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Would not recommend to anyone
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Advance Driver is not a school. Do not let the fancy website fool you. It is run by one person. There is no we or our, like stated on the website. It is the same guy that answers the phone, is the only driver and there is one car.

The following includes reviews from other students with the one and only driver that is now at Advance Driver. You will notice a pattern there.

Learned VERY LITTLE driving experience. I drove a lot better and calmer practicing in a family member's car than with instructor. Guess it would be easier to drive without having someone barking down your throat.

Can understand being firm, but instructor's attitude was mean and downright hateful. Would not recommend Advance Driver to my worst enemy. Those hours in the car with instructor were an absolute nightmare.

If you need someone to teach you how to drive, I'd recommend a driving school, a real one with multiple instructors, a family member, friend, anyone but this.

It is downright insulting to spend hundreds of dollars for driving lessons to be treated in such a despicable manner
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Starlord on 07/02/2011:
The OP states the link they provide is about Advance Driver, but is actually for a different school. No everyone can work with every instructor. When I was in high school, I took Driver's Ed, and while I was happy with the class, some other students made the same comment about the teacher as the OP has. If one is going to go to a driving school, it behooves them to research and find one they can work with.
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