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Beware of their online
Posted by Mazy on 11/18/2007
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Amazingly disappointing experience - Have been a long time renter and this was the first time to see such an absurd scam to rip off the poor customers - BEWARE OF ADVANTAGE CAR RENTAL (Specially if you're smart enough to shop around and use search engines for best rates).

As always, we used CarRentals.com for best rates for a 3-day trip to Dallas, and Advantage came out with a $90 rate to pick up at 10 am on Nov 15 and drop by 5 pm on Nov 17. Our flight was departing around 3 pm, but we always rent for a few extra hours to avoid any possible late fees due to delay, etc. Anyways, we dropped the car with full tank and everything around 1 pm and were shocked to see that they are charging us for more than $120!!! The reason: "YOU RETURNED THE CARE EARLY!" (like 4 hours early!!) and they charged us based on a totally different rate schedule (2 days plus 1 hour extra at an outrageously high rate) and came up with the $120 figure. When we complained to the so-called "manager" (which of course was very rude and even tried to grab and destroy our initial receipt showing the estimated $90 cost with our pick-up and drop-off times), he said that basically that's what they do and there is no thing we could do.

I asked him that the receipt says the car should be dropped "by 5" not "at 5" and hence, we were being charged extra, he said that it should be "At 5", and when I asked him to define how soon is considered "early" for them to use it as a pretext to rip off the costumers, he refused to explain. I guess even if we were to return the car at "4:59", they were going to consider it "early" since it wasn't 5 sharp!!

Very disappointed. Surely the last time I do business with them and will advise everyone against doing business with them too.

Just beware of the prices they claim to lure the costumers to their business and away from other car rentals. Then, when you have made the grave mistake of getting into their trap, they will charge you way more than what they initially claimed as bait and much more than others. Just beware!!

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Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-11-18:
From their Website: Some discount rate plans may have special terms and conditions related to car class, date/time of pickup, date/time of return or location.

But I agree 100% with Mazy. It is stupid to charge because the vehicle is returned early. That only means they can clean it and get it rented again before it was to be returned originally. Sounds like a real scam to watch for at Advantage.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-11-18:
Although I think it's a dippy way of doing business, I think FoggyOne explained it by quoting from their website. They getcha comin' and goin'.' I think it's ridiculous, but anything to play gotcha.
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-11-18:
Who would have thought one would be penalized for an early return? You weren’t expecting some sort of compensation for unused days. It's the first I've heard of this. In addition to taking photos of the car to prove no damage on our part and filling the tank I suppose we need to hire a driver to drop us off at the airport and return the car on the dot. Oops, forgot you are the only one allowed to operate the vehicle, so forget that one. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by Mazy on 2007-11-18:
Thanks for the comments guys. Just one thing that I can say in response to their policy on date/time of return and rates:
If you rent a car for, say, a week at a special rate of $140 (i.e. $20 per day) and return the car early on the 6th day, you can't ask the rental company to charge you for 6x20= $120. We all understand this and it makes sense. However, if you return the car on the 6th day, you should still be able to pay the pre-agreed $140 without any issues. This is the global practice of all reputable care rentals. The clause on early returns is valid as long as it is applying to this situation, but if you return the car on the date it was supposed to be returned but only a few hours earlier, it shouldn't frist and foremost be considered an early return, and even if so, it shouldn't be used as a pretext to violate the intial agreement and charge using another (un-advertized) rates. The whole idea behind early returns for special rates is that no matter how early you drop the car, you are going to pay the whole amount agreed upon earlier, not less. In fact, many times I needed a car for only 4-5 days and car rental staff themselves suggested me to rent for the whole week and just return the car on the 4th or 5th day to save more money...
Again, while my experience with Advantage might have been an isolated incidence, I consider this a very serious issue. I am a very careful costumer and I don't usually fall for all sorts of marketing or business traps. I always shop around and check the ratings. I read all the contracts and try my best to get all the details before commititng myself to anything. If, then, I was ripped off like this, then I'm afraid, there are a whole lot of people out there that are being constantly ripped off by Advantage car rental all the time, without even knowing it! Just be careful out there...
Posted by tanque on 2009-01-14:
It is not a rip off if you're aware of the issue before hand and still sign the contract and if you were not aware of this in advance, ignorance on the part of a customer is of no importance to a company. When you complain to a company about an extra charge, the "I didn't know I would be charged for that" line, doesn't fly often or at all for that matter with many companies. The simple fact of the matter is that when you make a reservation for a certain amount of days, at times you may be given what's considered a "special rate" that applies only to the dates entered at the time of booking. By meeting certain criteria that "special rate" only applies to the days entered at the time of confirmation and each contract clearly states, not in fine print, that the "special rate" only applies if the vehicle is kept for "x" amount of days. If the vehicle is returned early or kept past "x" amount of days then the daily rate which at times may be a much higher rate than the "special rate", will be charged. This information is clearly printed on the same rental agreement that each customer signs. Neglet on the customers part to read terms of aggrement before signing a legal binding contract is not ripping off customers, it's ignorance on the customers part. Furthermore, I understand plans may change that require a customer to return their vehicle early, however, if a company can rent a vehicle at a higher rate to customer A who request (3) days at $30 plus tax per day but offered customer B who request (6) days at $20 plus tax per day because customer B requested more days on rental then customer B decided to bring vehicle in after only 3 days on rent and the company still only charges the customer $20 per day, then the company would lose out because they may have very well rented to customer A @ $30 per day for the same 3 days. If this is the case then everyone would book for a week and be offered a "special rate" and then return early. This is common business practice not only with Advantage Rent a Car but in the car rental business, period. As a matter of fact, Hotel Industry works very similarly. When you're offered a WEEKLY rate, companies do not divide the WEEKLY rate by seven and figure that amount as your daily rate, the daily rate is usually higher than the weekly rate, however, you are given that special rate for renting on a "WEEKLY" basis. Kinda like buying in bulk, you know, shopping at COSTCO or SAMS club, you are given special prices for buying in bulk. Special rates for weekly rentals but if you buy/rent individually you're usually charged more per item/day... Understand what I am trying to say?

