one BUT he COULD NOT GUARANTEE it would work OR REFUND MY MONEY!!! He didn't care at this point IF I ordered another one or NOT!! I told him to order another one because he said it would be in the next day by 12:30 pm.

After him SUPPOSEDLY ordering my new one, I requested to be refunded for the labor I had spent that day because I had wasted time AND money. He told me, "I WILL NOT REFUND you but I WILL SEND IT TO THE MANUFACTURER AND THEY WILL REFUND YOU, BUT IT WON'T BE THE TOTAL AMOUNT!" He was VERY ARROGANT in speaking. He went onto say in the 'COULD CARELESS VOICE', "they will refund you what THEY think the service was worth but it won't be the full amount."

I asked him if Advance did not feel liable at ALL? He said, "NO!" So I left the store after WAITING THIRTY MINUTES FOR HIM TO FILL out a FORM of my ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER!! He felt it was more important to discuss with SOMEONE ELSE about a COMPLAINT that was made against him on the employee number and have me inconveniently WAIT!! I left the store FURIOUS, needless to say!

My daughter went in the next day which was Saturday to find out that the ORDER FOR MY NEW ALTERNATOR was STILL PENDING!!! THIS CLOWN DIDN'T SUBMIT the ORDER on FRIDAY!!! So, the salesperson was very nice and apologized and told my daughter HE WOULD SEE THAT IT WAS ORDERED THAT DAY and it would be there the NEXT DAY which was SUNDAY!

On Sunday, my daughter went back to pick up my alternator which FINALLY got ordered and the salesperson she said was really apologetic! He told her he was very sorry for all the inconvenience and all the problems I have had with Advance! EVERYONE else EXCEPT THE ASST. MANAGER WAS VERY NICE!!

I took the old alternator that came off my truck back to Advance a few weeks later to get my money for it and I inquired about my labor charges to see what the status was! GUESS WHAT!!?? The salesperson said, they would check on it and when he came back he said, "Ms. **, I hate to tell you this but your CLAIM NEVER GOT SUBMITTED"!!! I WAS OUTRAGED TO SAY THE LEAST!!! THEY NEED TO FIRE THIS CLOWN THAT IS TRYING TO MANAGE THEIR STORE because that is ALL he is doing is TRYING!!! I told this salesperson I have HAD IT WITH TIM!!! He said yeah and so has everybody else!

I could NOT believe that Advance ALLOWS this type of PERSON TO MANAGE THEIR BUSINESS which SPEAKS LOUDLY of HOW MUCH THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS!!! I THINK THIS GUY HAS BEEN WITH Advance for MANY YEARS and that is WHY he is STILL THERE!!! The rest of my story is that I received a phone call the next day saying for me to come pick up my claim money.

I went in about a week later and AGAIN ** brings a sheet and says, "SIGN HERE"! I read it before signing and it said, "Settlement for the AMOUNT OF $33.00"! WHEW, I WAS HOT NEEDLESS TO SAY!! Tim says, "I told you they wouldn't refund all the money!!" I asked for a copy of that paper and a PHONE NUMBER TO CALL which was NOT A TOLL FREE NUMBER!! I guess they do that to keep people from calling and complaining about **!

I did not accept $33.00 because I spent $120.00 and STILL HAD TO PAY ANOTHER $70.00 to GET THE GOOD ONE PUT ON!!! Advance was going to give me $33.00 out of $190.00 of LABOR I had to PAY TO GET MY TRUCK FIXED and $120.00 of that was because of the BAD PART ADVANCE SOLD ME!!! I will NEVER SET FOOT IN THAT STORE AGAIN AND I WILL MAKE SURE I TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THE POOR SERVICE AND ADVISE THEM NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!

Awesome Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

LAKEWOOD COLORADO, COLORADO -- I have to say I was very disappointed with Advance... every time I have ordered parts it seems as though they never come when they tell me. The last three years have been horrible customer service from several of the locations. I met ** at Advance Auto in November. I walked in to see if there was a part in stock and they told me they didn't have it in stock.

The girl at the counter was about to let me leave when ** came up to me and said, "maybe I can help you." She then asks what my issue was with my car. I explained to her that I changed the battery and ever since then I could not get it started. She then asked if she could look at it and see if there was something she could do. It seemed like nobody there was knowledgeable with vehicles... until I spoke with her. She explained the type of car I have will not restart if you change the battery - it has a kill switch because I have the viper alarm in my car. She then got the unlock code for me and we were able to start my car!!!

