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Customer Service!!! Asst. Manager
By -

STATESBORO, GEORGIA -- I have NEVER had such POOR service as I did at Advance Auto Parts in Statesboro, GA. The Asst. Manager (?) **, was one of the most non-caring human beings I have EVER met! He could have cared less if I or anyone else EVER walked in that store! My experience began the end of May 2007, the Friday of Memorial Weekend to be exact. I had to purchase an alternator for my truck so I had used Advance in the past with GOOD service so this is where I went. I ordered a refurbished alternator when I was told would be in the next day.

So I picked it up the next day which was on a Friday. I took it to a shop to have it put on. I spent the WHOLE afternoon at the shop because the alternator wasn't any good, so they had to take the BAD on OFF and put the old back on. The shop charged me $60.00 for labor PER installment, which I had to pay for them to put MY old one back on, so I paid the TWO charges at $60.00 which totaled $120.00.

I went back to Advance to take the bad one back - this is when my NIGHTMARE started with **! He told me he could ORDER me ANOTHER one BUT he COULD NOT GUARANTEE it would work OR REFUND MY MONEY!!! He didn't care at this point IF I ordered another one or NOT!! I told him to order another one because he said it would be in the next day by 12:30 pm.

After him SUPPOSEDLY ordering my new one, I requested to be refunded for the labor I had spent that day because I had wasted time AND money. He told me, "I WILL NOT REFUND you but I WILL SEND IT TO THE MANUFACTURER AND THEY WILL REFUND YOU, BUT IT WON'T BE THE TOTAL AMOUNT!" He was VERY ARROGANT in speaking. He went onto say in the 'COULD CARELESS VOICE', "they will refund you what THEY think the service was worth but it won't be the full amount."

I asked him if Advance did not feel liable at ALL? He said, "NO!" So I left the store after WAITING THIRTY MINUTES FOR HIM TO FILL out a FORM of my ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER!! He felt it was more important to discuss with SOMEONE ELSE about a COMPLAINT that was made against him on the employee number and have me inconveniently WAIT!! I left the store FURIOUS, needless to say!

My daughter went in the next day which was Saturday to find out that the ORDER FOR MY NEW ALTERNATOR was STILL PENDING!!! THIS CLOWN DIDN'T SUBMIT the ORDER on FRIDAY!!! So, the salesperson was very nice and apologized and told my daughter HE WOULD SEE THAT IT WAS ORDERED THAT DAY and it would be there the NEXT DAY which was SUNDAY!

On Sunday, my daughter went back to pick up my alternator which FINALLY got ordered and the salesperson she said was really apologetic! He told her he was very sorry for all the inconvenience and all the problems I have had with Advance! EVERYONE else EXCEPT THE ASST. MANAGER WAS VERY NICE!!

I took the old alternator that came off my truck back to Advance a few weeks later to get my money for it and I inquired about my labor charges to see what the status was! GUESS WHAT!!?? The salesperson said, they would check on it and when he came back he said, "Ms. **, I hate to tell you this but your CLAIM NEVER GOT SUBMITTED"!!! I WAS OUTRAGED TO SAY THE LEAST!!! THEY NEED TO FIRE THIS CLOWN THAT IS TRYING TO MANAGE THEIR STORE because that is ALL he is doing is TRYING!!! I told this salesperson I have HAD IT WITH TIM!!! He said yeah and so has everybody else!

I could NOT believe that Advance ALLOWS this type of PERSON TO MANAGE THEIR BUSINESS which SPEAKS LOUDLY of HOW MUCH THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS!!! I THINK THIS GUY HAS BEEN WITH Advance for MANY YEARS and that is WHY he is STILL THERE!!! The rest of my story is that I received a phone call the next day saying for me to come pick up my claim money.

I went in about a week later and AGAIN ** brings a sheet and says, "SIGN HERE"! I read it before signing and it said, "Settlement for the AMOUNT OF $33.00"! WHEW, I WAS HOT NEEDLESS TO SAY!! Tim says, "I told you they wouldn't refund all the money!!" I asked for a copy of that paper and a PHONE NUMBER TO CALL which was NOT A TOLL FREE NUMBER!! I guess they do that to keep people from calling and complaining about **!

I did not accept $33.00 because I spent $120.00 and STILL HAD TO PAY ANOTHER $70.00 to GET THE GOOD ONE PUT ON!!! Advance was going to give me $33.00 out of $190.00 of LABOR I had to PAY TO GET MY TRUCK FIXED and $120.00 of that was because of the BAD PART ADVANCE SOLD ME!!! I will NEVER SET FOOT IN THAT STORE AGAIN AND I WILL MAKE SURE I TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THE POOR SERVICE AND ADVISE THEM NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!

Painless Purchase
By -

Winter is here and needed a new battery for the car. Searched the internet and found a discount code for Advance Auto Parts. Purchased the Gold 84-month battery selling for 89.99. Entered the code and the checkout price was 57.99. Had to pay a 12.00 core charge. Drove to the local store. They credited me the 12.00 and installed the battery in about 10 minutes. A good value and painless to boot.

Customer Full Disclosure - NOT!!!
By -

BURLINGTON, NORTH DAKOTA -- I recently purchased 2 halogen head lamps from Advance Auto Parts, the sales person was polite and asked if I needed two or one. I stated that I should probably get two because I was not sure if both high beams were out or not and told him if it doesn't work, I will just return them.

After getting home and determining the bulb(s) were not the cause, I tried to return the bulbs 1.5 hours later. I was then told that because I had touched the bulbs, I could not return them and that they were no good anymore. I am now trying to understand how I am supposed to put a bulb in my car without touching it and if that is the case, why was I not told this at the point of sale and where does it say this on the bulb package?

In my opinion, this is not any way to treat customers. I will be calling the Regional President and will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, and did I say NEVER, shop at ADVANCE AUTO PARTS again. It is my mission to deter everyone that I know from ever shopping at this store.

Towed Without Warning
By -

PADUCAH, KENTUCKY -- My son's vehicle broke down in the parking lot of a Paducah Area Advance Auto Parts store. They never gave any clue that the vehicle would be towed if not taken care of in a certain time frame. I was 550 miles away due to a death in the family and was unable to take care of this issue immediately. The manager had the vehicle towed, which costed me $230.00.

I priced having the vehicle towed to my home so that I could repair it quicker, which would have only cost $110.00. Surely I would have had it towed to my home before paying this ridiculous rate for storage. I asked Advance to pay for half of the bill because I do realize that they were not completely at fault for this incident. They refused and have now lost a customer and as many as I can take with me for life...

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