Hope this information will help clarify things for everyone and help you all understand the way these types of businesses work. It is not a scam if the information is printed on legal binding contracts that are signed by you, the customer. It may not seem right but you always still have the option to rent or not to rent. My advice to all, READ BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING. This not only goes for renting a vehicle but IN LIFE. Commone sense folks
Posted by Mazy on 2009-01-28:
Dear Tangue, unfortunately, it seems that you ignored to read my post carefully. I did business with them once and that was it. I just wanted to give others heads-up to avoid being ripped off by them.
Please go back to my post and read it carefully before talking about ignorance and not reading the fine prints. I am fully aware that special rates are for the specified terms and duration. However, what you are ignoring is that you can always (apparently unless you are dealing with Advantage Car Rental) rent a car for a weekly rate, return it sooner, and pay the full weekly rate. This is the reasonable and conventional practice of the car rental business. I can tell from my personal experience that I have done it with a dozen car rentals (both big, nationwide and small, local ones) with no problem whatsoever.
What you are saying is wrong: I never said that one should go and get a car for a special weekly rate (say $140) and then return the car on the 5th day and expect to only pay $100 (5x20), as you are suggesting. What I was saying (and it's happening everyday with reputable rentals) is that you go and rent a car for the $140 weekly rate, return it on the 5th day, and pay the full $140, which is perfectly fine and acceptable. The phrase about the duration of the rental exists on all rental agreements, and the purpose of it is to prevent people from pro rating a special package. I firmly stand by my opinion that interpreting this phrase the way Advantage Car Rental did is wrong and it constitutes a rip-off. Please go back and read my post before making baseless comments.
Unfortunately, it seems that when dealing with Advantage Care Rental, even if you read the fine print (as I did), you won't be protected yet, as you still will be left at the mercy of the deceitful staff with their own interpretation of the agreement. Obviously, they can continue doing so since nobody has the time to bring a court case against them to force them to either stop their interpretation of the agreement, or write out their own interpretation in the agreement with clear words, but it doesn't change the fact that what they did was wrong and miles away from good business practice.
I repeat myself time and again that the best way to protect yourself against their deceitful practice is to avoid them at all, until they change and correct it.