Yeah... it was definitely a time in my life that I was very happy. I came to Advance and the fact a female knew what was wrong is way cool. You definitely have a company asset with ** being in that store. Since then my thoughts of Advance have changed. Thank you ** for your help... killer job and you're a female showing the men up... like me. Thanks again.

Good Customer Service
By -

LIVE OAK, FLORIDA -- I needed a headlight for my vehicle so I called the local Advance Auto Parts Store # 9335 and spoke with **. ** told me that he had the light in stock and would hold it for me to pick up at the front counter. I asked ** if they would change the bulb and he stated that he could assist, but not change the bulb. When I arrived at the store, ** was waiting with the bulb so I could make my purchase without waiting.

I asked ** for a flashlight and some tools to change the bulb. Not only did he provide the tools but he was more than happy to assist. I got my bulb changed in no time at all. Advance Auto Parts could use more employees like **. ** truly understands the meaning of customer service. ** should be rewarded for his customer service skills because most businesses don't understand the importance of good customer service.

Replacement of Car Battery
By -

NEW YORK -- I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonata, the same car and year my friend drives, which coincidentally had its battery die a couple of weeks back. I'm figuring if his battery went, mine can't be far behind. So off I go to shop for a new one and I find the website for this company, load in my info on my year, make, model and engine size and the system shows me the battery that fits my car. Then I find the 20 dollar coupon and even better, come to find they install it for free.

I pick out the store I want to pick it up at, show up last weekend, find they had already pulled my battery out of open stock and roll it out on a cart to my car, install it, double check the connections and even put on a device to save my radio settings from being lost. All in all a very competent, and professionally done job.

Great Place for the Part-Time Mechanic
By -

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND -- I am not a mechanic, I am however confident in my ability to read and follow directions. I own the Chilton's for my car and about a month ago, I replaced the brakes on my 2003 Caravan. I bought all the parts at Advanced Auto Parts; they were competitively priced and the guy behind the counter made me aware of a few things I hadn't thought about. Result - I have perfectly functioning brakes and it only cost me $125 and about 2 hours.

Last week, my check engine light comes on. As it turns out, the oxygen sensors are not functioning properly. I head back to Advanced Auto Parts. They had one of the two sensors, but offered to order the other one for me. They ordered it on a SATURDAY and I picked it up at 10 am on SUNDAY. To my surprise, it is necessary to use a special socket to remove and install oxygen sensors.

Advanced Auto Parts "sold" me the socket set for $30; the salesman told me to bring it back when I was finished with it for a full refund. He said that is how they "rent" out tools. I ended up paying $175 for the parts; burnt myself on the exhaust manifold, but I did get some great advice from Advanced Auto Parts and saved $30. My advice - if you are going to do some of your own work, check these guys out first, it could save you some time and some money.

$50 Online Gift Card Fraud
By -

OK, so I buy a bunch of stuff for my son's car in April 2010 online at ADVANCEAUTOPARTS.COM. In doing so, I qualify for a $50 online discount off my next online order in May. Without going into the hell I went to to get the parts, I apparently purchased the wrong style seat covers for my truck using the $50 discount. I returned them to the store I picked them up at (instead of paying shipping costs, I ordered online then picked up in the nearest store).

The manager gladly took back the merchandise which was in excellent repackaged condition then told me the credit would be awarded via online purchase (i.e. "However you paid for this online, you will be credited..."). HERE'S WHERE THE PROBLEM STARTED...I WAS NEVER CREDITED THE COST!!!

Advance Auto Parts
By -

Advance Auto Parts (AAP) denied a coupon to be used on a sale priced item. Coupon clearly did not say "not acceptable" on sale priced items. Called Home Office. Talked to two CSR's and they said the store was wrong, they should have accepted, and the store manager would call. Nothing happened so I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General.

State Attorney General demands a response in 10 days. 30 days go by and AAP responds. They say they don't have to accept ANY coupon on a sale priced item. Manager decision. Any item on sale is already an "offer" and coupons can't be used with any other offer. (Isn't any item offered for sale just that - an offer?)

AAP Home Office responded to the State Attorney General late and said stuff - we aren't going to honor. For the customer inconvenience, we'll send him a $5.00 gift card. Who wants this...I'm returning the goods. TAKE HEED - AAP coupons aren't worth the paper they are printed on. I don't pay full retail for anything they sell as its already overpriced. Coupons are the only way to go, so know this before you get into a fight with a cashier. And if you call AAP Customer Service, they will take your contact info but NEVER call you back. Be warned.

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