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Advanced Dermcare in Danbury, CT treats clients poorly.
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DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I visited Advanced Dermcare in Danbury, CT last June. I was treated by Dr. ** and charged $1000.00 by her secretary, Jane, for the treatment. I paid this amount in FULL. I gave Jane a check for $500 and had her put the other $500 on my credit card. I was back in the office 2 weeks later for a check up. Jane never said I had a "balance due". I was also back to the office with my daughter another time. Never was I told I had a "balance due".

Five months after my treatment, I received a bill stating I had a $300 balance due and that if did not pay, it would go to collections. I wrote a letter to Dr. ** because I could not understand this. I was billed $1000 and paid $1000 so why am I being threatened with collections? Someone from billing called me in response to my letter. They said according to the secretary, Jane, I didn't have enough money to pay the $1300 at the time of the treatment in June.

This is a lie. Jane had my credit card in her hand and could have put $800 on it just as easily as she put $500 on it. I have been a patient of Dr. ** for years and have ALWAYS paid her in full. This time was no different. Unfortunately, Jane made a mistake and now wants to blame the patient instead of taking responsibility for her error. Not very good customer service.

My account has now been sent to collections. I called to make an appointment to discuss this with Dr. ** personally. Jane answered the phone and began yelling at me. This is not the first time she has behaved in a rude and unprofessional manner. Another time I visited Dr. ** office, Jane "forgot" I was there and left me sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes until I re-approached her and reminded her of my appointment.

I am asking Advanced Dermcare to take responsibility for the error made by their employee. Jane made a mistake so either she should be responsible for it and/or the practice should absorb it. I am asking Advanced Dermcare to contact the collection agency and dismiss this claim against me.

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Advanced Dermcare
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