Posted by bruce2954 on 2014-02-25:
If the paperwork said that the car had to be returned by 5 and they're legally obligated to honor it. If it was supposed to say at 5, but didn't, they're stuck with it.
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HORRIBLE company-stay away
Posted by JACKATOA on 07/17/2005
Worst experience I've had in 20 years of travel and as a part of the travel industry.

Cars are terrible, mine broke down after a 40-mile drive, had to leave the car, spent several hours on hold and talking to several people trying to resolve.

Customer service and follow-through is atrocious
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Posted by truckin21 on 2007-03-12:
Be glad you didn't rent a U-Haul. They charge Miles and Days you never use and they DON'T GIVE REFUNDS!!!!!
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Failure to honor contract
Posted by B.M. on 06/08/2006
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I made a reservation for an economy car with Advantage for my trip with my oldest son to Salt Lake City. (We were going to Zion and Bryce Canyon and so were going to do a lot of travelling and I wanted to economize on gasoline.) I received a confirmed reservation with Advantage for an economy car when I arrived in SLC on May 23rd at 1:30 pm. I was told summarily and quite coldly that only SUVs or vans were available. I could have one of those at the same price, but nothing in between. This, friends, is a classic bait-and-switch maneuver and one that doesn't bode well for any company wanting to continue doing business.

SUVs and vans are notorious gas-guzzlers and I was planning to travel many hundreds of miles. Worse, though, was that Advantage's "contract" was what they wanted it to be when they wanted it.

The stone faced, unfriendly, and very unhelpful clerk-attendant told me that I would have to accept an SUV, a van, or nothing. He was not in any way constructive, sympathetic, or even human. (I might almost say he was instructed by management to employ this shoddy tactic.)

I wanted nothing more to do with them: the principle of the thing really bothered me and I was irate. I cancelled that reservation and made another with another car rental agency on the spot. When I went out to the garage, I looked around at what Advantage had, and they had plenty of economy and compact cars. So much for their credibility and good faith.

Not only did Advantage lose a customer for the day - as I say, I gave business immediately to another company on the basis of that treatment - but forever. I don't honor companies that do such shoddy, unprinciple, unethical and, in fact, quite a bit less than what I expect of an American company. Indeed, I have rented many cars, but have never ever been treated this badly. Advantage is the WORST car rental company I have EVER dealt with from top to bottom.

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Posted by dmjar863 on 2006-06-08:
This is the type of post I like to read on My3cents. Because of this post I am less likely to use Advantage car rental. It is not one of those I screwed up and its someone else fault post.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-08:
I would be more likely to use them. They obviously over-booked their compact cars, or perhaps some people kept the cars out longer than planned. In any case, they were willing to upgrade this person to a better class of car at no additional charge.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-08:
I travel to SLC for business all the time. We use to have a corp contract with Advantage and I agree they are the worst. When I used them they were off airport and it was like a Hungarian flea market - I've been put into everything from micro subcompacts to 12 seater transport vans. Our policy is mid-size but seldom to never were those provided. They tried to bill our company for minor chips or cracked windshields when our travelers signed affidavits to the contrary. If you arrive monday morning it takes forever just to get a car. There are very few companies I hate worst then this one. Thanks for the bad memories.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-08:
NOT a case of bait n switch! They didn't try to make you pay more for something else...they offered you a better car for the same price. Completely understandable about your wanting to conserve on gas but that $ dorsn't go in their pocket. They should have made good on giving you a sedan and I would be upset too.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-09:
I love "robo-clerks", like the one the poster describes, they have a real future in government service positions (particularly Medicare). I swear, if you pulled off the back of their heads...you'd see blinking lights and servo-motors. If I find myself in SLC...I'll avoid Advantage.
Posted by truckin21 on 2007-03-12:
Like the commercials say: "Who do you think we are? HERTZ!!?!! Hugh Jorgen missed your post completely. I just love to see these people answer posts that were never written. They weren't "willing to UP GRADE. All they wanted to do was screw you. They cannot rent the SUV's or Vans because in this age of HIGH PRICED fuel every one wants/needs an economy vehicle. They wind up with all these expensive vehicles sitting around costing them money and not making any so they try to "force" them on people. Stick to your "guns". They either give you what you ordered or you go some place where they will.
Posted by cavaor on 2008-04-27:
Horrible doesnt begin to describe my experience. I had originally reserved a compact car online for the KC Airport. Casey at the service desk informed me that they did not have any cars in this class left (at noon). HOWEVER, for an additional $30/d I could receive what they did have remaining. I rejected the offer and was informed I would have to wait, potentially hours until the next size came in. I chose to wait. In the mean time, I was told I would have to pay $10/d for an additional driver tho the website indicates a military rental would have no added charge for this feature. As I continued to wait, Casey made no attempt to remedy the situation, rather disappearing apparently for break and clearly avoiding the situation. As I was flying on military orders, I did not have the time to play around with this ridiculous situation. In the meantime, I had my husband search online for the available car pricing and found that I could get it for $10 additional for the entire week rental. I then spoke to Hussein who indicated that I would have to pay double the original quote for the next available size rental (which is a different rate than Casey quoted). When I indicated the website quoted a different price, he said I should go ahead and book it, "If its really that cheap". Offended but stranded in Kansas City, I had no other choice. My husband booked the reservation and I promptly left with a rental. Having never rented from Advantage before, I found the customer service non-existent and staff unwilling to try to work with my circumstances. If this is the level of customer service that advantage finds acceptable, its a company I will chose to avoid. Additionally, I will make sure all that I know hear about this experience so that they too may avoid such an unpleasant circumstance.
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Posted by Beepo on 07/04/2007
TORONTO -- Do NOT ever rent a car from Autowise, an affiliate of Advantage car rental in Canada. I was quoted a price of $274 and ended up paying close to $500. Autowise slaps a mandatory $8.95 mandatory insurance liability charge for everyday of your rental. This is not explained when you rent the car even though you sign a waiver saying you do not want insurance and they assure you that you do not have insurance. On returning the car, they say that you had waived collision insurance but not the mandatory liability insurance that the company requires.

It's a scam and all the customers who came in to return their cars were shocked and upset at having to pay this hidden cost.

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Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-05:
How many days did you rent the car? If the only additional charge was the $8.95 "mandatory" insurance, then that means you would have had the car for 25 days.
Posted by Orange on 2007-07-10:
They call themselves advantage car rental or autowisecarrentals. Eveb though they are offsite from Pearson airport they still charge you the very expensive airport tax. I also got nailed with the "obligatory" 8.95/day insurance even though I paid with my credit card that already covers insurance. Overall miserable experience and I will never rent from them again.
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Advantage Car Rental WILL take advantage
Posted by James150 on 02/17/2008
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My wife and I just returned from our bi-annual trip to southern Arizona, where we rented a car from Advantage for the first time. We had received the 'best rate' through Travelocity, but when we arrived at the Advantage counter in Sky Harbor Airport, the woman at the counter refused to honor the price given to us by Travelocity, rudely telling me that there were "taxes that Travelocity could not compute", because the company was not familiar with the local taxes. When asked to speak to a manager, the woman at the counter responded by saying that "a manager won't come up here for this", and refused to call the manager. When we went downstairs to pick up our rental car, my wife asked the fellow behind the counter if he could remedy the error made by the woman upstairs. He looked at the paperwork and made a face, saying that he 'knew what happened'. When she pressed him further he quietly said that the employees often add charges to the rental for additional insurance, without asking the customer. He corrected the paperwork to reflect what we had been originally been quoted.

Although I am grateful to this young man for correcting this, his confession and this experience on the whole left a bitter taste in our mouths. We will certainly never rent from Advantage again.
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Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-02-18:
Thanks. Something to watch for at all car rentals.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-02-18:
For your sake, I hope this 'correction' was made on all forms covering this rental. If only on one, I could see the rental company denying the correction.

I always do my rentals with the company direct since I don't put too much trust in these 'one size fits all' websites. In defense of what the gal told you about Advantage not knowing local taxes, I can agree with that. Seems at Detroit's (DTW) airport, every month or so they seem to tack on additional taxes. Once it's for expansion of downtown's Cobo Hall (that's a bigee), another time it's for repaving the parking lots at DTW, etc. After these so-called improvements are made, I've never heard of the tax being rescinded. Probably the next new tax will be so the honorable mayor gets help with his legal fees.
Posted by goldenlab on 2008-02-20:
We go to Las for events at least 2x per year. Our experience is that all car rentals use their sales pitch..That specific car is unavailable, buy insurance etc etc. The price quoted at reservation is usually NOT the same. It is usually 3x more. Watch them!
Posted by Overchargeded on 2008-04-17:
contact travelocity and they are supposed to make it right
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It Should Be Called Disadvantage
Posted by Debfoxresearch on 02/24/2014
FT. LAUDERDALE AIRPORT, FLORIDA -- We made a reservation to rent a car at Ft. Lauderdale airport last week. We only needed the car to get us to my brother's house and back to the airport. there were 2 cars at the house waiting for us, so we didn't need much. I had reserved a mid-size. When we got to the counter we had to wait for the agent to finish with someone ahead of us. When we got to the counter, he told us he had logged out and the person taking over ran to the restroom. It was late at night and we waited a good 5 minutes for him to return. When he returned, he suggested we upgrade for $10 to an Impala. We said we would upgrade but did not want an Impala.

My dad drove an Impala and had passed away 2 years before that very week, I just didn't want an Impala. At which point, the agent said he did not have a car for us. He said I should have prepaid if I wanted a specific car. I told him I tried to pre-pay but was told it wasn't an option. He called Payless and told us to go upstairs and rent from them. We went upstairs and did rent from Payless and the first car they gave us had a tire problem, so we had to go back to the counter for another car. We had our 2 kids with us and it was late and it took 1 1/2 hours to get a car. The Payless car was fine and we did use it during our stay.

I called Advantage to complain and to be honest they could not have cared less. They said we should have been given an apology coupon and they would have someone contact me and I never heard from them. It is great to have the internet to warn others to avoid Advantage, so they are not at a disadvantage too.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-02-24:
Did they not have the original mid-sized car you reserved? The way I'm reading this it sounds like they had two cars available. The mid-sized car you reserved and the Impala. In which case they would've had two cars for you to chose from, which is what they were supposed to have in the first place. I don't see how they could've foreseen your aversion to the Impala, and therefore you can't really hold that against them.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2014-02-26:
In that case, i would've just taken a taxi instead of a rent a car both ways (depending on distance though) or had family help get me there and back.....rent a cars are in it to sucker people it seems.....i would never use one..
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Advantage Did Not Honor My Reservation
Posted by Bdhall61 on 08/10/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I made a reservation on July 24 for a mid sized car to be picked up on August 2 at Dallas Love Field. When I arrived at the Advantage counter the person told me all he had was a mini van. I told him that I did not really want a mini van. He told me that if I did not take it he would just give it to the next person in line and I would not have a car. He was very rude and condescending. He was a complete jerk.

When I called customer service, the person implied that it was my fault. Why make a reservation if they are not going to honor it. I’m sure Advantage will stay in business without me, but I will never rent from them again and urge other to not do business with them. I went to the only other open rental counter and rented a car for almost double what I had been quoted by Advantage. I did rent from Enterprise and they were absolutely wonderful, they will have my business in the future.
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Pleasantly Surprised
Posted by Chadl on 08/06/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- This was the first time that I rented from Advantage, and it was a pretty good experience compared to what I have read here.

We arrived at LAX, got our bags and went to the curbside pickup to wait for the shuttle. We only had to wait about 10 minutes for the shuttle and while I did see numerous shuttles for the other rental car companies drive by, 10 minutes was an acceptable time to wait to be picked up. The shuttle was clean, the driver was friendly and the air conditioning worked well.

With traffic at LAX, it took about 15-20 minutes to get to the Advantage facility. Granted it is not the cleanest or newest rental facility that I have gone into, but it was still a 6 out of 10.

When we got there at around 6:00pm, there was no line and we were able to walk right up and get an agent. The agent was friendly and did not have an attitude like I have read other reviewers have experienced. The only problem that I had was at first they tried to just assign us a car and not give us a choice. When I asked if there were options available, the agent provided me with a few to choose from. All-in-all, they had 5 or 6 different full-size cars to choose from and we ended up with a loaded 2013 Toyota Camry with only 15k miles on it. The car was clean inside and out and had just a few minor scratches on the bumper.

After choosing the car we wanted, checkout was a breeze. The agent offered the additional insurance and gas options, but once I denied them, he didn't try to persuade me to buy it again. He was patient and didn't get an attitude when we took about 15 or 20 minutes to look at the different cars that were available and choose one that was a different one than what was originally selected for us, so that was pretty impressive. The guard at the exit was friendly and asked me how my day was and seemed interested in my response. He looked over the indications on my slip as to the minor scratches and signed off on it and we were on our way.

Returning the car was even easier than getting it. We pulled right up and an agent came right out and did a quick spot check on the vehicle, joked around with us a little bit about getting a black car and returning a white car (because she said we went Tokyo drifting with it) and gave us our receipt. Before she was done checking the car back in, the shuttle driver had come over to use with a bag cart, loaded up our suitcases for us and walked us to the shuttle to get us started on our way back to the airport.

We got on the shuttle and within 20 minutes of pulling into the lot to return the car, we arrived at our airlines entrance at the airport with plenty of time ahead of our flight.

Additionally, the $200 that was put on hold on my credit card was returned to me within 2 days of returning the car, which again was more than I expected.

Four stars instead of five due to the limited amount of car selections, but otherwise the service was really good. I will definitely use Advantage if/when I return to LAX.

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Very Incompetent Staff, Undisclosed Extra Fees
Posted by Judys1 on 07/07/2013
SAN DIEGO AIRPORT, CALIFORNIA -- We will not use Advantage again. Although we preordered and prepaid on-line, it took us 1 1/4 hours to get our car. The desk agents had wrongly entered the information for the two customers before us and did not know how to correct their mistakes. We waited while they did a lot of talking without much action. Two days after we rented the car, we received a call from an Advantage representative asking what car we were driving. He stated he was trying to figure out the renters of 19 cars rented that particular day! Our on-line order stated all taxes and fees included. It turned out that $20 more in taxes was included in the final bill with a response of "those are the taxes."

The car itself, a Dodge Avenger, was fine. Our relatives on vacation with us used Enterprise. None of them had any problems and were processed very timely.
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Rental Car Not in Good Condition
Posted by Lafocus on 07/06/2013
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I rented a car from this company on July 2. Shortly thereafter on a drive to Rock Hill (30 miles away), I noticed that the low tire pressure light had come on. It's 9PM and I'm on a highway in a wooded area now having to find a full service station to check the tire and insure I don't have a blow out. (Try finding a full service station at that time). But thank God, I was able after a pretty frustration period of time to get help.

The next day, while in Uptown Charlotte, I light went on again. I went to the gas station and they put in more air, hoping that would be all it took until I returned the car the following morning. The gas station attendant observed that Advantage rents cars in this condition all the time.

The next day as I'm returning the car to the airport the light comes on again. I ask the rental employee to note that on my receipt as she told me to speak with the manager, Larry [snip], about my experience.

The manager was not in, so I relayed my experience to the counter personnel and asked that an adjustment be made to my bill. The next day someone called me back to inform me that they were subtracting $5 from my total bill of $113. What an insult. This rental company is a joke.

Do yourself a favor and do not rent any cars from them. If you do, check carefully that the cars are in good condition. They clearly rented me a car that was not in good condition.
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